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  1. BYOND Key: Kaedwuff Game ID: b1k-aJgf Player Byond Key: Simfanatic Staff involved: Garnascus Reason for complaint: This person plays a skrell scientist and they spent most of the round constantly powergaming. First, they planted themselves down in telescience and began using it to grab any injured person they could get hold of (with pinpoint accuracy that may or may not have been the result of using an ooc calculator), with careless disregard for whether anyone else wanted to participate in doing their job, like medical. Several times, I overheard them causing injuries with careless use of the device (at least one person lost a leg due to this and the skrell just shrugged this off as their own fault for not following his directions on where to stand after grabbing them without asking, and I myself was grabbed as part of said group surrounding an injured person when he interrupted it by yanking us en masse into telescience). Furthermore, they evidently saw their RD, who was the other vampire in the round besides me, draining someone's blood, and took that as an opportunity to quietly prepare a syringe full of chloral hydrate for later 'just in case' instead of reporting the situation to security or something. This lead to me attacking them later on in the round, failing to grab them, and while I was backing out, they rushed into the chem lab to grab that syringe then began actively chasing me (already a known murderer who had just paralyzed with with an eye flash) down, trying to stab me with the chloral syringe, before THEN calling security to collect me while I was paralyzed. (After uttering the very unskrellish sounding phrase "Get fucked!" or something along those lines, but that's a lore consideration more than anything) Later, after the RD enthralled them, they shortly after went AFK, and were unable to respond to admin PMs when garn finally came back to respond. This may or may not have been a result of rage quitting the game after 'losing' to the other vampire, I don't know. I also haven't seen them before this round, but some of the other players reported that this 'solo operative' behavior he has is not a new occurrence. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? Yes. Garn was afk at the original time of the ahelp, and did not respond until the end of the round, when the player in question had afked.
  2. Yeah but humans shouldn't get to be as special as all the others. Did they go through a whitelist to get to play? No, they just got their language handed to them in a small loan of a less than million years of culture in this sci-fi setting. Also, as the primary species of the server, there is more reason for the xenos to learn their languages for better communication, and the station isn't even IN the sol system, so most crewmembers would have had to learn it anyway.
  3. Finished the PR. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6372
  4. Let's be honest, the way that you put them on the station is a little bland jackboot. They've got all this tech that they supposedly invented but almost none of it is usable because you said so, because you want to 'encourage them to interact with people'. That's all people do all day playing this game. Why create the rich back story and lore for this species if none of it almost none if it is going to be used so you can shove this conflict down their throat. Telling people all these cool things Aut'akh can do but that they don't get to do 'because I want them to be friendly and outgoing'. If you had started out by giving them access to the Mesh and something happened that took it away from them maybe the players would care more. But you're expecting people to role-play caring about something they've never had, and experienced no sense of loss for, just because you wrote down on a piece of paper that their character's supposed to want it. The lore and gameplay segregation gulf is too large. It's like saying that a character is addicted to heroin, but there's no heroin accessible on the station that they can strive for or struggle to obtain. They just kind of once in awhile say gosh I really wish I had some heroin then move on.
  5. The idea of 'gud coder points' is sort of interesting, but I feel like it would be kind of turnoff to fresh contributors. I don't want to necessarily drive people away by forcing them to eat their brussels sprouts before they can get their dessert, but I would like to try and encourage a mindset of taking a few minutes to to at least sift through code and see where instances of the thing you changed shows up, and consider whether you need to add stuff into those spots or revise them to avoid bugs. Like... making sure that your steak is fully cooked before you eat it. Food analogies. I think the problem that is causing so many bugs is that new people have a very myopic viewpoint on submitting PRs. They know a thing they want to change and they focus specifically on changing that thing, without investigating what and where said thing is used. This 'checklist' sort of behavior would also help people understand the structure of the code a little better even if they aren't trying to change it all at once.
  6. Literally in no part anywhere that I posted in this thread have I indicated that this object has anything to do with occult influences. In fact, the only time I even try to explain it I use the term 'bluespace' and 'boloneymancy' (which is a joking term more than an indication it has anything to do with magic). You do not have to understand how it works when it is using existing scifi logic of bluespace to telegib everyone on the station. And the fact of the matter is that blowing up the station is not a sustainable action in the code. You cannot cause an explosion that deletes the whole station without grinding the server to a halt. The only thing you will ever be able to do is just make everyone drop dead in a completely intact station. Additionally, as other people have pointed out in this thread, a nuclear weapon is not going to be as effective in space, especially positioned in a room at the top of the station where most of its energy will be vented upwards into space instead of down through multiple walls and floors in a whole lot of rock. The reason why people think a nuke is so deadly and strong is because we only have context for that in a modern setting. It's the most powerful weapon the average layman can imagine as a real thing. This is because most people do not know much about science. For instance, that the most powerful bomb currently imaginable by our understanding of science uses superradiant scattering, not nuclear fission. Not that I'm saying that this particular object needs to be grounded in science, I'm fully aware it's a piece of sci-fi nonsense that is mostly an excuse rather than a full explanation. And I think that you are putting too much thought into what captains are going to need to understand. All that really matters is that the captain's are aware that activating this device will kill everyone and everything on this station. That is the sum of the knowledge that captains need. They don't have to feel emotionally invested in the concept of the weapon as something that they understand. In fact it actually makes it a little more interesting if there's this mysterious superweapon right above their office that they were told will kill everything if they activate it, but they have no context for what it is or how it works. They can be scared of it as an unknown instead of just blandly thinking of it as a big bomb. The average baldie does not need to know there is a bomb on the station, or a superweapon. They are not even supposed to. Their ability to understand it is irrelevant. All they need to know is the captain is telling everyone he's very sorry for what he's about to do and that you're all going to die. And the difference between this and the Death Squad is it doesn't take a half hour or more to finish while they hunt everyone down so they can murderbone them, and we can move the fuck on with our lives. Definitely a step up in my opinion. We can either keep having an excuse mechanic (everyone drops dead on a non-exploded station) or get an excuse plot device that actually functions as described in on the server. I'd rather have the latter.
  7. I've noticed a few PRs over the last month where someone adds in a new feature without doing anything to tidy up consequences with their PR, such as completely screwing up balance without adding anything new, (Ala the late LordFowl PR about removing borgs and doing literally nothing else to compensate) and just recently had to do some cleanup after the pen-clicking PR caused all children of the pen object, such as chalk or crayons, to also click like pens. I also recently put through a PR that severely reduced the damage of spears and pikes, which were apparently flat out ported in without any consideration to what was actually written there potentially causing problems. If someone is going to contribute code we need to start encouraging them to have a better idea of what they are doing and the consequences of their code changes instead of just chuckling and pushing through the latest meme PR because it's funny unless someone points out the problems to them in the PR thread. It was only a couple of lines of code to fix the chalk clicking bug and the ridiculous damage of diamond/plasteel spears, but the problem could be a lot more difficult to fix the next time a poorly thought out PR change is put through because no one took the time to sit down and study the effects of it on the rest of the code or the game balance. It might even go unnoticed for months if it's something obscure and rarely used in-game. For instance, it took months after someone added in telegibbing before we discovered it was possible for ninjas to telegib people they have in a grab with proper positioning. There's still a bug report up about that, sitting there unfixed. Presumably because no one really knows how. And we still have situations on station where it's too dangerous to use some of the default teleport beacons on the map because they're too close to mapped in windows and objects that can telegib you completely out of your control. Important questions we should be having during a PR (and probably more): Does the object I modified to have new features have children in the code, and is this new feature appropriate for those children? Do I know what all the values of this item actually are, if it's pulling information from other parts of the code that aren't right in front of me? Have I considered what removing/adding this feature might do to gameplay balance or am I acting purely out of frustration for something that happened in a round? Do I actually know everything that is going to be affected by this change, or am I just assuming? It's great that we have an open source community where anyone can contribute, but we need to be a little more responsible about what we put forward.
  8. This is already a thing in the game, and it's incredibly lag heavy. It's so lag heavy that spawning it makes the game stop processing deleted objects because the processor can't keep up with it once it starts going. In other news relevant to this concept, behold! With the assistance of @SmallGreenAnt, we've come up with a design prototype for the new auth disk. No longer will it be a 1980's bright green floppy disk, but rather a mysterious NT branded dongle object of unknown purpose, with little code scrolls and warning symbols. What do you guys think?
  9. Then I choose to voice my opinion that I don't think any of these 'optional additions to the server' need to be added. I don't understand what you hope to accomplish by presenting these works then acting extremely snobby to any negative feedback here. I don't think you really understand what it means to sell something to people. You certainly aren't obligated to change your vision just because others don't agree with it, but when your response is to self-importantly tell people that 'you don't care what they think, your artistic vision is all that matters', you're not going to gain much support from them. Your art doesn't deserve a pedestal or a place on anyone's fridge just because you think you deserve it. You claim to not be trying to sell anyone this update, but by putting it out there as a reform to what we currently have, with phrases like I intend to remake every single uniform and a lot of the other clothing (jackets, hats, ect) in my own image, you are tacitly putting forward that you want people to accept your vision for the uniforms over others. You can't do that then act like you're above the opinions of the masses and will only listen to what you want to hear. So I have to say again that between the lower quality of the sprites and your unpleasant attitude, I don't want this work being associated with the server. I don't think you should change them. I think you should just stop, take a step back, and re-evaluate what you are doing here and how you are behaving. Yes, I'm only one voice, but you are picking fights with multiple other people at the same time, having to make multiple posts just to cover them all. If you think learning how to be diplomatic is entirely irrelevant when you are presenting work to people, then I do not think you are going to get very far in an artistic career, even outside of voluntary spriting for this server. You also make a lot of broad assumptions here that seem to be based on opinions that I don't share, like that the corporate uniform I enjoy is 'the symbol of shitsec', and that mining has 'the worst uniforms, but it doesn't matter because no one sees them'. I don't agree with either of these things. I think corporate uniforms look crisp and handsome, and I like looking good while I work as security, instead of like an ugly mall cop. Shitty roleplayers will exist regardless of what they wear, and you are placing an irrational amount of weight on something you don't like as a cause for behavior you don't like. Your desire for feedback on what you have created indicates that everyone would enjoy your work if you just modified it a bit, but you reject any modification suggestions that your extremely specific vision doesn't agree with, so what is really the point of even giving you feedback?
  10. I strongly disagree with this. If you're going to introduce something new it needs to be as good or better. Introducing something new that is worse is a bad step to take and it's just change for the sake of change. Most of what I've seen so far is not a step forward. Both in the blandness of the uniforms and the sulky defensiveness displayed by the OP. The old uniforms may not be the best looking things that we have, but they are well-drawn, a lot of them have shading and contrast to them. They feel like adequate simulations of a 3D object. Most of these sprites appear to be two dimensional. It's evident that the spriter here is not extremely skilled, but is doing the best they can. It's nice that they took the time to make the sprites, but effort put forward does not automatically make something worth adding in regardless of its own merits or lack thereof. I personally am strongly against streamlining appearance of characters to be only one certain way. The removal of uniform options it's a step down from what we currently have. There is also very little respect given to the thematic nature of colors in this game. It appears that the intention is to make uniforms look like generic sci-fi uniforms rather than space station 13 uniforms. On several occasions you have all but thrown away the color themes that make things distinctive, such as mining having purple, and security having black and blue. This is a good start, but I think you need to make some more polish to these uniforms and listen to feedback from players.
  11. It's not about the number of z-levels itself, per se. It's the amount of simulated terrain in the server's limited memory. A layer that is entirely space tiles (which are unsimulated terrain) is barely even there as far as memory usage. Aurora is already so large that they are pretty close to the memory cap. Adding new layers full of things without removing things from other layers is not really much of an option.
  12. Wait, they replaced the derelict with this? I thought it was just a new feature.
  13. Wow, is this what it's like from the outside when I post a snarky, passive aggressive comment because I don't like what someone said. My eyes have been opened. Moving aside from that, what do you want telescience to do to be more relevant? This new content was added with the intention of it only being able to read reached with a certain method. There doesn't need to be any connection between tele science and Away missions. So what would make it more relevant to you?
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