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  1. Application accepted. Welcome to the bureau, Agent.
  2. Application accepted. Welcome to the Bureau, Agent.
  3. Trial passed. Welcome to the Bureau, agent!
  4. MattAtlas? More like... MattASSLESS! Lmao, got em!

  5. All righty, after reading the app I did feel it fell short of being acceptable, so I will be denying this application. But if you had edits planned anyways, don't let this discourage you from applying again with whatever you planned.
  6. Hello! I plan on looking at this on Friday. If you have any edits to make, make sure you do so by then.
  7. Hello! Sorry for the delay, I've decided for now that I would like to keep the Bureau at a maximum of 10 agents. With UM's recent resignation, we have a position open for you, and considering the positive feedback, I've decided to accept you to the bureau. Trial started on 5 June 2019, ending a minimum of 30 days or until 2 IRs are completed.
  8. This is heinous! It's time to impeach him. MetaPhysical Persona will be our new headmin.
  9. Republican Reserves Routed 26.05.2461 Nearly a month ago, the victorious offensive of the New Kingdom began, seeking finally to defeat the People's Republic of Adhomai. Many forces of the People's Republic Dymtris Front were shattered in combat, and forced to retreat. The opposition forces fell back to the southern end of the peninsula, regrouping with reserve forces from Baltor and Olska. Here, the Republican Army hoped to bottleneck and defeat our brave soldiers in this heavily wooded area, and here they were defeated. The battle began when the First Armored Alam'ard of the Imperial Army attempted to break through the western section of the enemy defenses, using the Royal Navy for artillery support. However this bold attack was blunted when Republican Airpower was brought to bear. Fierce Ha'rron fights erupted in the skies above as aircraft from the HMS Mata'ke sought air superiority. The First Armored Alam'ard was forced to retreat, along with several supporting infantry alam'ardii. Seeking to press their advantage, the communist forces began an armored counter attack. Massed artillery bombarded our forces on all sections of the front before multiple armored divisions supported by mechanized infantry smashed into our lines. Much of the combat became very close due to the density of tajara on the battlefield, with hand to hand combat in many areas as levies of the Imperial Army clambered onto the armored vehicles and sought to disable them however they could. Here the might of the Kingdom's Royal Grenadiers was apparent. Grenadiers threw their firebombs into the engine blocks of advancing armor, causing some to explode while others were merely turned into burning caskets. Despite these brave combatants, the Imperial Army was still ultimately being pushed back until a new development emerged. Only a handful of kilometers behind the front line, much of the Army's field guns and direct-fire canons had been arrayed in large batteries covered under trees. Armor piercing shells and high explosive rounds rained onto the communists, who were on open ground after much of the forest had been cleared by their own artillery and armored vehicles. The Imperial Army advanced once again. With the better trained portions of the Republican Army defeated and much of their offensive heavy equipment neutralized, the Imperial Army was able to effectively engage the undertrained reserve divisions who had spent most of the war stationed away from combat. As days went past, our brave tajara were able to breakthrough their defenses at the choke point and widen the front. Nighttime raids from the Imperial Dragoons harassed artillery positions, destroying large numbers of towed guns and stockpiles of shells. Large numbers of Tsarrayut’yan rifles were appropriated by our infantry, who were able to put them to better use with their superior experience. Limited numbers of Mata'ke Rafama Mk.II tanks which the communists had lost or abandoned during their armored assault also began to be repaired and repainted with the King's coat of arms. Among other armored support vehicles, these were brought into the First Armored Alam'ard as replacements for their own losses, and used to make multiple breakthroughs against the enemy. As it became clear the battle heavily favored our New Kingdom, the enemy began to pull back towards Baltor and Olska. However, communists seeking to retreat and take refuge in Baltor were in for a rude awakening. After the front had widened so that shore support was no longer helpful, the Royal Navy loaded a detachment of marines and set course for the naval base. The base was soon captured after expending much of the Kingdom's remaining cruise missile inventory and waging a costly air support action from the HMS Mata'ke. The HMS Dolor, a battlecruiser, was heavily damaged by submarine attacks but was able to dock at Baltor after marines seized the base. Republican forces heading to Baltor were then cutoff from those retreating to Olska by the Imperial Army, and slowly enveloped as they approached their base. The marine detachment, reinforced by arming the sailors of the HMS Dolor, made a heroic defense of the base as communist soldiers attempted to assault them. The attack proved the be coordinated as the Republican Navy clashed with the Royal Navy at sea, hoping to rescue their forces and re-establish the base as a vital artery in their supply lines for the Harr'masir theater. Although the fighting was hard won with many casualties, the armies attempting to retake Baltor were defeated and surrendered after the defenders narrowly held on while the Army pressed into their rear. With this major defeat of the Republican Army, morale is higher than ever both at home and in the trenches. Many critics of the war continue to point to the tajaran cost of war, using the high casualty operations of the initial retreat on the isthmus and the mass loss of life among the marines who held Baltor as a rallying cry for peace. These criticisms are now largely the minority opinion as anti-war protests briefly gave way to parades and celebrations in the streets of Kaltir, Dymtris, and Barj'ar. The king surprised everyone by tempering the enthusiasm, releasing a public statement which stated, "The siege of Olska will carry great loss of tajaran life." Warhawks in Parliament, while still the vast minority compared to those who now seek peace, were emboldened by the recent campaign. They shrugged off the King's statement, saying "Now all that remains in North Harr'masir are undertrained soldiers, with their major supply route cut off. Surely they will surrender, or else be crushed by the might of our armies." The Royal Telegraph Staff would like to encourage readers from abroad to purchase subscriptions to our news service. At this crucial moment, 75% of all funds raised by subscription fees will be dedicated to the medical costs of wounded veterans from the recent campaign.
  10. +1 Coalf was an incredible deputy for the tajara lore team and make great wiki pages during his tenure.
  11. Earlier in the thread Skull said Nursie could have been transitioned to another task. I think the filer of the complaint and possibly other people still have outstanding complaints with Jackboot they might not feel would be resolved by it, but surely we could at least agree on bringing Nursie back if she was interested? At least considering the extraordinary circumstances involved in her removal. I believe going this avenue is going to be the best way to at least right this wrong.
  12. I dunno how I feel about this, really seems like it's more work to implement than it's worth. At least the detachable tails part. Seems like a lot of work for a really niche feature. Making them customizable would be pretty cool though, but at the same time I'm conflicted because it feels like a wrong step in the furry direction.
  13. After much frustration, I made the transition to a google document, which can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f_E1HwVR21i9mbKyQgAKRR_3KBkOolos2judv0w-X0g/edit?usp=sharing
  14. I still can't go back and edit my old posts, so now that I made the needed edits to Part 5 by making a new post! I made it to have more dialogue and character development for Nawrra and Yadirra, I had to make a whole new post to actually have it. I also have to be able to edit to continue writing part six. Considering how absolutely disoriented this thread it, especially following the forum transfer, I'm going to consider relocating to a google document and then just posting updates to the story in this thread. Now that the actual story is spread out across 4 different posts in this thread and with some sections being outdated with finished versions being in newer posts, it's an organizational mess. BUT the end to part 5 is much more emotionally gripping now as though the story is the brother's tsyrrkunov, the sisters are very much an important part of the story. Edit: It won't even let me edit the NEWEST post I just made now, but it let me edit the post it wouldn't let me edit before by adding "test" to it... and this post. There must be some jank going on involving older posts, or maybe editing posts with a lot of characters? I can't tell the rhyme or reason to when it will or will not let me edit.
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