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  1. Voting for dismissal. Protohumans provide a tangible positive gameplay impact. Your perceived notions of their negative impact arise from your failure to understand the mechanisms at work behind protohumans, experimentation, and medical transplants. If you have an issue with their lore, reconcile that with loredevs. If you have an issue with people throwing protohumans down disposals or similar behavior, reconcile that with admins/CCIA.
  2. If your sole intention is to sit in your office all day, you are right in that you will not likely interact with the members of your department often. This is as true of departmental security as it is any other role. Regardless, my intent was simply to correct the false idea that the offices are located outside of their department, so I hope it is now clear that that is not the case.
  3. I'm not going to try and dissect the paranoid rhetoric of an anti-security ,conspiracy but I will correct the presumption that security offices are outside of their departments, a misunderstanding that comes from somewhere surely although I don't know where because each of the images in the PR clearly show the security officer is located at the department's entrance: Science's sec office, located at the entrance of science. The sec officer even has buttons to control the airlock for letting visitors in. Engineering's sec office, located at the very first entrance to engineering. Cargo's sec office, located at the entrance to cargo while also maintaining oversight of the bar. What is not pictured is the update that gave them a door with direct access to cargo also. Medical's sec office, located above the lobby and next to virology. Medical's entrance is cramped enough, but I think this is a good place for it nonetheless. So I'm not sure where you got the idea that the offices are located OUTSIDE the department they're working with, when the PR clearly shows otherwise.
  4. Voting for dismissal. Departmental accounts are under the purview of the departmental head, e.g. the HoP. Every job would love having spare money to throw around, the chef is no exception. But that is not how the system works. If you need money consult your supervisor, like everyone else.
  5. And IAA. Not to mention that the whitelist processes, especially for command staff, have been getting more complex and finnicky.
  6. My suggestion is that these sort of things be kept to a DL, to be used infrequently a la the prison map on the old map. This framework is useful for event maps but they shouldn’t become official and by no means should they become periodic to the degree suggested here. This idea is far more interesting when considered under the lens of letting any admin load a custombuilt map + infrastructure for lore and adminbus events, instead of us officially having Tajara lebensraum every weekend. These map templates would be designed with ease of creation and disposability in mind, but they could be repeated just like the prison map was. Instead of “alternatives to the NSS Aurora” these would be events Plus, with a wide range of depth, options, and even timeframe.
  7. The suggested space bear sprite is aggressively bad.
  8. Altogether not keen on this. Its predominant focus on a whitelisted species, its distracting focus by transplanting the players into effectively an entirely different game, and its frankly medieval setting all serve to discourage this as anything but an infrequent, even one-off thing. While I can appreciate the desire for change, this kind of idea is practically reincarnation. It builds off of nothing that already exists, instead basically creating a new game and presupposing it run concurrently to one that already exists. The more I think about it the less keen I become on the idea.
  9. “Therefore, simply put, Lord Fowl does not at all address feedback or discussion during development.“ Again you conflate two entirely disparate statements. I do not need to actively partake in discussion to address or incorporate feedback, and indeed I have incorporated feedback without being part of the discussion that produced it. My participation in a discussion begins and ends with my thesis, and I will resist any attempts to “force” me to participate in a discussion as anything but an observer. I have no interest in defending or attacking ideas, no interest in changing people’s opinions. I only care to know what and why their ooinions are. I also want to clarify another looming misconception; “He states his reasoning for doing so was because myself, as an individual, made those critiques” I would like to clarify that my only foul was blowing up at you and stating this so harshly. I understand that that is poor conduct, but understanding it does not mean I regret it. As I said in my preamble you should not be surprised when your behavior ostracizes you, and while I have a responsibility to facilitate and hear out the opinions of the community, I also have the privilege of ignoring individuals who conduct themselves in a toxic and reprehensible manner.
  10. Inevitably interacting with you just turns into a nosedive of discord shitflinging. You take pride in your argumentative and uncouth nature. And that’s fine. But don’t get uppity when that results in people secluding you, especially considering you’re latest trend of framing yourself as the victim in every argument. That said, I do admit I blew up at you. But as my own nameflinging only occupies a small portion of this complaint’s real estate I’ll gladly address the misconceptions and falsehoods that occupy the rest of it: “I believe in the intention of creating these threads, there is a responsibility for the individual to reply to genuine criticism or points given.” I have no such responsibility. My responsibility is to facilitate community discussion, not necessarily to partake in it. I’m not a politician and my goal here is not to change hearts and minds. I read feedback and clear up misconceptions and then draw my own conclusions based on the points raised and the evaluation of my colleagues. “The fact that a developer ignores all criticism and critique within discussion threads of their own PRs” You still are too eager to misconstrue “I ignore you” and turn it into “I ignore everyone”. That’s not what I’ve ever said and it’s not what I do. I in fact read every post (Including yours so you can add “Is a liar” to this staff complaint). Doesn’t read != Doesn’t respond. In short; Yes, I blew up at Zelm on Discord. No, I do not ignore feedback. No, I do not have a “responsibility” to engage in active discussion. My only responsibility is to facilitate it, not to partake in it.
  11. Implemented here; https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6173 I've reversed my opinion after considering that this will decentralize security somewhat without actually nerfing them or making security unfun. The HoS still has power in that they control the brig and the armory, and can shape tactical actions by providing resources, and are ultimately in charge of security actions outside of a given department. Meanwhile this will alleviate the problem of "sec gets all the fun in antag rounds" because now sec is just another bloke in the department, without actually buffing or nerfing sec as a whole.
  12. Vaurca can already inhale phoron and climb faster.
  13. @Skull132 As I told PoZe long before any of this peripheral drama began, the PR does not have any grand intent. It was created because I had an idea and an idea of how to implement it. This is how most of my PRs are born. However, the bare stated intent was stated in the project thread when it was created, also before any of this peripheral drama began: As you can see, the claim that I created the PR in order to undermine the lore is based on a personal interpretation. Jackboot is of course free to believe that I was lying all the many times someone asked me what the big idea was before Amory did, but I am also free to say that's paranoid as fuck. Jackboot's order of events is somewhat maligned also, even from the context available to him, so let me shed my own light on the matter: [PR is created] > [reddit brigades] > [arrow asks for feedback thread] > [feedback thread is created with intent CLEARLY stated] > [people shitpost on thread] > [I moderate thread, get involved in drama on the discord] > [Amory says something to the effect of "The PR is awful and Fowl is just creating it just to boost his ego, but I support it if it means we can revive the political arcs." I reply with the frequently screenshot'd comment] > [jackboot latches onto this comment as proof of my malintent, tries to turn the feedback thread into a witch hunt] > [I take snarky potshots on the discord at such a transparent action]. I'd also like to say that the quotes "When I brought up this screenshot and asked for what the goal he wanted to accomplish with the PR was, the posts were hidden" and "[snarky potshots taken at criticism]" makes Jackboot's actions seem far more objective than they were. His post was not a criticism, nor was it a question. It was a straightforward and classic derailing attack, and I moderated it as such. The exact hidden post can be seen below, and if you want more context you can see the rest of the hidden posts yourself.
  14. Not a fan. The carp may be a little silly, but ss13 is a silly game. Plus, the carp have a certain je ne sais quoi, but these are just generic sci-fi shapeless purple blobs with generic edgy names.
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