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  1. I've said organ damage once in staff_lobby in the staff channel as a joke in November 2018, in the General discord in August 2018 as a joke as well, and then a third time in a suggestion in regards to your burrito meme suggestion. Then in the General discord, also in August 2018, I made the joke that "Alb, no, you have to wait for Burger to play HoP for that suggestion to be made." When at the time, there was a meme going about concerning that you'd play a job, and then do changes as you thought they were needed -- which I never considered a bad thing, honestly. You brought it up yourself prev
  2. After discussing the matter, Drago and I have decided to deny this appeal. This is primarily because with the attitude displayed in this appeal, nothing has changed since the ban, and that's the main reason for the ban in the first place. When your behavior has changed and you feel you're ready to appeal, you can go ahead and do that once more after a month.
  3. After a lot of discussion and mulling it over, Drago and I have come to a decision. We have decided that based upon the recorded conduct by Bruger on discord, the forums and in-game that, it's best that Burger not be a part of Aurora if they cannot show proper conduct and respect for the rules.
  4. Yeah, I don't see why not, honestly. Live and let live by now, really. Just please read our rules in their entirety when you next log on. Appeal accepted.
  5. Yeah, no way, sorry. This application is, firstly, very lazy in presentation. You didn't even tell us what books for starters, so this doesn't seem even remotely important. Secondly, this fits better as a loadout suggestion instead of a custom item. I suggest doing that instead. Application denied.
  6. I was gonna say, I feel like a necklace would've been more counter intuitive to the player. Not to mention having a miniature spearhead and shark tooth wouldn't really do justice to the character in this case. Good responses, though, and you've convinced me on the matter. Application accepted.
  7. Very nice sprites for Glitch, some very good work. As a note, we're approving Glitch sprites specifically. If we hadn't, the KEDI-IO sprites wouldn't have flown either because they are against the fundamentals of cyborg sprites. Application accepted.
  8. Right, but that hasn't stopped Menown before -- not that it's a bad thing. This is a question for @Menown to answer.
  9. So, jaw or spear? I'm very leery about giving you both because then when does it stop? Would I be seeing another app later on for a stuffed Plain Tyrant tail too?
  10. So, actual, honest question. Is Nawfal dead dead or will I be seeing him again in a couple of months?
  11. Don't think I got anything negative to say, nor anything that should be added onto it. Application accepted.
  12. I want to approve this app, but I can't. Although I do like the sprite, I'm not permitting a sprite that's just a blatant rip like that to popular media. Yes, we have lots of references or straight rips from popular media (e.g. RIPLEYs being Powerloaders), but that doesn't mean we need more, and I'm not gonna permit it. I'd probably be okay with it if it was something smaller, but not if it's 100% your character's looks because that bleeds into who they are as a character and/or it's just utterly lame and unimaginative.
  13. Uniform, I'm going to go ahead and say definitely not. Look to the loadout for stuff that should be standardized anyway. Medal, ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Why their IAC medal has to be noted on security records makes no sense to me and is beyond me because that sounds totally unrelated. At the same time, I think it's totally lame to do undeserved medals as custom items, since medals have been canonically awarded through canon events, and they do have those as custom items. If it wasn't awarded, I feel like that just waters down player achievement, and will just put you in an
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