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  1. Kaed

    Playable simple mobs on extended

    It doesn't have to be carp or not even stuff that vents the station.
  2. If you increase the cost of them in up links but any more than it already is, in other words half of your starting crystals, it is going to become prohibitively expensive to use them. I understand that's what you seem to want, but if you do that, people are still going to buy them it's just going to become the only thing they do is throw a few frag grenades, and that was the sum of their ability to contribute to the ground. That's not fun, just like it's not really fun to buy the overpriced sniper rifle and get one shot. You shouldn't make something impossible to reliably use just because some people spam it. "Because sometimes it makes the game lag and kills them during the lag" it's also absolutely not a reason to remove something from effective circulation, it's a reason to fix it.
  3. Nope. They're not as popular as you make them out to be, and they're always in severely limited stocks even when they are available. Those events sound like they were pretty tense and exciting - grenades are supposed to be awful in close quarters. If the admins making events feel that frag grenades will ruin their events, they can just remove them from options during the events. There is no reason to be changing the uplink options. It already costs half your starting TC to get a box of 5 of them, and barring lag problems they're not really that hard to avoid if you know what you are doing. I myself have suicide rushed a skrell HoS with frag grenades as a traitor, I was dead by the third one, and by simply running away, the HoS in question took 0 damage.
  4. Kaed

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    Alternatively, you could just let vox be and unimportant but fun antagonist race instead of fixating on the half a dozen lines of stupid lore that is the 'Inviolate' section of the page, instead of trying to tell people they're playing their antagonist the wrong way and trying to whitelist enforce it. Just saying.
  5. Kaed

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    What do stacks even do, mechanically. Edit: The code says you have an 80% chance to just die if it's removed, which is not really acceptable as a punitive measure for something as trivial as antags not following lore. You might as well have admins start gibbing any antag who doesn't play the way you want them to. Once again. They are not whitelisted, if you want to enforce anything they must be whitelisted first. You cannot just enforce lore-based roleplay regulations on something any player can play and kill their character if they don't follow it. That is not going to win any points with new players who might be ignorant of your desired elitist vox meta-roleplay requirements.
  6. Kaed

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    Your expectations are far too high for the current server setup. Antagonists have always been held to very loose standards, because they are not canon. Everyone has different standards of what qualifies as 'Are-Pee', and is it really fair for you to force your expectations on other people who might just want to have some fun as a shitbird? Vox have almost no lore beyond a single page that is periodically revised or updated by whoever happens to give a fuck enough to do it (and looking at this page, most of the updates have been revisions more than new plot content being added). There is no vox loredev. I would not expect people to care enough to sift through the wiki to read about a non-whitelisted character they got largely through looking in a cracked mirror during a raider round. If you want to enforce them, somehow whitelist the race, because that is the expected standard for races you have to study to play first. But I personally think that it's an utter waste of time to do so, given the race exists largely as a legacy option for raider rounds rather than something that is actually important.
  7. Kaed

    Make Vox Not a Meme.

    They are primarily an antagonist race. The fact that merchants are given them is really only a nod to options, but there is only minimal enforcement of antagonist roleplay. And I would call merchants a minor sort of antagonist themselves- station regulations on their ship don't exist. Why should anyone care about vox lore? They only really show up as pirates, and why would pirates of any race be beholden to behavior or 'Inviolate' restrictions? The race IS a joke meme. If you want enforcement of lore, advocate for them becoming a playable race, instead of fuming that one off antags are being shit bird goofballs
  8. Kaed

    Make IPC Damage Affect Speech

    I don't think that's how it works even with robots. I believe it's a certain damage threshold.
  9. It's a dumb meme disease, logically speaking it shouldn't even exist to be scared of. Just take the joke diseases out, all of them.
  10. Kaed

    Alternate Wizard Garb

    Thanks, I hate it. I'm not sure what old movie you have a screenshot of that spawned that atrocious thing, but I don't care for having it in the game myself.
  11. Kaed

    Alternate Wizard Garb

    You had my interest up until that weird wicker helmet. I can't see myself wearing that in any scenario. Also wizard no longer need shoes to cast magic spells. I specifically removed that requirement myself.
  12. Kaed

    Open Drinks Spill When Thrown

    It shouldn't spill (much) if you are sliding it down a table at someone. I've seen people slide drinks down a bar at customers.
  13. This project is being suspended indefinitely due to my growing distaste with the direction the server is going that I will not into in detail here sucking all desire to work on it or play on the server. If I feel differently later, I will probably open a new thread referencing this one, because I expect it will be binned shortly.
  14. Kaed

    Removal of Cloaks

    You can flavor it ignored or declined however you want, the point of the matter is that the dev team and skull have chosen to feel that their opinion is more important than me and the others who said otherwise, and we have little power to do anything else but complain. So complain, I have.