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  1. Just gonna drop a +1 on this. From what I witnessed in the pass, Soul's command characters have been both competent, accommodating and human. It's a shame to see their role taken for non-command issue related events, but still I hope to see them back in the role. He's definitely the type of person I'd like to see in command more. Each of his characters has something grounding them, like his captain actually bothers to make breakfast when possible instead of just sitting in his office, eating donuts and screaming at security.
  2. Chameleon kits got removed from prolathe, you can't get the illegal levels as high normally now.
  3. Personally, I have yet to see the Ta on station besides a single occurrence in the lobby, so my experience isn't as detailed as the others. However, I do believe that the Ta should remain on the server, they're a interesting concept and imo better than just 'lol i am from the guvernments'. Like, they're actually unique compared to the others and can drive more interaction than your typical Consular. I'd like to see em kept, though I would like to also see people play them more.
  4. Turns out I can't have two spoilers in one post, outstanding formatting. Pixel art is at the bottom of the traditional art section.
  5. Hey-o nerds. I've been trying to pick up art, I'm not doing too well at it but I'm drawing more and more. I do both 'normal' digital art, and pixel art. To help hopefully improve I'll be taking any suggestions here or on Discord (Xor#1100). I'm open to doing both digital or pixel art. Though, I limit my pixel palettes to 100x100. I can post stuff here, or on Discord upon request. Here you go nerds. Traditional Art
  6. No thanks, I like having options on what to wear. I have two officers, one that wears the corporate uniform and one who wears the white and tie. I don't see why removing it has any benefit besides the personal opinion of a handful of players.
  7. So I was directly involved since I play Tii'Aei. The 'baldie-thrower' comment was made off-handly in jest and was already bwoinked about and I assume a note or such given. Thus it doesn't really matter anymore. Last I checked there isn't any reason why engineers aren't allowed to create a sort of structure? They refurnish areas all the time and create things. I've seen them do stuff like make a set of doors and floors outside in a hallway - engineering that is, not the specific engineer - so I don't think there's an issue with a engineer...doing engineering things. As for the Berko-Mutema thing...there isn't really anything to say about saying a name? Me and the Engineer had some Dyn-Wine (With the tipsy messages) and came over to the lobby. As soon as Berko arrived, the engineer told me to just say 'Mutema' when they say 'Berko' and I played along given the tipsy state. I tried to adjust it a bit so it wasn't just mindless spam hence why you can see me talking about addressing them by their last name and such. Honestly, given that I was involved in literally all three situations, I don't see how TrickingTrapster did anything wrong. Were you expecting him to hand out a warning for a off-hand comment, or to bwoink people over making a corridor or saying a name a few times?
  8. Some issues I've noticed with the new records. Physical is spelt as phisical status. There's no option to change physical/mental notes, changing one to deceased, etc. There's no option to print records.
  9. Going to give this another nudge - yes it's from 2018 - but I really, really feel like security needs to have a break room, and trim a bit of the excess. I.e why do they need two briefing rooms...? Every other department has a place where they can settle down and use a drink and food vendor. Security has a small office with a single hot drink machine and cigarette machine. Medical has two breakrooms and even cargo has a break room.
  10. I've interacted with Borya on his Hasam character once or twice, and Vesper. I think they've got a pretty solid understanding of the whitelist and the lore and I have no doubt about their ability to roleplay or apply the lore to a character. +1
  11. I think you're confusing utility vests and hazard vests. Utility vests are there to hold items in various pouches and pockets like a webbing, a hazard vest is there to identify personnel in hazardous environments. I.e bright reflective clothing at night or hard to see conditions.
  12. Server Moderator Application Basic Information Byond Account: CommanderXor Character Name(s): Can be seen here. AI Name(s): N/A Discord Username + Tag: Xor#1100 Age: 17 Timezone: AEST / GMT+10 When are you on Aurora?: I play on Aurora most often after work/school, and on my days off and holidays. Typically during 'low-pop' on a normal day, otherwise when most are on. Experience How long have you played SS13?: Probably about four years now. How long have you played on Aurora?: Three years actively, though I think it says I first connected in 2015? How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?: I know a great deal of various stuff. I pretty much know how to do most mechanical things besides atmospherics and plasma bombs. I also struggle a bit with chemistry. Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?: I do not. Have you read through the criteria thread; https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4198 - and believe that you mark off all the criteria?: I have read through it, and I believe I meet the criteria. Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?: I've been banned three times in total. The first time was for being aggressive in LOOC/OOC and was for 1440 minutes. The second time was ramboing a malf-AI that resulted in a IPC-CE being killed/EMPed to death. Not sure how long that ban was for. Last time was in 2017, and was for racist ingame remakrs that got a little too out of hand. But it was two years ago and was only a 2880 minute ban. Personality Why do you play SS13?: I play SS13 because I was looking for a game that was heavy on the roleplay, but wasn't any sort of weird voice chat program. I played a lot of Clockwork HL2RP and was looking for something similar in terms of roleplay, but wasn't some spin off weird server, thus I settled into SS13 and its HRP community. Why do you play on Aurora?: I play on the Aurora because it's one of the few HRP servers that is around and somewhat decent. I've dabbled with other servers but often found them lacking, ultimately returning to Aurora. It's one of those servers that mix a good blend of roleplay with mechanics and action, without having one factor overwhelm the others. What do moderators do?: Moderators are there to help enforce server rules, while also there to help players with any complaints, questions or concerns on various fields such as mechanics, rule clarification and any other issues. What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?: It means that you have a set of responsibilities that you have to abide by. You are there to help make the experience for the player's of the server a better one, through a mixture of answering questions and resolving disputes and tickets. Why do you want to be a moderator?: I've been playing on the Aurora for over three years now, and I've enjoyed pretty much my entire stay here. The community, staff and mechanics have been an absolute delight. So, I've wanted to sort of...give back, so to say. I basically want to become a moderator so I can help keep that experience going, and make sure that others are also enjoying their experience with the server like I have. What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?: Well, I use to moderate non-SS13 related things. I was a moderator for the People of Gaming's 1942RP, along with a HL2RP server known as Shockcore Gaming, I also work in sales/retail so I guess that. Basically I enjoy working with people and I'd think that would help bring over to the server. How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?: I'll be honest, it's not my strong suit and I didn't handle them well in the past but I've uh, gotten better at it, since then. I believe that since then I've managed to handle such things in a better manner, and typically cool off instead of reacting to it. Anything Else You Want to Add: I understand that I have quite the history, with notes, warnings and bans. But I've been trying to rectify these issues and I've had a rather long sort of empty-period where nothing has happened, I understand if this may negatively affect my chances, and I simply wish to prove myself with a trial period to see if I can handle this, and prove it to others that I can handle a role with more responsibility.
  13. I dunno, isn't the point of a hazard vest to be bright and eye-catching?
  14. If we're so adamant on removing the stunbaton, we need to replace it with a ASP baton. Otherwise we've been doing nothing but slowly stripping security's equipment and nerfing it into the ground. First we made flashes no longer stun, then we removed the pepperspray stun, now we've removing the stunbaton. Is it going to get to the point where the average officer is going to have nothing actually useful and be forced to flee to the armoury at the first sign of an assistant breaking bottles over heads?
  15. I don't see how holding the shuttle for other players to have the chance to get wounded onboard can be considered selfish, infact waiting for others to get onboard almost seems like the opposite. I'm happy with the PR however, just a little concerned about what sort of precedence making up a rule on the spot and saying 'we can't have every little thing written down' can cause.
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