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  1. Based on the conversation screenshots and logs with resi that came up during this complaint, I have decided to repeal the warning I gave to resilynn based on the following: Since it did not conclusively decide the fate of Yahir as a character, which is what I had thought Resilynn had done earlier in this complaint.


  3. NKA strongest country in the world, all other countries are run by little kits.

  4. Well, I want the new system to mesh as seamlessly as possible with the cloning of yore. In other words, for players to have as much freedom as possible when exploring the morals and traumas of knowing they have died and been cloned. Some players might prefer to express it emotionally and others might want physical issues as proof and reminder of their struggle. I'm sure the common joe player might explore less and just say "I was cloned lmao" but for those who want to get immersed in their character and explore the depths of the experience, I feel its important to validate them and give them something to work with.
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  7. I want to reiterate something that I stressed in point number 4, in response to some PMs I have received. Under no circumstances, except possibly during a canon event round depending on context, will you be forbidden from having your character cloned. Despite wealthier people being more likely to be cloned in the background lore, if your janitor/cargo tech/assistant dies, you can still have them cloned if you would like. Maybe your character invested in some good insurance, or maybe they took out a hefty loan to afford it, or maybe they had to spend their life savings on it. Feel free to get creative with it!
  8. Just woke up and got into this thread, Abo gave out the answers I was gonna give, which is fitting since he really took the lead on this update.
  9. With the removal of cloning from the Aurora the lore team has been working on a lore update to give us new cloning lore and to clear up confusion regarding cloning. This is what we've decided: 1.) Cloning still exists in our lore. If any of your characters have been cloned before it's still canon. It's a relatively new technology being rolled out by Zheng Hu Pharmaceuticals and the Jargon Federation after a joint research effort. As a commercialized commodity, Zheng Hu has a monopoly on cloning and owns and operates all cloning equipment wherever they may be through contractors. 2.) Cloning happens at highly specialized medical facilities. For instance, Aurora, Odin, and Upsilon do not have it. But the NT owned hospital ship NSS Canes Venatici. Your typical hospital will not have it but very large hospital complexes with a lot of wealth do. 3.) Cloning is very expensive and takes some time to do. I think this will be one of the most jarring changes since we're used to cloning being an instant process. The new cloning lore will describe vat growing a clone of someone who died for up to a month. People with clout or money can be pre-scanned for cloning so that they can be cloned even if their body is destroyed, but it's very uncommon outside of wealthy people. The pre-scanning process is roughly just as expensive as the cloning itself. If someone is not prescanned and their corpse has to be used, serious damage to their corpse may result in a failed cloning attempt. 4.) Cloning is not widespread. It's ultimately up to a player if they want their character to be cloned or not, but in terms of station jobs, people in command are more likely to be cloned lorewise whereas people in low level jobs are less likely. I want to stress that, except deaths that occur during canon event rounds, players will not be forbidden to have their dead characters cloned. 5.) Cloning has unsavory side-effects. It's mostly up to the players to determine the extent of what their clone's side effects are, but generally lower life span, injuries that might not be fully healed (in the case of people cloned from a body rather than a pre-scan), fatigue, genetic defects, physical fatigue and general weakness, and memory loss are some that might be common. Mutations, such as making yourself something physically horrid in your flavor text, are not a side effect. A clone will not be a hulk, werewolf, three-armed man, etc. I hope this covers the basics. Full-fledged cloning lore will be coming to the wiki soon, so feel free to begin letting us know what you think and what questions you have so that we can start the work of sorting out any confusion!
  10. Have you been playing sins of a solar empire? Will we all be brought into the unity of the Advent?

  11. I'm not entirely sure if this is my jurisdiction, but here's my thoughts so far on reading, rereading, and thinking about it. I think if I was presented with all the evidence that has been posted in this thread, I think I would have agreed that Yahir should have been arrested. It seems to me that there was far and enough evidence to take him in on probable cause. From there would be a drawn out legal battle, assuming he didn't confess under pressure (most people do IRL anyhow). In who knows how long, following a process of discovery, depositions, legal scrambling, there would finally be a trial where he might or might not be guilty. The entire duration of which he would be held without bail considering the charge is murder. Would he be found guilty? Maybe, maybe not. But "Delivering Mata'ke's judgement" and "she does not want to know" "She would be obliged to act." [because he's talking to security personnel] "A Vaurca tried to get rid of Easter's body. He has squashed a bug." is abundantly incriminating. Committing a murder on a canon event round where intelligence forces were present was extremely bold and high risk. And well, sometimes the risk pays off and sometimes it doesn't. You really rolled the dice on this, and if it weren't for that PDA message I would have felt you had sufficiently covered your tracks. Here are the issues I have with the procedure for how it was handled. Resi did not consult me or get definitive and explicit approval from an administrator before moving forward with this. I've been largely spotty in my availability since Christmas since the Christmas season was very hectic for me, I was very ill for a few days, and then after that illness I lost my computer for a few days. So this may be why Resi went to Kyres about it instead of myself, since at the time I was essentially deflecting all my responsibilities to my deputy. I'm also not a fan of how it took some weeks before a decision was made and the player was informed, though this was explained by attempting to work through taj team first before discovering Yahir was not a citizen. I still would have far more preferred if the wheels on that bus turned quicker, since I feel a few weeks was too much time to have determined those circumstances. I also would have liked, despite it possibly being out of their jurisdiction, if Lancer was consulted. Since I believe past murder cases (where the murderer had evidence and was arrested later or was caught in-round) went through CCIA. I don't remember the exact event or characters, but there is a precedent that someone who canonically murdered someone else was later ICly arrested on station by biesel authorities on suspicion of that murder. If it's up to me (I'm not sure if it is) I would uphold Yahir's arrest, though obviously he wouldn't just automatically be found guilty. I dunno how a court case would turn out, but it would take so long anyways assuming there wasn't a confession that it's functionally removing the character anyways, at least for a year, and if he confessed it would still mean removal. Does it suck? Well yes, but committing a canon murder carries exactly this risk with it. I'd really say don't kill someone on extended/during a canon event unless you're fully prepared for the possibility of losing your character. A lot of killers aren't exactly caught within moments of their crime anyhow, the fact that he wasn't discovered in round isn't entirely of consequence here. Both because we already have a precedent when the police boarded the station on extended and arrested someone for a canon murder they did in a different round and because being arrested some time later is usually what happens to murderers. On the subject of overruling the decision to make an exception for good roleplay: I'm unwilling to do this. If a character not everyone liked was in the same situation, should they get a pass? Just because people like Yahir and because Bear's roleplay was well received doesn't mean I can say the canonical murder was fine and the police totally let him off the hook. If George Melons the greytider did the same thing but roleplayed it in such a way where it was clear he wasn't griefing and it had to be handled ICly, I would have come to the same conclusion. The stakes for canon murder have to be high to make sure its both rare and sweet to pull off (I've heard tales before of people who have pulled it off). Just like a good roleplayer may be slapped with an IR rather than the modmin team for good roleplay where they did bad things, so too do I feel this is the appropriate consequence. If my superiors feel differently and would like to hand down a different ruling, I will defer to their judgement. However, due to my disagreements on procedure I am going to give a lore team warning to @resi based on the means utilized, even if I agree with the ends.
  12. Do you have a single fact to back that up?
  13. I guess you could say I'm *bored* of all the borer status updates!

  14. You have been accepted to SAMPLe as a standard member in Science Division under the Research and Development Department. Welcome to the League, Mr. Volvalaad.
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