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  1. Hello! Vaurca are probably my weakest section of lore these days, as last time I was acutely familiar with them was multiple rewrites ago. But I'll do my best. At the moment I only really have two issues that I take up with this application, maybe three. The first (and very iffy, on my part) one is that, I'm not immediately aware of a C'thur Zheng-Hu mix, and couldn't find it through a quick wiki search. Maybe it's a news article? It can be hard to keep track of sometimes. But C'thur are closely interlinked with Eridani and Skrell, and Eridani and Skrell are closely linked with Zheng-Hu,
  2. I've given this a good read and a good think, and I don't think Nienna has committed any misconduct here, at least based on my reading of these screenshots. While it is true that you had intended to file a complaint privately before Nienna filed their own publicly (evidenced by messaging me intending to before all these complaints were filed), it's worth noting Nienna had no private avenue to file a complaint about you, as community member conduct is outside of my jurisdiction. I'm not the best in the world at picking up subtleties, but I don't see much of anything that constitutes antagonism
  3. Just posting in to make clear that this complaint is still being investigated, however, I would like if @niennabcould respond in their own defense, as this complaint is being investigated separately from the other.
  4. What do you think about the direction of Aurora lore? Do you like it? If not, what direction would you take it in?


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    2. Cnaym


      More news, less arcs, more small events. Don't get me wrong everyone loves big important arcs, but I feel like something more casual on a bi weekly basis would be healthier.

      Also I am once more asking for IC news on the Phoenixport situation.

    3. Skull132



      More news, less arcs, more small events.

      Not sure how good of an idea this is. The event arcs have received a lot of positive impact, specially over the news and other things. While there are practical concerns, like the arcs being too high energy to run sustainably at a specific interval, I think we should continue to work with that formula instead.

    4. Mofo1995


      Wew, this got a lot more feedback then I was expecting. I'm definitely of the variety that wants... well... a ton of variety. Though that process is being slowed down in the near future in favor of depth for what is already present, before possibly pursuing more variety.

      I'm glad to hear that the shift away from complete NT-centrism is well received! I was actually really concerned about how well that would go over with everyone. 

  5. M O N G O L I A N  M O N D A Y ! ! !

  6. As it is currently my birthday, I request everyone pay tribute with a waifu on this status update. Thanks.

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    2. BoryaTheSlayer


      I'm so sorry I missed it mofo... Hope you had a good birthday. You are a great friend and you deserve happiness.

    3. witchbells


      happy birthday nerd


    4. Mofo1995


      Woah, y'all came in clutch. Good tastes, queens and kings. Thank you all!

  7. Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong door. The leather club is two status updates down.

    1. Zundy


      SE NO!!!!!





    2. Mofo1995


      Kawaii and yandere-pilled.


  8. There's something I really gotta get off my chest... I'm not Mongolian.

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    2. Mofo1995


      It either stands for mother or "Mor" depending on the reader. It's a family nickname by dropping a few letters off our surname 😛

    3. KingOfThePing


      and here I thought you couldn't get it off your throat..........................but I guess that explains it...

    4. Mofo1995
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