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Remove or Replace AntagHUD restrictions


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The antagHUD is a little utilized feature that allowed ghosts to identify antags so they can watch their shenanigans more easily. It is one of the most old features of SS13, though I'm not really sure how old because it's been in ever server I've ever played on and I only started like 4-5 years ago.

It's so ancient that no one has really even looked at it and noticed that it has improper capitalization.




Lel, etc.

Anyway, this feature being turned on preventing you from rejoining the round sort of made sense in the old realms of SS13 where murdering all the antags on sight was kind of par for the course, and it was an unfair advantage to give players who joined later. But we have a lot higher standards we hold players to now, and it's a little frustrating to have a feature that exists to help you locate antagonists to watch as a ghost but only if you want to give up the option to play in the active round later.

There aren't any rules in place against people in ghostchat going 'hey guys come over here and check out this vampire succ the janitor'. It would be perfectly fine for someone to turn on antagHUD and inform other ghosts when fun starts to come watch, except they haven't been punished for turning on the antagHUD. That is, assuming that they can't already see it happening with their ghostly omniscience. Having this restriction in place just relegates the feature to almost never being used, when it has some perfectly good utility for people trying to identify if they want to join the round or not, and knowing who to watch to see the fun stuff.

Instead of just blocking rejoining the round for that specific person (but not anyone else they share this information with in ghostchat, rendering the restriction largely pointless as a method for preventing metagame, which we already enforce via admins), I offer some other options.

-Only allow AntagHUD to be used after a certain period, when antags have had time to prepare and get underway, like 30 minutes or so

-Reset the respawn timer when you turn it on, so you have to wait another 20 minutes before joining.

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Well, since this was bumped recently that automatically removes any fear of necroing an empty thread.

I think this is a good idea, it's not hard at all to find out the current gamemode, on merc or raider you can usually tell who's crew and who's merc between names like "John McDoe" and "Killshot" with the follow verb. Subtler gamemodes like ling, traitor, ect, are a little harder to find but when people start screaming in all-uppercased boldface text it's gonna obvious, especially when people mention antag events in dchat all the time, which staff don't seem to mind.

At worst, it'd help any pesky validers (which, although existent, are rare in Aurora's setting) find other subtle antags, and at best let the non-malicious people in dchat observe the antags in suspense, seeing all the plans, talking about them, and other fun talk.

Overall, a thumbs up on this idea.

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