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  1. While it's all well and good to theorize about how the relay would somehow be better if everything was run by the same staff as the main server, the simple fact is that while it may be part of the community, it is not part of the server. It is auxiliary, it is optional, and it is not something that all players- or, all staff- participate in. Moderation staff are not required to be in it. Staff- including modmins- are not even required to be in the main Aurora discord, or lore discord, though they may get odd looks once in a while when it comes up that they're not there, and we have had at leas
  2. The checkpoint blast doors automatically close on code red or blue, but there is no guarantee that there will be Odin sec, ERT, or CCIA to open it unless admins open their slots. Unfortunately, I attempted to have this changed or for Odin security to be a guaranteed spawn in those circumstances for exactly this reason, when the Odin changes initially went through, but it was overruled by head staff at the time. I'd love if one of those two things were implemented, though.
  3. AntagHUD removes the ability to join the round at all, so that is.. very much just flat out incorrect. Its function is to let an observer who knows they're not going to be joining the round, and is therefore willing to forfeit the ability to do so, instead observe the round's action more easily. That's the entire point of revealing who the antagonists are; to observe them. It just currently fulfills that function very poorly because it is broken in several circumstances and otherwise neglected in terms of features because no one uses it- which results in a nasty feedback loop where a majority
  4. If that's how it's going to be looked at, then antagHUD might as well be removed, since from that perspective there is no reason to enable it. All it does is bait people into losing their ability to respawn once or twice for nothing, until they learn it's useless. I would rather it just be reworked to actually do what it's supposed to, though, and that's to facilitate ghosts easily observing the antags of the round so they can keep up with the action.
  5. I don't even know if the antagHUD actually works for nearly half of antag types, honestly. I think only one or two antag types have HUD icons besides the ones that are visible to the antags themselves in the first place. It has been a long broken, long neglected 'feature'. Alternatively, actually flesh out the thing to make it worth activating instead of something someone ticks once experimentally and locks themself out of the round only to realize it's functionally broken. Maybe add a "follow antagonist/ghost role" option to the ghost tab, like following mobs?
  6. Unlike merc, nuke, or any other team-comp antagonist, the revenant players are not a unified group. They aren't selected at round-start- at least the majority aren't- and the role can be taken by any random person dropping in at any random point throughout the round. This makes even OOC coordination through AOOC neigh impossible, because even if the current roster of revenants all manage to come to an agreement on a unified theme or course of RP (which sometimes won't even happen with the unified team antagonists), that roster could be literally entirely different players within 10 to 30 minut
  7. I would highly, highly, HIGHLY prefer that we looking a nerfing the disruptor before ever considering reverting back to a ballistics sidearm. Please, god, please. This seems like a massive overreaction given, unless I missed a bunch of PRs, nerfs have hardly been pursued against the disruptor at all since it was implemented.
  8. Tbh I didn't even like this when vision cones were in, it made sense to be able to look at someone out of the corner of your eyes without turning toward them fully, but I didn't realize this was an explicit change made at some point. Agreed, please fix.
  9. This is effectively irrelevant because I've seen a ninja inform security they even have a self-destruct device a grand total of once, ever, in years- and if they don't do that, it's metagaming for sec to act like they know the ninja's about to put a crater the size of a half-power TTV in the station whenever they die. The main issue is not killing/hurting security. As a sec main, I'm perfectly fine getting gibbed for killing the ninja. The issue is the fuck-huge explosion doesn't magically just hurt the people who attacked the ninja, it kills anyone in a pretty sizable radius around them
  10. ...You can, because it currently exists. You're removing it. I'm asking you not to. If that doesn't change, going to have to say -1 on the PR as a whole. Move the other stuff to a different PR and that's fine though, don't have any problems with the other changes.
  11. Personally don't like this. It effectively removes the dark-blue uniform and replaces it with another blue uniform which looks extremely similar to a regular officer's uniform. It's the same issue I have with the white-shirt warden uniform, which is why I used the dark-blue one. I think the fact that it doesn't match the officer's gear is.. kind of, part of the point of making it a distinct uniform from the officers'. I also just dislike the washed-out, de-saturated look of the all-blue uniforms really, but I have no reason to ask for it to be removed so long as there is still a different, vis
  12. Sorry, let me restate. Not necessarily 'mechanics,' but balance. An armor vest, helmet, and gasmask all take up a great deal of space in your backpack/satchel, half or more than half, if I recall correctly. This is by design. You're intended to have to commit your inventory space to carrying all of that protective equipment on you at once. If you want more inventory space, you need to weigh what protection you want to ditch. Allowing security to just put two of those things on their belts in exchange for tiny items like police tape, pepperspray, flash, a tear-gas grenade, or whatever else, eff
  13. Realistically, belts are where most police/military groups keep their gasmasks in scenarios where they expect to need it, but are not immediately using it. But, realism on the server comes last, after lore, then mechanics. And mechanics say that full gas-based immunity warrants taking up more inventory space than a small item-size slot. Sorry, but it's probably not going to happen. As for 4, there are sets of webbings and drop pouches in the clothing locker in the equipment room. The random gen'd one in your locker isn't really consequential.
  14. @geeves I would really, really, really recommend bumping up the size of the icons at least a little bit, 1.5 to 2 times. They're just so friggen smol. Still, this already looks like a definite improvement- thank you!
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