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  1. I have a history of hostility. This isn't it. I didn't even think I was a part of that conversation. I've only got seven messages in that huge log (none of which break any rules or are antagonizing), and he omitted the only two others, wherein 1) I explained my comment about being "flagrantly unhelpful" was only hypothetical and 2) the comment about rank and willingness to leave the community was about me (since I was banned from both forum and Discord and still wanted to stick around). My only comment which could even be misconstrued as combative ("I have a hunch you're going to complain either way") stems from the fact that Burger started the conversation by stating his expectation that the antagonists would ruin the round, which I felt was needlessly hostile towards the players in general. So, yeah. I'm not a part of this incident. I already took my bruises for bullying Burger. EDIT: If I was being hostile, you would know. Everybody would know. Ask Schev. Ask Goret. Ask Coalf. I'm working on that. But none of that is here.
  2. Bauser

    Reagents and Temperatures

    And this is the PR
  3. Bauser

    Character Themes!

    small brain is making a character you love and picking a song that suits them big brain is loving a song so much you make a character for it
  4. A good case can be made for attempting a bad gimmick: If it didn't work before, maybe they can use their experience to try and make it work next time. Regarding the gimmick not being believable enough, remember that believability is a two-way street. If there is a case to be made that the gimmick was not realistic enough to be believable, then there is a case to be made that you're just not believing enough for it to seem real. Not everyone has the same threshold for their suspension of disbelief. You say that the mercenaries hosting a fighting game is unrealistic, even though they already had what they needed (the kidnapped HoS) and could very well have been doing it to send a message or terrorize. You say that the mercenaries shooting at & giving up one of their own was unrealistic, even though that mercenary just betrayed his whole team by killing an extremely valuable hostage. You say that one of the mercs having a change of heart and coming back for him was unrealistic, even though the mercenaries are all supposed to be actual characters with their own actual motivations, too. So for every case where you determined an IC behavior to be completely wrong and nonsensical, there's a theory that explains how it makes perfect sense... if you just look at it a way that isn't the way you look at things. Not every character behaves or should behave with your motivations or priorities. I'm not sure I could count on both hands the number of times I've heard you call a round "one of the worst rounds you've ever been in." tl;dr The purpose of disciplinary action should always be to facilitate fun and should never attempt to enforce fun. Your approach is an attempt to enforce fun... It's fundamentally ridiculous.
  5. Bauser

    Robotitist [1 dismissal]

    Give Malf cyborgs the ability to modify an autolathe into an autoborger
  6. Bauser

    Round Time Based on Real Time

    Why is this not already the case? Is there any downside to it? Or has it just not been an issue, historically?
  7. If that were the case, the basis of the complaint would take for granted the fact that a given player plays frequently enough that they should know the meta of which gimmicks have been tried and how successful each of them is... And that is just demanding too much of the playerbase. It already sucks to be an antagonist because everyone else expects you to create all the fun and bring it to them (often not realizing they can make their own fun); it would be pretty pathetic to start punishing people just for not being so good at it that they can recite what methods for fun-making everybody else in other rounds and other timezones have attempted.
  8. Bauser

    Post your poison/toxins suggestion here.

    Yes, how very unorthodox... Asking people for suggestions on the suggestions board
  9. Bauser

    Fixing Forensics

    That's not a "clever" forensics technician. That's any FT who knows how to brush with his brush and put the bits in the machine. The information you get from forensics analysis shouldn't be the person's entire wardrobe, and it shouldn't be able to describe the worn items specifically. A person who interacts with items or objects should leave their clothes fibers on it, but knowing that the black fibers came from a top hat instead of a black jumpsuit or gloves is too much.
  10. I would like to merge the roles just to lower the number of possible slots in security. I would rather remove detective and give the access to the FT, though. If "private investigator" is going to be any kind of role, make it an alt-title for the reporter, and don't give them any special gear or responsibility (as in, no leeway for trying to fight antags). They'd exist just to track and report.
  11. Bauser

    Fixing Forensics

    ... Except, then you can't even let anyone look at you while you're wearing the alternate uniform, or it's a dead giveaway not just to an FT, but to anyone who sees. And you can be damn sure any AI will be watching if they get a hint of that. And even if you ONLY wear the alternate uniform for exactly when you're DOING the crime, putting it on immediately before and taking it off immediately after, you're making yourself a sitting duck for an extra minute just so you can perform the song and dance of stripping down and dressing up - and that's time you're spending 1) totally vulnerable (because you can't really move and it's harder to use equipment) and 2) near the crime scene. And after all that... they can just expand the search area by another room or two, and find the nearest door that you DID touch while in standard clothes. "Well, yea, the chef wasn't IN the crime scene... or any of the rooms next to it...... but he WAS at this maintenance tunnel nearby, and a chef has no reason to be there, so let's HuT him").
  12. On the advice of a third party, I was moved to comment on your abrasive and potentially counterproductive tendencies in response to an argument we had on Discord today. As far as I know, I've never really interacted with you previously, so it was doubly shocking to me that you came out swinging. I had claimed that Dionae were negative influences on the lore and gameplay, and after discussing it with Kyres and Cobalt, you joined in immediately calling my objections "bullshit that I was pulling out of my ass" and then doubling-down on my every protest and making fun of me every step of the way. Dismissing other people's opinions out-of-hand and being snide when called out for it are poor qualities for a lore developer.
  13. Bauser

    Automatic mode for disposals crusher

    It might be beneficial to differentiate between a real-world 2-minute warning and a BYOND 2-minute warning. It has been suggested to me that because of the way time ticks in-game, what BYOND thinks is 2 minutes is actually longer. And we wouldn't want these warnings to get so far ahead that they don't seem imminent, I would think.
  14. Bauser

    Automatic mode for disposals crusher

    Yes, ideally, this system would play a warning sound and flash a light for maybe half a minute prior to its activation. And the button to disable the automatic activity would be inside the crusher program on the console - which is outside the crusher itself. Realistically you might expect to see an emergency stop button inside the crusher, but that would be boring, so let's not think about that.
  15. The disposals crusher should, by default, activate automatically once every 10 to 30 minutes. This could be toggled off via the crusher console. The purpose of this change is that throwing stuff down the trash chute is supposed to be a way to make things get gone, but instead, it just isn't. It only moves stuff to a conveniently secure location for sec to retrieve any time later, since trash will only be destroyed if someone manually activates the crusher. A 20-minute automatic timer (for instance) would mean security has to keep up with what's going on if they don't want to risk losing valuable evidence. Plus, it would make falling into disposals even scarier than it already is, not knowing if maybe you'll be obliterated before help can arrive... It makes sense and it would be fun.