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  1. I've said organ damage once in staff_lobby in the staff channel as a joke in November 2018, in the General discord in August 2018 as a joke as well, and then a third time in a suggestion in regards to your burrito meme suggestion. Then in the General discord, also in August 2018, I made the joke that "Alb, no, you have to wait for Burger to play HoP for that suggestion to be made." When at the time, there was a meme going about concerning that you'd play a job, and then do changes as you thought they were needed -- which I never considered a bad thing, honestly. You brought it up yourself previously, and I think that's totally fine. I'd just meme about it at worst, but hopefully not in a way that could be perceived as malicious. Lastly, in our PMs on Discord, are interactions really only went as far as me not being sure how often you played Chemist. Which we then had a brief and civil talk to clear up my doubts. I don't think I've been hostile towards you, personally, and I certainly have not been an outright jerk. Are you my favorite person in the world? No, but most people aren't. Granted, yes, I do have my own personal reservations, but everyone has their own personal thing against others. If there was something I might've missed where I might've actually been a jerk to you, then hey, that's my bad. I'll accept that because I try my best to not be rude, and sometimes it slips, but at least I try my best to not just flat out berate the person. Regardless, I like to think that I'm very respectful in regards to addressing people in general whenever I can because I try to treat people how I would want them to treat me. If I do have to hand down punishment, then I try to be as impartial as I can be. If I even so much as think I won't be impartial, then I will turn down whatever request was made of me to handle the situation. I've turned down headmins assigning me complaints multiple times before either because the player was a friend of mine or because I knew I personally and absolutely disliked the player. If I thought I was going to be impartial here, then I easily would've told Drago "No, I do not want to work on this request with you." To be fair, I don't do any of my drinking at home unless I'm actively playing video games with my roommates. I go out, drink, and come back home drunk. Usually this is around midnight - 2 AM (CST), and we have no staff around or they're AFK. These are times where the only ahelps are very normally game questions and not reports. So I hop on just so that at least there's someone around. At the same time, I don't get utterly shitfaced, and I do my best to make certain I'm fully reading and comprehending what's going on if I need to handle someone. If there's another staff member, then I generally tend to ask them to take the ahelp instead if it's a report as a precaution. If I recall, we did have one mistake go down while I was drunk between you and I. Which I promptly corrected because hey, honest mistake, and of course I wasn't just gonna say "nah, live with it." That would be correct. I've been especially inactive as of late because I moved to a city several hours away. I was also getting my licenses and certifications for several insurance categories and annuities. I also started my new job as an insurance agent last week. So I haven't been inactive because I wanna just bail, but because my life has to take precedence. I still hop on whenever I can to help out, especially if a staff member pings me or I notice we don't have staff online and I still have some time before bed. I'm hoping to be much more active once things smooth out and I get in the rhythm at my new job. Now, just because I don't hop on the server doesn't mean I'm completely inactive. I still do my best to stay on the level on what's going on in the server because I read up on the staff channel, and I do my best to keep an eye on the forums, and even pull requests if I remember those -- because I like seeing what people have to suggest and stuff. I even try to keep track on who's becoming trial mod, but just don't give my feedback on them because, of course, I haven't been online to see them play, and if I have, then they're not on at the same time as me. Am I inactive? Absolutely, I won't deny that, and that's something I'm hoping to correct. Am I completely unaware of current events? I do my best not to be. Of course, I can't catch everything because I'm only Human, but I do my best. That would be because Drago and I were handling these cases together. We discuss in private, and then one of us posts based on what we've been discussing. So please don't think it's because I'm refusing to read, comprehend, or anything like that. The last thing I would want to do is make an uninformed opinion, especially in relation to banning someone, and I take no pleasure in doing so if I have to. Hey, I'll definitely admit fault here, no worries. I was the admin handling it, and I really wish I had done a better job at keeping that discussion tight and on pat. Again, though, I've started a new job as of late, so a lot of my time at home has been going to learning all the ins and outs of my company's products -- and then I piss about on a single player video game because I'm usually too tired for others by then. So again, please don't think that all happened because I want you to fail or anything like that. As for your questions: Hey, honestly, I don't think I can find any way to phrase this in a way that doesn't sound rude. That's good that you realized you fucked up. That's why we're here. I'd rather not keep anyone permabanned, but we need to make sure they're aware. I do think it was worth a permaban. Maybe you don't tell people to commit suicide, sure, but constant toxic behavior is definitely not something to tolerate. If there's worse people, then hey, let us know. We try to handle them as we can. I can't actively go out looking for people to ban because that's how you create a vendetta, and that's the last thing I want. I think our judgement was fair for both the request and the appeal. If we want to be technical on never having been server banned, you have a note on end of July 2018 saying to "ban on next blatant offense". Then, exactly a month later, a hefty warning was placed for breaking rule #1. Despite the previous one stating that, that August incident should've ended in a ban. That same warning on August also stated to ban of something like that occurs again. Then in January this year, you were spoken to twice for getting aggressive with others on the server. How those incidents don't end in bans themselves due to rule #1? I don't know. I just know that I have to sit here, analyze this, and think "How many chances are we going to keep giving? Are we going to wait a few months and then give him a warning when this happens again? We're just going to say that it's okay to do X or Y once every few months?" So we decided enough was enough. As such, we applied a permanent ban to show that we're not going to keep permitting toxic or overly aggressive behavior anymore. It wasn't a ban because we saw an opportunity and went for it. It was a ban to show we're done playing games and that it's very important that you correct those issues. Essentially, a swift kick to the pants. To that end, your behavior in the unban indicated that the issues were not corrected. I would have had no problem whatsoever with unbanning you, but only if you could've shown that those issues were taken care of. You demonstrated that they were not, and so we denied the appeal. You're right, there wasn't enough communication regarding the appeal. What was I going to do in communicating with you? Ask you if you didn't mean all the aggressive behavior in the appeal? You already said your piece clear as day on that appeal. Since we were there to judge your attitude, that's exactly what we did. And that is my part and piece for this complaint where it concerns me and my justifications, @Alberyk. I'll try to keep an eye on this, but I've got a busy couple days ahead. If you need me ASAP, then just shoot me an at on Discord. I'll make sure to set aside some time as soon as I can.
  2. After discussing the matter, Drago and I have decided to deny this appeal. This is primarily because with the attitude displayed in this appeal, nothing has changed since the ban, and that's the main reason for the ban in the first place. When your behavior has changed and you feel you're ready to appeal, you can go ahead and do that once more after a month.
  3. After a lot of discussion and mulling it over, Drago and I have come to a decision. We have decided that based upon the recorded conduct by Bruger on discord, the forums and in-game that, it's best that Burger not be a part of Aurora if they cannot show proper conduct and respect for the rules.
  4. Yeah, I don't see why not, honestly. Live and let live by now, really. Just please read our rules in their entirety when you next log on. Appeal accepted.
  5. Yeah, no way, sorry. This application is, firstly, very lazy in presentation. You didn't even tell us what books for starters, so this doesn't seem even remotely important. Secondly, this fits better as a loadout suggestion instead of a custom item. I suggest doing that instead. Application denied.
  6. I was gonna say, I feel like a necklace would've been more counter intuitive to the player. Not to mention having a miniature spearhead and shark tooth wouldn't really do justice to the character in this case. Good responses, though, and you've convinced me on the matter. Application accepted.
  7. Very nice sprites for Glitch, some very good work. As a note, we're approving Glitch sprites specifically. If we hadn't, the KEDI-IO sprites wouldn't have flown either because they are against the fundamentals of cyborg sprites. Application accepted.
  8. Right, but that hasn't stopped Menown before -- not that it's a bad thing. This is a question for @Menown to answer.
  9. So, jaw or spear? I'm very leery about giving you both because then when does it stop? Would I be seeing another app later on for a stuffed Plain Tyrant tail too?
  10. So, actual, honest question. Is Nawfal dead dead or will I be seeing him again in a couple of months?
  11. Don't think I got anything negative to say, nor anything that should be added onto it. Application accepted.
  12. I want to approve this app, but I can't. Although I do like the sprite, I'm not permitting a sprite that's just a blatant rip like that to popular media. Yes, we have lots of references or straight rips from popular media (e.g. RIPLEYs being Powerloaders), but that doesn't mean we need more, and I'm not gonna permit it. I'd probably be okay with it if it was something smaller, but not if it's 100% your character's looks because that bleeds into who they are as a character and/or it's just utterly lame and unimaginative.
  13. Uniform, I'm going to go ahead and say definitely not. Look to the loadout for stuff that should be standardized anyway. Medal, ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Why their IAC medal has to be noted on security records makes no sense to me and is beyond me because that sounds totally unrelated. At the same time, I think it's totally lame to do undeserved medals as custom items, since medals have been canonically awarded through canon events, and they do have those as custom items. If it wasn't awarded, I feel like that just waters down player achievement, and will just put you in an extremely awkward and shitty situation if you ever do anything that would disprove the medal. So I'm going to go ahead and say no on that as well. Pretty sure I denied a similar medal app at some point here recently too for the same reason. Application denied.
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