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[Accepted] Unban Request for Schwem00/innoxious

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BYOND Key: schwem00 / innoxious

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: Aboshehab

Reason of Ban: Setting atmospherics to leak Phoron into the air.

Reason for Appeal: So this is gonna sound kinda weird. I got tired of SS13 some time ago, before the ban even, and stopped playing for a long time. At some point, I was showing a friend SS13 on my computer because it seemed like the kind of thing he would enjoy. He did make his own account, so I didn't think much and didn't supervise him beyond teaching the basic controls. His account was named "innoxious". I know this means I'm making a ban appeal for someone else, but hear me out and you will see why. Anyway, I was playing with him at the time on another computer in my house. By playing with him I mean I was on the server but, I think I was the bartender or something, and I know he was an atmospheric tech, so I didn't really see him. We got bored after a few hours and left to do something else, during which he mentions that he used the guide I sent him of atmospherics to try to poison the station, but it didn't work. I assumed that meant, y'know, it didn't work, so I didn't think much of it and was just happy about that. Apparently, it did work.

As I said, I hadn't been playing SS13 for a while before the ban, and likewise, I didn't play for a loong time after. Only just recently actually did I try to get into it again and get the message that another user of the computer (innoxious) was banned. He never played after that because I guess the game wasn't much his style, so I am the one making the ban request because I just want my account unbanned, I don't care if his stays banned. I'm not sure if that is possible with how BYOND computer IDs work, but hopefully. I forgot Aurora had a forum for ban appeals at first, and did try to circumvent it, so if you see recent attempted connections under different accounts, that would be why. I've learned my lesson about letting people use my computer, and now that I've had sudden urges to play SS13 again, I'm hoping for a ban appeal to the only server I ever really enjoyed.

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Incredibly sorry for the long wait, it kind of slipped my mind for a few days, for which I apologize. I'll be handling this on behalf of Aboshehab.

What you've explained in your appeal and what logs indicate seem to match up, and while attempting to evade your ban doesn't look good, honesty about it all certainly does. On top of your relatively few and old notes, I don't see an issue with lifting the ban. It should be removed shortly. Do note that any further issues regarding computer/IP/account mixups will likely be disregarded after this, you should take more care to avoid having multiple players on the same computer for this exact reason.

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