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  1. Hello! As your notes section say, I'm going to need more story than this. Try to incorporate more elements from the IPC wiki pages into your application so that you can really demonstrate to me that you understand the lore. Give me more story about Impulse as a character, situations it may have been put through, people it may have encountered, more life to it. I'll give you a three day extension before I come back and make a final decision.
  2. Sorry for the delay! And for the staffing issues. Matt has always delivered consistent and quality roleplay. The application reminds me of my own, but admittedly with a bit less personality and less emotional charge. Though the difference being that my own was built for the service industry whereas Walter here was built for manual labor and crate pushing, as you put it. So in some ways I echo Lantern's concerns but I think your responses properly justify it. The concept of a simulacrum of man rather than a direct and perfect imitation is very difficult to properly land, but it's absolutely the gold standard synth players should strive for, and I have full confidence that you're capable of it. Application accepted.
  3. There's a lot of good feedback here, a lot of people cheering you on in the sidelines as well. Given that you're the only remaining member of vaurca team and the only applicant, I've decided to accept your application. Congratulations on the promotion!
  4. With the recent resignation of the synthetic lore development team, synth lore dev applications are now open! Come grease your gears and apply by writing an essay of your choosing on any subject of synth lore.
  5. Thanks, I have old family photos of my dad wearing it when I was a kid and I just sorta took it as a handmedown.
  7. This application is being closed, as currently the skrell team is fully staffed. Thank you for your interest, and keep your eyes peeled for openings in the future! 🐸
  8. I've spent the past two days writing a comprehensive list of rules, regulations, and procedures for the lore team. M A D M A N.

  9. Brave Heroes Make the Ultimate Sacrifice The glorious advance of liberation has been halted by the insurmountable defense of alien interlopers. On all fronts of the Rasn'rr continent, the offensives of our brave armies have been stopped. The pitiful counterattack of the Republican Army has been squashed by our superior armies, and the fate of Adhomai lies in the balance of the new stalemate. There are those, whoever, who despite overwhelming odds spit in the face of danger and let their courage carry the brightly burning torch of liberty. Revolutionaries and tajaran patriots trapped behind lines in the Republic carry on the fight from their homes and in the streets. Partisans have bravely protested the tyrannical Hadii regime, risking their own lives just to voice their disapproval of the People's Republic. As the Hadii regime has cracked down on these protests with martial law, protests have turned to riots. Police stations were raided and set alight, and military garrisons in the cities have come under attack from those whom they oppress. The alien invaders who insult tajaran soil with their very walking on our planet have become the favored targets of resistance fighters who do not wish to spill the blood of fellow tajara. The various military checkpoints they have set up around NanoTrasen facilities and businesses which support NanoTrasen have come under attack. Brave fighters ambush their daily patrols and are often slayed to the last tajara. In one case, resistance fighters won a great victory when a remote controlled van loaded with explosives drove to one such checkpoint. As they poured gunfire onto the van, it slammed into the checkpoint gate and detonated, striking terror into the hearts of the alien forces all across Adhomai. Resistance cells throughout the people's republic with the help of Ho'tak commandos have aided in the smuggling of elite Das'nrra marksmen into the People's Republic. Over 500 officers and regional low level politicians have since been assassinated by sniping, both by the elite marksmen and resistance fighters. Especially coveted targets by the brave marksmen are party commissars and the soldiers of the S'rand'marr Coalition. Marksmen who are captured by the enemy make the ultimate sacrifice, as all who have gone missing in action have never been heard of again. Fear and terror grips the heart of the tyrannical regime, as no longer are they safe to oppress and subjugate the tajaran people at will and without consequences, as the butchers of thousands are now brought to face their own mortality. Just as marksmen have proven invaluable in bringing terror to the enemy, detachments of Zhan combat miners have also crossed the front lines in the aid of resistance to evil. Lengthy tunnel networks worm their way around areas with large resistance cells, helping freedom fighters to travel quickly and discreetly between safe houses and battles. Long tunnels make the daring stretch under Republican Army positions and help to ferry arms and supplies to the revolutionaries. A vast underground campaign is waged as "counter terror" units such as the Tesla Brigade and the Republican Guard raid tunnels and safehouses and kill all who resist. Booby traps fill in rebel strongholds, with some safe houses rigged to self-destruct when overrun. This has been used to great effect, as entire units of attacking Republicans have been consumed in the dynamite of the combat miners. So far this has been the only successful method of killing Tesla Brigadiers available to the resistance. The stalemate continues on as both we and them dig in at the stagnant front lines. This new paradigm carries with it that the only hope of victory is to break the resolve to fight of our enemies. We must carry on and continue the good fight or the noble sacrifices of countless tajara, even those of the first revolution, will have been completely in vain. We must carry on this good fight no matter the cost to avenge the past decade of tajaran suffering inflicted by Malik Hadii and his crooked cronies. One day the Steeple will be rebuilt from its rubble, not by the tyrannical Hadiis but by a new free Adhomai. And rather than standing as a symbol of oppression to all Tajara, it will be rebuilt, like all tajara, as a symbol of freedom and dogged resistance to oppression in all forms. No matter the odds and no matter the cost, so long as there is one tajara standing, the cries of freedom and self determination will be on his lips.
  10. Since I've been pinged and was present for the conversation, I suppose I have to chime in. Yes, I also found the comment about Jesus to be offensive. While any time in my life before a year ago I wouldn't have cared, my journey into the Catholic Church and consequent baptism have made me far more consciously aware of my faith and sensitive about it. On a daily basis I'm fighting my sins and trying to be a better Christian- and usually failing, almost always due to my weeaboo nature, but still trying. The statement, is of course, blasphemous. But this isn't a Catholic server. I felt that the previous statement- talking about Christ's love and forgiveness of a prostitute woman- in the context of discussing if we should have prostitution lore and combined with earlier comments about legalizing and unionizing sex work, to be heretical. Ever since my conversion, I find pretty much every blasphemous statement offensive, including the usage of the lord's name in cursing and in vain in general. But, it's not like we should do anything about it. The community is fundamentally secular in nature, and considering majority of life in general is secular and filled with many such cases of blasphemy and heresy, it doesn't really get under my skin even if I find it offensive. In short, yeah I definitely wasn't a fan of the statement or the statements before it, but I forgive everyone involved. Ultimately my job as loremaster isn't to make the server holier (though I pray for the server, it's community, and my lore team at every sunday mass) but to make it funner, and I don't think it would be good form to crack down on others for being insensitive of my faith. Especially with understanding the privilege I benefit from with belonging to the biggest, richest, most powerful church as opposed to smaller or more discriminated against faiths. That's just my part in the complaint though, I don't think anyone should be condemned on behalf of the offences I took, and I don't want people to tip toe about what they say around me for my sake. Especially because I already enjoy playful theology-based banter with people from other faiths within this community, so while I'm a hypocrite in many ways, I don't wanna be that guy who dishes it out but can't take it.
  11. No one uses guillotines anymore.

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      > Looks into #political_thunderdome

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  12. With my promotion to Interim Loremaster, the Tajara developer position has an opening! In addition to the application format, please provide a novel writing of your choice on any subject of tajara lore. Happy applying!
  13. I wonder if comic sans shows up in the recent updates feed.

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  14. I will personally suplex you if you EVER think you can get away with complaining about me again.
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