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The Life of Aurora


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Here is a thread dedicated to posting snippets of text about what happened on station. Let's keep it short and sweet, okay? No overbearing walls of texts - just random stuff that are post-worthy for a good chuckle, or a thoughtful reminder.

Cheesy intro aside. Here's mine!


so, Sayina Jawdat (I believe that is how it is spelled? Correct me if I'm wrong) had assassinated two crewmembers and wanted to borg them, in a quest to attain perfection. Karima was literally horrified and went into a very, very long convo in Siik'Maas over comms on robotics ethics against Jawdat. Security decided to recruit Karima to help catch Jawdat.


Apex says, "Tell her she would have to meet with me and you to retrieve them."

Karima Mo'Taki says, "She's not gonna believe that.."

Apex says, "Actually, just you."

Karima Mo'Taki yells, "Her?!"

Apex says, "I will be with you, of course, but she does not need to know this."

Karima Mo'Taki asks, "....he wants her to meet a crazy delusional murder-happy-failed-ethics-class roboticist?"

Apex says, "Affirmative."

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Into The Eternal Void rustles. "Irritated, you have done it again."

The Diona watches the botanist spasm for a long moment.

"Irritated, we are not going to chase you around the shuttle. We are going to throw you into the sleeper and administer antitoxin."

The botanist responds with some irritable human things the Diona pays no attention to.

They ask themselves why they thought babysitting humans that can't say no to five cups of coffee at the end of the shift was a good vocational choice.

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Antagdroid, Hackeddroid: (Nebula, you may remember this from the first round Andy and Karima met. Y'know, when Karima hacked him. ;P)


*Super heroic mission to stop the crazed, supergenius android wreaking havoc on a poor innocent station from his comfy chair aboard a secret base, somehow playing the role of a mastermind while locked down.*

*Katelynn and John manage to locate Android, and set the teleporter to the location of his super secret base. They count down, preparing to launch... WHEN SUDDENLY!*

John Harrison [145.9] says, "FUCKING DUMBASS!"

John Harrison [145.9] says, "GOD DAMMIT!"

John Harrison [145.9] says, "Fuck!"

LOOC: TheCritsyBear: *Mischief intensifies.*

*The teleporter mysteriously (/shiftyeyes) activates by itself and sends Katelynn into the dark abyss of space.*

John Harrison [145.9] says, "WELP!"

John Harrison [145.9] says, "Our Science expert just teleported herself to god knows where!"


Katelynn Mcmullen [145.9] says, "It was redirected by Android."

Katelynn Mcmullen [145.9] says, "I believe."

John Harrison [145.9] says, "I cut all the fuckin' cameras."

Android [145.9] states, "Do you have a suit, Katelynn? You should not use the teleporter if you don't have one, but I would not be able to forgive myself if you were to die."


Okay, perhaps it isn't that funny. But later:


Android has been stabbed with the screwdriver by Katelynn Mcmullen.

Android has been stabbed with the screwdriver by Katelynn Mcmullen.

Android has been stabbed with the screwdriver by Katelynn Mcmullen.

Android has been stabbed with the screwdriver by Katelynn Mcmullen.

Android has been stabbed with the screwdriver by Katelynn Mcmullen.

Android has been stabbed with the screwdriver by Katelynn Mcmullen.

Android has been stabbed with the screwdriver by Katelynn Mcmullen.

Android has been stabbed with the screwdriver by Katelynn Mcmullen.

Android queries, "Why, Katelynn?"

Android has been stabbed with the screwdriver by Katelynn Mcmullen.

Android has been stabbed with the screwdriver by Katelynn Mcmullen.

LOOC: Reyjakai: This is depressing.

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Soooooooo.......Rose might have converted the Satanic chaplain. Might have.


Feros Corilius yells, "Greetings!"

Feros Corilius asks, "Would you like to discuss the benefits of Satanism?"

Rose Watson asks, "The benefits of what-a-what?"

Feros Corilius takes off the cake hat.

Feros Corilius shouts, "Satanism!"

Feros Corilius asks, "Did I stutter?"

Feros Corilius says, "Excuse my stuttering."

Rose Watson says, "Uh -yeaaaah...no thanks. I got my own religion."

Feros Corilius asks, "What religion would that be?"

Rose Watson says, "I'm a follower of Dodekatheon."

Feros Corilius asks, "A dodecockawatchawhatnow?"

Rose Watson says, "....yeah."

Feros Corilius says, "That's"

Feros Corilius asks, "What's that?"

Feros Corilius says, "Please, explain this religion to me."

Rose Watson says, "Well.."

Feros Corilius says, "It is my duty to not grasp full understanding of any religion that exists in the mortal realm besides Satanism! Therefore, tell me of your religion! It's only logical."

Rose Watson says, "There are twelve dieties...each one governing a part of the human - uuuuh..."

Feros Corilius says, "Twelve satans. I'm following."

Rose Watson says, "Each one representing an existence of the human 'soul' and virtues."

Feros Corilius says, "Interesting."

Rose Watson says, "They're....not satans."

Feros Corilius says, "They are satans in my head."

Feros Corilius says, "I cannot depict a diety any other way."

Feros Corilius says, "It's quite challenging, actually, because when I think of how disgusting christianity is, I think of Jesus as Satan."

Feros Corilius says, "Continue."

Rose Watson says, "There's Athene, goddess of honor, justice, and duty....Diana, goddess of inner peace and reflection, Aphrodi, goddess of love...."

Feros Corilius asks, "Goddess?"

Feros Corilius asks, "They're female?"

Rose Watson says, "...you know what? Gimme a moment."

Rose Watson says, "Yeah. some are female, some male."

Rose Watson googles a wiki page of the religion, "Here. I'll message you a link."

Rose Watson says, "That should...pretty much be the gist of it."

Feros Corilius asks, "A male god carrying grapes?"

Feros Corilius says, "I think two grapes are enough."

Rose Watson says, "It's more like....eh."

Rose Watson says, "Ooohkay I gotta print out these books."

Feros Corilius asks, "You know what?"

Rose Watson asks, "Hm?"

Feros Corilius says, "Satan has given up on me."

Feros Corilius says, "Perhaps.."

Rose Watson asks, "Oh?"

Feros Corilius says, "To regain his trust.."

Feros Corilius yells, "I shall pose as a chaplain of THIS religion!"

Feros Corilius shouts, "The people would love me!"

Rose Watson says, ".....yeah. Good luck with that...."

Feros Corilius shouts, "Then, I'll say, it was Feros all along! Then they'll love Feros!"

Feros Corilius exclaims, "Feros, feros everywhere! Everyone wants a piece of Feros' preachings!"

Feros Corilius shouts, "It's brilliant!"

Rose Watson says, "You know, if you're gonna mock my faith, I'm gonna have some serious issues."

Jason Sanders says, "... Hi."

Rose Watson says, ".....fair warning."

Feros Corilius asks, "Good sir, would you like to discuss the... uh.. whatever it was called?"

Rose Watson says, "..."

Rose Watson says, "It's called Trinitology."

Rose Watson nods.

Feros Corilius exclaims, "Trinitology!"

Feros Corilius shouts, "Yes!"

Jason Sanders says, "No thanks, buddy. I already have a service provider."

Feros Corilius says, "But-"

Jason Sanders says, "See ya."

Feros Corilius asks, "It's not Satanism! How could you decline!?"

Jason Sanders says, "Wow! Surprisingly easy."

Rose Watson chuckles.

Jason Sanders says, "Well, gee."

Jason Sanders says, "No thank you."

Rose Watson says, "Don't forget. 13 gods. Each representing a vice of the human mind."

Feros Corilius waddles out of the room with the saddest look on his face.

Rose Watson says, "Yeeeep."

Jason Sanders says, "Right."

Rose Watson says, "So."

Rose Watson asks, "How you doing?"

*time skip*

Feros Corilius says, "It appears nobody wishes to discuss Satanism."

Jason Sanders says, "Gee, I wonder why."

Rose Watson says, "I thought you were gonna discuss trinitology."

Feros Corilius says, "The trinitology thing didn't work either."

Feros Corilius says, "I saw C'thulu out there too."

Rose Watson says, "Try something more mainstream. Like...."

Jason Sanders says, "How about... pick something people like, and make a religion out of it."

Jason Sanders says, "That'll prob'ly work. Maybe."

Feros Corilius says, "Hm.."

Rose Watson says, "....yeah that's gonna work."

Feros Corilius shouts, "That's it!"

Rose Watson asks, "...what's it?"

Feros Corilius shouts, "Punch me, good sir!"

Jason Sanders asks, "... Hm?"

Jason Sanders says, "I'm not gonna punch you, man."

Feros Corilius says, "Just... whollop me across the face."

Feros Corilius says, "No harm done."

Jason Sanders sighs.

Jason Sanders punched Feros Corilius!


Rose Watson says, "Nice punch."

Jason Sanders says, "Ta-da."

Jason Sanders says, "I box."

Feros Corilius shouts, "Sericus! Visseries! Bhjallivakri!"

Rose Watson asks, "...come again?"

Jason Sanders asks, "Right. That's... that's a good sign, isn't it?"

Feros Corilius yells, "Ycarso! Hgvarsoloknyi! Livisidius! Gensecus! Agiclose! Thellihes!"

Feros Corilius exclaims, "The eleven gods!"

Feros Corilius shouts, "They beckon out for me!"

Rose Watson facepalms.

Jason Sanders says, "Well, better beckon back, buddy."


Rose Watson says, "....yeah. Okay. Sure. They beckon thee."

Jason Sanders says, "You might get more signal in the chap--"

Jason Sanders says, "... In the chapel."

Rose Watson says, "He'll be fine."

Feros Corilius shouts, "The eleven gods depicting the eleven horrible marks of sentience those humanoid bear!"

Feros Corilius asks, "Don't you see?"

Rose Watson isn't really listening, "Mhm."

Jason Sanders says, "Okay. Uh..."

Jason Sanders says, "You've totally converted me. Good job, man."

Feros Corilius shouts, "Visseries, the god of sentience, Corovel, the god of independence, Ycarso, the god of complexity, Sericus, the god of manifestation, and it goes on!"

Rose Watson says, "...thought it only goes on to ten."

Feros Corilius shouts, "They all depict our suffering! They have cast us into this world bound by our mortal shackles to serve their divine challenge of surviving it!"

Rose Watson says, "Sounds good."

Jason Sanders asks, "Okay, Feros? Preach t'someone else okay? Please?"

Feros Corilius exclaims, "And one day they shall cast those that will purge us from this realm at last, sparing us the atrocities of consciousness!"

Feros Corilius exclaims, "It's brilliant!"

Feros Corilius exclaims, "Thank you, Satan!"

Feros Corilius waddles off satanically.

Rose Watson says, "...at least he's harmless."

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