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  1. Hey. Thank you for replying. We actually have had a few C'thur ZH Vaurcae lately, and I've been following the discussions about the matter on the discord. I agree there probably should be a mention of it somewhere on the wiki, as questions about Vaurca contractors often pop up. Second of all, I agree that xeno accents are cool, and in fact I would probably tweak Pax to have his, but it makes sense for the character (as being a Vaurca that has basically spent most of his life in Eridani) to try to conceal it. I've seen other Vaurca, played by Vaurca loredevs, that have implants for it; perhaps
  2. I am hesitant because I feel like filling prescriptions is a way to RP with the chemist, which is a very isolated job that gets almost nothing to do once the fridge is stocked. I know I'm probably the minority, though.
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  3. My favorite part if this item gets approved will be everybody trying to still the console from Qoi. +1
  4. The only thing I'm worried about is if the technomancer will be able to have a simple mob sidekick. I've never been one, but honestly the talking carp/cat/crab is my favorite thing about wizard.
  5. Although we haven't interacted much, I really like the effort you put in your characters, and this app is no exception. Honestly I thought you were already CCIA, I hope you get your bureaucracy dream become true. +1
  6. Well, I was CMO that round and evaluated Davis' injuries. I can attest that Security was well staffed, so the aid of A'Asshan was really not needed, but also that although Unathi's claws are powerful, the damage that was caused (significant blood loss, fractured skull) was over the top. In fact I was surprised A'Asshan wasn't arrested, but to be fair security had a lot more going on and the situation became chaotic. The head is really vulnerable and by the ammount of damage made it makes me think A'Asshan tried to blind or decap Davis, to be honest. I really can't see how this behavior be excu
  7. I may be biased because Space Odyssey is one of my favorite movies, but I really like the idea behind traitor/malf AI. And while I do agree that the whitelist helps, particularly to ensure higher AI roleplay, it's a bit sad to see nobody plays it anymore, and if the AI is ever traitor they are really mild. Yes, it's true antag AI can easily be murderboney, but if people are whitelisted we have better expectations of them. In fact, I would like to say antag AIs that don't hold back and induce some serious paranoia, at least enough as for the crew to come together and find their way out of the d
  8. I don't want to sound rude but the flashing images from your avatar sometimes make me feel like I'm going to have a seizure.

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  9. Not to be rude or anything, but I'm pretty sure the rules require you to have recognizable characters before applying for any species. Also, try to familiarize more with the lore, as the apps can become some sort of mini exam on it. Good luck!
  10. A Vaurca application. BYOND key: Desven Character names: Pierre Godard, Luciano Morricone Species you are applying to play: Vaurca What color do you plan on making your first alien character: RGB 55, 0, 120 Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: (One paragraph minimum) My understanding of Vaurcae since my last application has changed drastically, mostly due t
  11. Isn't it weird how many of our characters don't live in the Odin/Aurora, and when we have to leave mid-round we cryo even though, realistically, our characters wouldn't probably do it? I think it was @Faye <3 that once had to leave as Yhara and she said she had a lecture on Biesel. I thought that was a pretty creative excuse, which gave me an idea: In departures or a dock, add a door or a stationary small shuttle. You simply drag your sprite to the door as you would do with the cryo and you would get a similar message as stasis. Then you simply ghost and you're removed from the
  12. Hi. I get what you mean, and I think it's part of the characters' growth. I think it's especially shocking for someone from that background to learn, at first, to become more tolerant of others; however, he has done his efforts and I am aware being in command means pushing it even further. That being said, he tries to not get into such discussions anymore, and he has peformed prosthetic surgery recently. The times Pierre suggested, before, for another doctor to do so were when there were two surgeons available, but as of late, even with another available surgeon, he has performed such operatio
  13. Also @Alberyk I would like to know if these changes require a new thread or not, I don't want to break any forum rules.
  14. Okay, so DasFox helped me convey what I wanted. It's a custom cape with the green house colors and in white, to fit better the profesion of doctor. It also has a golden neck to symbolize his new status as count. PierreCape.dmi
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