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  1. TishinaStalker

    Mira's Alchemist and Attire Set

    Application accepted for sure.
  2. TishinaStalker

    Capesh's Arlo AI core sprite application

    I want to approve this app, but I can't. Although I do like the sprite, I'm not permitting a sprite that's just a blatant rip like that to popular media. Yes, we have lots of references or straight rips from popular media (e.g. RIPLEYs being Powerloaders), but that doesn't mean we need more, and I'm not gonna permit it. I'd probably be okay with it if it was something smaller, but not if it's 100% your character's looks because that bleeds into who they are as a character and/or it's just utterly lame and unimaginative.
  3. TishinaStalker

    Sei's formal IAC uniform and kind of show-off medal.

    Uniform, I'm going to go ahead and say definitely not. Look to the loadout for stuff that should be standardized anyway. Medal, ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Why their IAC medal has to be noted on security records makes no sense to me and is beyond me because that sounds totally unrelated. At the same time, I think it's totally lame to do undeserved medals as custom items, since medals have been canonically awarded through canon events, and they do have those as custom items. If it wasn't awarded, I feel like that just waters down player achievement, and will just put you in an extremely awkward and shitty situation if you ever do anything that would disprove the medal. So I'm going to go ahead and say no on that as well. Pretty sure I denied a similar medal app at some point here recently too for the same reason. Application denied.
  4. Wack. Application approved.
  5. TishinaStalker

    Diamond With Flaw's Clawed Arm

    Dope sprite and definitely looked better with the darker color than shinier. Pretty neat and interesting idea too that I can totally dig. Although, tbh, I was under the impression that a Diona could just nab any nymph, and then just Piccolo their limb back. I should probably read treeman lore because now I have a feeling that maybe that's not totally accurate. Application accepted.
  6. TishinaStalker

    Zohra's cup of.. Coffee and tea.

    I honestly want to say no to this. Simply because I don't want to validate future "#1 Dad" or "Best Boss" mug applications. I think if something like this should be implemented, then it should definitely be through the loadout and not a custom item. Maybe a loadout mug that lets you pick what's written on it with a short character limit to prevent people from being stupid with them. Application denied.
  7. TishinaStalker

    Ghostly Board

    Occult spooky shit is neat, and I think you've already got occult/mystical things down pat for Klavdiya. Application accepted.
  8. Do you actually have an icon to make them look more crunched/worn? Although I am tired of dirty/broken clothing for custom items, I suppose I can make an exception for this item because, honestly, who the hell even makes 3D glasses like those anymore? And I can appreciate more consistent character fashion.
  9. TishinaStalker

    Calanthia Basingers Custom Item

    Ehhhh, I'm kinda iffy about NT service medals as custom item. The only ones I have ever accepted were due to players actually earning them through canon events, and I feel like that's the best way to do it as custom items, honestly. Application denied.
  10. TishinaStalker

    Vedai's Stainless Steel Fork

    This is. Definitely out there. And I can totally dig it, I think. Definitely not a weapon, though, it's a god damn fork. Application accepted.
  11. TishinaStalker

    Suvek Tokash's Wall Mounted Spear (Decoration Only)

    I'll make an exception this time to the weapon rule. Simply because heads of staff personalizing their office is something important, I feel, to give a little more weight into the character. Application accepted.
  12. TishinaStalker

    Physical Currency Overhaul

    How difficult or easy would those coins be to see if they're dropped on your usual grey tile?
  13. TishinaStalker

    Ban Appeal - RuthdorFirehammer

    Rad. Appeal accepted.
  14. TishinaStalker

    Ban Appeal - RuthdorFirehammer

    Hey there! That reason is absolutely not going to pass on its own. I'll definitely budge on the later "it's three years and people change" part, but a simple "why not" gives me little hope. At the same time, though, I'm not even going to pretend that I even remember as much as your name by now. So there's not really much I can ask for you to prove you've changed. That being said, I'm willing to accept this unban, and all I want in exchange is that you earnestly read the rules. I don't think that's much to ask for, yeah?
  15. TishinaStalker

    Ynnefer Killinski's Doggo Application

    This is quite possibly the most important post in this entire thread. Application denied.