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  1. Doc

    Unban Appeal

    Appeal accepted under the aforementioned conditions. The ban should be lifted now.
  2. Doc

    Unban Appeal

    Double-checking comes up with 13 warnings and 14 bans, excluding duplicates. I'm sure I checked for those the first time, so I'm not sure where my numbers went off, but the general impression is roughly the same regardless. You're free to confirm this with any other staff you see fit to ask, if they have the time to, or I can post your note log in full for reference in this appeal. I can assure you that you have far more than one single temporary ban. That said, given the amount of time passed since the ban was first issued, your explanation of improvement in the time since, and the fact that this is indeed your first full permanent ban (despite the exhaustive track record of about every other ban), I'm willing to life this ban under the condition that this will be your last chance on the server. You've had warnings, job bans, and server bans for several of our basic rules, and plenty of opportunities to re-read and adjust your behavior to them each time; there won't be a next one. As long as you acknowledge this, I will be accepting this appeal and lifting the ban.
  3. Doc

    Unban Appeal

    All of this applies to the incident you were directly banned for, and some incidents following up to it. Do not take this the wrong way, it is certainly a good thing that these issues have been improved, and that you accept responsibility for what seemingly happened. If this were the only issue which you were banned for, this may have been sufficient- but it's not, and the reasons this will not pass as is will be addressed below. The issue with this claim is your extensive track record. You admit to it, yes, and claim to have at one point 'changed your attitude drastically', yet your record continued. At the time of your banning you had, as was mentioned in your first ban appeal (which I replied to and was forced to close out of lack of response from yourself, to note), 76 staff notes, 12 distinct warnings, and 17 distinct bans- all of which were gained at a relatively continuous rate, with no visible period of 'changing attitude' that I can notice. I am not shutting down any possibility of your unbanning, but as in your previous appeal I must ask; why, at this point, after this many warnings, notes, and bans, should we believe that your attitude has changed, and that issues will not continue, given this history? Why is this time the last time? What about this situation warrants your current ban not being the last?
  4. Doc

    Low-Pop Map/NBT Testing Grounds

    That was an idea that came to me as well at first, but the issue with that is while the cycles are somewhat predictable, they are far from reliably so. Having a low pop on our 'high-pop map' is less of an issue considering we already deal with that for all of low-pop times as is, but what may be more of an issue is the 'low-pop map' remaining active when there are more players than there are roles. I don't know how frequently that may happen, or if it would even really happen enough to throw out a time-locked rotation altogether, but it something to consider.
  5. Doc

    Low-Pop Map/NBT Testing Grounds

    I love the idea conceptually. Two issues come to mind. One, the crew manifest is still relatively sizable despite being oriented explicitly for a low-pop scenario. The only department that actually seems to be shrunk by a large degree is security, and command by one head, as well as a few jobs being removed that are rarely if ever taken even at high-pop (atmos tech, anomalist, virologist). Two, how will the server actually determine when it is and isn't appropriate to load this map, considering map-loading begins before ready-ups can be taken into account?
  6. The thread pretty clearly already addresses this issue- the Aurora is not insignificant or auxiliary. It's adjoined to a similar, slightly more impressive facility, in a codependent supply chain. The reason for why important events occur on the Aurora instead of the Upsilon is also already explained; the Aurora is explicitly constructed with civilian functions like the bar, kitchen, holodeck, library, chapel, and other civilian areas to host these things, where the Upsilon was not. As for it being "cartoonish", that's just personal preference. I personally believe it contributes more than it detracts from, giving the Aurora's immediate vicinity more life and in some ways, more meaning. The "cartoonish"-ness is, in my mind, not really cartoonish as it is the just slightly less than "dead-serious" tone that gives our lore life.
  7. Doc

    Remove Emagged Maintenance Drones

    Unless gibbing and dismembering are identical functions code-wise, this PR will have no effect on this suggestion, [mention]BurgerBB[/mention].
  8. I wouldn't even call this deceptively complicated- it's just complicated. There is a massive amount of possible variety made available to IPC characters thanks not only to their possible origins, where most other species find their variety, but their design, their purpose, the story that led them where they are now, their personal status, and their owner, or lack thereof. Being one of the more unique facets of IPC characters, that's a good place to start. The difference between an owned and free IPC, even in the relatively 'accepting' setting of Tau Ceti, is massive. Despite the more liberally freeing laws that allow IPCs not only to be free, but in some cases even to be citizens, it can be difficult for a free IPC to budget enough pay or even find access to the same maintenance and repair facilities that owned frames can often take for granted. Maintaining functionality would be the primary concern of any IPC, free or owned, because an IPC that is not fully functional is making less money. The less money it makes, the less capable it is of remaining functional-.. And so on. While organic species have similar concerns, the cost of food and minor medical care is nowhere near comparable to the cost of a reliable power supply and intimate maintenance. Owned IPCs generally have these provided by their owner, so long as they are bring in more money than they expend by being managed. Owned IPCs, then, are still concerned with maintaining their functionality, but do so by working efficiently and productively in order to retain their usefulness in the eyes of their owner. In either case, an IPC working for NanoTrasen's primary goal is retaining their job, and maintaining efficiency, so that they can secure their continued operation, either to sustain themselves or to satisfy their owner. Socially and politically, synths aren't much better off. While all synthetics are looked down on by certain groups, even in Tau Ceti, free synthetics in particular still have a sizable portion of the population opposing their existence. Outside of the Frontier, Tau Ceti, a single solar system, is one of the only locations free synthetics can be found en-masse. While politically they are accepted to a larger degree than anywhere else, they still remain a marginalized minority by far, both experiencing harassment and outright attacks simply for existing. While organizations such as the SIM exist, they are comparatively small bastions of help and positivity compared to the rest of the galactic arm, and rarely have the resources, manpower, and facilities to maintain or otherwise assist the amount of synthetics that reside in Tau Ceti. The average individual will at best be nonplussed, at worst passive-aggressive, while an unusually strongly opinionated individual will either cheerily greet you-.. Or bash the side of your monitor in. Owned synthetics may face the same prejudices as well, due to extremists often not caring to identify their targets, but otherwise would be treated more as an environmental factor than a sentient being, much the same way as most other electronics are considered. In the work environment, free IPCs can expect smaller paychecks and fewer opportunities to advance in their position without showing exceptional capability, particularly in face of organic alternatives. Synthetic workers were created to work better for cheaper, and regardless of the real financial situation most free IPCs find themselves in, this is frequently how they are handled from a personnel standpoint. Owned IPCs are, by their nature, 'rented' specifically for the task NanoTrasen has paid for when assigned to shifts with the corporation. "Promoting" an owned synthetic would be a complicated and, in relation to the synthetic's owner, likely expensive prospect. It will often be easier and cheaper to simply assign a human to the post than bother renegotiating the work contract the owned IPC is already working under. Both of these situations increase the pressure that working IPCs face in regards to showing unusually efficient conduct- that is, after all, what synthetic workers are made for, to be more capable than organic workers. Otherwise, many synthetic workers can expect to stay exactly where they are for as long as they can continue to operate, as this is ultimately the cheapest way to handle a synthetic worker that doesn't display any attributes that put it above and beyond organic employees.
  9. 1. Honestly, a large portion of the conceptual footwork is done. A little refinement, and the major obstacle that remains would be mechanical implementation. As I've recently been trying to get myself further into development for the server, educating myself by exploring and working with portions of the code, I'd actually be fully willing to spearhead this myself, given I'd need some assistance along the way. So, very! 2. Absolutely. I briefly touched on, in my 'past experience,' spending time writing for "other role-playing servers," which actually includes managing a large portion of lore for a HRP role-playing forum for roughly half a year. There wasn't a particular focus on synths, and unfortunately the forum itself was deleted by the owner, but I do certainly have both experience and willingness in continuous maintenance and update of lore. 3. I'd like to think so, yes. A majority of my server time recently has been spent developing minor, but inclusive and interesting minievents that can both add a little extra to someone's round and help provide some immersion into the idea that the server doesn't exist solely in a vacuum, and things exist outside it as well. With some input on the future goals/plans for synth lore and the lore team in general, I'd be fully willing and able to implement more specific lore goals into those events, with or without oversight, and hopefully to both the benefit of the team and the player-base at large.
  10. This took a lot longer than I expected, even given classes, but I'm rather satisfied with how it turned out! Spoilered for convenience, because holy heck. On Shells:
  11. Doc

    Give Ninja Leg-Actuators

    PR made: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/5492
  12. Ckey/BYOND Username: TheDocOct Position Being Applied For: Synthetic Lore Deputy Past Experiences/Knowledge: I spend a great deal of time reading into both science fiction writing and real-world scientific development as a member of my school’s science and philosophy inquiry seminar, and have been a fan of sci-fi series in all forms for almost all my life. I’ve spent a great deal of my free-time over the past few years participating in both creative and professional writing courses and have previously written lore for sci-fi DnD-esque games, and to a minor extent other roleplaying servers. Examples of Past Work: I’ve written on and off, but I don’t have a ton of complete work to present. I do have a cooperative lore piece written between myself and Sharp that can be found here, https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?p=90829#p90829, and have spent time with the current synth lore team planning for events and working on materials such as sprite work and adding items for those occasions. A few are posted below, but are far from all of my work. Additional Comments: I’ve been both helping and experimenting with Synth-lore developments both for events and future expansions, and I greatly look forward to continuing to do so either as a deputy or not, but it would be a great benefit to be able to directly contribute to the team and be able to more closely work with their future plans. A lot of what I plan to contribute comes from pulling the lore off of the wiki and into the server- making it something the crew can actually see, and may actually be affected by, rather than something that’s just sitting on the page. Filling out detail and providing enough content to provide an immersive setting is of course important, and perhaps more important, than making the lore ‘living’, but I feel this is one of the main facets that the lore team has lacked on the whole, and that the synthetic field (my personal favorite alongside human and corporate lore) has the most to contribute in this manner. I do have a small writing piece I plan on attaching to this application, but between courses, other personal situations, and minor writing block, I’ve opted to post this application before I finish it in order to have it up for review and to allow for any questions or other input while it’s written.
  13. This was made in-game using admin tools, but frankly I'm under the impression it'd be easier to do in DreamMaker. Not going to lie, kind of proud of it.
  14. This was removed at the request of Arrow. But then re-added by him. I guess this can be closed? [mention]Arrow768[/mention]
  15. Doc

    Nerfing Parapen Stun

    No it doesn't. Nothing, ever, has to go "both ways". What it has to be is balanced, and that does NOT always mean "the same both ways". As has been stated by numerous people in the thread and even by admins, this isn't an issue that needs to be solved. It is balanced as is. I'll even tack on: I've never dealt with anyone abusing the para-pen for rule-breaking plays, that was not an obvious greytide. If this suddenly becomes a traitor epidemic, then maybe it will warrant a look, but it isn't, so it doesn't.