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  1. You have to keep re-litigating things that happened a long time ago in order to cover up the fact that this ban was a whim based on people holding an impossible grudge against me and can't accept the fact that I've improved greatly. You have to keep re-litigating things that happened a long time ago to cover up the fact that you skipped over the rules and jumped straight to assuming my guilt in order to punish me. Who's really breaking the "Don't be a dick" rule here? You have to keep saying "the fact that I banned you is evidence that you should be banned" because when you actually put a
  2. You can if you have any respect for the rules or the principles they're meant to embody. So far, you allowed a cabal of random people to make this complaint a nebulously defined exploration of their undying hatred of me, and then you decided the outcome of the complaint based on that grudge, before asking Alberyk a single question about it. In this way, you clearly fell into the same pitfall Alb did. The fact that you made your decision before asking Alberyk to explain his action (which you admitted made you very uncomfortable) proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this process is nothin
  3. @Garnascus: Based on your two most recent posts, you decided that I should not remain as a member of the community, and then you began investigating the legitimacy of the ban that this topic was created to address. Isn't that completely inappropriate? I would like to comment on some of your observations. Point 3: I was banned from the server by Alberyk at the start of 2019. I want to note that the cause of this ban was not an event which happened on the server. It's not mentioned in the note, but just like this time, Alberyk applied a server-ban for activity which was not on on the s
  4. It's a mischaracterization because they paint the issue as broadly ongoing, instead of visibly better and getting better. They have outwardly stated that they look for ways to get me punished, and when they confront me, they keep pointing to things that happened in 2018. If I'm whitewashing events, it's because I haven't had the luxury of actually being able to look back and see them. As before, it happened in 2018 and I was already punished for it and toned down. Is it not unfair that they can continually re-punish me for it? Additionally, the forum ban I received while soft-banned was m
  5. They line up to admit it, enthusiastically. To admit that they were never satisfied with the idea of me improving after the trouble I got into, and that they will eternally treat me by the first impression. For an average user like me, this would be regrettable- but for moderators and "pillars" of this community, to see their undying hatred laid bare should strike you as deeply worrisome. It's plainly reflected in the efforts they each took to target me, as retaliation outside of the actual rules and discipline I received. But I have become very accustomed to enduring that hatred, so I do
  6. Spirituality had no place in a debate channel to start with - since it's highly personal and abstract, its inclusion there was abusive of everyone else's trust, and I overreacted as if to compensate. In any case, I'm sorry for what I did in 2018, but that's just my point- I was punished for it and learned better, while some people who came to hate me for it spent the time since then looking for (and finding) opportunities to punish me further. There you have it. Schev didn't like that I was able to make amends, so he made sure I "caught some down the line." And now, the trouble he plac
  7. Some people might rightly argue that pursuing a janitor (AKA custodial technician AKA a maintenance role) so relentlessly just for having maintenance tools and gloves is the source of the LRP here. You (Leudoberct) were so afraid of a character having equipment that their role could reasonably be expected to have (even if it's not utterly typical), that you repeatedly antagonized them for no observed offense and then formed a mob to pursue them when security didn't satisfy your (figurative) bloodthirst. I certainly recall when I played janitor, I stayed highly concerned with little tidbit
  8. The problem was that I made a problem worse (or, something I thought was a problem), when I had the chance to make it better. Who I (or anyone) thinks "started it" is not relevant in any situation, because I shouldn't base the quality of my behavior on the quality of anyone else's. Second: I do understand that. I don't believe I've ever brought trouble into the server-space, and I don't plan to start. This is in line with the principle of "don't shit where you eat."
  9. BYOND Key: Bauser Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: alberyk Reason of Ban: "Multiple cases of breaking the Don't be a dick rule by insulting staff an other players when interacting with the community" Reason for Appeal: Same reason as before. I've got nothing but good intentions and sincere hope for getting back to my record of peaceably contributing to Aurora. In pursuit of this, I've come to terms with the fact that I did some things incorrectly - namely, resorting to rudeness when I felt betrayed by a framework ostensibly designed to protect me, ins
  10. I have a history of hostility. This isn't it. I didn't even think I was a part of that conversation. I've only got seven messages in that huge log (none of which break any rules or are antagonizing), and he omitted the only two others, wherein 1) I explained my comment about being "flagrantly unhelpful" was only hypothetical and 2) the comment about rank and willingness to leave the community was about me (since I was banned from both forum and Discord and still wanted to stick around). My only comment which could even be misconstrued as combative ("I have a hunch you're going to c
  11. small brain is making a character you love and picking a song that suits them big brain is loving a song so much you make a character for it
  12. A good case can be made for attempting a bad gimmick: If it didn't work before, maybe they can use their experience to try and make it work next time. Regarding the gimmick not being believable enough, remember that believability is a two-way street. If there is a case to be made that the gimmick was not realistic enough to be believable, then there is a case to be made that you're just not believing enough for it to seem real. Not everyone has the same threshold for their suspension of disbelief. You say that the mercenaries hosting a fighting game is unrealistic, even though they alread
  13. Give Malf cyborgs the ability to modify an autolathe into an autoborger
  14. Why is this not already the case? Is there any downside to it? Or has it just not been an issue, historically?
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