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[Accepted]EliteXKiller00's Tajara Whitelist Application

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BYOND Key: EliteXKiller00

Character Names: Timothy Evans, Billy Slims, Bruce Slims, TRE-47, Trek

Species you are applying to play: Tajara

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Taupe (RGB 72, 60, 50)

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, I have

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: I got really into their lore, mostly their history, and I was instantly in love with them. Learning how their race is led by nobility, and how the nobility treated the peasants, kind of like humans were in some cultures. What really got to me was the social tension. Sounds weird but I liked learning about it. Reading how things slowly spiraled downhill until humans came along and seemingly made things worse. Seeing how humans seemingly funded rebels to take over so the corporations could lay claim to resources. What was interesting was when the new government kind of turned into what the rebels originally fought against. Now there are even newer rebels and another different faction along with it.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: When you play a human, you tend to follow sometimes how you would act or how you imagine yourself in real life. Mainly because you are human and so you can relate to your character, like my Billy Slims or Timothy Evans. I play a good Tim the roboticist because I love tech in reality and I play a good Billy the Texan miner because I live in a "country-boy" like area so both are easy to relate to. However with a Tajara, its different, just like the other alien species, you can try new ways and maybe stuff you aren't used to because obviously we aren't a cat-like alien. It's a new experience that you can enjoy and really feel like you are that cat-like alien that you never knew you could be. I would like to feel that way.


Character Name: Advarte T'karni

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Advarte was born in the year 2431CE in an unknown location on Adhomai. Not much is known of his parents except that his father and mother were lowly rebels that helped fight for the foundation of The People's Republic of Adhomai. At the age of three his father became terminally ill from a rare genetic brain disorder that skips a generation and happened upon him. His mother left Advarte in the care of his grandfather Edretan T'karni and was never again seen by either of the two.

Edretan treated the boy as his own son, loving him more than anything, and gave him his last name T'karni so that one day Advarte can pass on his legacy. The old Grandfather lived in a secluded hut away from the tidings of war that embroiled the planet, making it a great place for Advarte to grow up in. Advarte grew up to idolize his grandfather, always seeking to impress him anyway he can. Edretan tried his best to care for the young one, teaching him how to speak Siik'maas and Siik’tajr, though Advarte prefered the former rather than the latter, the history of Adhomai, the civil war and the humans. He took great interest into the history of his home world and the civil war, always questioning why is there always so much fighting. He was taught everything his grandfather knew for the next eleven years.

At the age of fourteen, while exploring the area, he found a group of five bald beings wondering the area. He recognized them as humans from what his grandfather had told him. Curious, he watched them as they used weird metallic objects he hasn't seen before. However, he kept his distance as to not attract attention to himself as his grandfather had warned him about. Out of nowhere, a group of three Ha'rron charged down the group. He watched as three humans were torn apart and the other two cowered in fear. Advarte, watching in horror, suddenly snapped. He untied his belt, grabbed a decent sized rock, and tied the belt around the rock. With his makeshift weapon in hand, he charged at the Ha'rron catching them by surprise. Using this to his advantage, he hit one full force with the rock sling in the beast's head, instantly killing it. Using the moment of the swing, threw the rock sling full force at the Ha'rron in front of him bringing the beast down too. The last Ha'rron, now enraged, leapt at Advarte. His life flashed before his eyes until he heard a gunshot. One of the humans who watched the Tajara's bravery, saved him by shooting the beast. The humans and Advarte shared thanks then greeted each other. The humans worked for a group call NanoTrasen and were just on a surveying mission. They once again shared thanks before departing.

This became a life changing moment for Advarte. He returned home and aided his rapidly declining grandfather for another year before Edraten sadly passed away. He buried his grandfather in front of the tree next to the hut. Advarte's last gift from his grandfather was a cane Edretan made as a young kid himself. Taking any supplies he can, he grabbed the cane and departed for the nearest major city marked on the map he found in his grandfather's room. Left with no family, no friends and certainly no money, Advarte was heartbroken and at a loss of what to do. Not letting himself get discouraged, he got the luck he finally needed. One of the humans he met a year ago happened to walk by and notice him. They caught up and Advarte told him of his situation. The human, known as James Wason, was saddened by this news and offered the Tajara a chance of a lifetime as a gift for saving his life a year ago. This chance was to come work for NanoTrasen to which Advarte immediately agreed. James told him that the position he was looking for was in Robotics and said that he would be put through school to learn everything he will need to know to do his job. Advarte still agreed, and went to live with James in a NanoTrasen facility here on Adhomai. Now, after another year of preparation and waiting, and at the age of sixteen, he finally got his acceptance letter into the Solis Cognito University. He packed his bags and was shipped off to the Sol system where he spent the next ten years studying subjects ranging from the language of Tau Ceti Basic to Robotics and the like.

In those ten years he gained citizenship to the Sol System, learned enough Tau Ceti Basic to understand, read and talk it, and gained his associates and bachelors in Robotics. He grew to love everything mechanical during his time here. In his 4th year, he made a basic rudimentary AI that he called ED in honor of his late grandfather. ED lasted for a couple months before it was out of date and sadly stopped working. In his 9th year he made a tiny robot he named Little T'karni, aka LT, that was able to carve wood to fix his grandfathers cane that broke the year before. He graduated with honors and finally got his masters.

A month later he would be meeting James for what would be the final time. James told Advarte that he would be leaving for his new job where ever NanoTrasen see fit in exactly one week. After saying farewell, Advarte spent this week returning home. He returned to his once childhood hut to a beaten and crumbled ruin. He found the tree he buried his grandfather in front of and took a branch. He spent all night using his little carving robot to carve the wood into his grandfathers cane. The cane looked new, even better than new, it felt right, it felt like his grandfather's spirit was in the cane now. Advarte gazed upon the horizon of his home planet, wondering what could of been if he had his parents still. He looked upon his home, missing the old days of his youth and his grandfather. He said goodbye to a home he loved and to home he never knew. Adhomai wasn't his destiny and Advarte accepted that. He returned to NanoTrasen his trip home. He spent the next 3 years working in different places before he was transferred to his new station. The NSS Aurora.

What do you like about this character? I like what Advarte could become. Living on Adhomai alone he never really got a chance to see the wars affect on his own people. He never really got a chance to even socialize with his own people either. I think this gives him a unique personality of being shy or more quiet around his own people as too not embarrass himself or because he simply doesn't know how to act completely right around other Tajara. I have set a way I would like to play him but he could end up going a whole different way. It feels great knowing that your creation could go anyway it wants. I won't be playing Advarte, I will become Advarte and mold him into what he is needed to be.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? I personally love role-playing. I have been playing SS13 for some time, about 3ish months, but have been playing Aurora Station for almost 2 weeks now. I've come to like this server as it is the one I found easiest to learn and best to RP in, in my opinion. I've played many other role-playing games like (call me a nerd) dungeons and dragons and really get into a character even if given little amount of time.

Notes: I’m honestly a little nervous about this character. I'm a little worried if I put too much backstory, or not enough. I do believe however that I will have extreme amounts of fun with him and bring lots of great RP to the shifts.

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I'm a fan! The story is well written, and while you're new to the server, you've already put in the backbone to get a lot of playtime under your belt. Advarte's story is emotional, as well as connected to the on-going lore situation on Adhomai. I came off of this application feeling like I had a strong grasp of the kind of person Advarte is, and the ways which he has developed over the course of his life. While some of the elements of the story, such as his harrowing battle with the Ha'rrons as a teenager, are a bit flashy, I don't think it's unacceptably over the top. The only other section I could really take gripe with is only taking a year to get a GED's worth of education before launching into 10 years of studying robotics at a university, but I think we're good handwaving that away for now because he did take 10 whole years to finish his program anyways. As far as sections lacking in this application that I take some issue with is that he doesn't seem to support any faction. The connection to the first revolution by parental participation is something I will accept to let it pass for now, though.

Corrections! A Tajara cannot be a citizen of the Sol Alliance. And going even further, the Sol Alliance has recently banned all new immigrating Tajara and stated they won't renew any outstanding Tajaran visas or issue new ones. Additionally, having studied in Sol, Advarte would have experienced significant racism as Tajara are very looked down upon and even carry the stereotype of being terrorists. The immigration ban was a recent development in news articles and hasn't found its way onto the wiki yet, so I'm not holding it against you that you didn't know! So as far as things which "have" to change about your character's canon in order to be whitelist ready, Advarte would've been studying in Sol on a student's visa, as well as presumably working there. And I guess you could throw in a sentence that, "oh yeah some people were crummy." Aside from that, it's a good story and I'm confident you can play a good Tajara. Application accepted.

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