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Wer6 - Head of staff - Application

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BYOND key:Wer6

Character names:Mekhi Harrow, Luna Tsuki, Brooklyn Addison. Maybe more.

How long have you been playing on Aurora?:like, 5/4 month?

Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?:I wish to be on the whitelist, so I may expand and progress and a community member on this station, and to help others when I am on dead hour.

Why did you come to Aurora?:I've been on it before, and the server I was playing had died, and I saw some people from that server here. So I joined.

Have you read the BS12 wiki on the head roles you plan on playing?:Yes.

Please provide well articulated and argumented answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about:Role play is the mindset in which you are another "Person". This means that you, effectivly imagine that you are a another living being, or sentient entity, and you must "Roleplay" or feel, emote with, be that character. In effect, you must feel, as if you were that character, whether it is an alien, human, or an AI! Its all about being another person, and interacting with other people.

What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?:The OOC purpose of a staff? To maintain order, give an example to subordinates. This role as a head of staff is to be taken seriously. A head of staff should also be able to manage emergencies, and give orders out when there is none. There should also be an expected autonomy to his/her/its department.

What do you think the OOC responsibilities of White listed players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?:The OOC responsibilities as a white listed player is to act as a role model, because everyone looks up to you ICly, as a head, they should look up to you OOCly, as a great player, keeping responsibilities. This need to be a role model, should be standered for the average player, because to attract people to aurora, we need a nice, caring player base.

Please pick one of your characters for this section, and provide well articulated responses to the following questions.

Character Name:Mekhi Harrow

Please provide a short back story for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Mekhi Harrow was born on Jargon 4, at the age of 4(human years), he was brought into a habitation station named "Blue bell", orbiting Jargon 4, he lived their until the age of 19, always at the stations medbay, At the medbay, he learned many practices of the Skrell involving Skrell, human, and occasionally unathi biology. When he turned 19, he enlisted for a civilian medical job at the skrellian navy, and was put into the medical residency program. He was a medic for 3 years achieving the rank of Sergeant(Or what ever is the Skrell equivalent).

Mekhi, after retiring from the navy, went into the habitation station he was raised on for 5 years, he got educations in leadership, genetics, xenoanotomy(mainly human, and Unathi), and botanical sciences. This time, he also managed a small clinic which acted as a small emergency center. During his years in collage, he mainly kept to himself, aside from his leadership duties, and learned much about a lot of subjects. He excelled in the studies, and eventually passed with excellent marks in everything but nonlinguistic.

Mekhi then got a corporate sponsorship to come to Nanotrasen space, he learned all the procedures and requirements of Nanotrasen stations, sold off his clinic, and got a shuttle into Tau Ceti. He worked on multiple stations, eventually getting 6 months of experience on stations as a emergency medical technician, and clearance to apply for better pay grades and positions. After this, he went onto his current assignment, NSS Aurora.

What do you like about this character?

I have played him before. When I played him, people generally liked him, and I reacted to situations as Mekhi in a way that I thought was efficient and ICly, good for his perspective. Mekhi is, in my opinion a great person to RP with, and still apply medicine.

What do you dislike about this character?:Honestly, switching accents. All the time, when I play a char with a regular accent, I sometimes just keep the accent on their char. Otherwise, it would be his lack of social interaction, because of his accent.

Do you think this character is fit to be a Head of Staff?:Yes, He has studied in many medical and command positions, including managing a small emergency clinic at his home station. This training/experience is going to help with managing Auroras medbay, and dealing with other heads.

Why?:Mainly because I had played Mekhi has a CMO before the server he was on died, and I would like to continue that here.


How would you rate your own roleplaying?:I think its pretty much okay, but still open to criticism

Extra notes:I will change Mekhi, if needed to suit the head role.

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I played with Wer on another server which he also used Mehki on, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with him, and I enjoy playing with him here. He is a competent roleplayer and would do good in command roles.

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