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  1. LordFowl

    Give Skrell Sol Common

    I re-iterate my point made on the PR: "Currently the assumption is that every species gets a unique language. Things like "Well, the Skrell and humans are so buddy buddy, doesn't it make sense that Skrell should be able to speak Sol Common" falls apart entirely when you realize the same justification can be made quite easily for any species to speak Sol Common, or any other non-biologically restricted language. Until the loredevs either decide that every species should be able to speak every language I don't see this as an equitable change. Additionally, doesn't this just further the idea that Skrell are just humans, but slightly better?" The same justification for a Skrell knowing Sol Common can be pretty much made for any species to know any language. Languages aren't some dark unknowable art. If we give Skrell Sol Common we're opening a rather hefty can of worms that previously we kept shut with the somewhat arbitrary but fair ruling that each species gets their own unique language.
  2. LordFowl

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    Grandfathering is not a feasible process - there is no real effective way to verify that except /possibly/ by a remarkably in-depth database scan that really isn’t worth the effort.
  3. LordFowl

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    Doing what? Neither of those examples match the two issues stated - overbearing/overdramatic critique or use of slurs, nor even really the general catchall of “being a dick”. The first is exasperation at reading a comment that was firmly opposed to something that was never proposed in the first place, the second is a completed untargeted unoffensive observation that most people seemed to agree with me on.
  4. LordFowl

    You're pretty good: The Trickster Revolver

    I don’t really know what PoZe is talking about. Implementing ricochet into a specific type of bullet is both possible and not even that difficult. I recall attempting something similar to this once and the only obstacle I ran into was the tricky ricochet math. Implementing ricochet itself was fairly simple.
  5. LordFowl

    Revert The Dangers of Teleportation #5651

    A GPS is not destroyed when it is teleported into a wall.
  6. LordFowl

    Revert The Dangers of Teleportation #5651

    That is untrue.
  7. LordFowl

    New Wizard Concept - Ancient Lore

    What is the point of a system that either gives you a shitty spell you'll never use or an OP spell that will probably just end up making everyone hate you?
  8. LordFowl

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    I see. I guess I won't do that, then.
  9. Implemented in; https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/5255 Moving to completed projects.
  10. LordFowl

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    I was talked to regarding using the word "autist" on November 20-21stish (It was ingame so I do not have logs), and since then have not used the word "autist". I was talked to regarding the word "faggot" in early November (4-10th or so), and since then have not used the word "faggot". In fact, in general since November 20th or so I have stopped using slurs entirely. So I have to disagree when you say that my use of "foul language" (*correction, slurs, I can say fuck all I want as far as I'm concerned) hasn't diminished since I was talked to regarding using slurs. Saying "Well, he has a long history of using slurs before we told him not to, so inevitably he'll use them again, so might as well punish him for it now!" should be an obviously misguided statement.
  11. LordFowl

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    I don't really know what you expect me to say. Will I try and act better? Sure, but I don't see a concrete effect coming from that unless I know specifically what makes my conduct "draining". It is easy to act upon specific critiques, hence why when I was warned about using slurs I stopped using slurs, hence why when I was warned about arguing in OoC I stopped arguing in OoC, but how does one act upon "when you talk to people in discord you're draining, sometimes." beyond a vague concession of "I agree, I'll try and do better?". While I'm making that concession right now, even I can see that it's not a particularly satisfying conclusion, so I just fear that if this is settled by that alone this will just resurface sometime later down the road.
  12. LordFowl

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    So when Jackboot calls me theatrical it is acceptable, but when I turn the same phrase on him it's me deliberately making people feel unwelcome in the community? When Jackboot ascribes so much malicious intent in everything that I do that he believes I specifically am out to get him, it is unfair for me to call that paranoid? So be it, then. And now I am yelling at and belittling Jackboot? Where? All I see is Jackboot calling me a baldfaced liar because I said the PR was open for five days when in reality it was open for six, and then saying that he reads so much malicious intent into my actions that it borders on paranoia. If this is what you classify as "yelling at and belittling someone", then you and I have a serious misunderstanding on what that phrase means. If you are going to cherrypick my post for the most egregious statement and then discard the rest as worthless drivel, at least choose a statement that is actually egregious. I've gone over all the posts I've made in this thread and I've not found one instance of me "yelling" at anyone, nor any instances of me "belittling" anyone either except maybe where I said UM should stop speaking me on a developer v. developer basis (Not me trying to implicate he's inferior to me, it's just fucking weird. I don't go up to Alberyk and say, "Hello there, fellow developer".) and apparently ascribing paranoia to Jackboot's insistence on believing everything I do is out to get him, but I don't buy that one. So if this is meant to be a grand statement of my behavior repeating itself, I think the only thing it states is my angelic innocence.
  13. LordFowl

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    Egads! He caught my lie! It was actually open for /seven nonsecutive days/, not six! I’m ruined!!! Oh please, spare me your own theatrics. Bygone hits the nail directly on the head. You read so much malicious intent in every action that I’m honestly worried for your health. Such paranoia must cause a lot of stress. I opened the PR on the 10th (and not as a joke, since you seem confused about that). Arrow then closed it in the 14th, as there were Skrell dev applications by that point. I then re-opened it on the 28, the week leading up to devmerge, “just in case it was needed for the devmerge lol winky face!” Everyone had a good laugh at that one, and then I closed and re-opened it for dramatic effect, to mock the idea that I would be removing Skrell anyways since I wasn’t chosen. Arrow then closed it. He did not “have to keep repeatedly closing it”. Twice is not a trend. Especially when both incidents happen /fifteen days apart/. After I made my statement I had no further need of the PR, and expectedly it has not been touched since. Is re-opening a closed PR as a joke an abuse of my GitHub permissions? No, it’s actually not. ”I moved as fast as I wanted to in getting a new skrell lore developer and it is not your place to repeatedly open a PR to remove a race to try to rush me.” You can move as fast as you want, but 90 days is unacceptably slow. And I’m not the only one who thought so, hence why I was encouraged to make the PR in the first place. “If you have a criticism for my conduct then you can use your words like everbody else.” I did. They just so happened to be part of a github PR. And that’s not an “abuse of my power”. Anyone can create a PR. You might know that if you looked at the GitHub for more thsn gathering spurious evidence. “I'm not going to address your criticism of Skrell lacking a dedicated maintainer. You know they were not rotting because I have made repeated announcements about it that when a species loses a maintainer, the responsibilities for that species defaults back to the loremaster” That might mean a little more if the loremaster did anything with the Skrell except let them rot in stasis for 90 days. Maybe he was too busy attending to his own species, acting more as a lore-developer than a lore-master. Maybe he just didn’t care. Isn’t it fun reading active malicious intent into people’s actions? ”Your PR did little more than ruffle the feathers of players who mistakenly thought you had any say in the fate of Skrell.” And uh, y’know, also serve as a call to action directly leading several people to decide they did indeed care about what happens to the Skrell, inducing them to apply and ultimately leading to a Skrell developer being chosen from those applicants. But I guess that part isn’t really important. Probably would have happened anyways. One day. Maybe? As I said before, trying to spin the Skrell incident back on me is ridiculous. The only person who could feasibly be indicted for staff misconduct regarding the situation is the same person who let Skrell rot in stasis for 90 days. And that ain’t me, chief. ”There is no other way to interpret his behavior than him trying to get at me, or whoever else he decides he doesn't need to respect.” It is statements like these that make me worried for your paranoia. I’m not trying to “get at you”. My behavior is problem-orientated - I see a problem, I attempt to resolve it. I don’t have a vendetta against you. I don’t care about you. I’m not out to get you.
  14. LordFowl

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    There have already been consequences - the calendar event was deleted, as all off-topic posts are. Sometimes they’re accompanied with forum warnings, but while I’m no moderator issuing a warning on literally the first day of a feature’s release tends to be rather draconic. As for abusing staff power? I’m not even aware if calendar events were restricted solely to staff. If they were, there was certainly no documentation regarding it, and if there is no documentation, no expectations, then how can it be classified as abuse of power? Playing semantics? There’s no play at semantics here. UM’s entire argument was that I knowingly exploited a bug - pointing out that I unknowingly “exploited” not-a-bug is not “playing semantics”, it’s rejecting the foundation of his premise entirely. Do I understand the implications of the calendar system being removed? Is it that we don’t have a calendar? I can only be held responsible for my own actions. I cannot be held responsible also for Arrow’s overreactions. If he is content to throw out the whole calendar for want of a nail, then so be it. So to answer your question, no I don’t think there should be any further consequences regarding that specific incident, yes I think this is a perfectly reasonable outcome, and if you really want to know where I draw the line regarding moderating anyone, not just staff, I usually start at “important things that actually matter, like, breaking rules” as opposed to “he created a single off-topic post, headdev removed the entire off-topic subforum, better ban him”
  15. LordFowl

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    This post builds itself up quite nicely, but it’s built on a few fallacies, assumptions, and logical gaps. I can’t believe I’m still talking about this fuck calendar. At this rate it’s caused me more grief than Arrow. For one this is the second time you’ve tried to communicate with me “on equal grounds, developer to developer”. Please stop doing that. It’s weird. Starting from the bottom up, even if the calendae incident was predicated on me knowingly exploiting a bug, comparing it to a million dollar Amazon glitcg is just stupid. But let’s circle back to thr more salient nugget - that I knowingly exploited a bug. For the output of “guilt” to be true these two conditions must be true - the calendar system must be a bug, and I must both know this and then wilfully exploit it. Well, we /know/ the calendar system isn’t a bug because it did work perfectly. We /know/ that my access to it was not a bug - I did not exploit any flaw in the system security, did not dupe the forums. I just clicked on the “create event” button. So if anything it’s an oversight, but I genuinely think Arrow believes people should have access to the calendar, as he’s mentioned reintroducing it with stricter moderation. So there is no bug. But let’s pretend there is, and focus on the second part, that I /knowingly exploited/ a bug. Well, I can tell you I didn’t. How the fuck would I be able to tell that the perfectly official fine and dandy “create calendar event” button was a bug? On the very first day of the forums? Maybe I just don’t watch enough anime, but I don’t know how anything about that screams “THIS IS A BUG YOU SHOULD REPORT!”. That’s like banning an AI player for pressing the “door bolt” button because we decided later that AIs shouldn’t have access to that button. It’s nonsensical. What loops do you have to jump through where that starts making sense? So there was no “software flaw”. If there was any flaw it was pure human error. So if it’s not a bug, and I didn’t wilfully exploit it, then what us it? A silly insignificant non-event, just another roadbump in the birth of a new forums, granted disproportionate importance for gods knows what reason (maybe it’s just easy to dupe people into thinking it is important by throwing around words like “exploit” or “software glitcg). As important as an off-topic post getting deleted. So why am I trying to pretend its no big deal? I’m not. It’s genuinely not an important event by pretty much any definition of importance. Why am I proud of it? I’m not. I wouldn’t even be thinking about it except it gets brought up so often. It’s just another off-topic post in the sea of posts to me, otherwise. Does that clear up your confusion?