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  1. Kaed

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    It's difficult to do this without fundamentally changing how IPCs work. They don't have a reason why they should feel pain. I don't think they need to be changed. I think regulations need to be changed so they are not so easy to abuse. They're already the strongest race in combat, they don't need to also be given as much authority and toys as they want in combat situations.
  2. Kaed

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    I explained the reasons in my original post why it is causing problems. IPC HoS's can 1v1 a changeling who has arm blades, for instance, because they are utterly immune to pain, and even if the ling kills them somehow, they can't impersonate them or gain their DNA, negating a large part of the entire purpose of the antagonist. There's more to making decisions about who should be allowed where than IC political stuff, gameplay progression matters. Also, talking of lore stuff - it's still utterly inexplicable to me why someone who is not a person in canon, and is treated as property can order around people in departments who, legally speaking, are more qualified than them to lead on account of being people. You jumped the gun straight from 'nonperson who is only useful for serving people' to 'can order people around now lol because they helped out in some event'. You can break your robot head of staff and not be charged with murder now, and you just kind of gloss over that, stubbornly citing that it was the result of a contest, like it's some sacred compact effective into eternity no matter how little sense it makes. Where is the conflict here? You have given these robots authority without giving anything backing it. They don't even need to get an approval from a real head of staff like certain vaurca do, it was just crammed down the throats of everyone who doesn't play IPC and we're expected to just accept it in canon despite the inherent issues. And now it's just a stagnant decision, old news, that you're refusing to consider changing because it's some kind of 'hallmark' of the server? You know what would actually cause conflict? Giving robots a reason to protest their rights being taken away. There is really nothing oppressing robots right now other than some tagging thing that I don't think I've seen anyone care about for months. They had their fun in the sun, time for something to happen that makes things get shittier for them. That's how stuff is supposed to work in arc-based storytelling, people don't just get to live happily ever after forever because some of them did a good once.
  3. Kaed

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    It was a bad landmark moment, Jackboot, and it's causing issues. You can easily create some new lore reason for it, especially since the 'reason' for it was largely an arbitrary OOC contest.
  4. There was a time when IPCs couldn't be any kind of head, and by IC legal standards, heads aren't even really people, they are station property. There was apparently some kind of antag event or whatever over a year ago that changed that (way too fast, I might add, they just let IPCs be anything they wanted but captain overnight), but it's been long enough that we can reasonably change things again. Policies change, rewards eventually expire. Personally, I'd like them to go back to being 'no robot heads', but realistically, the only robot heads that are an actual problem in any sense are robot HoS. The head of security is an extremely important part of any antagonist round, well equipped and possessing great command authority... and yet for a great deal of different antagonists - cultists, changelings, vampires most wizards - they are all but immune to most of their abilities. You can't viably subvert them, they're almost impossible to kill without dying first unless you have exactly the right equipment or tools, and most robot HoS's I see do not play as particularly reasonable individuals that you can negotiate with. I'm sure that there are reasonable ones, but it's still playing the most combat oriented head of staff in what is basically the powergame race. I'd really super like it if we cut back on that and pulled that privilege, because I feel it is being abused and was never really good for the game in the first place.
  5. Kaed

    LOOC White/Blacklists

    I would strongly prefer an ability to mute ghosts/observers to taking away their ability to LOOC. I do not wish to punish an entire group, just give people an option to not have to listen to them.
  6. Kaed

    LOOC White/Blacklists

    Shouldn't have to rely on the staff team for everything. This is just a simple quality of life feature, not a request to punish people for talking in looc
  7. It would be kind of nice if players had a little more control over looc chatter, because sometimes it's important to convey some LOOC information to someone you're actually roleplaying with, but if you leave it on, you also have to listen to whatever chatter is going on between some ghost and a player or whatever. Or you have OOC peole heckling you about your roleplay constantly, or being salty at you because you killed them and you're an antag. Maybe being able to turn off LOOC selectively somehow would be nice? Possibly just from ghosts/nonplayers/corpses
  8. Kaed

    Removing Food Tags

    In an attempt to compromise, I have returned the food tagging feature, but it now only indicates that the renamed is a personal recipe, rather than magically conveying knowledge of what the original item is called. Also, I used to boolean variables to make produce and ice cream cones stop having the tag entirely.
  9. Kaed

    Removing Food Tags

    No, I am removing specifically the bit that, after you rename your sandwich "Lil' Miss Sloppy" says "You recognize this as Sandwich, but a little piece of paper propped up on it indicates it's a Lil' Miss Sloppy."
  10. Kaed

    Removing Food Tags

    https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/5751 A semi-recent feature implemented a function that caused food items whose name was not standard to have an extra description that indicates what you recognize the food item as normally. This somewhat took trust and creative liberty away from the player in addition to causing the unintended side effect of causing procedurally generated items like vegetables and ice cream cones from the cart to all have a tag informing you that you recognize them as 'fruit' or 'ice cream cone' but a tag on them indicates they are are a 'cabbage' or 'cherry ice cream cone'. I made a PR removing this feature to fix both issues. There has been some push back that this is a necessary feature in the kitchen, so I will present my defense on removing it here: The onus of responsibility for clearly conveying what food item you have made through the ability to modify it's description and name should be on the player, not on the code. If you start naming all your hot dogs 'nazi cocks' which simply read 'smells like facism' when you look at them, then you are abusing the feature and that is an issue that needs to be handled by the staff team and an ahelp. Used properly, this feature does not need a little tag telling you that, say, the chili dogs you put out on the counter are in fact hot dogs, when it is within your power to explain that it is a hot dog with chili on top via the mechanics now available. Additionally, there are a number of food items in the game whose name is either exotic, memey, or otherise not helpful for describing what they are (without metagame) for the general public, like 'Bibimbap', 'Roffle Waffles', 'Soylent Green/Viridian' 'Spacy Liberty Duff' 'Spesslaw', and 'Borscht'. Being told you recognize this plate of 'Beef Stroganoff" as 'Spesslaw' does not particularly assist the player in comprehension of what they are eating more than a good description would. The feature is not intended to be used to deceive or troll people, we don't need a feature to protect us from it when it's being used properly, that's why we have administrative oversight.
  11. >Engaging combat system My sides. This is literally the most unpleasant and unfulfilling combat system I've ever had in a video game. It's terrible. The only thing I could say I like about this is I'll have to expend less effort in knocking someone down now because I can ram into them instead of frantically trying to click on them. And that makes my life marginally easier when I am forced to use this awful combat system.
  12. I'm sorry, but panicking sounds like a problem with the players. If there is a psychotic AI trying to kill everyone or a death cult kidnapping people, then the crew at large should damn well know the problems that threaten their lives. Trying to block out the crew at large just in case someone panics and acts like an idiot is the wrong way to do this.
  13. Guys, what the heck are you talking about. We don't use top down, the vending machines are basically viewed directly from the front. And characters in the game are always viewed at eye level, despite making it look like they're parallel to the floor half the time. This is a sprite based game with inconsistent vision angles between objects and scenery, so it's a bit rich to complain that the perspective of these vending machines (who already can be viewed from almost the same angle as the current vending machines) is 'distracting'. I think they're fine, largely speaking, as vending machines, though some of them aren't too different from the in-game ones, like that Tool dispenser.
  14. Since he was an antagonist, he was within his rights to shoot anyone he wanted, so yeah. This complaint was made on the assumption I was the only antag involved.
  15. Most of them are not going to be shitty or OP, it's just going to be one of the spells from the other books. It's just a way to get spells outside of your spellbook, with some gambling and risk involved. Wizard gambling. Like how the traitor uplink has a 'get random' button.