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  1. The Gods Have Blessed this War: A New Offensive! 16.04.2461 After months of mustering the forces of Mrraka'te'almalik Klyuchevksy recently arrived from Amohda, ominous omens were observed from palatial district of Kaltir. Seven Sham'tyr, one for each of the Ma’ta’ke gods, landed upon the southern side of the tallest tower of the palace. That night, a previously unseen constellation of seven stars formed in the shape of the iconic Amohdan swordsman blade, which aligned to be pointing at the Raskara moon at midnight. The next day a large group of newly arrived Ma’ta’ke priests appeared at the palace, and when granted an audience with the King, declared these omens blessed an offensive. They were interpreted to be symbolic of the traditional M’sai Swordsmen of the old island empire, and that their arrival now spelled certain victory for the Kingdom. While there was previously much debate among the Mrraka'te'almalikii and Parliament, debate about the offensive ceased when Field-Marshal Rrhazhal Zarkradar'Akhan, who has been on assisted living since the 2459 bombing, weighed on the matter. After spending months planning a new offensive, he announced that “Victory is certain, praise be to the Gods!” Afterwards, King Azunja voiced support, putting all debate to rest. Late last night, Imperial Dragoons sallied out under cover of darkness, sabotaging Republican artillery positions and using their lawbringers to destroy grounded aircraft and detonate large fuel reserves in motor pools. Several major radio and telegraphy stations were likewise overpowered and eliminated, crippling the coordination of the enemy army. A heavy price was paid as these detachments galloped hard upon their zhsramii throughout the night. Many of their mounts failed to maintain their strength and collapsed in the snow. Dismounted dragoons were left stranded in the midst of enemy search parties, where some made a valiant last stand and others were executed upon surrender. Early in the hours of this morning, whistles and sirens deafened the front line as officers stepped out of their trenches, waving handkerchiefs in the air, as the entire combined land forces of the Imperial Army rose from the trenches. The gallant tajara charged towards a creeping barrage of combined land and naval artillery which made a desolate wasteland of killing fields out of the Republican position, now undermanned after pulling away soldiers to handle offensives from the young Democratic People’s Republic of Adhomai. The first among our brave troops to reach the enemy positions were swift Amohdan swordsmen, clad in their ancestral armor, leaping into packed trenches of soldiers with assault rifles, and cutting them down with their blades. On other sections of the front line, Royal Grenadiers forced their way through tangled messes of barbed wire and mud to hurl firebombs into enemy positions, filling the air with a foul stench of burning death to accompany naked blood lust and gunpowder. With the shock troopers in the wire, the bulk of the Kingdom’s Mata’ke Rafama Mk. I tanks, kitted for clearing sections of barbed wire, began to clear paths with intermediate resistance where the infantry of the Imperial Army surged through and overwhelmed the enemy. The shock troops proved effective as masses of soldiers began to flee from their positions, only to be abruptly halted by returning Imperial Dragoon Alam’ardii reinforced by the elite marines of Mrraka'te'almalik Marrmeladov which landed south of their positions hours earlier. The battle hardened front line men of the “Grand Peoples Army,” who for over a decade waged grueling attrition warfare against our brave tajara, began to surrender in masses. Hasty prisoner camps were fashioned by engineers to detain the masses until supplies for a march back to more proper detention facilities near Miran’mir naval base could be completed, There they will be shipped to the Democratic People’s Republic of Adhomai who were given permission to take custody of the prisoners due to their abundance of facilities on Das’nrra under the strict condition that they are treated humanely. While the hardened front line forces of the People’s Republic were swiftly defeated, the Democratic People’s Republic of Adhomai was quick to forward information obtained by their elite Ho’tak Commandos to Imperial Command. Reserve divisions from Baltor and Olska are advancing northward to reinforce the Dymtris Front, and to meet our mighty armies head on. The fate and future of the Kingdom lies ahead, as it is our sacred and gods given duty to liberate as many of the oppressed tajara as possible from their decades of suffering under the incompetent Hadii regime, and the disastrous experiments of communism which have plagued Adhomai for generations. Though the scar and stain of suffering caused by those greedy for only power will never be healed from the collective conscience of all tajara, the armies of the New Kingdom are the sword of justice which will triumph over ultimate evil and restore peace and happiness for all Adhomai. For the glory and honor of the King, Gods bless our troops!
  2. If anyone is in the diocese of Pittsburgh, my baptism will be at 8:30 on 4-20 at St. Paul's Cathedral. Consider coming!

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      I really wouldn't recommend revealing this sort of information so readily on the internet.

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      also I was joking please do not feel sad, weeb jokes are just second nature on the internet.

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      I'm nowhere near Pittsburgh but I hope things are as good as they can be.

  3. I will be waiting for JMJ's response before providing any input.
  4. Personally I'm not a fan. I think Skull's bad idea is probably the best proposed alternative there is so far. But IAA is my favorite role on station. The reason it's my favorite is because I really don't have a lot of mechanics or hard responsibilities to worry about. I'm not in command of anyone, I have no command authority, I can't force anyone to do pretty much anything. All I can do is my favorite thing to do, go around and talk to people. I don't have to worry about commanding cargo to do this or that, I don't have to worry about bossing the kitchen around, and I don't have to worry about altering IDs. I can just advise security and command on procedure, let them know when I think what they're doing is a bad idea, politely ask heads of staff to do things, and hear complaints and advocate for crew like a lawyer of sorts. I love this! It's perfect for me. But, the sad truth is that I don't play very often, usually about once or twice a week. And with the Adhomai server going I play even less. My IAA isn't always present and sometimes I feel like playing another character or another job, so it's even less present when it's in competition for my other character slots. A lot of people say things like the IAA is under-powered or useless, but it's an absolutely powerful role to play when you're, well, role-playing. It's like an entire role dedicated to the social nature of the game that is so endearing to me. I don't have a gun and don't have to worry about responding to security situations, but I get to hear about them and advise security when I think they're in the wrong. I'm not a medical professional and don't have to worry about prescriptions or diagnoses, but people come to me feeling safe and confident with their problems that I will advocate for their causes. Command doesn't need me to uphold their authority in any way, but they always involve me and ask for my advice and opinions because they trust in me and value my input. It's like this perfect bridge between civilian and security, crew and command. This perfect sweetspot middleground where I get every slice of the station experience and am trusted from all sides without these divisions of roles which tend to cause tension. And because of this strange position of being the perfect intermediary, despite having no command authority of my own, the advice I usually give is taken. The disputes between people I settle is usually universally accepted by both plaintiff and defendant, and settled. I guess what I mean to say is that all I ever hear about is that IAA is useless and not respected, yet the reality is that everytime I play it I feel like I'm uplifted as highly respected and valued by everyone.
  5. I will be making my final decision tonight when I get home from work.
  6. TO: Fernando Gonazels, Chief Medical Officer, NSS Aurora FROM: CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to CCIABS Ruslan Gregorovich (Mofo1995). You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions. -------------------- DTG: 09-14:56-TAU CETI STANDARD-04-2461 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  7. There's some discrepancies with this application. Mostly with how its timeline of events doesn't seem to match up with the Tajara page. It says he grew up in constant war between the ALA and PRA, and seems to refer to the assassination of Al'Mari as something that happened during the war. But if we go by the dates on the Tajara wiki main page, your character was born in peacetime, al'mari's assassination didn't happen until your character was 17, and the war broke out shortly afterwards. Once these points are addressed I will make my decision.
  8. I'm planning to review this Sunday 4-7-19. If for some reason it has to wait until Monday, I will notify you.
  9. Deliberately replacing arms with prosthesis is... REALLY WEIRD. I'll take the impression I should get from this is that Zalqash Qu’ux is fanatically proud of their work. Feedback is all positive, and otherwise, and even including that bit of weirdness I would say it passes the bar for entry. Application accepted.
  10. I easily think the biggest problem with Nursie in the past wasn't so much attitude at it was inactivity. For months now I've seen consistent activity and every time I log onto the server, she's always in the who list or talking in OOC. With that in mind, I would say the application has my support, good personality. Firm yet not too strict, and now consistently active.
  11. Trial starting 3 April 2019, running for 30 days or two IRs, whichever takes longer. @Soultheif96
  12. Hello, Nursie has asked me to take over skrell species applications until a maintainer is hired. Jackboot came back from vacation today, so unless he has any concerns with it, I will be reviewing this application tomorrow.
  13. Sorry for the delay, I know you DM'd me about this, but I had church tonight and also maybe got caught up playing Adhomai server a bit. My schedule once I get home from work tomorrow is wide open though and I absolutely will be judging our application tomorrow when I get home from work.
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