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  1. It has been a standing rule that a member of the modmin team cannot be a member of the CCIA team and vice versa; the only "exception" being the admin position of CCIA liaison. Ignoring that, I'm not particularly sure what to make of this application. The reasoning boils down to "because I want to", with little further elaboration, and your responsibility responses are rather short. which combined, make it hard to meaningfully gauge your commitment as anything other than low. Your membership of the CCIA team is a plus, but the workloads and expectations of the two teams are wildly different, and I can, from personal experience, tell you that adjusting to the difference will be a good amount of effort. You will have higher expectations of on-server time, on a more consistent basis, while potentially actually playing less to handle your administrative responsibilities. I'm not familiar with your current frequency of playing the server; but the fact that you, in this application, seem so nonchalant about """upgrading""" your responsibilities concerns me in terms of you actually being ready to commit to them.
  2. Red is exactly what we should stay away from; it's unnecessary attachment to their former Syndicate roots that we should be purposefully avoiding. "We're here to commit terrorism because you're a NanoTrasen station and NanoTrasen is bad" offers very little opportunity for engaging RP; having independent mercs that can develop their own motivations and their own goals is a much more worthy goal, and for that reason their 'standard' uniform should be very generalist. I think these sprites fulfill that purpose nicely. Edit: I only just realized- don't they start with tactical turtlenecks already? Why do we not stick with those? I personally prefer those over these jumpsuits. I had my mind stuck on their blood-red voidsuits and moving away from the Syndicate themes. If anything these can be added to their armory as an alternative uniform, in addition to the turtlenecks.
  3. Is this some kind of bizarre attempt at trolling? Has this entire conversation been an elaborate ruse to waste as many people's time as possible while accomplishing no actual meaningful discussion? Guess what this suggestion thread is for. Getting them to do that.
  4. The purpose of this suggestion is to revert this nonsensical ruling by the lore team- you can't then use the existence of the ruling as reasoning against the suggestion. As has been explained by multiple people in multiple ways, it is not logical for NT to have only just begun employing offworlders in the last year, and were it not for this ruling, there would be no actual reason offworlders could not fulfill these roles (besides the caveat of the security team). Lived in, no. Genetically 'adapted'/degenerated over multiple generations, yes. To call them a sub-species is indeed correct. No, it's not. Some offworlders have adapted over dozens of generations with significant genetic impact; some have only been mildly affected in their individual youth to have lighter/weaker bone structure, lankier builds, and weaker circulatory systems, with completely standard human genetics. Calling them a distinct sub-species implies a consistency between all of them that doesn't exist. The lore term of 'offworlder' encompasses the entire spectrum of individuals who have been permanently influenced by non-standard gravity environments; this is why there was rather protracted debate over even naming them offworlders as opposed to 'spacers' or other suggestions. The mechanical race encompasses the more heavily physically affected end of spectrum of offworlders, but it's entirely possible for a person closer to what our mechanical standard humans represents (i.e., less physically inhibited) to be considered an offworlder in lore by the way their environment affected their development or by their lineage. Yes, they were overly tall, suffered from poor bone structure causing aching in standard gravity environments, were significantly clumsy and pained by unsupported heavy equipment such as voidsuits, and often tried to avail their pain through alcohol when given the chance by lax command staff or other circumstances. There was no retconning; they were always, originally, intended to have been heavily affected from birth by a lack of full or stable gravity, and I even stopped playing them months before mechanical offworlders were originally being designed, much less implemented. If I had made them now, I likely wouldn't have changed very much about them; they do not suffer from the worst of an offworlder's possible physical problems, but enough to desperately want a stable supply of RMT to suppress their daily pain. Of course, if I decided to play them now, lore would have decided for me that they haven't actually been working at NT for the past four years I've been playing them, despite the fact that they have because I did. That's dumb. That's why this suggestion exists.
  5. The entire point of the conversation is that offworlders should and really have been employed by NanoTrasen for longer than that year. That's... why this doesn't make sense. I personally had an offworlder character for about three years before mechanical offworlders were implemented that would be a CE now if she returned, but now lore is turning around and saying she's only existed for a year because... well I don't know, it really makes no sense, that's the point.
  6. Please give it an accurate name or at least some kind of more detailed description in your announcements next time. I purposefully avoided the first half of the arc believing it was some kind of Skrell avant garde theatre series being put on aboard the Aurora, because all it was described as as "a skrell musical". That was, clearly, very much not what it was.
  7. I dont think you understand the context surrounding what you're suggesting. What exactly is preventing an offworlder from meeting these criteria? They've been around for centuries, there are definitely plenty of 35+ year old and 10+ years company experienced, with relevant degree, offworlders around who meet all of these criteria and could reasonably become captain if it weren't for this OOCly misplaced restriction.
  8. But... Why? This makes no sense. Offworlders aren't a "faction". They don't come from a culture, society, or locale that might harbor ill-intent towards NanoTrasen. They're not even new to the galactic stage- we just created a new mechanical race to represent the space-faring humans that have existed for as long as humanity has been in space- which is now centuries. Has NT been refusing to employ anyone who has any zero/low-gravity induced biological features for centuries? Sure, there are offworlder societies, like the Scarabs, who were the primary "introducers" of the mechanical species on an OOC level, but if that's the issue, then it should be Scarab faction members that cannot be these roles, not the entire mechanical race. This already has precedence with Dominians, regular humans, being unable to be captains.
  9. This is... an incredibly bizarre take and makes me question your understanding of what our offworlders are. No mutations are involved. They're literal humans, simply adapted for different environments. It's practically a medical condition, albeit a heavily life-affecting one. There is no real discrimination against offworlders in this capacity, and its existence would be bizarre- offworlders would be a relatively common sight for any individual who works anywhere near space industries- like, y'know, the vast majority of space stations. On top of what other people have said, I see no real reason they would be barred from anything besides the potentially combat-oriented security team.
  10. Bypassing RIG restrictions sounds like it should just be an emag function, not a specially-bought thing. Emag a RIG that is crowbarred open to override its safeties. Anyway - more implants would be neat. Adrenaline implant that gives a minute of increased sprinting speed, perhaps with multiple charges.
  11. This is extremely weird, considering non-aviator thermals are very intentionally disguised as meson goggles. Aviator thermals are just inferior to normal ones in that case.
  12. Technically, they should keep the antennae, as all of the hud-aviators now have the antennae as well. They also shouldn't have the red tint; they should be green, like the mesons, as they're intended to be disguised as mesons. You should only be able to note something is off when you actually put them on, look through them, and see it is thermal vision instead of mesons. This makes me wonder why the item doesn't just use the meson icon, though...
  13. The two different lenses having two different colors looks weird as hell- not in the good way. The antennae compromises the ability to tell if someone is wearing a headset or not, and also just kind of looks bad- this is why original HUDs were replaced with HUDglasses in the first place. Besides, if you REALLY want the antennae aesthetic, you can wear a bowman headset. If you want to make bowman headsets more common, have at it, just don't force anyone to wear this antennae thing if they don't want it.
  14. I feel like I'm going crazy reading this thread. What alien finds the ranks "Volunteer, Legionnaire, Prefect" more immediately understandable than "Legionnaire, Specalist Legionnaire, Lead Legionnaire"? Sure, volunteer can be recognized as probably below the other two, but Prefect is an archaic word most people will have to google. The only time I've ever heard it actually used is in Harry Potter. The new system literally spells it out- basic guy, basic guy with specialization in something, lead guy. On top of that, the more I think about it- specifically after Skull's descriptor- the more having all volunteers be this weird segregated rank from the rest seems bizarre to me. To someone less informed on the subject it could almost be seen like the professional military is recruiting ill-suited, disenfranchised volunteers just to throw up as meatshields in front of their actually trained soldiers, with promises of citizenship and scholarships. That sounds like something NT, their direct thematic counter, should be doing- way, way far off from the supposed intent of the TCFL's design. Integrating volunteers throughout the ranking structure instead of a weird second class soldier makes far more thematic sense. I also find it hilarious that it's being called confusing when it's literally a template copy of NT ERT, which has been tried and true for years and never had significant confusion by any measure. As for everything else in the thread I don't really care about it enough to comment.
  15. Positive interaction tbh. Disclaimer, Jawdat was an antag in this screen Anyway, I don't have a particular issue with the trialing of your command whitelist so long as it is closely observed not to violate any of the many repeated issues you've demonstrated before, as detailed by previous posters. I begrudgingly admit that the vast majority of rounds, you were a perfectly acceptable command member; you've just had some very, very bad ones leading to your whitelist removal. Don't repeat those mistakes, please.
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