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  1. I'm a member of the midnight crew would be great though I'm not sure if it's under Creative Commons...
  2. I don't really like the idea. IPCs don't really have the emotional capacity to create a particularly interesting brain slug scenario imo. This is a scenario where there is an invader in your *brain*, one of the most intimate violations of self. Even in our canon they mostly emulate emotions rather than feel them, so how exactly are they supposed to respond to their simulated brainspace being modified? Start glitching? Lament that their primary purpose is being subverted? Not to mention the cringy nature of unexplained sentient machine parasites in a setting where AI and positronics simply aren't capable of that. I don't really believe in trying to hamfistedly make antags as inclusionary as possible. This probably isn't news to anyone that saw how hard I fought against cultist IPCs back when that was a thing. People playing races that are non-standard, like diona and synthetics, aren't going to have the same opportunities as the species who are sharing the same biological aspects, like being a bipedal organic creature with blood, DNA, and a central nervous system. They can still be included in antagonist activities, without being bloodsucked or brain slugged. There are a world of possibilities of both antag cooperation and robot/diona heroism to explore that have their own unique properties without making them have the same experience as all the other races in every borer or vampire round. If you want to play a borer round and get brain slugged, then play one of the majority of races that can support one instead of trying to get us to change the entire thematic to something awkward to support more inclusion. I wouldn't even be opposed to a round type that featured diona or IPC antag exclusivity, except for the problem where hardly anyone fucking plays them and therefore it would hardly ever work.
  3. The idea of wigs seems kinda fun, tbh.
  4. There are certain hair styles that either are or were in the game that are pretty out there, like the infamous floor-length braid and most recently 'bedhead 5', which are totally silly in their massiveness, and as a result they are deemed 'unfit for the server' and removed from the code. This make sense when hairstyles are universal to race and people can come to work with hair so long they'd be tripping over it or be unable to walk easily through doors, or otherwise just not be practical for the workplace. But they're still fun. And it would be nice if these hairstyles could still be used in certain scenarios, like off-station antagonists such as wizards, raiders, and ninjas, who don't have to give a fuck about workplace safety. Rather than consigning them to the 'bad meme' bin and deleting them, we put these silly hairstyles aside for use on non-crew characters only.
  5. I think ninja should have to buy the explosive failsafe, a bomb that powerful shouldn't just be built into the suits. And the failsafe should also trigger only manually, not upon death, or at least only have a chance to activate on death. Maybe we could also revised it so that it doesn't tear a hole in the ship but just kills or hurtse everyone nearby?
  6. Someone bin this, it's resolved via separate thread.
  7. I'll do this tomorrow or something, I'm going to bed now though.
  8. I made this very suggestion months ago, and skull said that he implemented the feature because people missed messages in the chat box. I told him that people were having the exact same problem that you did, where they accidentally closed the Dominate window and aren't able to read the command. As I remember, it was suggested and agreed that it be put in both the text box and the pop-up window, and then skull never did it. So I did it: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7885
  9. It's a pretty minor quality touch up, but I don't see a reason why we can't put it in.
  10. Personally I'd like to see all of them removed, they are dumb meme.
  11. That's a reasonable point, but I'm pretty sure I communicated my intent on multiple occasions very clearly. The head of security just chose to ignore what I was saying and assume I had malicious intent. It's one thing to role-play a deeply suspicious and mistrustful character, it's another to be the person who should literally know more about regulations and chain of command than anyone else on the station, and disregard them entirely for a self-indulgent anti-authoritarian subplot. The authority of the captain and Regulatory procedure is meaningless if people can choose to disregard it for convenience or because they don't like the Captain's play style, in-character or out of character. Most of the crew are generally free to act seditiously and face consequences for it, but it is especially infuriating to me when the head of security in particular is acting seditious. They are absolutely the one role on the station other than the captain who should be supporting the chain of command and proper procedure under any circumstances. It should not have mattered if I poorly communicated my intent, they should not have been leaping to the conclusion that a captain was self antagging without compelling evidence and acting as a self-appointed opposing force to this theoretical corruption. This could have been handled in a much more logical way, such as having an officer monitor my activities over a camera, or making an attempt to ask more about what I'm going to do, like MattAtlas said. Instead, Bear focused on things that bothered them about my conduct on a OOC level, such as the facetious manner of speaking to the prisoner I had, or their wounded pride that I would dare intrude on security has jurisdiction even in the slightest fashion when their internal narrative says that that's not what captains are supposed to do, and use that as justification for why they didn't have to take my captain seriously. Why I was probably going to let the prisoner free if they got out of their vision range. These aren't spurious accusations made up out of nowhere, these are both things that Bear has literally used to justify their stance in that round in this complaints thread. I could keep ranting on about this, but constantly editing in more comments as they come to me is getting old. The point I'm trying to make is that this complaint thread was about my poor command conduct, and you just found that the worst thing I did was not communicate well. I didn't repeatedly defy the chain of command, refuse orders, and incite the Security Department to defy the captain all the way up to the literal end of the round. Bear did that. I sincerely hope did the staff will discuss with them about proper conduct.
  12. The way that we repair holes in the floor involve stacking specific layers of objects on top of each other. Like so: Frame > tile > tile It's logically impossible to place these stacks backwards from the top, so barring prefabricated floor tile stacks that you weld together from below, this would be impossible. Mind you the idea of not having to step by step construct floors and just have stacks of instant floor that you can weld together would be pretty cool. Or maybe some kind of "smart tile" science creation from research and development... You don't even have to weld that, you just place it down for instant flooring and it fuses to nearby floor...
  13. This thread has reached a level of derisive back and forth exchange that is admittedly partially my fault for letting the statements of others irritate me so I deviated the conversation topic into stupid shit like social coding to try and defend my point, egged on by marlon's agreement. My bad. It also has made me desire to nope out of this threads current levels of toxicity, though. Point being, it is bloaty. There are too many brands of tobacco and tobacco, and they are too redundant for the sake of it. Cut them down, remove chewing tobacco. I'm done here, do whatever you want with this suggestion, bye.
  14. Then remove the joke and reference brands and make the in-game tobacco based on in lore companies and organizations. We shouldn't have not-camel and Lucky Strike in the game. If you really want to establish the point that this is entirely in game and not advertising/supporting real tobacco you need to disconnect it from real life branding. It's also worth noting that the alcohol and drugs in the game house specific downsides to them for overindulgence or are played for laughs. Alcohol can kill you if you consume too much of it and makes you slur your words and get fired at work, and mindbreaker makes the game intolerable to play. Someone once introduced mechanics that made it penalize you for smoking too much, but it got panned for being a frustrating and unfun mechanic that required you to go take surgery. As a result the precedent you have set here is that it's fun to smoke cigarettes and there are no downsides to it because that would inhibit our fun smoking cigarettes. No one coughs by smoking or causes nearby people who aren't smokers to experience discomfort, it's just a talking point and an animated sprite. No social stigma for smoking in an enclosed area unless there is a nearby no smoking sign to point at. This is offensive social coding to me, and clearly also to Jackboot, so we're not some kind of isolated liberal maniacs trying to ruin everyone's fun here. We'd just like you to tone it down, not remove all tobacco from the game.
  15. No it's not, the object in question is labeled as low-grade tobacco, and contains the tobacco substance. Make it dried s'rebdarr's hand if you want to make that claim. When it was just one generic brand of cigarettes, the purpose of it's existence was to give you an object to put on your character's face. It served its purpose perfectly fine, and was largely under the radar do to cigarettes being a cultural icon anyway. With this expansion of tobacco products you have shown a spotlight on the tobacco industry as a concept, even creating lore about as a competitive, exploitive industry, adding the context of all of these cool new brands you can use and have your character espouse benefits of, while including none of the controversy and problems for long-term tobacco use due to it being just a roleplay/game mechanic in this scenario. As PoZe I said, there are people that play this game that are not adults, and the presence of implicitly positive display of tobacco products in a visual medium attended by non adults is a controversial subject. Were our server to be rated by the ESRB, we would have just jumped up the maturity ratings with this additional content. And sure you can mock this as pearl clutching if you want to, but you still have to take a moment to consider the greater implications of legitimizing an irl industry which has documented history of causing a great amount of suffering and death in your video game.
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