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  1. LordFowl

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    You'll forgive me if I don't see where I "reneged" on my agreement in your example.
  2. LordFowl

    [Binned] Revert the Holiday Bar Update

    No. Voting for dismissal.
  3. LordFowl

    Fix the Drop pouches icon.

    If you believe there is a bug or issue, use the github, not the suggestions board. Binning.
  4. Create a policy thread. Voting for dismissal.
  5. LordFowl

    The [small-ish] Robotics Rework

    Mechs will never be useful while RIGs exist in their current state. They’re obsolete.
  6. LordFowl

    Fix Xenomorphs

  7. Then why not just make setting custom event info as a mandatory policy? What is the sense of a solution that requires both new code and policy versus a solution that just requires policy and existing cofe?
  8. Why would a lazy admin set the roundtype properly but not the custom event info?
  9. LordFowl

    Departmental Security

    It's more than an experiment. Is nobody going to answer the question of "where the fuck does the HoS" fit in all of this? Considering this is essentially axing security as a department entirely, I suppose it behooves us to then ask where the CSI and FT are going also, as well as the warden and the brig. As to the idea of retaining the brig and creating two brig officers, I hope that the realization of that being idiotic is accomplished once you see that it essentially means we have at least 6 security officers running around (one in each department, medical, engineering, cargo, science, two brig officers) in addition to the non officer brig staff who currently float around in the abyss now that we've pulled a krystalnacht and sent the officers on their great exodus.
  10. LordFowl

    Slime Mutation Reagent Nerfs + Rework

    Black slime gel also takes effort to make.
  11. LordFowl

    Give Skrell Sol Common

    I re-iterate my point made on the PR: "Currently the assumption is that every species gets a unique language. Things like "Well, the Skrell and humans are so buddy buddy, doesn't it make sense that Skrell should be able to speak Sol Common" falls apart entirely when you realize the same justification can be made quite easily for any species to speak Sol Common, or any other non-biologically restricted language. Until the loredevs either decide that every species should be able to speak every language I don't see this as an equitable change. Additionally, doesn't this just further the idea that Skrell are just humans, but slightly better?" The same justification for a Skrell knowing Sol Common can be pretty much made for any species to know any language. Languages aren't some dark unknowable art. If we give Skrell Sol Common we're opening a rather hefty can of worms that previously we kept shut with the somewhat arbitrary but fair ruling that each species gets their own unique language.
  12. LordFowl

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    Grandfathering is not a feasible process - there is no real effective way to verify that except /possibly/ by a remarkably in-depth database scan that really isn’t worth the effort.
  13. LordFowl

    Staff Complaint - Lordfowl

    Doing what? Neither of those examples match the two issues stated - overbearing/overdramatic critique or use of slurs, nor even really the general catchall of “being a dick”. The first is exasperation at reading a comment that was firmly opposed to something that was never proposed in the first place, the second is a completed untargeted unoffensive observation that most people seemed to agree with me on.
  14. LordFowl

    You're pretty good: The Trickster Revolver

    I don’t really know what PoZe is talking about. Implementing ricochet into a specific type of bullet is both possible and not even that difficult. I recall attempting something similar to this once and the only obstacle I ran into was the tricky ricochet math. Implementing ricochet itself was fairly simple.