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  1. Hmm today I will glass Adhomai from orbit.

    1. geeves


      time to pull a moghes

  2. CommanderXor

    [Resolved] Player Complaint - Itanimulli

    I see. I was not informed you were banned and I saw you as the shuttle departed, I was told you were talked to earlier in the round when I ahelped, so I was not aware. If you were ban then I have no problem with this complaint being closed.
  3. CommanderXor

    [Resolved] Player Complaint - Itanimulli

    I believed you were responding to get information for the ahelp since you were asking ICly and OOCly in relation to it. The Warden mentioned that the breath mask was an OOC accident since they didn't know it was a breathing mask given it was called a garment. Granted I could presume that was IC escalation enough, but trying to headgib a cuffed player while you held the station's power was pretty iffy but I suppose that and the priest are valid enough. You mention a sudden ban, were you banned after the round or something? Because I saw you on the crew transfer.
  4. BYOND Key: CommanderXor Game ID: bXK-4C4t Player Byond Key: Itanimulli Staff involved: Alberyk Reason for complaint: Powergaming/bug abuse/poor antag play. Itanimulli rolled vampire. We were told by someone that they had been force feeding a passed out person water and food so we went to charge them for it. They told us in LOOC to wait because they were ahelping the arrest. Without telling us they were finished, they abused a bug that allows them to force multiple dominations/hypnos in a row, and instantly stunned everyone in the room with the bug, from there, they wordlessly grabbed me, drained me to orange health, and thralled me. I went to cryo and ahelped I was cryoing due to this. For them to get us to stop, and then not tell us they were finished, and to then abuse a bug to disable everyone and wordlessly attack is in my opinion bad form. They were detained by security and broke out with the help of another thrall. From there, they dominated several people and thralled others. When they captured the Warden, they decided to try and headgib them with head-bites while cuffed, and attempted the same with the priest who they also had restrained. At this point all of security was either dead, cryoed or thralled. The lack of proper escalation, and bug abuse, is something I believe is worthy of a complaint. Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation?: Yes, it was ahelped. As far as I was told, they were talked to and nothing else was done. Approximate Date/Time: 11/12/2018. Round before this complaint was posted. Additional Notes: Screenshots can be seen below. Mostly logs of what they did, you can see however that I have a screenshot of my view, and the HoPs, and how they abused bugs to multi-hypno people.
  5. CommanderXor

    [Resolved] Staff Complaint - Yonnimer

    I guess I'll throw in my input since I witnessed parts of the round. I was playing Internal Affairs Agent Hallowed Quill. I was talking to medical when they rushed off to the library, I followed suit while talking to them only to come across a gardener dragging a Cargo Tech and trying to headgib them, who shot at me as well. I fled to robotics to get repairs, all good. I presume there was some escalation. It was the only thing in the entire round that had happened until the two-hour mark. As soon as the shuttle was called, the supermatter instantly delamed. I presume because an antag bombed it or such. I was heading to the elevator when I noticed a Unathi stepped out of science in a voidsuit with an energy glave and lawgiver. I reported it to security and went on my way. Everything is fine and dandy and the shuttle docks and we pile on. I go and make an announcement about everyone boarding neat and orderly, however, I am cut off by smashing glass and the like. I come out of the shuttle cockpit to find security firing on someone with a glave and shield, the Unathi from earlier. Instantly the shuttle is EMPed and I am nearly killed by the double-grenade. I'm pulled in to the shuttle bridge once more by a roboticist as the antags wordlessly grenade the shuttle and vent it, killing nearly everyone on board. During the flight, they wordlessly start trying to glave their way into the shuttle cockpit but the shuttle docks and some District Officer and CCIA board and put a stop to it. I ahelped it and found that the entire incident had been deemed valid since 'security had interacted with them'. I know this was false as I was with the HoS and security the entire time and nothing had happened until they tried to forcefully take over the shuttle. I think it's absolutely horrible RP for them to wordlessly do nothing all round, and as soon as the shuttle is called, grab weapons, bomb the station and then launch a full-on siege of the shuttle with no build up at all.
  6. CommanderXor

    Tajara Circle Jerk Thread

    The NKA is the only good Tajaran faction, to be honest. Fight me.
  7. CommanderXor

    IPC Toeless Jackboots

    Don't see why not, plus I like it. Only wish that we had some way of having the legs visible since the bendy/digitigrade thing seems like it'd be great without anything blocking it. But I doubt we could get sprites for just that everywhere.
  8. CommanderXor

    Make C'thur follow the Rules

    I personally like playing a C'thur because my timezone means it's rare to get command members, much less both a captain and the department I play in. It's both something that helps me OOCly given the timezones, and is a good source of tension between the hives. I see no reason to change it. -1
  9. CommanderXor

    The Vault is a meme and has to be improved.

    I'd like to point out that the vault loot is not 'sub-par' or the like. The safe is one of the best parts of it. If you crack it open you can find a large variety of items that have a multitude of uses. Automatic shotguns, genuine breacher suits, telecrystals, bluespace crystals, phazon cores and such. It's a risk given it takes like 10-20 minutes to actually crack the safe depending on RNG and the situation ongoing. I'd say at least keep one in there, and would recommend adding possibly another to further the appeal of antags trying to use the vault for something worthwhile.
  10. Just letting you all know that as of tomorrow I'm going to be away for an entire week. Though technically this trial should have ended nearly 6 days ago.
  11. CommanderXor

    Show yer face, II

    Maaan, Is that a fellow Ukrainian? An army soldier? 20170824_170619094_iOS.jpg Nah, Australian. Australian Army Cadets, you can see the corner of the Australian National Flag on the left side of the uniform. Sorry.
  12. I asked you via Discord if playing as Internal Affairs counts towards the trial and you said yes. I've mostly been playing as Internal Affairs as I've actually found that role more enjoyable than Head of Security and generally is less played.
  13. CommanderXor

    Alter the Security Upper-Level

    I'm going to bump this as I feel like this is still something that could be touched upon in the server for general QOL for security players.
  14. CommanderXor

    [Accepted] Simon's IPC Whitelist Application

    While I can't say I like a backstory that directly intertwines one of your own characters so close to another one of your own. I have however seen you multiple times on the server - mostly Nikit and Tamir - and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. You've always stayed true to the lore and interacted in a consistent realistic manner. I do enjoy playing with you on the server and I'd love to see you expand more and make more interesting characters. Hopefully, it's the start of more IPCs as you've grasped Tajarn lore easily, IPC should be a breeze. Overall, I'm gonna +1 this despite the backstory, simply due to the fact that I believe you've got a solid grasp on roleplay and stay true to the setting all while providing fun to interact with characters.
  15. CommanderXor

    Show yer face, II

    Got bored, decided to finally post in here. Behold, something that is arguably worse than anything I have posted on the forums to date.