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Unban Request: Smegmatic

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BYOND Key: Smegmatic

Total Ban Length: 72h

Banning staff member's Key: Calion12

Reason of Ban: Tried ERP in library, emoting "takes off pants'' and such because they wanted to ''make love'', please read rules, this is not acceptable.

Reason for Appeal:

Well, there is a story:

Me and my homie Ryo Teriyaki (Blitzerr) met in bar. So we decided to go in his room at library and read "some fresh porn". Ryo read the book to me while i was drinking beer. So i took my sweaty clothes and Ryo saw this. He started taking his clothes off and we decided to till the point of intercourse, we knew that we would be caught while traveling from room to room in the station. Even if we wouldn't be caught, the intercouse was out of the question, plus we turned on the fire alarm just to bring attention to us roleplay light erotic actions, not too much as stated in the rules. In the "jail place" after Mace( police bot?) brought us there and I wanted to get caught with my pants down, again.. yes it was silly but I wouldn't have gone too far with the roleplay. To get this story straight, I did all my best to stay in the boundaries set by the owners of this server, I had no hurtful intention with my roleplay. If I did hurt someone with that disgusting roleplay, I admit, I'm sorry. Hear my plea.

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However you want to put it, this is definitely not within the bounds of acceptability. ERP is a no-go and this definitely falls within those bounds. If you want that, there are plenty of other servers but here, you see, we host people of all ages and as such try to maintain a certain level of 'safe-for-work'-ness. You have managed to wrack up quite a number of notes in a short space of time which leads me to believe you haven't quite understood the rules or haven't read them. I would suggest using this time to go over them so that you can avoid making mistakes in the future.

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