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[Completed] Android's Fancy Circuit Board


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BYOND Key:TheCritsyBear

Character name:Android

Item name:Advanced Language Processing Board

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

As Andy finally bought his own, independent chassis, his financial goals turned from freedom to upgrading his utility to better suit his campaign as the friendliest Android on the station. One of the first objectives he determined would help him communicate with the many, many species that he holds dear to his heart, is the ability to understand what they are saying.

Android is the creation of ever-increasing variety of species and ethnicity, and though at one time he was able to understand them as if it was second nature, this ability was stripped from him as well as any other hardware not deemed necessary for function when he became an independent machine. This loss in particular has hit him rather hard, causing a rift between him and many of his closest friends, some of which he considers the closest things to family that an Android could have, as well as causing him to lose one of his favorite functions: Inter-species conflict resolution.

Item function(s):

In order of most realistic to most awesome:

1. A fluffed universal recorder, given the sprite of a circuit board.

2. A fluffed universal recorder, given the sprite of a circuit board and a shorter range when playing back messages.

3. A universal recorder-like object that plays back messages (To a very short range) as it receives them.

4. Some kind of one-use object to use at the start of the round in order to understand (But not speak, preferably.) a xeno language or two. (Used like an E-Mag, perhaps?)

Item description:

A slightly advanced, but not uncommon upgrade module considered to be the cheapest of its kind. It has the markings of an independent retailer- not standard NanoTrasen hardware.

Item appearance:

Generic Circuit Board

Additional comments:

My first item application, isn't that cute? c:

Don't worry, I don't honestly expect anything flashy like the last two types I listed, but hey, to shoot for the stars and possibly hit is better than to not shoot at all and miss for sure.

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Item has been approved and is currently in the works. We'll most surely use #1 on your list, but also make it a wearable hat so that you have somewhere to keep that it would make sense instead of your pocket or something. Keep checking back in the archives as I will change your topic's prefix to [Processing]. Once it is set to [Completed], then the item will have been implemented in the code. Keep an ear out for dev staff that might have questions.

Locking and archiving.

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