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  1. I agree it's a bit too quick how it works, but at the end of the day it's still a game and there would really need to be a huge new sense of medical treatment from med players. It's already annoying, as it is, that you're basically left for dead as Vaurca because the sheer amount of doctors that just expect you to self heal on your own.
  2. I need this.
  3. Sorry for not updating here on the forums. For the most part, we worked the sprites on Discord. Anyways, here are some versions of it: This is how it would ideally look if connected. We have the textures in game to do so, but it seems a bug might cause it to not connect. I have no idea, really. It's weird: Here's a different sprite I used. I think it looks better. The problem, as it stands, is that it's too flat. I dropped it for a while, but I had a newer idea. I resprited the shuttle windows to match the station wall colors. Here are the sprites: I'm not good at replacing sprites, even less so for connecting textures. There would still be a lot left to be tweaked. Namely, all the different possible angles and perhaps a redesign of the window metallic borders so they match the station walls better. If somebody is up for the task of testing these textures, I'll leave the dmi here. windows2.dmi
  4. So yesterday while playing a round I just kept thinking about how much the security lobby would benefit from a light here, since it's a really grim room. I convinced an engineer to install it. Here's how different the room looks. However, as a friend suggested, it would be better to have the lights line up in a way. Like this? If anybody could map this small change, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  5. Update: Added some hand sprites and tweaked the mob back sprite a bit. alqaana.dmi
  6. BYOND Key: Desven Discord Username: desven#3538 Character name: Ka'Akaix'Pax C'thur Item Name: Alqaana backpack Item Function(s): Exactly like any other backpack in game does. Item Description: Known for her extravagant concerts, Alqaana is one of few idols that have draw inspiration from Solarian classical music over more contemporary skrellian genres. This is her, in bag form! (credit to @Caelphon) Why is your character bringing this item to work?: Pax is known for its devotion to pop culture, especially Skrell media. A backpack is handy and almost everyone carries one on work, so it decided to give it a little of spice and bring its Alqaana one. How did your character obtain this item?: Likely bought it from her overpriced webpage (this doesn't really mean it's that expensive, just that it costed more than an average backpack despite its cheap materials). What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: Probably holds it very dearly. Again, it's akin to Pax's personality, and also to Skrell lore. I really like the idea of Skrell having idols and whatnot. Alqaana is completely headcanon, but I picture her as something akin to a K-pop star/gamergirl streamer. I'll probably keep coming up with Alqaana stuff and facts because Pax really talks a lot about the idols it admires and one can only say Axic so many times without losing their mind. Sprites: Additional comments: Thank you @DronzTheWolf for helping me recolor the sprites, @Caelphon for the descriptions, @MccRrib for hearing the idea and @Butterrobber202, @Lmwevil and @goolie for feedback and sprite talks. Also Gemspark for helping me make an alternative version with other another colored dress. alqaana.dmi
  7. Yes, this looks much better made and I like it. The tall one is a bit weird, but the small one looks really good.
  8. 1. I think avowals could be made more fun and I like how some Captains (myself included) have actually made Vaurcae prove themselves worthy before signing it. Of course, this is up to the player, but a section of how the avowals work would be really nice on the wiki, with ideas of how to play them out- especially for non-Vaurcae players. For us that play bugs, it's somewhat of a (sometimes tedious, sometimes fun) struggle to play it. For those not familiar with Vaurcae and that ignore CentComm spam, they have little idea that there's this paper and don't really understand what goes on. That would probably be a coordinated effort with CCIA, however. 2. We talked about this last night, and basically, I'm not a huge fan and I would like to see some ethical and philosophical concerns brought on the wiki. Well, first of all- actually add this on the wiki. I'll get to that point later, but on a second point, have humans and Skrell, mainly, question how this actually works, or if it works at all. I play a cloned Captain, he suffers from disassociation and other fun stuff. I don't really get to bring it up when I play him because coordinating the station sometimes takes a big chunk of time, but it's there on the character concept. Likewise, I play a resleeved Za that, unlike my Captain, I think it has no question they're the same warrior from Sedantis. I think that would be the biggest difference, again, like how we spoke last night via Discord: the neural socket probably (and this is my personal take, I like it being ambiguous and would DEFINITELY leave it like that, because I would actually like to see more players come up with their own interpretations!) doesn't really transfer consciousness, but is more akin to copy it and make some kind of AI on the VR, and in the case of resleeving, inject somebody memories that they have no doubt are theirs. I'm totally for seeing this expanded, however and, in some ways, probably nerfed? I think it's a weak point, to be honest, that bugs get to cheat death so easily, and it's not in par with our current cloning lore and whatnot. I think this might even warrant its own article on the wiki, so that could probably happen too. 3. I don't think it makes much sense unless it happens on events or NBT. As of now, I see no reason for why players should play C'thur consular. At the end of the day, playing Zo'ra Ta is in part also to promote the TCFL and I really like that. 4. I like Jam's idea of cutting down Viax, and I think it makes sense lore wise too. Some underestimate just how expensive Viax are to keep alive, and that they're probably fancier and well-kept than their unbound counterparts. I would like, again, guides or tips on how to play both Bound and Unbound, and especially to remove the 'stupid bug' reputation the species has in general, even if I myself have been guilty of propagating it too. I like Sleepy's Viax, for example, that feels a bit more as a character than just a mindless drone. There are definitely Viax tiers on lore, such as those Viax that are just used as furniture to those used for war or other tasks. I think some Viax can have some sort of personality and do not oppose it. Ultimately, you also have to think what gets boring in game- being just a mindless drone isn't always fun, and can be easily abused to get fun on behalf of others for acting just dumb and clueless. 5. I take fiction writing very seriously, and it's something that requires a whole ritual for me. I think I'm great with coming up with ideas on the spot or prompts, but not so much if I actually just want to write a story instantaneously. I can, however, try to explain how it would be: if you mean a Vaurca that has been in VR for long, returning to real world their memories of real life would be quite fuzzy, and everything would look 'off' or uncanny for them, not to mention they would probably try to interact in real life as they do in VR, which would cause struggles. If you mean a Vaurca that's just out of VR after their formation and ready to join the workforce, I think this would probably be traumatic, but ultimately the switch would become somewhat blurry too- think of it as the moments humans acquire consciousness after being babies, we don't really remember that, but the thought sounds like a huge dread. I don't think it cripples them, however, but they would likely prefer the sheltered lives they had before leaving the VR for the first time, as it is within lore. If you're talking about a resleeved Vaurcae, I think it's similar to what I spoke of before. I don't think many bugs actually suffer from some sort of identity crisis after that, but their own take of the memories being shoved into the new body would probably cause some interesting views on what they 'experienced', or to some degree, this 'defectiveness' you spoke of- this is actually a really interesting point I really hope gets discussed more in the future. 6. There's just so many lore outside the Wiki! Not only it can make writing an app daunting, but it can also alienate some players that are already whitelisted but don't play the species as often. I think that the few of us that currently, actively, play Vaurcae take into consideration many things we've learned from participating on the Discord that returning players would have no idea of because it's not anywhere to be found. I really don't like this method of sharing lore and I would definitely like to see the Wiki expanded. Weakness: I criticize myself really harshly. Again, I take writing, and mostly fiction writing, pretty seriously and it's a whole ritual that can take a very long time. I hope this doesn't get troublesome, however, as I see writing lore for Aurora more akin to coming up with prompts and sharing a world with others. It has definitely been a HUGE problem when I write my novels, however. Strength: I truly believe writing is an art and I have a huge affinity for literature. I've been told my fiction pieces are really good and I have experience on the field, both studying and teaching.
  9. There are just plenty of good things I can say about Pedantic, and I've been pushing them to make this application for long now. I really believe they'd do a great job, and would trust a medical bay ran by their characters.
  10. Not so much a Cargo request, but maybe fix it so that xenobotanists can open the strange seeds crates? For some reason they're not available to.
  11. Reporting Personnel: Pierre Godard Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Chief Medical Officer Game ID: ccW-cJP9 Personnel Involved: Jim Roebuck, First Responder - Offender. Kathira El-Hashem, Investigator - Witness via video and performed an autopsy. IRU-Sylvie, Security Officer - Witness, received the cadaver alongside Mister Roebuck. Secondary Witnesses: Rrhuyala Rrhakaslav'Karimi, Warden - Witness, presumably observed the neglect of duty too. Logan Wright, Head of Security - Witness, he was informed via radio about my intentions to arrest Mister Roebuck, and might have more information regarding the mobilization of his men during the incident. Time of Incident: 19:00 Real Time: Around 2 PM Central. Location of Incident: Surface level. Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [X] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: After a small and quiet shift, we received a report regarding a escape pod presumably downed by the Icarus. Because of the Security issue that this presented, Commander Logan Wright mobilized his men, while I expected Mister Roebuck to mobilize too. The survivor had suffered an injury and claimed to be bleeding, and was in a state of panic, so medical aid was required. However, Mister Roebuck, two hours after the shift, had not only failed to prepare a suit and a GPS in case of emergencies, despite a miner trusting him with their GPS tag, but his first instinct was to exit to the asteroid with nothing more but an emergency mask and a small oxygen tank, no bigger than those provided by the company to every one of their employees. I asked him to acquire proper EVA equipment instead, since his lack of protection was suicidal. While the survivor kept complaining about their pain over the radio, Commander Wright and I figured that, because of Mister Roebuck's lack of preparation, one of the automata available was to be send instead. The android quickly complied, with its GPS ready with the coordinates indicated. Suffice is to say that this was not the ideal situation, however, as its module was an engineering one and the chassis was never meant for the vacuum of space. Nevertheless, the machine timely rescued the injured party, having to use a chair instead of a roller bed because its lack of rescue resources. While both Security and Roebuck were expecting the injured man to arrive, I staged inside our medical department at first, until Mister Roebuck failed to respond my hails demanding an update of the situation. Ultimately, I decided to arrive myself, only to find a blood bath and a cadaver dragged around. It is not much that Mister Roebuck failed to carry the patient to the roller bed, but rather that he failed to provide any care at all, deciding not to stop his bleeding or provide any medicaments, which led to his dismiss. While some might argue that the situation was already too grim because of the non-ideal rescuing conditions, our modern medicine can work miracles that would have once been thought impossible. Because of the nature of the survivor's injuries, I could determine at first glance that nothing more but a blood IV, which Mister Roebuck should have carried, basic chemicals which were both prepared and are available to dispense from every vendor within our department, and more importantly, the means of sealing the wound, which were provided too late as seen by the blood all over the floor. Immediate witnesses can testify that Roebuck himself simply 'stared' at the man in pain, and did not act until it was too late. The autopsy later confirmed this too, with the grave injury of the broken ribs as a result of a post-mortem attempt of CPR by the first responder. While I called for the arrest of Roebuck, I ultimately not know if this occurred, as the shuttle had arrived almost immediately after that and I was kept busy inside the morgue room with Miss El-Hashem, where we both worked together to understand the situation better. It pains me to have done so, as I am often more than welcome to help those in training and of recent certification, such as Mister Roebuck (who completed his courses a couple of months ago), however, there is no excuse for the lack of action he presented, which led to a completely avoidable death. I file this report in fear, mostly, that in a future any crewmember suffers an injury similar or greater than this, as I do not wish for every medical emergency to become a fatality on board the Aurora. Submitted Evidence: Would you like to be personally interviewed?: [X] - Yes [ ] - No Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: I discussed the matter with Commander Wright, my colleague, however time was not enough for a resolution to take place. Actions taken: Additional Notes: This was an extended round and the surivor was not a burglar. I hold my beliefs that this could have been prevented, as inaprovaline and perconol alone can work miracles. While I was not on the surface, if the survivor was asystole at the moment of his arrival it was, most likely, because of paincrit. The minor heart damage will not bump oxygenation over 75% ish or so, but a single fracture and an open wound that sealed (albeit too late) should never be the cause of death for any player.
  12. 1. I would expand a lot, to be honest. First of all, there are still some QOL changes I want to push forward (as I did before with the night vision recolor), and I would also like to see more recipes and cocktails, among other things. But those are tangible items in station; lore wise, there is a lot I would like to see. I would like a page of important Vaurcae, as all other races have their own pages with their important members of their species. I would also like to see a bit more about the millitary structure of Zo'ra mostly, with nomenclature if possible regarding the warforms, etc. There's a big issue, however, in my opinion, and that's again that there's many unlisted lore. You and I spoke about bug articles already and I told you I was making the Hiveship one, but ultimately I abandoned it because in my diggings through VERY old forum posts I found some discrepancies. I also don't want to undo Jam's work. I agree with many of his points from his dev app, while I also disagree with some. But I do think that the Hiveship limitation was a good idea, and I would expand instead on previously colonized Vaurcae worlds like those mentioned in their nomadic 2000 year adventure, as well as expand on VR. Once Rooster mentioned about having a Srom-like VR for bugs. I like the idea, and ultimately it can even be ported from the VR pods from other servers, but while this means a lot of code work, it also requires a lot of lore work too- VR, at its current state, is too mysterious in my opinion, which makes it hard to relate and talk about it when playing Vaurcae, even with other Vaurcae players. I don't want to ruin the magic of how the great VR kingdoms look and whatnot, but I would like to come up with some more guidelines on how this works. Over all, I think this is best worked as a team, and I'm just spitballing. I value the thoughts of Xev and Rooster, as well as the previous Vaurcae staff and other lore staff greatly. 2. One of my greater issues was that there was little about the planets colonized in Jargon by the Federation. I like that Rooster expanded on this, but I would like to see more. The Skrell wiki mentions that there are some Vaurcae idols and I would like to see those. I would also like to see Mouv having a presence in Aliose, partly because it fits their lifestyle but also because I love the idea of Vaurcae scientists, and I think a science collaboration between Skrell and C'thur is probably the best way to represent their allliance lore-wise. Other than that, I was honestly pretty disappointed to see two of the three candidates in the Skrell elections to have never met a Ta, which in my opinion it doesn't make much sense given the C'thur Hive reputation as diplomats. I like to think that there are some parallels to be found between Skrell and Vaurcae, especially how VR can be thought as their own version of the Srom, which may mean it could somewhat 'dissipate' the cultural differences and become more accepting of them in short term. Then again, I would also like to see more bug racism, and by one of Jam's points on his dev app, if any group would actually opppose Viax the most would be Jargon, I believe. 3. Yes, it's honestly something I'm really looking forward to. I'm really happy about the lore and I like to contribute as I can, I don't think I really have any other talents besides my writing skills so this is my way to give back. I've become acquainted with most of the lore pages given that I have all the species whitelists, and honestly the reason I'm choosing to apply for bug is simply because they're my favorite one, I feel I could've applied for other lore positions that have opened recently, but this one is the one I feel most passionate about. In short, I think I wouldn't have any issues. 4. I've come up with something small, a proof of concept regarding ancient hives. One of the other things I want to add on about is Sedantis as a whole. As I said in my original post, mythology would fit really great. I understand the position of having Vaurcae see their older records and pre-augmentation or pre-agricultural societies as something primitive and even somewhat embarrassed to be about, but I think Sedantis would benefit from having this mythology that emphasizes just how harsh the life in the planet was, and that the rise of the hives meant the rise of civilization, a sort of safe haven from the perils. Here's something among those lines: It's probably a bit too short, I could write more if needed. Let me know what you think.
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