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Ideas for the bar/kitchen.


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Ive seen other stations do this, and I like the idea, what if instead of having the bar and kitchen just where people make food or drinks and put them out for the vult- I mean co-workers, we add make it so people order stuff, and assistants/waiters give the orders to the chef and bartender, and then have them bring it to people.

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The question is, would anyone enjoy playing this job? We already have enough trouble getting people to play chef (because few people care about eating food, thus there's no chef, thus people care even less - it's a vicious circle), would adding a job whose dependency relies entirely on two playergroups being present (a chef being interested in making food, and a reasonable amount of people being interested in eating it) really make for an enjoyable experience?

I'll add that assistants can already perform this job, if they so wish. The black closet in the lockers has formalwear, and they'll be able to request waistcoats from the bartender (and chef, I think?), should they wish to dress up and become waiters/waitresses. The functionality is already there, I don't think there's much of a purpose adding a job title just for it.

Though, again, this might actually make players who hadn't considered the role interested in it? Much in the way librarians can also be journalists, adding a few extra roles/titles to assistants could prove interesting. What else would they be besides waiting staff, though?

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