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  1. Hey everyone! With our wiki development team down to just one person, we are looking to bring on board new wiki maintainers! If you're interested in contributing to the well being of our wiki and taking an active role in wiki maintenance, apply now!
  2. The biggest issue preventing me from accepting Sleepy in the past was very similar to why I'm always crying myself to sleep at night, and that is the fear of the fire burning out and being left once more. However Sleepy has been on the Unathi team in the past, has been very consistent with interest in Unathi lore and its development. We've also got a great essay, and with the recent appointment of Borya I think the two could work very well together to hash out Unathi-Dominian relations which seems to be a big point both here and in Canon's essay. Which says to me its probably a big point the community is looking for work on. It was a tough call since the competition was stiff here, but the popular support enjoyed here and among the lore writers was a deciding factor on what would have otherwise felt like a coin toss. Application accepted!
  3. I wanna start by saying the choice for Unathi dev wasn't an easy choice. Firstly your essay is ten pages long, and it is EXPANSIVE. You've thought about a lot of different aspects of Unathi lore, how you would handle them, and what exactly you would change and how you would do it. The last two pages with interviews are extremely rich in flavor and absolutely excite the imagination. You're clearly dedicated, creative, and committed. Fascinatingly, you propose Unathi Enclaves in Tau Ceti, which coincidentally happens to be on my agenda to add alien enclaves to Tau Ceti in general, which really does show we have a strong common ground here. Popularity certainly has not decided my selection process in the past, as I've absolutely selected new maintainers which raised eyebrows and earned my criticism in the past. The issue here is that your competitor has also written an essay that really stands out. While it isn't as expansive it still hits on a number of hot button issues and also flavor-fully excites the imagination, while also enjoying large amounts of popular feedback. I can't say for certain how well I think you would fit in the team, because the only posts in your thread are negative feedback, but I think you're cool and you're one of the first friends I made on this server. I'm sure you'd fit in. It was a close call, but I did decide to accept Sleepy, but I wanna really encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for any future openings, since having someone this passionate about the lore and writing would be an absolute pleasure to welcome to the team. tl;dr Application denied, but A++ work my dude, definitely try again later.
  4. The applicants for human maintainer and developer were many. The competition was fierce. Despite all the other contenders in this race, I have decided to accept this application. Congratulations!
  5. M O N G O L I A N  M O N D A Y

  6. As Skull said he was fully prepared to do it if species maintainers would provide him with fonts. At the time I was tajara developer and I know I failed to find one that wasnt just legible English written strangely. He did provide everyone with a website of free fonts to help though. Edit: this was circa 1 year ago
  7. Hello fellow lizardman of the galactic council. While we currently control all major banking and government institutions across the world, we're missing a head writer for our Unathi on our roleplaying server. Apply today by using the application format! In addition to the application, please include a novel writing of your choice which demonstrates and understanding of the various unathi factions and your plans going forward with unathi lore.
  8. Hello. fellow Humans. It is I. Hugh Mann1995. Yes. The central galactic bureau of liza- I mean, the Aurora lore team is now looking for a human lore developer! Please apply by using the application format and writing a piece of your choosing covering your plans for human lore. Your writing should demonstrate an understanding of the current human factions as they currently are, even if you intend on making changes. Happy applications!
  9. I can't believe you've done this.

  10. This would be cool as flip. It is kinda weird that to wash away all signs of a battle you just have to hop in the shower. This would add a few extra steps and I could really impress the ladies with some ripped jeans.
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      I saw the character's name once but forgot it, I have no sauce today

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      👀 It seems we've been beaten, retreat!

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      Back on the offensive! The best defense is a good offense.

  11. Kicking King outta the recent status updates for memes. Sorry king, the old king is dead long live the king.

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      Another name for the list, then 


  12. Add anime waifu gacha games to PDAs. Complete with microtransactions players can use their credits for.

  13. I love Emilia.

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      Shes 18 years old at the start of the story...

    3. BoryaTheSlayer
  14. Based on the conversation screenshots and logs with resi that came up during this complaint, I have decided to repeal the warning I gave to resilynn based on the following: Since it did not conclusively decide the fate of Yahir as a character, which is what I had thought Resilynn had done earlier in this complaint.
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