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  1. Hey buddy I think you got the wrong pasture. The Jurchen clan is two fields down.
  2. tumblr_nxtotvP06m1uhpspjo1_1280.jpg.f3899cb1d77418d7bcff15043fc9dd04.jpg

    1. Zundy


      OOOOH BABY puts on fingers on mouth whistling HUMMINA HUMMINA HUMMINA eyes pops out aggresively looking at them OOOOOO WOOF WOOF WOOF AAAAAAAWOOOOOO heart pops up from chest MMMMM OOOOOOOO starts to drool on table OOOH BABY DOO jumps on my chair whistlingHUMMINA HUMMINA HUMMINA!!!!! tiny cupid shoots in my heart as i fall on the floor BABY BABY MMMMM... HONK HONK HONK starts to breathe heavily HUUU HUUU  starts to sweat GOD I CANT STOP!!!!! WOAH BABY!!!! howls like a wolf AWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOO YEEEEOOOOOWWWWZZAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! screams ontop of my lungs BA-ZOING heart pops out and starts dancing on the table WOOOAHHHH BABYYY!!!! YOU A BABY BABY WOOOOAHHHHHH MAMA !!!! starts biting my nails while sweating AWWOOO , BOIOIOIOING eyes pulls out like a slinky speaks in 1930s new york accent Now those are some Dames!

    2. Scheveningen


      Wait, it's not Mongolian Monday yet. You fucking fraud!

    3. Mofo1995


      @Zundy I simultaneously love and hate you.

  3. Move along, nothing to see here 👮‍♂️
  4. Screenshot_20200918-222457_Chrome.thumb.jpg.cf0123ce4837dad5f7f0cf0ce6010a0d.jpgGet a load of this gamer.

    1. Scheveningen


      already had enough of em

    2. Kryostro


      @Zelmana kinda be the best news outlet doe...


    Who is yours???

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    2. StationCrab


      Yes, agreed. One and three are amazing, two is a weird beast but still fun if you can get over some of the strange combat system decisions they made. It has a great story!

    3. Mofo1995


      Time to hop on the ol' amazon and find some cables for my old beat up ps2!

    4. Mofo1995


      Unfortunately after much digging, two issues have cropped up.

      I searched high, I searched low. Where my game is, I don't know. Man, my rhymes really blow. My sister borrowed the PS2 and some games for awhile when she initially went to college years ago, and though I thought all of it was repatriated, it seems I'm missing my copies of Xenosaga, Grand Theft Auto 3, and Metal Gear Solid 3. Which is a weird combination, but aight. Ultimately though, this may not have even mattered, since the disc tray on my console is jammed shut, and given the sorry state of my console, might be broken to begin with. Guess I gotta emulate D,:

      Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.


  6. Mofo1995


    Four is my second all time favorite for multiplayer behind only two. Don't @ me, shit was great and 3 SUCKS.
  7. Mofo1995


    Halo rocks haha
  8. It was decided that I should step down from clown lore to focus on loremaster and administrating the lore team. The team and our head devs felt that holding both positions at once cause me to put too much focus and too much bias on clown lore, and that I should find someone else. For instance, the controversial week long "Honk Heard Around the World" event arc last month raised a lot of complaints about clowns being too overpowered and their lore being too central and prominent to our server setting. It was a bold decision to reveal that all faction leaders were actually part of a secret clown cabal to control the galaxy for their own amusement, and that Miranda Trasen was actually a clown all along. I felt that it was really compelling conflict-inciting lore to have her reveal herself on station climbing out of a small clown shuttle with Hadii, Not'Zar, Jrugl, and Dorn all in clown makeup and the iconic outfits with squeaking shoes. I really felt a compelling narrative brewing when security had all their equipment replaced with water spraying flowers and bike horns to really drive it home for that week. But the server voiced their concerns and I have been forced to retcon it and take a step back from lore writing for it. I hope that my successor does it honor while still satisfying the needs of the community that I failed to meet.
  9. Honk honk, how do you so fellow clowns? Clown dev applications are open! In addition to the application format, please provide a novel writing such your favorite/least favorite parts of clown lore, a proposed news article, a proposed wiki page, or just an essay on your general thoughts and feelings on clown lore. Happy honking!
  10. I think this is a great idea. Since as it stands everyone has to either be a bit on the reserved side and can only really act out if they accept defeat and capture not just as a probable possibility, but as a certainty. I think it would encourage more boldness if theres at least a chance of a legitimate exit strategy. Kinda hard to roll with a narrative as a traitor of being a saboteur or spy or assassin if your only way out is straight to Odin. It really only leaves terrorist on the table for those who dont care about being apprehended, or really non invasive espionage for those who want to escape.
  11. What is your favorite lore arc to date? Either event arc or news article arc, or both if you have a favorite in each category!

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    2. Alberyk


      The sol alliance week is probably my favorite event arc.

    3. Aboshedab


      Agreed with Alb, the Sol Alliance invasion had hooks for every single character and clearly divided the crew as no one could tell what the future held. Not something that can be done very often due to the fact it was a military invasion.

      Though I did like the mystique and mystery of the Tajara events as they also had events occur on regular rounds, giving people a flavor of the events even if they cannot attend the actual scheduled events.

    4. Mofo1995


      I'm surprised how many responses this got! Yinz are awesome! Keep em comin if you see this and haven't pitched in yet. 

  12. Haha, what if I built my bed next to yours? Just kidding lol... unless? Nah just messin with ya xD But... nah just horsin around! Lmao still though....
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