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Office of External Security - Homeland Defence

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Greetings. This will be a sort of a CYOA-RPG. It is set in 1979, with a sudden alien invasion occurring. The player is the Commander of a Office of External Security facility. The OES is an independent organization and is given a great deal of freedom. There will be missions and mechanics. Abilities, health, research, construction and the like. I will attempt to use poses to help add to the environment, however, this does mean there will be many aliens and characters from other canon settings. This does not mean they are from those in the RP itself, so artistic freedom will be used. The same is given for weapons and technology that would not exist in 1979. This will be chalked off as experimental weapons and tech from the RnD department. Never the less, let us begin.




Somewhere along the Greenland coast

The air inside the facility is frosty but less so than outside. Armed guards stand around the interior, giving nods to you as you pass by.

Eventually, you come down a large corridor filled with various doors and a large set of automatic doors at the far end of the hall. Stepping inside you see various monitors and a large screen of the world on the far end. People in uniforms sit around tapping at various things. A gray-haired man with a beret turns to you as you enter.




"Ah, you must be the Commander. Welcome to Homeplate. I am Director Harlech, the link between you and the rest of the site. I handle the staff, special operations and any special projects we may wish to implement. I'll notify you of any important situations as they unfold as well. I am sure you're aware that the situation is dire with thousands of unknown contacts in orbit. The majority of the satellite grid is down but we're scraping by. Supplies are mostly stable, at least food and fuel wise. The development staff is keeping all our mechanical works operational."

He turns to the map, tapping at one of the keyboards. The screen flickers and the countries disappear before the world is a mere gray slate with lines, with a small blue dot up in Greenland.




"This is what it looks like so far. The aliens have landed on the surface of the planet yet, so we're keeping the grid clear. International relationships are frigid at best but given the threat of a total extinction event, they've promised not to bomb each other. We're trying to set up some supply-lines between them so we can be more effective and it is partially working. We've got some fighter craft up, not a whole lot, only two interceptors. We'll be able to get more later, at least. We've assembled a strike team, One-Alpha, for any ground side responses. On that note..."

He flicks at the monitor once more, the view changing to three rifles up against a wall.




"We've got most of the specialist weapons down and ordered, but the main rifle for our squads need to be organized. So far the Belgiums, Russians, and Americans are offering us copies of their weapons. We have to pick one for our unit. Each has their own advantages Commander, so I would pick carefully. What should we order?"

FN-FAL - 4-5 Damge, 20 rounds(4 turns worth of ammo), Burst Fire(Fire 10 rounds, 8-10 damage), semi-automatic.

AK-47 - 2-4 Damage, 30 rounds(6 turns worth of ammo), Full-Auto Burst(Fire 15 rounds, +3 to hit, 6-8 damage), reliable(Able to reroll jamming effect), semi-automatic.

M-16 - 2-4 Damage, 30 rounds(6 turns worth of ammo), Full-Auto Spray(Fire 20 rounds, +3 to hit, 7-9 damage), jamming-prone(-1 to hit), semi-automatic.

Director Harlech turns back to you, crossing his arms behind his back once more.

"Ah, also, Commander? I believe the Research Director and Head of Development want to see you in their labs. Likely to get everything set up for you. However, let us get One-Alpha geared up. If you would follow me to the barracks..."

Harlech then leads you down several floors of the facility until you reach a hall leading to the barracks. As you enter, a squad stands fast by the side.




"Commander, this is One-Alpha. Scarecrow, Goldie, Tick, Viper, and Hawk. We've got everything we need for them but we need to decide who is who. Supplies are limited with a squad size this small so again, pick carefully on what we assign."

Harlech then passes you a notepad and a marker. What roles do you assign, and to who?

You can have a maximum of 1 specialized role.

You must pick between either a support gunner or a field medic.

You must pick between either a designated marksman or close range specialist.

Rifleman - Rifle, M1911(7 rounds((2 turns worth)) 1-3 damage), basic armour(25 HP), no abilities.

Support Gunner - M60(100 rounds((10 turns worth of ammo)) 3-4 damage), M1911(7 rounds((2 turns worth)) 1-3 damage), basic armour(25 HP), suppressive barrage(Use one turns worth of ammo per turn, target suffers -5 to hit and is automatically hit if moved.), anti-tank shot(Single-shot LAW. Deals 30 damage)

Field Medic - MP5(30 rounds((3 turns worth)) 2-3 damage), M1911(7 rounds((2 turns worth)) 1-3 damage), basic armour(25 HP), medical kit(Heals 5 health per use. 4 uses)

Designated Marksman - M14(20 rounds((4 turns worth)) 3-4 damage), M1911(7 rounds((2 turns worth)) 1-3 damage), basic armour(25 HP), precise fire(+5 to hit, 3 turn cooldown), from above(Passive, +3 to hit and +1 damage when above a target)

Close-Range Specialist - SPAS-12(8 rounds((2 turns worth)) 5-6 damage, -5 to hit beyond 20m), M1911(7 rounds((2 turns worth)) 1-3 damage), basic armour(25 HP), close the gap(Able to run 20m and still fire, 3 turn cooldown), baton charge(Able to run 20m, automatically hits target within range with a ASP Baton, 2-3 damage)

Director Harlech glances over the squad once more, and then to you.

"I believe that is all, Commander. I would see the heads of staff in their labs as soon as possible. I will notify you if anything arises that requires your attention."

And thus, he leaves you in the barracks with several tasks.

What rifle will be picked?

Who gets what assignment in the squad?

Do you head down to see the Heads of Staff?

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