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    The Tesla Brigade is Revealed 14.2.2461 In the early hours of the 14th of February, a brief announcement was made by television and by radio which unveiled a new special forces unit which has been in training for several months now. The television announcement began showing a Zhan-Khazan veteran missing a leg and an arm sitting on a bench in a locker room, his head hung low in dark lighting. The veteran holds a poster in his hand, pictured above, seeking recruits for a newly formed unit which can help disabled veterans return to the field, as well as to reclaim their lives. The video continues to show him receiving prosthesis for his lost limbs, as well as a new glowing blue spinal column running up his back. Triumphant music then built up as it showed the tajara in a montage of exercises from jogging, to lifting weights, to practicing baghrar on a punching bag. Finally, in a room full of scientists and engineers, he was suited in advanced power armor with a large energy weapon, with the words "We're not out of this fight yet" appearing on screen. The television and radio broadcast quickly caused a sensation as many who had begun to feel hopeless about the state of the war were uplifted with the positive message of the marvels of modern technology and medicine, and the determined continuation of the good fight. Rumors began swirling about the fantastical and futuristic armor shown, as well as the bizarre prosthesis which the veteran had received. Soon, posters calling for amputees and the physically disabled to join the "Tesla Brigade" began being distributed and hung up in all major cities. The Ministry of Defense responded to Adhomai Chronicle inquiries in full detail. Following the intense casualties of the unfortunate Das'nrra campaign and the severe loss of Republican Guard units, additional funding and focus was placed on a previously shelved proposal for heavily armed shock and high technology shock troopers which could withstand the numerical disadvantages and prolonged engagements special forces of the Republic often face. Many of the injured evacuees of the Das'nrra campaign were the first to be chosen and outfitted with cutting edge tajaran prosthesis, which includes an advanced "Tesla Spine" which generates large amounts of electrical energy to power their prosthetic limbs- and more. The plated suit of armor with an energy weapon is revealed to be the purpose of this addition, which is powered by the spine in order to provide mechanically assisted movement as well as to shoot arcs of lightning which can fry enemy combatants and even destroy armored vehicles. The Tesla Brigade is still primarily in training, but platoon sized units have already been deployed in secret operations for combat trials to great success. In one mission revealed by the Ministry of Defense, a platoon of Tesla Troopers was deployed alongside Ha'narr Corps scouts who discovered a rebel terror training camp in the mountains west of Trizar. The troopers stormed the camp at night, overwhelming its perimeter defenses and engaging rebels who threw together ad hoc counter attacks within the camp. An old Ha'rron MK.II light tank attempted to engage the brave soldiers with an autocannon, but was soon neutralized with an electric blast to its engine block. The mission was a resounding success with only two wounded troopers, and many captured rebels. Currently, there are over 2,000 active Tesla Troopers, however public recruitment campaigns have begun with the hopes of bringing the brigade to divisional strength. All of those who are missing limbs from the course of the war are promised the augmentations free of charge with promises to keep them even after leaving service. In addition to seeking new recruits for the Tesla Brigade, the Ministry of Defense has also begun rolling out mass production models for those wounded in service or those who left due to injuries but wish to return. Even those who may not qualify for the special forces of the Tesla Brigade will be given free prosthesis to enlist. All over the Republic, millions are being given a second chance to fight for freedom and truth. The chance to reclaim not only the righteous republic of Hadii and the future tajara have built for themselves, but also their very own livelihoods.
  3. Trial starting 11 Feb 2019, running for 30 days or two IRs, whichever takes longer. @ComradeCorbyn
  4. I think I have enough here. I'm pleased to give you a tajara whitelist, thanks again for your patience!
  5. I have absolutely no idea what your original application was like, but this one has a lot of good things going for it. First and foremost is that your character was certainly affected by the war but was not a combatant. This is a very novel and welcome take. I also strongly appreciated the incorporation of the criminally under used IAC, which most players seem to forget about or at least on our lore nerd end, never seem to bring up. It was a strong addition which shows a better wide ranging knowledge of lore beyond just Tajara. The scene in the basement of the hospital reminded me of something from another game that I thought was really cool. Namely this: https://youtu.be/H7o6sEKWaQE?t=1221 from MGSV. While it was told from the point of a little girl, I couldn't help but be somewhat confused about one detail. Namely if the town was taken by the ALA and the PRA came and cleared it out, or if the PRA was holding onto the town and was eventually taken by the ALA. Or is this a curveball and she was in the NKA the whole time? I would guess the town was PRA held and taken over by the ALA in the fateful raising of her home, but it's hard for me to guess with all the animosity and war crimes casually exchanged between the PRA and ALA. Did Qistina ever reunite with her mother or find out what happened to her? Surely it wouldn't be far fetched to send a letter somewhere asking about someone with a name and their hometown to see what happened. Once these points are addressed I'll be happy to make my decision.
  6. Sorry about my inattentiveness to this! I got kind of caught up with other things and the recent promotion to head CCIA. I don't think I'm going to be able to get into this tonight but tomorrow when I get out of work I will be giving my feedback.
  7. Pegasus has been chosen as the human lore developer, however you may choose to leave this open as a deputy application.
  8. Mofo1995

    Drago's Human Lore Dev App

    Pegasus has been chosen as the human lore developer, however you may choose to leave this open as a deputy application.
  9. Pegasus has been chosen as the human lore developer, however you may choose to leave this open as a deputy application.
  10. After reviewing all of the applications over the past month, I've decided that to select you for human lore developer. Past experience of having been a deputy prior to this selection aside, you work well in a team and are already an active member of the team. Your essay reminds me a lot of how I feel about my approach to Tajara lore, with the obvious exception that humans are integral to our lore and the spiritual heart of most players. I do have some criticisms, two large ones. The first is that all of your posted examples are Dominia related, which to anyone who isn't an insider seems like it might hint at inflexibility, but having monitored a lot of your discussion across staff channels I know that you are plenty flexible. The second is on-server playtime. While you were very active in September, since then I only counted less than half a dozen rounds on the WI that have been played. While I'm not particularly active myself, as part of lore team management, I do want to say that I need to see an improvement here to coincide with your promotion. I will be discussing with Pegasus if he would like to open deputy applications before closing other applications, in case any of the many other applicants would like to change their applications to deputy applications.
  11. Mofo1995

    [1 Dismissal ] New Regulations

    I've been asked to add input during Elliot's leave of absence. This may be double dipping though, since I have to completely echo what a past CCIA head already said in this thread while they were still CCIA head, which is, I think its unnecessary. Our current directives are robust enough to cover these situations. In the intervening months since, as Ben said and OP BR202 agrees, it hasn't proven to be a problem in the past few months.
  12. Mofo1995

    Clearer policies on DNC situations

    I have to echo Shame and Doxx that the current status of the actual rules are fine, but they should be added to the proper pages so that the knowledge is more commonly available and easily referenced. I've been in the situation myself before where random officers just DNC me on no authority except the desire to perma remove antags or ambitiously claim accidental deaths were suicides, so I really feel this info needs to get out there. I will ask the wiki maintainer team to do this for us according to Shame's post. We'll go with guide to medicine, MD, and CMO pages. I don't really feel a full station directive is necessary.
  13. I've been asked to weigh in during Elliot's absence on regulations suggestions. A lot of how I feel about the suggestion has already been voiced so there's little extra I can add, but my opinion ultimately boils down to not supporting this suggestion. Brig time is a nice form of punishing players in a tangible way without completely removing them from the round. It gives them a small play area to inhabit for some tens of minutes in most cases and a stigma for being temporarily brigged for ending up there. The lack of serious mechanical consequence afterwards is good design since it doesn't completely inhibit the entire rest of their round. As it currently stands, I've never been HuT or seen someone HuT without getting solitary, so I'm very nervous about leaving fines for money no one cares about and holding someone indefinitely as the only recourse security would have for handling infractions.
  14. There's a lot written in the application, but the general sense of lore development I get out of this is criticisms of Eridani and maintenance of the status quo. While I am a real conservative in the field of avoiding retcons or making large sweeping rewrites and changes, I do have to ask what lore developments you would like to see if you were to become a human developer. Any concrete modifications to any factions? Any additions? Any changes to interstellar diplomacy? How many deputies would you hire if any? Would you re-nuke Earth again? Any changes you would like to make between human relations and various species? Discussion on demographics, ethnostates, legacy work still in lore, and preemptive apologetics about staff team concerns aren't bad additions to your application, but I really want to get a firm grasp on what you would add or change.