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  1. Tbh I didn't even like this when vision cones were in, it made sense to be able to look at someone out of the corner of your eyes without turning toward them fully, but I didn't realize this was an explicit change made at some point. Agreed, please fix.
  2. This is effectively irrelevant because I've seen a ninja inform security they even have a self-destruct device a grand total of once, ever, in years- and if they don't do that, it's metagaming for sec to act like they know the ninja's about to put a crater the size of a half-power TTV in the station whenever they die. The main issue is not killing/hurting security. As a sec main, I'm perfectly fine getting gibbed for killing the ninja. The issue is the fuck-huge explosion doesn't magically just hurt the people who attacked the ninja, it kills anyone in a pretty sizable radius around them
  3. ...You can, because it currently exists. You're removing it. I'm asking you not to. If that doesn't change, going to have to say -1 on the PR as a whole. Move the other stuff to a different PR and that's fine though, don't have any problems with the other changes.
  4. Personally don't like this. It effectively removes the dark-blue uniform and replaces it with another blue uniform which looks extremely similar to a regular officer's uniform. It's the same issue I have with the white-shirt warden uniform, which is why I used the dark-blue one. I think the fact that it doesn't match the officer's gear is.. kind of, part of the point of making it a distinct uniform from the officers'. I also just dislike the washed-out, de-saturated look of the all-blue uniforms really, but I have no reason to ask for it to be removed so long as there is still a different, vis
  5. Sorry, let me restate. Not necessarily 'mechanics,' but balance. An armor vest, helmet, and gasmask all take up a great deal of space in your backpack/satchel, half or more than half, if I recall correctly. This is by design. You're intended to have to commit your inventory space to carrying all of that protective equipment on you at once. If you want more inventory space, you need to weigh what protection you want to ditch. Allowing security to just put two of those things on their belts in exchange for tiny items like police tape, pepperspray, flash, a tear-gas grenade, or whatever else, eff
  6. Realistically, belts are where most police/military groups keep their gasmasks in scenarios where they expect to need it, but are not immediately using it. But, realism on the server comes last, after lore, then mechanics. And mechanics say that full gas-based immunity warrants taking up more inventory space than a small item-size slot. Sorry, but it's probably not going to happen. As for 4, there are sets of webbings and drop pouches in the clothing locker in the equipment room. The random gen'd one in your locker isn't really consequential.
  7. @geeves I would really, really, really recommend bumping up the size of the icons at least a little bit, 1.5 to 2 times. They're just so friggen smol. Still, this already looks like a definite improvement- thank you!
    A clone of Admiral Frost coming out of the cryo pod and immediately headgibbing the real one with a mateba was a real shock twist. The writing was phenomenal. Props to the lore team.
  8. Not going to lie; I'd like to revert all of them. Do they look prettier, as individual sprites? Sure. But they're so, so much smaller, less flashy, and all of them readily blend in with the background of the average room. It's far too easy to miss the very important information that the icons are supposed to immediately display until something has already happened, like when you start gasping because your lungs have popped, or you're already burned half to hell as an IPC.
  9. On paper, it makes sense, sounds fine. In practice, it's just annoying. The majority of our rounds are antagonist rounds, and the majority of antagonist rounds are going to end while the station is on heightened alert. Having to then rely on very unreliable RNG for Odin security officers to be spawned or to just get stuck in the evac shuttle for a full minute plus any admin tickets (with a PR on the way to raise that to two), while the actual areas explicitly designed for the crew to RP in during round end are just locked away, is not fun. (I don't know if this applies on both blue and red or
  10. This alone tells me you aren't very familar with how IPCs work. To clarify, IPCs 'overheating' has no (at least, in 99.99% of cases) relation to actual atmospheric temperature. IPCs have their own internal temperature mechanics that are managed whenever they move, depending on what equipment they're wearing, and if they choose to run; an IPC can actually hard-incapacitate itself in a few dozen seconds simply by forcing itself to run repeatedly, or by wearing heavy armor without a cooling unit (which are renowned for having laughably short-lived power cells without RnD assistance, last I c
  11. Because that technology is not readily available in the 21st century. Defibrillators are used to rectify a number of heart issues, but not a stopped heart. [/firstyearmedstudent] That said, that's no excuse to not add a sci-fi "resuscitator" or something that does do that.
  12. I'm going to go ahead and retract this. I apologized personally.
  13. The removal has been merged under the caveat that it will be reintroduced with significant nerfs to integrity and damage capability in order to prevent it being used problematically.
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