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  1. Personally, I think it's kind of dumb that we stopped short in our simulation of life process simply due to squeamishness. There have been a couple attempts to introduce bodily waste processes the game but every time people just go "ew gross" or "this isn't necessary" and shut it down. I see the same mentality being presented here. I think it would be nice for vomit to be more than an object on the floor it has no connection to anything around it, and serves no other purpose than to be cleaned up. You should be able to step in it and make a mess, to examine it to determine loosely what someone was eating, take samples of it for forensic purposes, perhaps you determine what poison or virus was involved in making a person puke. We can put a lot more depth to vomit then we do.
  2. Look, I think if you put the work in for a significant content update like this, with new sprites and mechanics, it's worth at least a test merge to see if anyone likes it. But I just don't think this mechanic sounds very fun. While technically it is an improvement over current cult mechanics (click until horizontal join or die mechanics are horrid, in general), much in the way that I'd rather be punched in the face than stabbed in the gut, both options are distinctly unappealing in nature. Your idea involves almost entirely passive attacks upon other players, and while I can see that you have stars in your eyes about how much roleplay it will generate, as someone who added an update to changelings to help them not have to murder so much just to play the game, here's the facts: People are in the game to get all the cool stuff and win. They will find a path of least resistance and then relentlessly cheese whatever exploit (or god forbid, actual bug) they find in your new mechanic to gain the most entertainment and benefit for themselves, at the least risk to themselves. For instance, I guarantee you will find cultists who stand around brooding in crowded rooms, trying not to draw attention to themselves so they can spread as much corruption as possible before being caught. No matter how much you think players will use the new tools you give them to facilitate better gameplay, they will always disappoint you and find the path of least resistance to get what they want. I think you would therefore be better served creating a mechanic that encourages interaction between players actively, if you want more roleplay. If you want conversion over time that is less forced instantly on players, you will have to find a way to do that that engages both parties, rather than this, which just slowly fucking everyone up over time in the hopes that becoming insane will generate loads of the delicious roleplays out of their reactions to becoming insane.
  3. I agree with all of Aticius's points here, and also want to add my dislike for 0 conversion mechanics. This defies the basic principle of cults, to be unable to induct new members, never mind all the other issues.
  4. Same. I often get rolled into malf when I'm trying to play something else, and that's exciting. I would not like to be forced to play an AI if I don't want to just to be in the malf pool.
  5. I was planning to rewrite doggo code too once the PR finishes so that everyone uses the same namechange helper support proc which includes stuff like admin notices of name changes.
  6. Please hold off on this. I'm already implementing a name change helper in my https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7382 PR, and redundant code is not a great idea. I'd be happy to adapt the name change helper to station pets after the PR is merged.
  7. In all fairness, I have noticed that people tend to ignore the existence of vomit puddles. It's might be an incentive not to do that.
  8. The bubbling sound was removed from all food/drink related reagents specifically because it was so out of place and jarring. Why would pouring two non-reactive reagents together make a loud bubbling sound? It's dumb. However, I can see why an audio cue is helpful - it's just that no one bothered to port in a newer, more subtle sound to replace the bubbling noise, so it's just silent now.
  9. After some thought I would like to withdraw this application. However, I will still listen to feedback if anyone has it.
  10. I can't exactly argue with first half of point 1, think your arguments start to fall apart after that. Literally in the application I posted two PRs which were extensive, complicated feature reworks or new content that were not in response to a 'disagreement' with anyone. Certainly, I have room to improve, but 'your code is not good and you only code reactively' is overly harsh and feels a little out of touch. Have you actually taken a look at any of those those recent PRs I have up yet? I haven't seen any feedback from you on how to 'improve my code', so I'm not sure how you expect me to improve when you just huff and call my code bad without giving any specific feedback on how.
  11. Kaed

    Rainbow Footwraps

    https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7531 Allows picking colors for your xenowear footwraps. Just like this: What an exciting new world we live in, to allow hot pink foot wraps on your burly lizardman.
  12. Ckey/BYOND Username: Kaedwuff Discord Name: Menthe Position Being Applied For: Coder Past Experiences/Knowledge: I've been putting out PRs in the github for over a year, and gradually gaining experience in DM. Examples of Past Work: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7428 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7413 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7382 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pulls?q=is%3Apr+author%3AKaedwuff+is%3Aclosed (my list of older stuff, much of which was merged) Additional Comments: It sounded like you guys could use some help.
  13. Yes, we must undermine people's ability to capture individuals silently by allowing medical and savvy AIs to immediately see what is happening to them via suit sensors. Except no, that's the kind of regressive anti-antag mentality that insists antagonists must be punished for daring to be a bad guy in our utopian roleplay focused society. Before the liver update the crossbow was largely a pretty gimmicky item but at least it worked, albeit by telegraphing it strongly via toxins damage. (Though, admittedly, the last time I used it, we hadn't updated to vague terminology on the monitor and used to have numerical values shown.) Now, you hypothetically can kill someone through liver damage trying to crossbow them down repeatedly, which somewhat defeats the purpose of taking a hostage, if you kill slowly them in the capture attempt. However, it's also ranged and has multiple rechargable shots, so it having a downside like this is probably okay. As far as I'm concerned, spotting a parapen kidnapping happening on camera or in person should be enough for anyone, or we're undermining the very concept of 'stealth' by forcing kidnappings to show up on the health monitor.
  14. What if I implemented a cooldown timer between escaping cuffs? Something not huge, like 30-60 seconds, but large enough that you can't just spam escape attempts for all eternity instead of trying to roleplay. It would also probably deal a small amount of damage to them with each attempt, and when you get to a certain level of damage you have to wait for it to heal before continuing. And while I'm not as confident of this part, I think it would be a little more immersive if instead of moving the player or batonning them to interrupt their mechanical do_after() action (this is the term in code for effects that only happen after an interruptable timer completes its course), there could be an action taken on handcuffed people like 'check cuffs' that interrupts the handcuff breaking. I would also probably change the George Melons is attempting to break out of his handcuffs! message to only display for people 1-2 spaces away and to be something that's not in huge bold italic red text that catches the attention of everyone in the area, like "George melons begins shifting his arms around." Ideally, this would shift the culture away from clicking resist over and over and into officers just occasionally coming back to Check Cuffs if they haven't been keeping watch over the cuffed antagonist. If you left them alone too long or weren't watching close enough? That's YOUR fault. The antagonists will have to be more judicious with attempting to escape, because if they just use it every time it comes up, eventually they're going to fuck up their wrists enough that the pain will stop them from continuing for longer. We should never have to deal with situations where the officers are just so exhausted with the constant resist spam that they start disregarding it and then the perp escapes because they missed one message in the slurry of resist spams that all blended together into a haze of red text. My primary goals here are to reduce immersion shattering game-y behavior that exists with current cuffcode, such as: -It's weird to have to push someone around or beat them to the floor to stop them breaking handcuffs. I've literally seem officers who just walk in a circle dragging someone as if this is normal behavior, when we all know it's to cancel resist spam, a mechanical issue, not a roleplay one. -It's weird that there's no penalty to constantly resisting, both because breaking out of handcuffs is not a simple act, and because it leads to this culture of pressing resist instead of roleplaying, because you can. -I don't like that that breaking out of cuffs is so highly telegraphed, because it causes situations where people can actually interrupt interactions by filling up the text box with bold red letters even though they are 6 tiles away and no one is looking at them because they are discussing lunch. If you want to guard someone, actually stand guard over them during processing, don't rely on bold redtext to alert you from across the room.
  15. They are talking about that taking away options to silently capture someone will lead to more cases of people walking up and shooting people/holding people at gunpoint with no preamble. I can't say I entirely agree with that pessimistic view point of people's behavior, but I can understand their train of logic there.
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