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  1. Human lore developer applications are now OPEN! I will be presiding over the human lore developer selection process. For the application format, please check the pinned thread here: In addition to the format, please include a creative work of some kind about humans in the setting of aurora. It could be an essay about a topic related to human lore, a proposed plot arc of news articles, or a suggested wiki page. The form is up to the applicants' discretion, please format your works in such a way as to represent your style as a writer and the ideas you want to bring with you, there is no minimum length requirement.
  2. Hmm today i will play SS13

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      are you sure about this

    2. Mofo1995
  3. You did great, thanks for the answer! I have decided that I feel your application is good, it's accepted.
  4. There's a lot of material about the history of what happened around Anastasia Artyom[ovna?] and the events surrounding her life, but I feel like personal details are missing. The bits about going off into the hills and selling scrap war material was a really good touch, as well as essentially becoming a serf farmer for her local ALA junta for some time. I do want to say that the events surrounding her life are lore abiding and flavorful, and I do like that she has a pretty sour opinion about the PRA and ALA, namely the fact that you infused actual convictions into your character, but I would like a sentence or two about her non-political likes and dislikes. As she was studying for Tau Ceti basic did she find enjoyment in reading? Does she feel that manual labor is for the birds? Did the progression of events strenghten/weaken any religious views? The farmers of her village were rounded up and shot, did this include her family? I get a feel implications about her character, namely that you say she wants to become a librarian possibly makes me think she likes literature, but I think a word or two on maybe her first time reading a book or maybe she did some creative writing that made her realize she likes literature, would severely strengthen her character and lend personality.
  5. I'll be ruling on this tomorrow.
  6. Just got back from Mass, wishing blessings on everyone this advent season!

  7. Mofo1995

    The Brothers Tsyrrkunov

    [WIP]Part Six: Winter in Khazan:
  8. Status updates are AMAZING.


  10. Mofo1995

    World AIDS Day 2015

    Wishing everyone a safe AIDS day 2018. Today we remember Loow, who was lost to HIV AIDS this past August. Rest in peace, old friend.
  11. Mofo1995

    Tajara Circle Jerk Thread

    Who is best girl? I think DPRA. For the prophet Nated!
  12. Mofo1995

    Tajara Circle Jerk Thread

    You might meme em, but you also play some of the best of em tbh
  13. Mofo1995

    Shifted Community?

    I just wanna say I played a few rounds yesterday, and I was kind of blown back. In my entire history of playing on the server, traitor antags have kind of never worked together and always fucked off to do their own thing. So when I spawned into the shift as a tator tot, I just kind of figured I was on my lonesome. But BOY was I in for a surprise. I went on a quest to assassinate every station pet as a means of destroying crew morale... uh... for the ALA. It was dumb and gimmicky and silly, but I was in for a genuine surprise. One by one I started bumping into people who flung the pass phrases at me and repeatedly broke me out of prison or got me off the hook for my crimes. Three times security took me in and every single time a NEW traitor I had never associated with before got me free and multiple times even got me my contraband back. NOIR the detective was a big key in this as he convinced everyone else that I couldn't have done my crimes for lack of material evidence, even though the CSI had strong evidence against me, and he even went as far as to bring me Lt. Columbo for slaughter, something I never could have done on my own. From there an assistant broke me out after communicating the code words with me while Noir solo'd all of security in the brig in an epic showdown, and as we tried to join the fray to break our comrade out when he was defeated, we too were taken. But then a security officer dropped the pass phrases and SAVED ME where we proceeded to loot the vault but fail to rescue our comrades. It was bizarre and excellent, the antag cohesion was strong and the roleplay, despite my abjectly stupid goals, was awesome. It had been so long since I had such a fun round, and the newer players associated with both trying to turn me in as well as helping me in my quest were acting with a degree of cooperation and role play the likes of which were always the exception and not the rule. The cherry on top was that I was playing a relatively new character who hasn't even seen ten rounds on station, and yet seemlessly they worked with me and invested their time to involve and interact with me in ways the old guard often failed to. In short, the fresh faces of the community are inclusive, fun, and breathing new life into the server.