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  1. My interactions OOCly with Spider are sparse, but pleasant. ICly I’ve interacted with him as many different characters, Nriel probably being the character who knows Armstrong the most. I’d say he can damn well knuckle down and get the job done properly. I’ve come to know I can rely on Armstrong to pull my ass out of the fire when things go awry, I would certainly be interested to see how he would do as a HoS. I’d also be interested to see how the implant would play into Armstrong’s character considering his personality.
  2. I would be down if you’d have me. I’ve needed a new fix for a while now.
  3. Reporting Personnel: Fideal Al'Majoree Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Research Director Game ID: bZ8-b1br Personnel Involved: (Name, Job Title: Offender/Witness/Other) - Johan Ringer, Warden - Offender Qoumix Vo'lorem, Forensic Technician - Witness Jeremiah Reynolds, Captain - Witness Brandon Ward, Scientist (?) - Witness - Time of Incident: ??? Real Time: 17:00~ GMT+1 Location of Incident: Hallways outside of R&D Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ x ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ x ] - Other: Mutiny Overview of the Incident: Some time after returning from an expedition gone horribly wrong in which he, Fideal, was the only survivor, the warden, Johan Ringer, approached him outside of R&D wherein he informed him that he was under arrest for the indirect murder of four people and aimed a lethally-charged laser carbine at him, demanding he drop an axe he was transporting from the shuttle to science. He requested a warrant be presented but Ringer claimed one was not needed despite it being green alert and having not witnessed the 'crimes' himself. Ward was witness to this exchange from inside R&D and called the captain over upon his request. The forensic technician arrives by coincidence, and proceeded to body-block Ringer's line of fire to him, informing them that the director was innocent and nobody had authorised this arrest. The captain then came and informed the warden that he was engaging in mutiny and to drop the gun. Ringer stuck to the fact that Fideal was a murderer of four which, he should probably clarify, he is not. The captain then went to get an ion rifle to handle Ringer while the FT and himself kept him talking. The captain went around the back of Ringer and fired, emptying Ringer's guns (which he drew multiple of) and accidentally hitting Fideal, knocking out his cybernetic legs as well as Ringer's legs, which we were unaware of he believes. The warden was then arrested and charged with Mutiny then the shuttle arrived. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Jeremiah Reynolds, Captain Actions taken: The warden was arrested for mutiny Additional Notes: He personally would see Ringer serve for attempted murder, as he did claim that if Fideal ran or did not drop the 'weapon' then he would "Gun you down like the animal you are" potentially suggesting a species-charged attack. Additionally, everyone involved in the expedition signed waivers, so even in that regard he cannot be held liable, as the captain can confirm.
  4. I was made a traitor later in the round, not immediately. I was made traitor after everything else had kicked off. I did take the EMP rifle first as a set-up to my assault. What you're saying is that I shouldn't have killed the warden first because they hadn't done anything to me? The ISD as a whole hadn't done anything to me and you were by no means understaffed versus what I had. The mech was deactivated due to science, evening the fight somewhat later on. I took you out first as it was the most methodical move to my end goal, are you trying to say that as someone with that stated goal, I shouldn't have taken the most logical course of action to complete it because you hadn't actually done anything against me? What should I have done instead? Hit a lower priority target who also hadn't actually done anything against me? If so what possible reason would I have to do such?
  5. I will say that it's inborn into Fideal to have a dislike of security. Usually restricted to passing comments or snide remarks and a lack of assisting them unless his own ass is on the line, he's very self-centred in that respect. Shit had kicked off well before I entered the scene, I was playing off of that previous carnage. After it was dealt with you have a break, things seem fine before another threat arises. I know I didn't RP much prior to the climax for which I do apologise if it came out of left field but as an antagonist with little hope of winning an outright fight to begin with, I needed to have the element of surprise which I'm pretty sure doesn't violate any rules, it was an opening gambit to take out you, the warden, who controls the flow of weapons. Without you in the picture I stood a much greater chance of eradicating security which was my overall goal as was fitting for Fideal's hatred. It didn't spark much RP or story I will wholly admit, I did start shooting at others who were in security at the time, I requested a borg to leave before lighting them up and the nurse had a giant hammer so I was hesitant to put my guns down near them when I had initiated a clearly hostile situation. I ended up dying to said nurse after a brief skirmish in the locker room so that's where the story ended as it was near departure time, they couldn't do anything more with my body and I couldn't do anything more to give reason for my rampage. Had they not been there, the plan was to wipe security to stick it to them for being so 'high and mighty' as he stated over science channels when his subordinate questioned him as to why. When you fled, I also left the area, I didn't pursue you so as to give you time to mount a response and grab some gear. Targeting you was, again a tactical choice but was sheer coincidence that we found one another in security later, me having not seen anyone else so far. I am sorry that I didn't engage you much prior to shooting you in the face but had I done so, I would have lost that critical advantage which wouldn't make sense for someone planning to overthrow security.
  6. Stafford is goodboy, did a good job of ordering around security efficiently and managed well with my orders being barked at him. Room for improvement as there is in most people but would definitely support this. I hop they'll keep up the good work.
  7. Very good. The ban still sticks however, you can wait out three days with ease. Provided you read the rules, you won't need to go through any other bans. Request denied. Locking in 24 hours.
  8. However you want to put it, this is definitely not within the bounds of acceptability. ERP is a no-go and this definitely falls within those bounds. If you want that, there are plenty of other servers but here, you see, we host people of all ages and as such try to maintain a certain level of 'safe-for-work'-ness. You have managed to wrack up quite a number of notes in a short space of time which leads me to believe you haven't quite understood the rules or haven't read them. I would suggest using this time to go over them so that you can avoid making mistakes in the future.
  9. Okay then. I will start off by saying; the officer that processed you was logged at the time. I told you this and that as a result I could not contact them to get their side of the story. I'm not going to rain down punishment for something that may not have been worthy of it hence why I suggested initially that you make a complaint which would force a dialogue to sort this out. Second of all, this is a definite IC issue. You keep referencing vague "admins punished me for IC things" but I personally have not witnessed this and unless it spans into rule breaking territory it shouldn't happen. As this was IC, Catnip and I both told you to make an IR or incident report so that this could get sorted out in-character where it belongs. To say that you did nothing wrong while shouting about how the officer was a cunt and bitch etc. does not make sense. Were I to do the same in a workplace, school or anywhere else public you can bet your ass it wouldn't go down well. I do not know how the punishment became such a long brig sentence because again, they were logged at the time. Now I could have just waited for them to come back but we didn't know how long that would take and so I told you to file the complaint to force the dialogue. So, now that we have confirmed this as an IC issue, making an IR report would be more fitting.
  10. What you're saying is: "It's stupid that I can't force someone to play a game they don't enjoy for my own personal enjoyment because I'm clearly more important" < which is pretty sick. The thing is, Xander, instead of putting words in my mouth you could look at it this way. If you don’t want to play the game mode, then leave the server and come back next round. This is basically saying "why do people unready if they don't want to play the round?" and then saying just leave the server which would be essentially unreadying by default, no?
  11. This man. This man right here. He has all the answers.
  12. Adding my two cents. A while back Fawkes joined as a visitor and another visitor was spewing racial slurs and hate crime. To this, Fawkes defended him and when I ordered the comm link be taken to stop further incident (as captain) Fawkes escalated the situation by refusing to explain himself and calling me a ‘pet’ which got me thinking “how in the blue blazes was someone so openly speciesist and volatile ever hired to begin with?” That will be all, your honour.
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