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Aurora Open-Wiki Guidelines

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As of this week, I'm pleased to say the Aurora wiki has been opened to public edit, Courtesy of Skull. All edits must be approved by Managerial Wiki staff. The CCIA team leader, the Wiki team leader, and the Lore Master are all authorized to accept these changes. I'm a bit ecstatic about this turn of affairs but let's get to the basics, there's basic criteria of what makes a good wiki edit.


For Edits:

  • 1. It corrects an error, or otherwise serves to correct a problem.
  • 2. It adds additional information to improve the page.
  • 3. It removes unnecessary clutter.
  • 4. It rephrases the text to be more clear or user friendly.


For pages:

  • 5. It serves an obvious purpose, not filled adequately by any other page.
  • 6. It is deemed by the Wiki Maintainer team to be a quality addition, on discussion.


Many of the edit criterias also apply to pages and vice versa. These may be expanded in the future. Depending on workflow, the umbrella of moderation may be increased. But for the moment, I'd just like to encourage edits to follow a specific format. An edit achieving even one of these criteria is good, but they will be considered even if it doesn't obviously fall into these grounds, but it would vastly increase the likelihood of acceptance if it does. These are more guidelines than requirements, to sum it up.


For more information and the Wikipedia bound guide to editing, see: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Guide_to_Editing This page also includes instructions of how to log on, and the process of submitting an edit. Happy editing!

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