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[Accepted] Ban Appeal - Smifboy78

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BYOND Key: Smifboy78

Total Ban Length: A week (Until 10/18/2018)

Banning staff member's Key: flimango

Reason of Ban: Continuously AFKing without using cryogenics or ahelping. Multiple unacknowledged warnings for similar behavior.

Reason for Appeal:

To preface, I understand that I definitely have a habit of occasionally leaving rounds without ahelping or cryo'ing. I enjoy playing on Aurora, but life is life and when I need to exit a 3D spess-man game to do something else or maybe get some sleep for once, I tend to just do so as I wish. I apologize if this has effected the "immersion" or "gaming experience" of other players around me in a negative manner, but have never heard of any complaints personally from other players, or members of staff about this behavior and I politely disagree that it is worth a week-long ban. I am also unaware of any official attempts to warn me of my behavior-- if they are able to be seen across rounds, nothing has ever stood out to me saying you have been "warned" by a member of the staff, something which I'm almost sure I remember being a thing the last time I was warned for reasons concerning RP (several years back now).

Anyway, Aurora is a great place and I genuinely enjoy using it to let off some steam and relax after a long day at school or work, and certainly never meant to smother anyone else's fun.


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Hello. Apologies for the delay on my reply. I want to start by saying that yes, this sort of issue does not usually result in a week ban. The reason the ban was placed at such a length was to ensure that you would see the ban and understand that there was an issue. I determined this was the best course of action after reviewing several unacknowledged warnings. The nature of the offense (disconnecting), means that we can not raise issue about it to you, since you are not there.

Here are the warnings and bans placed on your account, for reference.







I am going to lift this ban for you, as the intention of the ban was for you to see that there was an issue when you tried to join the next time. If you need to leave in the future, and can't put your gear away and make your way to the cryogenics room, please just ahelp and let us know. Something as simple as "g2g" is fine if it's an emergency. An administrator can take care of your disconnected body so that someone else may play the role.


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