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Remove access requirements on intra-departmental doors


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It's good that ID access is required to enter a department, but once inside, the doors between rooms should be general-access (I.E. not access-controlled, and not requiring ID). This will heighten the advantages of infiltrating a department stealthily or hacking your way inside, while retaining the general security of having your department gated from intrusion.

It will also lessen the need for babysitting a visitor to a department (such as someone visiting a patient in the medical bay), since they will no longer need a veritable chauffeur to guide them between every door.

Higher-security rooms such as head of staff offices, the server room in R&D, the cloning lab and morgue, etc.... should, of course, remain immune to this suggestion and stay access-controlled as they are.

If this goes through, it could make the never-used guest pass feature practically obsolete, and I think that's a good thing considering guest passes are very cumbersome to employ (owing to the time-limits being a headache for everyone involved, and the time it takes to setup by getting a sponsor instead of doing whatever time-sensitive thing it is you came to do).

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