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Incident report - Hans Mornkes

Guest Bokaza

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Reporting Personnel: Elena Raschnikova

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Internal Affairs Agent

Personnel Involved: Hans Mornkes, Syrus Seto, Imrar Brar, Pheobe Essel, Charlie Dove

Time of Incident: 24JAN2457

Location of Incident: Bar, public comms, Escape

Nature of Incident: [x]Harassment

Overview of the Incident: During the shift, crew was largely misusing comms during blue alert and despite an order to clear comms. Hans Mornkes was especially vocal and thus was brought in for misuse of comms. After the first sentence, he started insulting female crew. He named me 'Bolshevik cunt' in person (Bar) and insulted Pheobe Essel over public comms, as well as Charlie Dove. Afterward, I made a injunction on usage of public comms stating that he cannot use comms for anything not work-related. Syrus Seto signed and stamped the document while I notified Mornkas that an injunction has been put in place (It would be maybe relevant to note that the document wasn't shown to him in person, but he was notified nonetheless). He was brought in the second time under the Violation of Injunction rule along with some other regulations. Skipping that, while at escape waiting for the crew transfer shuttle, he called Charlie Dove an 'Inbred'. Charlie Dove asked him to repeat it in her face, which he did. She punched him and he started to complain over the comms (claiming favoritism), as security was either too busy or too tired to deal with the situation. As a final act, he called Dove an 'Imbred' again, but this time over comms, which prompted Imrar Brar to arrest him and punch him multiple times in the process.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: Syrus Seto, Head of Security

Additional notes:

  • Imrar Brar needs to take anger management courses.
  • Charlie Dove's actions haven't been dealt with properly yet.
  • The shift was especially troublesome for security due to massive amouts of misbehavior and other more serious reports, thus, security being mortal as it is, wasn't able to handle them all properly.

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