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  1. Breaking news, this is Tina Whatafuk, here at Nanotrasen's top of the line research and mining facility, the NSS Aurora. I'm speaking to Urist McTesla, who has just started his first shift here as a research scientist. How did you end up here, Mrs McTesla? Vell, I finished my eight year doctorate in theoretical pheesicks three months ago, and I vas just so pleased to get the acceptance application for this facility! Can you tell us a little about what you do here, Mr McTesla? I'm glad you ahsked! Here, ve take existing technology und deconstruct it to innovate new und exciting experimental technologies! Can you show us how that works? Vell, of course! Ve are taking a complex piece of existing teknology, such as this- Mr McTesla, that looks like a crowbar. Very astute, mein friend! A crowbar ust a basic piece uft teknology and ve can dekonstrukt it learn more about ze basics of tool use! Mr McTesla, I don't understand. Are you telling me millions of dollars in corporate funding goes to researching basic tools like crowbars and wrenches? I notice you just put what looks like a small plastic bucket into the deconstructor too, what was that? Och, that vas a basic matter bin! It is one of the theengs ve are provided by the kompany so zat we can dekonstruct it and get ze magik science machine up unt running! It ees part of ze workplace setup. Sorry, who is that man screaming at you from across the hall? Ah, just be ignoring him, he is ze roboticist. He is needings me to finish taking apart ze wrenches and bukkits and batteries before he can perform his job. I VILL GET TO IT, GREGORY, BE SHUTTINGS UP NOW AND MAKINGS ANOTHER OF ZE CLEANBOTS! ... I thought this station was a top of the line research facility. Why do you need to waste basic tools like this, don't you already have a wealth human knowledge to start from? But you're telling me your robotics division can't even build robots until you finish researching them? Doesn't that seem like a waste of everyone's time? Och, do not be silly! Ve here at Nanotrasen make all our science from scratch! No handholding here. Though, between you unt me, I vas hearing ve once had a department around banging ze rocks together to rediskover fire, but it vas deemed too redundant! --- It's an outdated mechanics system that existed since before we bothered to try roleplaying actual characters in a semi-realistic setting. I don't see a real reason why this prep period is required for people to have fun. It's not fun more than maybe once, and you hold up other departments faffing about with it.
  2. Have everything except illegal and maybe bluespace tech start at level 3. Is there any actual redeeming value in having to shove tools and random geegaws found in the room into the deconstructor then printing more to shove in, just to get basic shit availability every single round. Imagine if every round we had to order a supermatter crystal from cargo and faff about for 10 or so minutes while it arrives and is emplaced before anything can actually happen in engineering. Imagine if robotics had to suffer every round being unable to do anything fun until whatever confused newbie happened to join as a scientists figures out how to do research oh wait this already happens Imagine if every cultist round one of the cultists had to lock himself in a bathroom for ten minutes to figure out the rune words in a tedious unnecessary prep phase OH WAIT WE GOT RID OF THAT CAUSE IT WAS STUPID. This makes the science agony at round start for everyone except the small number of people who have figured out the Optimal Research Path and can have everything at level 5+ within ten minutes. Can we just not, and instead give new players some stuff to play with for a bit while they get their bearings before they have to begin actual research?
  3. Out with the old, in with the new. I feel nostalgia for the random meme posters I maybe look at once before they become visual white noise.
  4. No. Let the terrible past remain there.
  5. What is this, a Leisure Suit Larry reference? Add it to the game if you want, but he doesn't need to replace the white and green suit. Honestly, the cue ball helmet is a bigger issue than the suit, because of the obnoxious green sun particle effect it causes, and the fact that it adds nothing to the game, not even a weird fashion sense. It doesn't even hide your face identity mechanically, despite literally being a giant ping pong ball that conceals your entire head. Remove that and maybe we're in business, the suit itself is fine and can stay. Alternatively make it a wizard only accessory? That might look kind of cool on a wizard.
  6. I'd like it if we took away the ability to pick up mice and crush them or wear them. Maybe a short action timer to crush them people don't just spam it and kill them instantly.
  7. Changeling rework thread #9028 I wish you the best of luck in any of this happening, cuz it's probably not going to. People have been saying changelings needs to change for 2+ years now, and the most that happened was I added a way to grow your ling's power without killing people. Hasn't helped. Nothing short of a full rework is going to accomplish anything meaningful. And no one is going to do that, because ling code is a hot steaming mess and it's too much work to make a whole new one. I tried, it's out of my ability to do without a whole lot of extra work learning code I have neither the time nor inclination to do unpaid. And to be frank, most of our coders aren't too much better at this than I am. We have a few who are pretty good, like skull and arrow, but most of them are on my level, where the best they can do is look at code that already exists and mimic it for something else. Not all of them are even very good at that, I've seen a few official devs who don't really seem to understand cause and effect trees in code. And since those people that actually could do this are extremely limited, those ones are usually busy on important updates that make the game function properly. I haven't seen a single person except me have any interest in a rework of changeling. But you know, you don't need to take my word for it. Continue to keep pumping out suggestions on how to make changelings better once a month, everyone. Maybe someone will actually bother. (Dreaming is allowed)
  8. You know what never mind. What am I doing with my life, arguing with people on the internet over stupid shit that doesn't matter. I'm out, do whatever the fuck you want with security regulations and self-righteously claim it's for the greater good. If I could delete this post I would but I guess I have to edit it to have meaningless content instead.
  9. Please explain to me how, say, a hide mantle interferes with security equipment or duties in a fashion other than it upsets anal retentive people who hate security wearing anything other than a uniform.
  10. You are all taking this game way too seriously. I guess it's some point someone decided that 'High roleplay' make creating an obnoxious network of bureaucracy and bullshit that people have to wade through and avoid beaurocratic landmines. This isn't fun. Being able to have choice in a game on how you look where customization of appearance and outfit is an enormous part of the gamepkay. Yes, there are outliers to this that are unacceptable, such as wearing a wedding dress to work or high heels in a position where you need to be able to move easily. But blacklisting everything so every security member has to have exactly the same is not the way to fix this. It's like using a mallet to fix a broken watch. We need to stop relying on this stupid fucking CCIA law/regulation system that we've come to rely on to tell us what to do. Our heads of staff should have the common sense and responsibility to tell us a security officer who comes to work in a dress and high heels to take those things off and put on a real uniform, while still leaving room for the officer in question to express some kind of cultural identity with an accessory. If for some reason you don't think we can rely on our head of staff's to properly enforce sensible clothing regulations without plopping down a blanket ban, then that's a problem with out whitelist process, and needs to be addressed rather than using a sloppy work around like this. All that you have done with this endless stream of obnoxious ccia notices is create an environment where people are encouraged to play regulation gotcha with each other, rather than relying on people to moderate each other with some semblance of order and accountability. Has anyone actually kept track of how many CCIA notices we have now? Last time I was playing we were still getting notified that you have to give vaurca phoron since they need it to live, as if this is somehow news to everybody that they need to be reminded not to be assholes.
  11. I personally don't see that much of a problem with the round type, I've never really hated anything except crossfire.
  12. Not a fan. Mind you, I've never been a fan of there being an alternate title of 'counselor' for a religious role playing position. Most of the alt titles for the chaplain position involve different titles for priests in other religions, which says more to me about what the purpose of the role is supposed to be. The existence of the title itself is a relic from the era when there was no such thing as a psychologist, and chaplain/counselor were the only two choices for that role. I'd much prefer we move the alt title to psychologist or just remove it entirely to inserting a chapel in the medbay. That being said... I'm strongly for chaplains being given base access to the medbay - religion and the sick or injured have a very long history together.
  13. Yes please, remove it. It makes no sense that they can detect a pathogen that infects a single random person on station but can't pinpoint who it's in, or notify you in a timely fashion.
  14. Well I can appreciate that sentiment, the fact that someone can know that the voice talking to them is an AI pretending to be someone else at a glance is sufficient to completely ruin the concept of the subterfuge. The fact that people have to pretend that they don't know it's the AI malfunctioning undermines the core deception in many subtle ways, and forcing the entire server to play dumb is a recipe for disaster. Take, for instance, the issue with blue screen APCs. Before I made a push for that to not happen every single time an AI takes over an APC, 100% of the time people would broadcast over the radio every time they saw one and immediately telegraph the round type while feigning ignorance of what is going on. You can't expect people to pretend they don't know what's going on when they have an opportunity to win. They just have to find an in character pretext to cast doubt on the proceedings to ruin the whole ploy. I would much rather prefer we fix the problem then expect mods to clean up after it every time. They're not omniscient, they don't watch the actions of everyone on the server constantly, and there's a lot more that you can do that's subtle metagaming and difficult to report to them.
  15. No it's not, lol. You'll just create a new metagame for always removing your appendix and in a very roundabout way just make the event punishing for newbies, or you'll have situations where the event triggers and everyone is already removed their appendix. Given an option between opting into an extremely frustrating random event and not doing so most people will pick no. Most people don't preemptively cut out thier appendix. Just remove the event, we don't really need it.
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