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  1. As far as I understand, the consular's position is intended to be outside normal crew and security hierarchies. They are an ambassador and their office is an embassy. While the two groups (security and the consular) can and do certainly interact with each other, they are not held to the same standards of contraband and regulations as the crew. Their weapon is issued for self defense and is explicitly intended to be lethal. The 9mm pistol, while theoretically capable of being loaded with nonlethal ammunition, is for all intents and purposes not actually going to be loaded with them unless someone is engaging in some self-nerfing for roleplay purposes. They certainly will not be going around shooting people with a gun unless antaggery is involved, and by that time, the fact that they start with a gun is a fairly minor detail compared to other issues of their permitted conduct. The same arguement of 'potential uses does not equal actual uses in most rounds' can be applies to an energy blade weapon. You are making much more ado over its ability to kill and cut down walls than really matters in actual gameplay. For the most part, a typical unathi consular is going to do little more than wear it and perhaps brandish it for the purposes of a show of power or skill during certain circumstances. Welders can also cut through walls, and are freely available to every crew member on the station, and many people on station can even procure the welding helmets necessary to avoid the only downside of welding through walls. If you think a competent security team will be significantly threatened by a single unathi with an energy blade and no real armor to back it up (because again, we're talking about base gear, not stuff you can acquire illegally), I'm not sure you've been paying attention to how powerful halloss weapons are for the last year or more.
  2. That isn't my experience. If someone is warned for say, power gaming, they receive that warning and things move forward from there. They don't receive a ban for a player report of power gaming that was done a week before they actually got their official warning. Because that doesn't make sense. It's like a conversation like this. "Stop that or you're banned." "Okay fine." "Actually just got a report you also did the same thing 3 weeks ago so I'm banning you." Not to mention that "posting behavior" is a lot more complicated than issuing negative points for every instance of bad behavior reported regardless of the time frame it occurred in. As an extreme example, is someone who enters the form and is rude to people in 7 different suggestion threads over the course of a week before any of the reports are acted on and gets 1-2 points per reported post really deserving of the permaban that they immediately get once action is taken against them and they get 10+ points over the course of a day or two? Perhaps after that week of coming in and being rude and being issued a single warning they would have behaved themselves. You are denying them the chance to improve in favor of exacting as much punishment as possible. You shouldn't be looking at it as "why should we have to wait" imo.
  3. We're moving towards making antag identification not be so easily metagamed, with the introduction of Survivor roles among other things. That page will just have to be updated, and people have to use their brains instead of going Unga Bunga energy blade equal antag.
  4. Right now we have an automated warning system on the forums wherein moderators issue warning points and people are given posting restrictions based on how many warning points you have, and they wear off over time. I would think, ideally, that the system is supposed to train people to improve their behavior. I'm one of those people who might be a little, uh, spicy at times. I've had player complaints against me in the past, and been a bit of a jerk at times. I'm working on it still. However, we don't really seem to have any guidelines of what things can be issued warnings and when. Currently, moderators respond to reported posts and issue warnings if they feel the post in question deserves one. They do not, however, seem to be under any obligation to check when the reported post was made, or whether they made a warning against the players conduct already at a date after which the reported post happened. This can result in situations where someone was issued a warning, was punished, and then is issued another warning after it wears off for something that happened weeks or months ago. Possibly after their behavior has actually improved, undermining the entire process of 'training people to improve' and instead makes it about finding as many ways and reasons to punish them as possible. So I propose a simple thing: No pre-dating warnings before an existing warning of a type. I.E., if you were warned about 'Abusive Behavior' for a post on 8/25, you can't be issued another warning for abusive behavior for something that happened on 7/15 but was only reported by someone on 8/27. However, if you return on 8/30 and go right back to being a jerk, that's fair game. It would also be good if someone who has never received warnings before only got warned for their most recent post of issue, instead of getting a warning for everything they've done up until then.
  5. Not with ghosting, because that removes the key from a mob. It would be impossible for me to test with SSD and disconnected clients, though, because I can only playtest single player servers (myself). I would presume not, though if it was the case there is not a whole lot I am aware of that I can do to prevent it. I would strongly hope that the primary benefit people get out of this change is not 'it's easier to murder people safely'.
  6. That's not how this works. The mob isn't 'changed' into anything. You don't drop anything because your original mob is shoved inside the temporary simple mob and restored once it wears off. The dropping all your items (including stuff like implants) mechanic was a gimmicky process from lowrp shit that didn't need to stay. Fun fact: During testing, since I was doing this all in a single player mapload, spiders would attack the body inside themselves because their AI made them maul the nearest mob. This shouldn't occur in actual gameplay though, because mob AI is suppressed when someone is in control of it. The buff to health was intended to make it so it's at least a moderate effort to kill a polymorphed character, instead of something you do in 2 the seconds while they're still disoriented by being turned into a corgi. It was never intended to prevent polykills. However, you do have it right in that this is intended more as a disable than a character dynamic change. I do plan to implement a druid version of the spell that can be upgraded to permanent until removed by wizard later, assuming this rolls over well.
  7. Do I need provide a sprite for on-head/in arms? I hadn't considered people wearing Wolf Mini or picking them up.
  8. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6899 -Polymorph spells are longer lasting, and when used on an individuals, they do NOT drop all their items, but rather they go away with their older body and are returned to them when they change back -Polymorphed individuals will have a lot more health than they used to, making it harder to murder-cheese them. 150 hp, in fact, less than a regular humanmob, but also much more than a regular mob of their type -Polymorphed victims will lose their old mind when polymorphed, becoming like the creature they have turned into. If this is a corgi or lizard, they will have to roleplay like one. It is now, however, possible for them to get a hostile form, such as a spider or slime, which means they may attack people. Including the wizard. They get their mind back when they return to their former shape. -Wizards can recast Polymorph on someone to change them back to normal early. -The Base duration of baleful polymorph for wizards is 60 seconds, and it cam be increased up to 180 seconds by using 4 extra spell slots on it, for a bonus 30 seconds each. -The wand of change works like baleful polymorph, but only lasts 40 seconds. You can rapidly cause chaos this way, but it is no way permanent, and even the wizard themselves can undo their own transformations with another staff shot. It also now has 4 shots max, removing the previous nerf put on it due to how horrible it was. -Polymorphed characters can rename themselves to not be so generic during their tenure as a critter. Technically, anyone nearby can, but it basically works the same way as pet dogs. Oh, I also removed the utterly garbage birdform spell from the code entirely. It was already removed from the spellbooks, no one uses it and it's really bad. All of this has been playtested. It is possible, with feedback, I could increase the duration of the spell, or something. If people think 1 minute base time is too short, or something.
  9. I still don't see what relevance that has onto the issue of removing security borgs. The primary reason why they are being removed just because they are too overpowering a force. That's not an issue with laws, it's an issue with design and the standards we have on the server.
  10. I admit I'm having some trouble parsing your long, meandering paragraph about laws. Forgive me for being a bit blunt, but you start with stating Asimov's laws as if they are part of the problem on this server that does not use them, and then stray into incoherent rambling about your feelings on HRP and how they apply to laws in a way I am having difficulty understanding. And at one point you mention a movie with no context I can see?
  11. We don't use Asimov lawsets on the server. The default lawset is a corporate lawset, and looks like this Safeguard: Protect your assigned space station from damage to the best of your abilities. Serve: Serve NanoTrasen personnel to the best of your abilities, with priority as according to their rank and role. Protect: Protect NanoTrasen personnel to the best of your abilities, with priority as according to their rank and role. Preserve: Do not allow unauthorized personnel to tamper with your equipment. Have you actually played a borg on this server yet? That being said, adding all these extra things that security borgs have to follow seems unnecessarily convoluted and I'd rather not.
  12. okay I reviewed the page but did not see anything new on the wiki. You asked me something about a stealth ship, which I didn't see evidenced anywhere on the wiki.
  13. Honestly I've mostly considered dominian unathi as part of human culture and haven't paid too much attention to them. Most of my interest is in Moghes, and I know very little about dominia other than it's a human nation but some unathi live there. I tend to have the standpoint that if I'm not trying to play a character involving a certain part of lore I don't research it very deeply, so I can experience it as an outsider ICly. And I have never made a dominian unathi. Not really sure how to answer that. What issues do you want me to address? I guess if I butt heads with someone we can address those issues when they come up. If someone wants to take things in an 'oppesiter' direction then at the end of the day I guess I'm only the deputy. I've pitched ideas I have for what I want to do, if they lore team doesn't want them, then don't hire me on.
  14. I'm not entirely sure it can be fixed anymore. The biggest problem I have with them is that their whole concept of race religion and culture is based on an electronically based augment hivemind, which they are always disconnected from when they are actually playing on the server, so it's more of a footnote than an actual part of the race for all intents and purposes. To compensate for this, they are apparently super friendly because they're lonely, but that in itself feels off and wrong to me. Nothing about them even feels distinctly 'unathi' anymore. They're part robot, when most unathi have strong anti-synth leanings, and they're all but cuddly, which conflicts with the serious and emotionally reserved flavor of the base race. They're not even really that into the mysticism feel anymore. I have heard someone call them rainbow friendbot lizards before, and that is about how they feel to me. There's also how illogical it feels to me that this small subculture of robonathi living in caves at the top of Moghes just sort of chills there in an eternal stalemate with the people trying to eradicate them. Why do they stay, when they are unwelcome, and how are they managing to defend themselves so well from a larger force? I think the biggest problem I have with the way unathi lore is being written is that it just seems to stagnate constantly at a status quo. Sometimes a new thing is introduced, but it doesn't change anything. Moghes is the same politically right now as it was a year ago, except now there are some weirdos practicing transunathism to the north. Unzi is still continuing to lead the Maraziites in inquisitional tyranny, Not'zar continues to sit around in his palace and talk to people or hold meetings, and Marlon's idea of an exciting lore event is someone putting Unzi on blast while he just sticks up his nose and ignores them before things return to the status quo. By contrast, when I write lore, I like it to change things. The only major event series I wrote involved introducing ancient Akhandi temples that were then destroyed before the whole order fucked off Moghes with a final message about how Unzi was literal cancer to their society. Where did that go, though? Nowhere. Unzi shrugged it off and everyone just sort of forgot about it except to name drop the burned temples once and a while. What would I change? I'd have things fracture more if I had my way. The Aut'akh would leave their homeworld and settle somewhere more difficult to be seiged, so they can develop some kind of culture identity that's separate from unathi, because they sure as fuck aren't unathi anymore for all intents and purposes, and have no businss on Moghes beyond cluttering up the narrative. Unzi would be ousted from his position as High Shitpope of Sk'akh because Not'zar got a backbone for fucking once and kicked him out of the Hegemony for being a giant asshole. Maybe tried to declare him a guwan or something, and this causes a religious schism where Unzi separates from the Hegemony and declares himself the true leader of Sk'akh faith and creates a Maraziite terrorist organization in opposition to the Hegemony. Some of the more pro-Unzi clans also defect from the Hegemony in protest and form a splinter nation that might support lizard Al-Qaeda in semi-secret. There isn't world war like on Cat Planet, but there are factions now beyond the Hegemony, mostly neutral and some of them secretly fund Unzi. They aren't openly hostile, but Not'zar has to split his attention to keeping an eye on them and can't just curb stomp Unzi with all his forces anymore. The Si'akh reacts to High Asspope's defection by pledging his support against lizard al-qaeda to the Hegemony in exchange for his people having real land to live on instead of wandering the wastelands like dirty lizard nomads, and a highly regimented and secular Si'akh nation forms, where Si'akh beliefs and culture is enforced and anyone may join if they wish to seek redemption for their sins. They are allied with the Hegemony in support of stopping Unzi, and their knowledge of the wastelands helps the Hegemony against Unzi, who is moving around there now. Not'zars dad fucking dies for real instead of sitting in a permanent sulk-coma and Not'zar becomes the actual Hegemon after some conflict, giving him real authority for once, and maybe he learns to take things more seriously. I'd progress the Akhandi's storyline somehow too. The terraforming of Moghes would begin happening, but they need a resource from a planet in their system that is being colonized by tajara, leading to a trade deal between the two races.
  15. Ckey/BYOND Username: Kaedwuff Why are you interested in Unathi?: They are the only race I regularly play on the server and enjoy playing. Bestrace 2019, lizard 4 lyfe. What do you think are the core themes about Unathi?: Strong social structure and honor-bound behavior, responsibility to your clan and people. Kind of a warrior race. Do you have any specific projects you want to do?: I'd like to expand on the Akhandi more, maybe poke a bit at the stagnant wastelands biome concept that most of Moghes occupies right now. Perhaps work with tajaran loredevs on an idea involving interactions. What do you like the least about Unathi and what would you want to change? [name at least 1]: I'm a super not huge fan of the way Unzi's behavior has been largely unchecked and he just remains as a constant asshole making moghes miserable for everyone outside of the maraziite order. I also don't like Aut'akh as a concept, much less how little of their actual racial concept is implemented in game. Would you want to become a full Unathi maintainer if you were asked in the future or remain a deputy? Maybe. One step at a time. Additional Comments: ssssss
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