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  1. Clarification: I was not present for this Alberyk incident you mentioned and while I dimly remember hearing about it, my reason for the nerf was not 'a knee jerk reaction' to the event but rather the result of looking at the damage values available for the weaponry added to the game and determined they were vastly unbalanced. Acting like this sole incident was the result of player skill being punished by nerfs is vastly reductive of the situation as it was at the time, which was that a plasteel or diamond spear was competitively surpassing most ranged weaponry in power, regardless of how good
  2. This argument is becoming circular as I re-explain my reasons for misunderstanding the complaint rules and you insist that it does not matter what lead me to do so, only that I did, so I am going to end it here. But I will express the hope that people can look beyond a record of being rude and understand that people can make mistakes. My behavior on the forums previously was not a mistake so much as me choosing to put my own desire to be rude with people above the health of the forum community. It was a regrettable decision, and I am doing my best to improve. I do not feel that this actio
  3. You are cherry picking your own stated rules to establish your point and focusing only on the part about not posting if not involved, while also assuming that I have some kind of foreknowledge of the chaos that used to be the complaint forums. Here's all of it that's related to this The post was both on topic and directly related to the complaint, which was about the ruling to remove a whitelist and about how your ruling does not match up with the standards that were visible at the time. The claim of two staff members was that the rules were including this new no-tolerance whitelist st
  4. BYOND Key: Kaed/Kaedwuff Staff BYOND Key: Alberyk/MattAtlas Game ID: N/A Reason for complaint: Evidence/logs/etc: When I was given a permaban in January it was due to repeated failures to control my temper on the forums, and as a result, when I appealed my ban, I was told that repeating this behavior would result in consequences. What was not made clear to me at the time, I assume because that was not the intent behind the stipulation, was that any violation of forum rules, regardless of how minor or unrelated, would result in an immediate re-establishing of that per
  5. It has been 10 days since I submitted this form. Twice I have prodded Alberyk about the lack of staff response, and twice he has said he will have someone look into it, first by mentioning it, then promising to assign someone to it. As yet, the only person who has responded was Azande, who gave their support for my conduct as a roleplayer despite our OOC differences. I'm not certain how I am supposed to interpret this. There are people who posted command applications after I made this one and are already on their trial. Have I done something incorrect in the form that needs to be fixed?
  6. I'm not sure how this could be implemented in a way that doesn't lead to frustrating behavior.
  7. With the recent PR that removed 'kitty ears' from the game, here https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/9158 the subject of a borg player that was tangentially related due to their custom skin came up. Since discussion of that seemed out of place in the scope of the PR thread, I moved it here in an attempt to bring up the subject. I hope this is the appropriate place. Per XanderDox: I wish to note that both the Admins and Devs have been complicit in cat-girl cringe, specifically allowing a staff member to have a set of custom cyborg sprites that are all a Cat Girl, inclu
  8. I feel like this would create a dynamic of kamikaze tactics where security beats any non-group antag by one of them charging into them while the others pile on the knocked over antag after. It would make unathi security officers horrendous to go against, because their lunge speed is so fast you would have almost no time to react to their charge. Cultists or mercs/raiders could use the same cheese tactics to capture important targets.
  9. Even if I agreed with that, by definition it doesn't mean they deserve extra attention and languages that the others don't get. If the lore team is of the opinion that there humans are on the same ground as everyone else, I can get behind that even if I don't feel the same way. But the topic of this thread is specifically that humans deserve more for no particular reason other than that they are the 'main' race, and that bay has a bunch. It's even referred to as 'language bloat' in the title.
  10. I think that's a flaw with the setting that could be fixed.
  11. Because I don't care about them. Obviously your mileage is different. I've been advocating for a different, non-human dominant setting for ages. As far as I'm concerned, they're roleplaying training wheels to do something more interesting later. They're common because they require the least forethought, it doesn't make them worthy of being more special.
  12. I'd like to see some Taj and unathi captains, tbh. The current ruling is getting really stale.
  13. I don't think giving them a bunch of extra snowflake languages is going to help with that. You need more than adding a half dozen of what amount secret club code languages to the roster to encourage people to explore new things - all this will result in is subcliques of humans who band together because they can talk the in special tongue that the outsiders can't.
  14. That is how I see them, yes. They're a low effort barely canonbound race that you can get away with playing basically anything you want because any almost any personality type and behavior can be explained away as 'human', owing to the fact that they are the same species as we are outside the roleplay. You barely even need to read the lore to join as a human, you can just coast by talking to people like yourself and not getting involved in anything lore related. The thousands of years of depth you speak of is an illusion, because a human player is rarely likely to explore earth-based cul
  15. I'm all for this, for the same reasons the people who like extended have - it will cause less chain extended rounds, which is a net plus in my book.
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