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  1. I turned myself into a loremaster, Morty! I'm loremaster Riiiiiiiiick! Hahahhahaa *buuuuuuurrrrrrp* hahaha!

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      He turned himself into a loremaster, it was the funniest shit I'd ever seen!

  2. I have aids haha

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      Words such as these were last spoken by a very specific figure or two. Do you intend to repeat their fate?

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      Zundy a confirmed alt of halorocks.

  3. Timeframe of Applications An ideal whitelist is posted, gains feedback, and a decision is made on the 3rd day (Within 72 hours) of its posting by its appropriate species overseer. There is no required amount of feedback; it can help the overseer make a decision but feedback isn't an inherent necessity to an app's ultimate fate. A lack of feedback means that the application is determined by the sole merit of the OP, unless a loredev themselves asks questions ofc. There is technically no minimum waiting period for race whitelists but it is extremely unusual for an application to be accepted before at least 48 hours have passed and usually never happens. If an application has sat without loredev comment or decision after 4 days you are encouraged to PM Mofo1995, the Loremaster, with a link to your species application with a comment that it's been 4 days since it was originally posted. If it slips his mind or he forgets. Just keep PM'ing Mofo1995; one PM per day with a reminder over sitting applications is totally acceptable! You can also remind Mofo on Discord. Rule Update #1 All applicants are required to have a played character on the Aurora associated with their Ckey before posting an application. It is expected that you have some playtime on the Aurora at least a little bit before you apply. If you have no characters associated with your Ckey then your application will be declined. If you have no characters but lie about it, or otherwise falsify information, your application will be immediately rejected. If we find out after giving you the application then it will be immediately revoked. In both cases I will leave it completely up to the race overseer in question for when and how they'll allow you to reapply. Rule Update #2 All applications must be made with connection to the whitelisted species lore. Part of the purpose of a whitelist application is to demonstrate that you have sufficient understanding and knowledge of the lore for the alien race you are applying to play as. Sidestepping major themes in a whitelisted race's lore suggests that it was not studied or not understood by the applicant.
  4. I'm just a pooooooooor booooooooy frooooom a pooooor faaaaamiilyyyyyyy.

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      poooooooooooooooooooo boooooooooooooy haha poo

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      He took the midnight train going AAAANYWHEEEERE

  5. For the love of god help me with all these servers lmao. I think it's off to a great start and it's a very pleasant change. Less servers for me to click through and read and all in one centralized location.
  6. Since lore team was brought up, albeit in passing mention, I would like to mention that there is a lore team rules and regulations with code of conduct that every new lore member is made to read when they join. I can post it publicly if anyone is interested.
  7. Given the overwhelming support in this thread, and that I've sat on my hands for a month and nearly two weeks now, I've decided to accept this application. Congratulations!
  8. To bring this back around, since I do not think it's an inherently bad idea, I am interested in possibly implementing this or something like it. The biggest question I have is how big would a retcon have to be to warrant the one week trial period? The vast majority of retcons are unintentional in nature and even during my tenure as tajara dev certain bits of lore passed my notice in various places and were accidentally retconned. Should a single sentence change on the wiki count or would it have to be a substantial change, and if so, how substantial? Not rhetorical questions, genuinely interested on working this out.
  9. Given how old this policy suggestion is, and given how long IPC heads of staff have been around, I have decided against this course of action for our lore.
  10. I think you all know what day it is...

  11. 🏇🏹🎪

  12. I just want it to be Mongolian Monday :,(

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      энэ найзаа шалгаж үз


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      It's time.




  15. Anime is for nerds.  But... good nerds.

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