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  1. CCIA Staff Application Basic Information Byond key: Serveris6 Character names: Sylos Lir'Dev, Za'Akaix'Naix Zo'ra, Ka'Viax'Kau'Zo'ra, Ka'Viax'Tyx'Zo'ra, Eris Reed, Avery Bell, Jesse Farseer, Talin Ta'kim, Aiken Vylokyv, Raphail Protosko Age: 28 Timezone: Eastern Standard Time What times are you most available?: 1830-2200. Work and sleep schedule varies depending on time zone and scheduling at the time. Experience How long have you played SS13?: About ten years give or take two. I've started to lose count. First got into the game around 2010 with a few br
  2. Reporting Personnel: Sylos Lir'Dev Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Warden Game ID: b9w-cMk2 Personnel Involved: - Esprit, Security Officer, Arresting Officer - Micheal Kerensky, Detective, Offender - Sam Orleens, Quartermaster, Victim Secondary Witnesses: - Akita Diya, Security Officer, Assisting Officer - Dr. April Esker, Research Director, Scene Witness -Andres Belbase, Captain, Command personnel involved in sentencing -Bigby Farkas, Security Officer, Assisting Officer Time of Incident: Approximately 01:20 Real Time: 1600EST
  3. Through the best week of playing with Soul, I can say with with confidence over numerous rounds they have a firm understanding of advanced game mechanics and are able to prioritize and assess the flow of rounds accurately and quickly regardless of how chaotic the game mode or circumstances are. Furthermore, I believe they possess good character writing and roleplay skills. I believe that Soul is a good fit for command roles and without them, deadhour would be missing out on some solid decision making and character building. I endorse this application. +1
  4. Adding functionality to the tactical helmet or HUD wouldn't be very difficult. And making it exclusive to tactical gear would seriously limit abuse, given a HoS/Captain can't really justify having security running down in full SWAT gear in anything except an extreme threat to the station.
  5. Very well. Approving appeal. Unbanning immediately. Should take effect the current round if not, next reboot. Locking and archiving.
  6. Alright. I am glad to hear we could come to an agreement concerning this issue. The reason I have left this complaint over for several days is to give administration and moderators time to provide input on the incident, or rather, the circumstances that lead up to it. We, as a whole, feel that the attitude that lead to this ban being involved in what was a simple proposition is a reoccurring factor - one that happens way too often, in your case. Numerous moderators are in agreement that in nearly every issue they've had to address with you in the past eight months or so has been need
  7. BYOND Key: Serveris6 Character name: Avery Bell Item name: detective's credentials Why is your character carrying said item to work? Avery Bell is an employee (also the sole proprietor) of a private investigation firm based within Biesel, working on-station due to Nanotrasen having sub-contracted the firm's services. As per most real-life private investigators, a license of sorts is carried. While performing his duties as a private investigator, and by extension, as one on-station, he would be carrying this credentials with him at all times, proving his licensing and certifications sh
  8. My question stands. Mind you, it was a very simple yes or no question. Are you willing to adjust your character records or character sheet to reflect the character in question's knowledge accurately?
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