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  1. I sexually identify as a futa.
  2. I don't understand why it has been removed, and it should never have been removed in the first place.
  3. Shshshshshh. Don't let the people know. Slips a twenty since the player awards administration is corrupt can i use this twenty to buy a player award
  4. As much as I understand the point of "jokes" (I am actually oftentimes told I have a good sense of humor), I think there are times to jokes and times not to joke. Today is not one of those times. There are things to joke about, and things not to joke about. Rape; abortion; murder and racism. And then, there are also serious topics which should be respected and taken with respect. Large scale jokes can be disorienting and take aback certain users. In some extreme (but very real) cases, certain individuals can go in a state of panic when confronted with unexpected stimuli or unfamiliar environments. Changes to a website's layout or advertised purpose, for example, can cause people to dissociate or be met with heavy discomfort. Is the pain we cause really worth a small amount of amusement which we could easily procure through other means? Of course, I'm all for free speech, and rather than "remove" or "censor", I suggest we adapt, much like modern society has adapted customs and holidays to better fit the needs of the 21st century. Some sort of indicative marker, or "tag". could be appended to humorous posts (or perhaps some form of punctuation?) to help indicate them more clearly, while both avoiding confusion and leaving people with the freedom to joke around as they please. I believe this concept is not unfamiliar to this community's administrative staff, as I have previously been requested by them to indicate or signal my own jokes in some way, which I have thusly begun doing. I would prefer to see this as a transition period.
  5. Let us cut to the chase, gents; I get that this thread might be ill-timed, but I believe I am fully serious when I say that the Secret gamemode is absolutely and crucially detrimental to the health of the server. Since I was but a young child (I'm actually fifteen now), I always wondered why people got so outraged at the Secret gamemode. More than one-a-day, I oftentimes saw people arguing, fighting, angrily yelling at each other over the hypothetical and supposed designated purpose of this particular (and peculiar) mode of play. And today, after much deliberation and wonder, I propose this singular and particular suggestion to finally solve the perplexing conundrum that has plagued this community since times immemorial: instead of removing Extended from Secret, why not remove Secret from Extended? The matter is simple, and the facts speak true. Servers that have removed Secret and switched to an Extended-only rotation (Hypatia, Yogstation) report a marked 35% decrease in player hostility, and an impressive reduction of up to 60% in banrates. Secret has for long been a breeding ground for disputes and battles, and rather than follow in the muddy and inept footsteps of our treacherous forefathers, I propose we solve this conflict in the true and tried American way: by getting rid of something we don't like. It is clear that the Secret gamemode is not a gamemode any one individual might enjoy; its dismerits are consistently decried, while praise of it remains unspoken. Thusly, it is safe to conclude that it remains unneeded and superfluous, and should be slated for removal without delay, and as soon as possible. To the community, I say: let antags be antags, and roleplayers be roleplayers.
  6. Frances

    Bad joke

    I would also like to report that a terrorist bombed my house, because I just released my new mixtape.
  7. I demand the votes be recount. I voted for myself and don't see my name being mentioned once in any of the categories.
  8. I am in support of this idea, mostly because it means we would be getting a new station.
  9. there is nothing that excites me more than the promise of unexpected chair roleplay
  10. Maybe if we relaxed the rule on ganking and loaded all the food with hyperzine and tricord it would turn the station into a hunger games environment and then the cooks would feel truly appreciated. hunger games, get it
  11. It's people like you who are killing Aurora.
  12. Can I kindly request we stop with those? It's getting more than a bit annoying. When I logged on the forums today, seeing the General board, I was utterly convinced nearly a third of our beloved staff were actually taking their leave from our (equally beloved) server. Needless to say this caused quite a bit of confusion. I finally managed to figure out the true state of the situation with the help of a few other individuals, but I think I'm not alone in speaking when I say this is the kind of thing we do not need here. Coming on here, all I wanted to do was roleplay, and instead I had to deal with this. At the very least, if people are insistent on keeping these April "jokes" here, could they be marked with some sort of indicative tag, so as to avoid further confusion? I trust I'm not alone here, and my opinion is shared by many others.
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