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  1. I know very little about brainmed, but I think it's funny that we've gone from ballistics being objectively stronger than lasers to being joke compared to deadly lasers.
  2. This thread has been dead for months and I have no interest in pursuing it anymore, can someone kill it please before it gets necroposted again.
  3. The specific issue here is that shoving yourself into cryo before you ghost is considered a specific exception to the behavior, because you're basically removing yourself from the round rather than just quitting and letting your body lie there - staff members will just kind of shrug and put their hands up saying 'well I can't force them to play'. I can recall several times where I thralled or converted a certain popular CMO character, who then immediately made a beeline for cryo, citing that he didn't feel that it was done to his satisfaction.
  4. Honestly I can't see much of a problem with that. Skill in combat is absolutely a role-playing situation, so as long as you're making an effort to create a story where you fail and die instead of immediately murdering yourself or running to cryo I don't have an issue.
  5. Suicide isn't always a viable option, especially if you're in a position where your character is being supernaturally or through ... Brain slug chemistry nonsense... Forced to do something that isn't committing suicide. Which means either we commit to telling people to suck it up and roll with it, or no one has to commit anything and can cryo the moment they don't like it.
  6. Absolutely. Please do enforce that on both ends. I would joyfully support antags not being allowed to cryo the moment they're captured, including myself, if non antagonist were also held to the same standard of not instantly noping out of the game because an antag got them. Did you think you were going to embarrass me with an accusation of hypocrisy? You've just finally managed to grasp my frustration with the one-sided standard of non antag entitlements. If everyone is expected to play by the same rules I have no problem following them. But if people can't be arsed to stay in the round after I thrall or convert them (or they get brain slugged), I and everybody else have absolutely no incentive to not cryo as soon as we're captured by security. (For the record though I've done that exactly twice and that was months ago, and they were largely the result of particularly frustrating rounds where I spent the entire time constantly fleeing security unable to do anything. So this doesn't even qualify as a habitual thing.)
  7. I've just read through three pages about skull and Garn repeating the same points about how people playing on this server need to suck it up and stop being self-entitled to free ignore the antag cards. Honestly I absolutely agree with both of them, and this is a long-standing frustration I've had with this server community. I don't know where this mentality that for 'heavy roleplay' to exist you have to be allowed to do what you want with your character and everyone else can go fuck themself if there an antag trying to mess with that pure and sacred freedom, but it is the most toxic and obnoxious mentality that could ever have developed on the server where we regularly have rounds with secret bad guys that can influence and control your actions. For a long time I actually thought that this problem developed because the staff and development team was unable to commit to a hard-line stance on the division between extended only players and people who want antagonists, and as a result the people who complain the loudest (i.e. the sort of people who originally made this thread) generally get what they want, well those of us who like being or interacting with a round and character controlling antagonist just get to eat shit and deal with the compromises made for the vocal anti-antag populace. So I just want to express my joy and happiness that garn skull aren't budging on this matter, beyond maybe suggesting some round start preferences towards antag enabled sorts. Truly you are doing God's work here, and if this keeps up maybe we can eventually train this server population to accept that bad things can happen to their character and then they need to roll with it instead of rage quitting. I also wanted to post this here because I don't think there's enough people that are espousing a different viewpoint, that is perfectly fine to be forcibly antagged at round start by a surprise brain slug instead of sitting down for 2 hours of riveting chair roleplay, and honestly might even be more exciting. Sure, maybe they'll be a terrible idiot who doesn't know what they're doing and ruined your round. But they could also be a very interesting person and you could both have fun time with them being your resident brain slug. You owe them the chance to prove their own competency or incompetency instead of being an elitist jerk who just shut down their round because you can't trust strangers being pressed upon you in a position of power, or somehow think that somehow think thatthat you're too good and important to have a brain slug without giving your express permission first.
  8. I can't believe we're having a thread where we're arguing about whether the complaint terminology used on the forum is too harsh or mean. We don't need to be splitting complaints off into several other forms just to avoid maybe making someone feel a little bit bad because there was a word complaint attached to a thread with their name. Player complaints and staff complaints both serve perfectly reasonable purposes, though I admit it seems a little weird that the ban and unban requests have their own Forum but whatever.
  9. Kaed

    Remove Cargonia

    I think this thread has a good intent behind it, but I wished to express my feelings that it is all but completely impossible to train these behaviors out of the player base. You can take steps to mitigate the problem, and you've offered some good suggestions for that. But at the end of the day our server mentality add the development team refuses to mechanically enforce behaviors, and prefers to trust everyone to behave themselves and not power game or form militias. That's not going to work. It's never going to work. Claiming that people need to report this behavior more doesn't work either. Reactive administration does not accomplish anything except to correct the behaviors of players who have been on the server for a long time. Aside from the fact that we consistently get new players from other servers, our staff is varied in their approach. Some of them are more relaxed than others, and one of them might think it's okay for a cargo tech to arm up during a crisis, while another would try to enforce realism on your cargo worker that he would know how to use weapons. We've also added a lot of content to the game that makes forming a militia extremely easy, such as adding medieval weapons (something I extremely hate that alberyk added to the game) and makeshift armor that can easily be created from any stack of metal and wood and wire, without any compensating mechanics that make it harder for any person anywhere to make these. People will continue to abuse these easy mechanics as much as they are abusing kinetic accelerators right now, unless we add more inherit skill sets and complexity to the game than just telling people to moderate themselves unless reported. All of these OP suggestions are patches on a greater problem that we need to fix. We shouldn't have to treat the concept of "High roleplay" as "inhibiting mechanics are bad and everyone should role play their own skills freely", because people playing a game don't want to limit themselves if they don't have to. You can't trust people not to make sure they have the most chance to win. It's a basic part of human nature that we don't like to lose. Staff members shouldn't have to go around babysitting people in cargo and everyone else and telling them that they can't build a spear and armor the moment danger rears its head. They should just be unable to do it unless they have a valid reason to know how to do that.
  10. I'm a member of the midnight crew would be great though I'm not sure if it's under Creative Commons...
  11. I don't really like the idea. IPCs don't really have the emotional capacity to create a particularly interesting brain slug scenario imo. This is a scenario where there is an invader in your *brain*, one of the most intimate violations of self. Even in our canon they mostly emulate emotions rather than feel them, so how exactly are they supposed to respond to their simulated brainspace being modified? Start glitching? Lament that their primary purpose is being subverted? Not to mention the cringy nature of unexplained sentient machine parasites in a setting where AI and positronics simply aren't capable of that. I don't really believe in trying to hamfistedly make antags as inclusionary as possible. This probably isn't news to anyone that saw how hard I fought against cultist IPCs back when that was a thing. People playing races that are non-standard, like diona and synthetics, aren't going to have the same opportunities as the species who are sharing the same biological aspects, like being a bipedal organic creature with blood, DNA, and a central nervous system. They can still be included in antagonist activities, without being bloodsucked or brain slugged. There are a world of possibilities of both antag cooperation and robot/diona heroism to explore that have their own unique properties without making them have the same experience as all the other races in every borer or vampire round. If you want to play a borer round and get brain slugged, then play one of the majority of races that can support one instead of trying to get us to change the entire thematic to something awkward to support more inclusion. I wouldn't even be opposed to a round type that featured diona or IPC antag exclusivity, except for the problem where hardly anyone fucking plays them and therefore it would hardly ever work.
  12. The idea of wigs seems kinda fun, tbh.
  13. There are certain hair styles that either are or were in the game that are pretty out there, like the infamous floor-length braid and most recently 'bedhead 5', which are totally silly in their massiveness, and as a result they are deemed 'unfit for the server' and removed from the code. This make sense when hairstyles are universal to race and people can come to work with hair so long they'd be tripping over it or be unable to walk easily through doors, or otherwise just not be practical for the workplace. But they're still fun. And it would be nice if these hairstyles could still be used in certain scenarios, like off-station antagonists such as wizards, raiders, and ninjas, who don't have to give a fuck about workplace safety. Rather than consigning them to the 'bad meme' bin and deleting them, we put these silly hairstyles aside for use on non-crew characters only.
  14. I think ninja should have to buy the explosive failsafe, a bomb that powerful shouldn't just be built into the suits. And the failsafe should also trigger only manually, not upon death, or at least only have a chance to activate on death. Maybe we could also revised it so that it doesn't tear a hole in the ship but just kills or hurtse everyone nearby?
  15. Someone bin this, it's resolved via separate thread.
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