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  1. A few weeks back I was at my store working when a customer told me he was tired. He told me that he was "the kind of tired that sleep doesn't fix." I told him I was too, and we went back and forth griping about our daily lives. At a certain point in the conversation, I leaned forward on my counter. Catching his attention, I said, "You know what I'll never get tired of though?"
    "What?" He asked, genuinely interested. 
    "I'll never get tired of the great great deals here at [company name]." We both laughed, and by all audible appearances it was genuine laughter the likes of which people usually give bemusing and corny jokes. But I felt something shift, something changed. We both laughed but we were both worse off for the joke. Emotional trust and genuine expression of emotion was cheaply sold for a grimy advert. As if a lover stopped you in the middle of the night to advertise Cheeri-o's, as if a friend on their deathbed used their last words to shill for Ritz crackers. In a way, I felt like I sold my soul.

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      @Lmwevil Its highly unusual, at least from my experience, for store employees to advertise or upsell anything at all. I'm a bit different in the sense that I'm very aggressive about encouraging customers to buy more. So like, it was a corny joke, but also genuine advertisement. I use a lot of rehearsed "advert-jokes" that paint myself as a greedy merchant trying to take their money. It usually catches them completely off guard and, surprisingly, works to get customers to buy more. My overall act that I put on is as a very bubbly, cheery and energetic fella, so I think the sudden cynicism gives them whiplash and effectively applies pressure, especially when they aren't regulars.

  2. Likewise, apologies that my input so far has been very defensive in nature. (Post script: I do think the following is also fairly defensive, but I've actively worked to keep it as non-confrontational as possible. Also, sorry about all the comma splicing and run-on sentences.) I don't have anything else to add about the skrell writer application, every single possible factor about my motivations and justifications regarding it has already been as elaborated on as I possibly could, and I sincerely don't believe I could have gathered any more information before making my decision without knowing the right questions to ask and who to ask them to. And I feel as though I couldn't have known those right questions to ask and who to ask them to without having already an idea of the answer. Particularly, I'm referring to the correspondence you had with Cael in DMs. Since in that case I would have had to of suspected Cael of tomfoolery and then either accused them of it and demanded they fork over the correspondence that I didn't know was going on, or suspected them and then approached you for it. The result being that, I don't think there's anything I could've done differently other than pick you on the same set of facts and opinions that led me to pick Ryver instead. Maybe that's a false dichotomy and I'm not thinking outside of the box, but I really don't feel it was misconduct on my part (though it's not for me to judge), and I certainly intended no malice. Now that I know, what specifically, you want more clarification on, I'll let you in on the circumstances of your original deputy application denial. But first I want to stress a few things. The first thing I want to stress is that as far as I'm aware right now, you did absolutely nothing wrong. The second thing I want to stress is that the following is not intended to detract from your character. And the third thing I want to stress is the background of the situation in lore team back in spring of 2021, which I'll launch into now. Back around late winter/early spring of 2021, there was a massive influx of complaints coming in about lore staff conduct. I think around the time of your skrell deputy application, I was handling about 6 complaints at the same time. I would have to dig back through discord chat logs to actually know precisely now what was back then though. It was extremely hectic and stressful, and probably one of the most dramatic periods of my tenure as lore master so far. When you submitted your application, Cael liked it and approached me and told me they wanted to bring you on board. But there was a snag. Someone brought to my attention that you were in a private discord, and alleged that there was a lot of bad mouthing people on the lore team going on in it, and produced some screenshot about a group of people planning to brigade in favor of another for something or another. But nowhere was there like, direct evidence of you actually doing anything wrong. All the same, it made me suspicious, and given the chaotic climate of the team at the time, I was in a state of mind where I felt an overabundance of caution was in order. I thought on it for like, a week or two with Cael occasionally checking in to see if they could bring you on, and I decided to err on the side of caution and vetoed your application. Cael asked if, after 3 months and no further issues, you could reapply and get brought on board. I agreed to it, and the rest is history as already thoroughly described in my previous post and essay. At that point the ball was out of my court, and after 3 months there most certainly was nothing new beyond those original suspicions, which were thoroughly dispelled after nothing new happened. I'm not 100% sure why Cael closed deputy applications entirely. I thought the idea was to hold that slot for you and then reopen them and bring you on board, since Mono was occupying the other deputy slot at the time. But as I already described, I wasn't really actively thinking about skrell deputy applications in any capacity and didn't think much of it. As far as transparency goes, I think I largely left it up to Cael on how to communicate it to you. If I'm wrong on that though, they're free to drop in and call me out. I've never dropped in on a vetoed application (something I think has only happened maybe 4-5 times in the past two years, I didn't keep count) and announced that they were shut down, or otherwise publicized it. At least outside of the lore team itself. I think it would be a bad practice to do, because it would introduce an element of shame into the already disheartening sensation of being denied. Whereas a denial post on an application can be fairly delicate and courteous, there really isn't a positive way to say "Not only have I declined your application, but I went out of my way to decline it." In every other case where a veto was exercised, some of the few vetoes that happened being repeat applicants, it was because the person had a very bad reputation with big problems. In your case, dropping in and announcing, or even me personally going and telling you that I vetoed your application wouldn't have been ideal. For one, I was wide open and receptive to the possibility of three months going by without incident and then you coming aboard the team. And for two, acting under the assumption that in three months deputy apps were gonna reopen, letting you down hard could've discouraged you from reapplying. And lastly, three, alerting you to the concept that you were being checked for potential bad behavior along with the the exact time frame of when that check was going on would skew the results and not provided helpful information, assuming it didn't outright discourage you as per point two. If applications had opened in May/June according to the original plan, none of this would've happened. I think you would've come aboard as deputy, and then being deputy for some months at the time of Cael's resignation to focus on deputy lore master, would've been my obvious choice for skrell writer. And being skrell writer, would've probably opened deputy applications and brought on Ryver, who probably would've applied. It would've been a great meta-narrative of suspicion turning into the meteoric rise of a talented writer and an absolutely stacked skrell team. But that's all speculation on a present that doesn't exist, and the pains of the opportunity cost aren't lost on me. I don't mean to throw Cael under the bus by any of this. Kyres' resignation from deputy lore master was very sudden and this is but one of many things that suffered from the fallout of the event. Cael had their reasons which they outlined in their posts, and while I see where they're coming from, I still feel that I personally would've handled it differently. My approach would've been to bring on an heir as deputy and use the intervening time to bring them up to speed before resigning to ensure a smooth transition. I never really considered the "fresh start" angle, since I think the advantage deputies get for writing position applications is high enough that a non-lore team applicant would have to have an absurdly better application than a deputy to be seriously considered for the position. This latest application round wasn't nearly that dramatic in qualitative difference. While I think it would've been grand if everything went according to that original plan, I hadn't the authority to force it to go that way. Cael was well within their rights as a lore writer to pursue their fresh start idea and bring us to the situation where we had all non-deputy applicants. Assuming no foul play, it would be a competition on equal footing. I say assuming no foul play because, hey, every other time I've included "assume" and Cael in the same sentence in this thread so far, it's been assuming the worst of them. May as well assume for the sake of argument something good intentioned of them at least once. [Post-Script: Along with anything else that comes out of all of this, any lore dev who might be reading this present or future, take this as a case to learn from about the importance of utilizing the deputy-heir system.] So now, that is the entire and conclusive story of my involvement in your first application, to be combined with my previous posts about your second application, to now provide the comprehensive story of my everything to do with you in my life so far. If you need clarification on any of that, let me know.
  3. All right, I'm home. I'm going to begin with some background from the lore team rules and regulations, namely about the deputy appointing and applications process. Lastly, I would like to include the essay I wrote regarding why I chose Ryver over Hugh. It comprehensively covers the entirety of my reasons, based on the information available to me at the time of my selection for the skrell lore writer. CutMySliceIntoPizzasThisIsMyLastResort.txt With that background out of the way, I have a disclaimer to make. Although all my actions have been within the confines of the lore team rules and regulations, I understand that does not mean that they are all within proper staff conduct as well. I do not believe I am guilty of any misconduct, but all the same, I do want to make clear that I recognize the supremacy of server rules over lore team rules. With all of that out of the way, I'm not entirely certain what I'm being charged with. Or even slightly certain, really. All I can make out for 100% sure is that I've allegedly committed an act or acts of staff misconduct. I will answer, however, whichever points I believe I have understood correctly. Point 1: "Understanding of how two writers working in conjunction managed to go three months without clearing up what was a simple communication error is beyond me." There is enough space on the lore team for up to 23 lore staff. There are seven different departments, each can have one writer and up to two deputies, and then the lore master and deputy lore master, assuming the deputy lore master is not concurrently serving as a lore writer too. The lore team generally hovers around 20 members at any given time. Each having their own needs, each making proposals, asking questions, filing complaints, or even just casually talking to me. At no point later on did the subject of skrell lore deputy applications ever come up (that I can remember), and this summer saw a lot of turbulence as I had to go through the new deputy lore master process and a very contentious IPC writer application process. Skrell deputies were very far from my mind in terms of priority. I'm going to lead into point 2 to continue. Point 2: "Those three months came and went without a word of elaboration from Mofo or Cael, and in contrast to what I was told in DMs, the slot was never re-opened and that chance to have another go at applying for skrell deputy never came. I was offered no further information on the subject until earlier this month, a whopping seven months after my initial deputy application, when I was contacted by Mofo with the following. (4)" As the lore team rules and regulations outlined above earlier, the right to open deputy applications and to select a deputy is reserved to lore writers. The entirety of my jurisdiction on it is the power to veto applicants who I do not believe would be a good fit or have other concerns about. This is where the miscommunication came in, as Cael was under the impression that they needed my approval to open apps. For my part, I didn't really think anything of it since I just figured Cael would open applications whenever they were ready. And if they didn't, they were well within their rights to not bring on deputies. My apology to you still stands, but I was certainly under the impression myself that if Cael knew they could unilaterally open deputy applications during their skrell tenure, that they would've. I'm actually surprised that they've said otherwise here. It's not the approach I would have taken in the same situation, but they were still within their rights to not open deputy applications. I bring all of this up to highlight that, firstly, I do not have the power to force deputy applications to open, and secondly, it's outside of my jurisdiction to track down and contact potential deputies to staff the team with. Had I contacted you and told you to apply or anything along those lines, I would've been writing checks that I wouldn't be able to cash. My advocacy on a deputy application would surely be weighty, but I wouldn't be able to guarantee anything. Point 3: "However, frustration remains within reach given that a major reason for my denial, as cited by both Cael and Mofo, was a lack of lore written and put to the forums. I can't help but wonder whether or not a lack of lore written would have been such a big issue had what I wrote left my DMs with Cael at any point or if my prior attempts at seeking a lore writing position hadn't been stymied over a communications error." All of the information I had available to me at the time of my selection is already outlined in the essay I wrote about my selection. I was completely oblivious to the conversations you might have been having with Cael behind the scenes. I have not read the logs Cael posted, namely because it's a broken link with a blank page for me, but there's really no way I could've known about it unless if you or Cael had told me. I understand if the implication here is if the feedback Cael provided to me was dishonest or deceitful. But assuming that is true, I'm left wondering why I'm being accused of misconduct and egregiously mishandling your application. Continuing on the assumption that Cael was deceitful and misrepresentative to me, there was absolutely no reason up to that point for me to suspect them of being untrustworthy. There was no smoking gun to cause me to respond to their feedback with accusations of lying to me. Even if we suppose all of that, and that Cael is a no good rootin tootin lyin scurvy dog, there's still the facts highlighted in my essay that 1.) I already felt I preferred Ryver even before I got Cael's feedback on it and 2.) I felt the content of Ryver's application thread had more potential and more engaging ideas for lore that I thought would wind up all around better. So even if it came to light that you submitted lore to Cael in DMs and had discussions, it still might not have tipped the scales. It's hard to say for sure, since at this point we're working in what-if scenarios and hypotheticals. I'm not going to dig into Ryver's performance at all though, since those justifications would be retroactive. Ultimately, you were not eternally denied entry onto the team or barred from the team. Had you decided to continue as a deputy application, though I don't have the power to accept the deputy application myself, I believe you surely would've had it. I wholeheartedly endorsed and supported it personally along with a lot of other great people. I clearly wanted you on the team even though I felt another applicant was a better choice for the writer. However, you chose not to. And while I thought I understood that perfectly fine, when you then filed this staff complaint, (which I think is alleging that you've been unfairly kept off the team?) I'm a bit at a loss. The door was as wide open as it could've been, and I did my best to unroll the red carpet as neatly as I could've, but the VIP was a no show. Although the question posed to you was in a hypothetical denying an applicant due to lack of skill, something which I believe you certainly are not lacking, I close with the following quote to surmise my position on the allegations of egregious misconduct regarding your skrell writer application. "Applying for a position at all is inviting the possibility of denial, hopefully this is something that my Skrell-enthused friend would understand."
  4. I'm at work at the moment, but will reply when I get home. ETA 5-6 hours.
  5. I think Faye's really cool, and fun to talk to. Of their characters, I've only really interacted with Yhara, but they've been consistently an interesting and engaging character to roleplay with. OOCly, they're a reasonable and amicable person who are open to discussions. Their answers to many of the application questions inspire confidence, and I believe they have both a good vision for prudent moderation and the qualities necessary for it.
  6. Thanks for all the guidance you've given me so far. Gonna miss you and your level, yet skull shaped, head.
  7. LORE DIARY ENTRY #7 This is a lore diary entry for AUGUST 2021. See below for changes to lore in this month! Major changes in the spoiler below! There's 8 Vaurca entries, 2 Human entries, and 1 Unathi entry. Medium-sized, niche changes in the spoiler below! There's 2 Vaurca entries, and 4 Tajaran entries. Small additional fluff in the spoiler below! There's 5 Vaurca entries, and 3 Tajaran entires.
  8. This application is fairly strong, not only in support but also in the clear vision demonstrated in both of your essays. I love your ideas for de-insulating skrell from international diplomacy. Your plans really feel to me that they harken back to the skrell dev that was around years ago and a great friend of mine, though his failure in execution ultimately arose out of the webs of plans being impenetrable in their subtleties. Your responses throughout the thread also show a great sophistication of thought, and you're a very active player on top of it. I have decided to choose your competitor, however, I would like to extend the offer that this application remain opened and rebranded as a deputy application for the incoming dev to consider. I would be delighted to have you aboard the team, and if you choose to make this a deputy application, I'd be happy if this post could also be considered a +1 from me.
  9. Hello! After a few weeks of consideration, I've decided to accept this application. I'm going to be honest with some constructive criticism that your application essay is fairly weak, and that I wish it showed the consideration and clarity that your posts throughout the application thread have shown! However, you also applied very shortly after applications opened, and fortunately your vision and creative ideas came through very well in your posts. Cael, the former skrell dev and my current deputy, spoke very highly of you and there is great appreciation regarding your involvement and contributions to skrell lore as a player. I look forward to working with you. Welcome aboard!
  10. I think I'm all right with Biesel retaining its current national name. Though it has metamorphized from a solar-state to an interstellar republic, it is ultimately centered around Biesel. I am really flattered by what Carver had to input though, and it's a fresh perspective I don't think I've ever really considered. I've always felt and concerned myself that Biesel and the republic were underdeveloped as cultural locations outside of Mendell City, but recently the team as a whole did a great job expanding it imo. There are a lot of issues that could warrant some thought though, such as how all the new additions are represented in Biesel politics. Has the government grown dramatically in representatives? Or have local representatives been shaved away to make way for all the new disparate additions? It could be interesting to explore as a gradual IC development, though I wonder how much stomach the playerbase might have for... y'know... political lore.
  11. Generally speaking, I want to avoid major retcons. Especially in a sense where they may affect large amounts of the player base. At least I want to avoid them unless it's necessary. I'm fairly ambivalent about cloning. One of my oldie characters (now retired from play) was cloned a few times and it was a fairly novel and fun experience to roleplay out the scenario of questioning if he was still himself or an imposter, and helped me wrangle with my own sense of imposter syndrome. I thought that was powerful and dynamic interplay between lore and roleplay. But at the same time, it really does cheapen death and the experience of it, and leaves every single major death to have to answer the fundamental "why weren't they cloned?" question. It is fairly stressful to have to write around that hurdle 100% of the time for the sake of more compelling writing, and obviously majority (speculatively, on my part, maybe not as much as I feel like) of the time the consideration is eschewed entirely to pretend that cloning wasn't even an option or doesn't exist. If a very large vocal population demanded its complete removal doggedly over a decent amount of time, I'd probably give in eventually. Though for now, I think I want to maintain status quo.
  12. I'm not the best at diona lore, and have some catching up to do before I can really say on this application. You seem to have a good and chipper attitude and a genuine interest! But the application itself is fairly barebones on Endless. Theres a lot about the Tyranical Tune type and cold wilderness, but not a lot about who the character really is. I don't really feel a sense of who the character is, so much as how they transfer nymph power and drink blood. I'm also a bit puzzled by the sentence about human-like life, and wouldn't mind clarification, or also, possibly, how they were made on Adhomai and how that factors into their life.
  13. With Cael's resignation to focus on Loremaster Deputy-ship, skrell dev apps are now open! In addition to the standard application format, please include a brief essay on your thoughts about the current state of Skrell lore, and what your plans for it would be. Show that you can be the hippity hoppist frog in the pond, and Grand Councilor of Skrell lore 🐸 Happy applying!
  14. The king on the mountain, after banning everyone from the slopes. Only one may remain in the end...


    1. Butterrobber202


      Now only Tajara Lore remains.

    2. Caelphon



      I usurped Alb's throne, on Mongolian Monday o7 

  15. LORE DIARY ENTRY #6 This is a lore diary entry for JULY 2021. See below for changes to lore in this month! Major changes in the spoiler below! There's none this time! Tune in later! Medium-sized, niche changes in the spoiler below! There's 3 Skrell Entries, 1 Tajaran Entry, 1 Vaurca Entry, and 2 IPC entries. Small additional fluff in the spoiler below! There's 2 Tajaran Entries, 1 IPC Entry, 1 Skrell Entry, and 1 Vaurca Entry.
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