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  1. Adding functionality to the tactical helmet or HUD wouldn't be very difficult. And making it exclusive to tactical gear would seriously limit abuse, given a HoS/Captain can't really justify having security running down in full SWAT gear in anything except an extreme threat to the station.
  2. Very well. Approving appeal. Unbanning immediately. Should take effect the current round if not, next reboot. Locking and archiving.
  3. Alright. I am glad to hear we could come to an agreement concerning this issue. The reason I have left this complaint over for several days is to give administration and moderators time to provide input on the incident, or rather, the circumstances that lead up to it. We, as a whole, feel that the attitude that lead to this ban being involved in what was a simple proposition is a reoccurring factor - one that happens way too often, in your case. Numerous moderators are in agreement that in nearly every issue they've had to address with you in the past eight months or so has been needlessly tedious, with them meeting varying levels of hostility, passive uncooperative behavior, or outright refusal to comply with requests, such as this particular incident. It's seen as being extremely prevalent, and, to be blunt, many of us have grown tired of playing this game with you. We've come to a group decision to allow this unban request to be successfully appealed, but be warned. Any further misconduct on the server or with the community as a whole will result in a permaban being immediately reapplied. Any degree of hostility, spitefulness, or any lack of cooperation with server staff will invoke this condition. A note will be added onto your database profile illustrating such upon removal of this particular ban. You may consider yourself on thin ice. Upon acknowledgement of this condition, the ban will be lifted.
  4. BYOND Key: Serveris6 Character name: Avery Bell Item name: detective's credentials Why is your character carrying said item to work? Avery Bell is an employee (also the sole proprietor) of a private investigation firm based within Biesel, working on-station due to Nanotrasen having sub-contracted the firm's services. As per most real-life private investigators, a license of sorts is carried. While performing his duties as a private investigator, and by extension, as one on-station, he would be carrying this credentials with him at all times, proving his licensing and certifications should he need to. Item function(s): Displays as a standard badge when activated, with a unique badge_string message displayed. Operates effectively as a badge, ie, be able to be stored in a wallet or attached to a uniform Additionally, stores fluff-credentials that can be viewed by anyone holding the badge itself, and right clicking it to use a verb. Item description: A laminated card, verifying the denoted as a private investigator licensed in Biesel. A photo of a tan-skinned human male dressed in a brown coat and hat is imprinted Item appearance: How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? The badge/credentials can be used to show Avery Bell's status as a licensed private investigator and medical examiner, and also provide fluff information supporting the fact. Being a badge, obviously, one might display it when making professional introductions, and generally serve as a secondary form of identification. Additional comments: I have the code and icons prepared already, and am able to provide them for Alberyk, or whichever dev ends up taking this item, should it be approved. Additionally, if possible, I would like for a modification to be made for the 'pinned brown coat' item that Avery currently has, to allow for this item to be worn on the suit storage slot.
  5. My question stands. Mind you, it was a very simple yes or no question. Are you willing to adjust your character records or character sheet to reflect the character in question's knowledge accurately?
  6. Sent you a PM containing the indoctrination speel for trial moderators. Please review it. PM me if you have any questions. Trial initiated as of 1/7/17. Trial candidacy to be reviewed on 2/7/17. Good luck!
  7. Application accepted as of January 3rd, 2017. Welcome aboard. Locking and archiving.
  8. Hey there! So I brought this to Tish's attention. He asked me to provide you with this link, which showcases our server's lore concerning Mars. He requests that you give it a read. https://aurorastation.org/wiki/index.php?title=Mars
  9. I recall Baystation planning the tactical equipment SWAT helmets at one point having several attachments that could be requisitioned from cargo (Ie, mounted NVGs, helmet cameras, mounted flashlights), however for some reason that I can't recall at the time, it was never gone through. Adding a system for making mountable objects to them - and then making said objects couldn't be too difficult.
  10. I mean. I'd prefer not to have to sacrifice my custom loadout points to make this viable.
  11. Following a consultation with both head administrators as well as numerous others, both secondary administrators whom have only been with the server a short while - as well as seasoned primary administrators - we have agreed towards the denial of this application as of 11DEC2016. You may contact me directly for more information, including any questions regarding your factors behind this decision. Thank you for your interest. Please do not let this discourage you from trying again in the future. Best of luck in your other endeavors. Locking and archiving.
  12. Alright. Administration discussed this at length last night, with the player notes of Nandabun being consulted, in which a trend falling in pattern with this event was associated between everyone involved. NursieKitty and myself both agreed that this complaint touched a valid issue, and I myself took it upon myself to review the server logs from the round in question. After Nursie, myself had several uninvolved administrators provide input, we made the decision to make the final call to TishinaStalker, our primary administrator overseeing command whitelists and the chief regular on expectations for whitelisted players. He made the decision to move forward with a full command whitelist strip on Nandabun, which can be expected to occur later today. More in-depth details behind this decision are best taken directly to Tish. With this, we will be considering this complaint resolved. Our thanks to everyone who provided input. Locking and archiving.
  13. This. Seems like a fairly reasonable complaint, based off of what I saw. After a handful of ahelps directing me to the scene, I found Aquila standing in what was very clearly, a stand off between Dawnguard and security. Admittedly - the first thing I found myself was - "The fuck are they even doing here? Surely they see the fueltank? And the bomb suit wearing security?" I that's truly your defense, though, I'm going to have to side with Haveatya. Seriously, what were you thinking? Provoking someone with a welder? Telling them to blow it? As a head of staff?
  14. Confirmed. This entire incident was heavily antag-present. An adminhelp was actually raised over this issue. Please lock and archive.
  15. What improvements have you made since then, that you feel make you a good candidate to fill this position? What, specifically, did you struggle with then, and how have you overcome it now? What manner and mentality do you feel one needs to properly handle server issues? Explain this to me. What mindset have you grown into? Please be specific. What have you learned since these notes were put into place? Sell yourself. Convince us you've improved not just 'sufficiently,' but significantly enough for us to say, "Yeah, he's totally 100% cut out for the job now!" You've made good opening points here. Build on them. How has time made you more mature? You may feel more mature, being 18, but those notes and the history you have on the server isn't that far behind you in retrospect.
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