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  1. Was wondering why it only mentioned graduating a university after ten years. Must have misunderstood it. I'll push back the age by a few more years so it lines up more with the educational requirements set out.
  2. Oops, didn't realise that. Meant a doctorate and a bachelors, must have accidentally slipped my mind late last night. I'll give it a fix, thanks!
  3. BYOND Key: CommanderXor Character Names: Fair few, too many to list. Can be seen here. Species you are applying to play: Skrell What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Light Blue Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I've always wanted to play a Skrell character. In fact, I wanted to apply for one as my first species but I was nervous to actually attempt to apply. Eventually I got convinced to apply for another species, and from there I started getting comfortable with making applications. I've always found the Skrell to be an interesting race. They've got pretty well grounded lore that has been expanded over the time I've played. They've got some interesting concepts to roleplay out such as the entire Srom and Nlom/Wake along with the social structure in parts. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: When it comes to the Skrell, you've got a selection of things that are different to just a stock human, some are backed by mechanics and some are purely done in the sense of roleplay. The most obvious part would be the entire Psionic Wake/Nlom element. You have listeners and receivers. They're both quite common with a 50-50 ratio. Receivers are actually influenced and changed by the effects of the Wake. The listeners however are not influenced by the Wake itself and merely listen in to what others say. Some hold them with greater suspicion as they wouldn't be influenced, and partially due to the Glorsh-supporters mostly being listeners. Though most listeners do still confine themselves to what the receivers are influenced on. Another part of the entire psionic-like aspect is the Srom, as they are able to share far more than what they can with the Nlom, however the range is far more limited along with the fact some can block it out with special aluminium items. Besides the Nlom and Srom parts, there is a entire more indepth social structure than a human would. Respect can be earned or lost within the first moments of meeting another Skrell simply by asking a set of questions and finding out their age and occupation. Humour can be frowned upon by the elder, and some settings it is outright shunned. There are set titles for people in regards to what they are, from lovers and mates, all the way to a Qu'Nioh - a person they did not suspect they would befriend but end up befriending. Jargon Skrell also have to be wary of how they represent the Federation, as benefits - if any - can be stripped and they can come under the scrutiny of other Skrell of Jargon-make both within and outside of the Federation. However those that do represent the Federation well are met with benefits, a greater social stance and other novelties. Another key point with Skrell is their major distrust of synthetics. From stationbounds, to IPCs to full blown AIs. They've been oppressed under Glorsh in the past and the blood still runs bad. Some of the younger Skrell population are less horrified and angered by the prospect of artificial intelligence but the majority of the population share the common thought that synthetic life is a threat that must be culled. This is further supported as the Federation outlaws synthetics within their space, and likely push the same thoughts and opinions on social media via Idols. Character Name: Qaoki Oea'Kaei Please provide a short backstory for this character: Qaoki was born on the 3rd of January, 2416 early in the Radiant Era. His parents lived on Jargon and he was born there. His mother was a surgeon and his father was a chemist. The telepathtic bond shared between the two while he grew would strengthen and help form his early childhood interests. He was quite fond of medicine partially due to the bond with both parents. He passed through the Federation's kindergartens without error and enjoyed the teachings they offered and the social interactions with fellow students. Once he left, he followed after his parent's footsteps and enrolled in the Aliose University of Medicine to specialise in the field of chemistry. He spent many years studying through the courses with multiple field trips amongst Jargon space. He focused mostly on his studies, albeit he did not abandon all of his social life and instead supplemented it with social media, following the life of many Idols and striving to be like them as he worked throughout the course-work. He completed a doctorate in medicine and a doctorate in chemistry. Once out of schooling he found himself working as a chemist within a hospital in one of Jargon's cities - specifically Kal'lo. Working within the hospital for several more years, he decided that to help further his social standing and to benefit the Federation, he would seek out a external job to help ensure that the other species would see the good-face of the Federation. Seeking external employment he was given two major options, to work with Zeng-Hu pharmaceuticals or seek out a contract with the NanoTrasen corporation. The prospect of working on the latest vessel the NSS Upsilon was rather exciting and he signed a contract with NanoTrasen to work for them for a period of no less than ten years. However, he has been assigned to the NSS Aurora instead of the Upsilon for the time being to help prove himself to the corporation. Thus, he has found himself on a visa within Tau Ceti and employed on the NSS Aurora as a chemist for the medical department. He quite often attempts to post back to his parents, and social media back in the Federation, trying to hopefully become an Idol one day himself. What do you like about this character?: I quite like how Qaoki tries to stick by the core-ideals set out by the Federation, trying to ensure he follows the Nlom, and tries to make himself like the Idols the Federation so-bluntly pedals. He's trying to further himself, but at this point is it because it is what he actually wants to do, or is it the not-so-subtle manipulation by the Federation's government and social media? It's hard to distinguish as he's become what the Federation wants. A hard-working Skrell, who confines to the social norms set by the government and is working to further both the Federation, himself, and the image of the Federation. Thus, I quite like this aspect to his character, I have to stop and think, 'would this help the Federation?' when making major decisions. How would you rate your role-playing ability?: I would say that my roleplay is quite well, and over the time I've played on Aurora my ability has further increased. I can spin a good character concept, I can work with them, I can adjust them as time goes on the station and have them affected and shaped by the actions and events that go on the server. Overrall I would say that I'm probably slightly above the average player as I started roleplaying on Clockwork HL2 servers and am use to more text-based game than mechanics-heavy. Despite this I am quite good with adapting to a mixture of roleplay, and the actual mechanical functions of SS13. Notes: None to really note!
  4. Out of curiosity, how will this NanoPaste change affect the Xenoarchology wing of science? It spawns with NanoPaste in it because the scanning machines for artifacts require NanoPaste to heal/function after the first scan or two. Will I have to constantly ask R&D for more paste now so I can do scans or will we just spawn more tubes down there?
  5. I'm probably one of the few players who actively play IAA, and I'll have to give my input on this. I'm against the merging of the HoP and IAA role. The IAA is tasked by Central Command to be a liaison yes, but at the same time they are there to help the Command team interpret orders and see it is done along with departmental audits and employee evaluations. They're given a loyalty implant and 'removal' from the chain of command -barring the Captain's orders - as a method of staying neutral from crew, relations and conflict. It's why they are also one of the few jobs on the station that are outright barred from playing other roles onboard. IAA are meant to be exclusively one-department/role assignment. I've been told that I shouldn't/can't play both a IAA and HoP character. Merging the two roles would require adjusting the duties of the HoP and would likely remove a majority of HoP characters given the 'no-bias' rule/requirement, unless they were to break that tidbit. But at that point what is the point of having a internal affairs-HoP? The loyalty implant is also another requirement to ensure that they're following NanoTrasen in good faith. I simply can not see this working out without massively gimping the ability to do both job's duties effectively or breaking the established requirements and responsibilities for a character of it.
  6. Now I see why the cloaks were removed, purely to charge for them. Greedy bastards. (/s)
  7. Hi, I was one of the officers involved. Basically the player in question - the Librarian - was antag baiting/self-antaging and attempting to build bombs. They had printed off communist manifestios - which isn't too bad in of itself - and started spreading them around. I was then informed by the chemist that she had given him a high explosives manual - which he proved by giving me it - and told me that they had attempted to ask the chemist for the materials to make the things in the book. She was soon detained, however when we went to arrest her we found her leaving the maintenance tunnel. We arrested her and took the toolbelt she had on her during the detainment. I proceeded to investigate the tunnel within to find that she had dragged a welding fuel tank over and had a igniter and proximity sensor right next to it. It wasn't attached but according to the text description of them when I examined, they had been screwdrivered and ready to put on. We managed to stop them but they kept generally being a pain in the ass for the rest of the shift. Normally threats would be bad enough but trying to actually make explosives is self-antagging on a extended round.
  8. That's fine, I worked with what I have. From what I know all applications have to involve the civil war and how it affected them. Majority of my characters are security so I related it to the most likely job I'd be playing on the server. If you have any suggestions or tips for any future Tajaran characters feel free to leave it here or DM me on Discord. Cheers for the feedback though.
  9. BYOND Key: CommanderXor Character Names: Species you are applying to play: Tajara What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): RGB 205, 175, 149 Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes. Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: I've always been slightly put off by the Tajara species and never really got in to the idea of playing them. This was mostly from previous experiences with them on other servers. However, after looking in to the species' lore on this server, I've come to realise they are a lot different from other servers. The sheer dynamic between the various factions in the three-way civil war, and how this could spill on to the station, how it could affect interactions with others - both Tajara and non-Tajara - along with the possibility for characters' backstories. Overall, I have to say that the sheer freedom this three-way-war gives, and the creativity that it offers has intrigued me. Along with that, I've noticed that Tajaran events are quite common place, from the engine sabotage-espionage mission to the repairing the light tanks event, I feel like these are very minor things but can have a potential impact on the lore, and the fact that players can help influence, drive and build on the events and thus by extension, the lore makes it a highly appealing species to play as and experience. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: You got various factors that make the species different from being a stock-standard human. The grammar aspect is a obvious one, the fact they speak in third person instead of the usual first person, "He is at the arrmourry now." instead of "I'm at the armoury now." as an example. Along with this, is another obvious thing. Being coated in fur means you'll constantly be hot on station - at least without adjusting various factors - and probably find certain clothing uncomfortable. This can be roleplayed out, and affect various factors. Mechanically they get a bonus against the cold and a penalty against the heat. You also have culture, religion and various other minor smaller things. The sleep cycle for example could possibly play in, if a Tajara was annoyed/paranoid and the like that shift. The largest difference socially and culturally would be the political spectrum found within the server itself and the lore behind it. The three factions offer a large variety, conflict and potential for story-telling and world-building. You have bitter rivalry between the factions, you have brotherhood for those in the factions potentially, and the potential for backstabbing, fear and propaganda in others. Fellow NKA brothers pouring a drink out in honour of their king, or a PRA bootlicker smiling to another Tajara while handing them a copy of the manifesto while secretly reporting anything bad to the PRA. Character Name: Ghaali'Iyaad Vasilievich, shortened to Gha'Iyad Vasilievich. Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs. Gha'Iyad was born to the Njarir’Akhran Vasilievich house in 2438. Her immediate family managed to avoid much of the murder and chaos of the uprisings of 2421 thanks to their quick action, and the ability to blend in with the M'sai caste thanks to the colour of their fur. They lived in the Northern Wastes and managed to avoid a majority of the ensuring tension, witch-hunts and purges. Her father however, perished in the late months of 2437 due to a incident involving a bit too much mead and some less than friendly listeners. However the dice was cast and in 2438, Gha'Iyad was born. Her mother, being alone, had to rely on a mid-wife, a good friend of the family that had managed to remain in contact. Unfortunately her mother perished from complications related to her birth. Given the death of both her parents, and with no known relatives to offer them to, the mid-wife was morally-obligated to take in Gha'Iyad. She spent most of her child-hood masquerading as a M'sai thanks to their near identical fur colours. She found that she had a talent for maths and helped her adopted-father with his shop. She mostly ran the numbers with his permission and eventually found ways to help assist in other areas of the store. Stock taking, ways to implement better advertising and other little bits and pieces that improved the retention of customers and the likely-hood they would buy something. In her spare time when she wasn't attending what education she could or in the shop, she tinkered with small little projects. Often sling-shots and various other math-related challenges. She often listened to her adopted mother's tales of the world gone by, and was reminded - on request of her deceased mother - of her blood-line and old heritage. She found herself longing for her old world, her blood, her noble titles and birth rights. In 2450, when the NKA declared independence, she found herself in the middle of the NKA. She gave it her support, vocal and otherwise. She helped local troops passing by with what ever she could, little bits of spare food, trinkets and the like she had saved by working in her adopted father's store. In 2452, she decided that mere support was not enough. With her 'parents' permission she enlisted in a officer's training program within the NKA. For four years she spent training and learning what theory the training course offered. She had enrolled in a artillery officer's course, assisted by her math skills she was well suited for it. She was not the best of her class, but was in the upper echelons and learned a great deal of valuable information. In 2456, she graduated and was given the rank of Junior Lieutenant ((There isn't much information on the junior Commissioned Officer structure in the NKA on the wiki, so feel free to correct me.)) from there she was deployed to a mortar detachment in one of the Second Jabrut Almumalik's Alyad'almalikiii at the Dymtris front. She found herself absolutely loving the authority that came with her title, and felt pride with her work, both in bringing 'honour' to her blood-line, heritage, and the NKA itself. The Dymtris front was bloody, and there was much loss. She often found herself in the thick of the front, right up there with the infantry, using her mortar detachments to provide what support they could to their fellow soldiers. It was not a uncommon thing for her unit to enter in to close quarters firefights and melee as they were attacked by PRA forces. The war dragged on and the NKA was pushed further and further inland towards Dymtris. She found herself doubting victory. She still believed in the NKA and what it stood for, along with the royalty, her own blood. She did not know of any survivors of her blood line, if they were alive or even existed anymore. If the war was lost, she knew that the PRA would have her lined up and shot, or hanged. That would be the end of her blood-line, as much as she wished to see the NKA go on, and be there, she knew that defeat was a very possible reality, and certain death would follow if that happened. Thus, in 2460, she managed to use friends, favours and contacts within the NKA to find herself smuggled off of Adhomai via a rickety old ship, and even older guards. The trip was not without danger, having barely managed to get past various pirates and other unsavoury company. In the late months of 2460 she found herself within Tau Ceti. Thankfully on dry land. While the application was processing, she spent her free-time working with fellow Tajaran merchants in the 'Little Adhomai' district on Mendel along with improving her grasp on Tau Ceti Basic. Finally in the opening month of 2461, she found her asylum approved. With her now legal status, and ability to speak basic Tau Ceti Basic, she applied for NanoTrasen's Internal Security. From there, she went to their academy. She managed to barely scrape by the written test - mostly limited by her poor written Tau Ceti Basic - but easily passed the practical. Now, she finds herself being assigned to her first ever full time assignment on a NanoTrasen station. What do you like about this character? Honestly? Probably the fact they're the character I've put the most effort in to, pre-planned backstory wise. I've often struggled to write a backstory and character concept, normally I can't think of something good. This time I believe I've managed to come up with a character concept that I adore. She's something I haven't really touched upon in a solid manner, a actual royal character. I've dabbled with the concept and thought about it, but finally I've drafted up one. So I like the concept behind her, and the general progression of her life. I don't feel like it is too out-landish and far-fetched, I think it strikes the perfect balance of realism, believably and creativity at the same time. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I think I have a fairly solid grasp on roleplaying. I'm use to the more text driven environments of something like Clockwork's HL2RP, but I've really gotten in to SS13. Thus, I believe I have a decent understanding of it and a normal ability when it comes to roleplaying. Notes: Nothing much, just really looking forward to making this character concept work on station.
  10. BYOND Key: CommanderXor Character name: Sean Richter Item name: Silver Star of Merit Why is your character carrying said item to work?: Richter was given this medal a long time a go, through a canon event that he partook in with one of his first friends. His friend, however, is no longer around. Imprisoned for life. He's taking it with him both to remind himself of that lost friendship, and, as a sense of pride in his actions and a constant reminder that he can pull through any challenge and to 'do the right thing'. In a nutshell it's a keep-sake to his old days, his friends gone by and the need to remain true to his beliefs. Item function(s): It's a medal, so a accessory that could be put on a jumpsuit, hopefully it would be visible. Item description: 'The Biesel Silver Star of Merit, rewarded for bravery and professionalism in the line of duty.' ((Taken from the original application.)) Item appearance: I don't actually know what the sprite is, so one of the simple silver medals from the box should be good, unless there was a better sprite? How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP? I think that I will be able to elaborate on the nature of the medal to people. Obviously Richter turning up one day with a medal might arch eyebrows, or just general bar-banter. It'll help relate to the old canon events and characters. How he was friends with Kalren, how the Odin Murder incidents drove the wedge that led to Kalren being detained for murder and the likes. It's basically a story aide to help create fiction and recount past events. Additional comments: Now, I know this was a event from two years ago. But I didn't feel confident in writing applications back then, and my first application was a Vaurca application a few months ago. Looking back at it now, I think I'm confident in applying for it now. The link to Kalren's application for the same item can be found here: I'm willing to compromise on the item, such as the nature of its origins if the lore team don't deem the event canon anymore. Richter was also directly mentioned in the original application, as both persons were present during it and worked together.
  11. Another question, how will vampires work? Given teeth can't easily pierce metal. Will vampires have to resort to tricks to get them to open their cases to get blood?
  12. Out of curiosity will there be any restrictions on them? Certain jobs/departments locked, unable to play command/certain command, and so on?
  13. Just like to point out that security doesn't have a break room either, we have a office next to the toilets with a smoke machine and some donuts, hardly counts as a break room since it's clearly a office with all the paper bins and the like. And don't you dare claim the gym is a break room. But yeah, this looks alright but I would prefer that we have hardcover books still around. Perhaps a few shelves somewhere within for the old-bookworm types?
  14. Ah, so more like a tube-fed rifle than something of a single shot semi-high damage weapon. Sure, +1, seems like it could provide interesting alternatives to combat for raiders.
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