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  1. I actually made a mistake while explaining this. You want it to be at flashpoint AFTER mixing, yes. So it's a bit of a careful balance to find the optimal gas mix. I've also been told that the ratio matters, though I have not experimented much with it myself except for a few basic tests. It is however true that you want as many moles as possible (more fuel for the explosion), so a cooler mix will end up being more destructive, as you can pack more into it (rather than EXTREMELY high heat with little actual gas behind it). As long as you hit the magic number you're good. The wiki guide tells you what you should aim for I believe.
  2. Sorry, I was at work. You can calculate the number of moles in a canister using the ideal gas law. I've gone ahead and put the explanation in a spoiler as it's quite long. To answer your second question, simply put, no. I'm afraid it is a bit beyond my abilities to explain this, though to be honest, you can eyeball most things in ss13 and be fine. For the purposes of toxins bomb making, simply getting your phoron to flashpoint and filling a canister to the maximum allowed, then filling a canister with as much oxygen at as low a temperature as possible will provide you with the largest explosion. EDIT: I've gone ahead and experimented with the problem you posed. As you can see, the results are not additive. Posted below.
  3. To answer your questions: 1. No they don’t exist. 2-4. You need to manually calculate the mols and everything relies on it, not just pressure. You can have extremely high pressure with high heat, but extremely dense cold gas will quickly rectify this. Denser gas at flashpoint is more efficient than crazy high heat with barely any actual substance. EDIT: This is my personal experience without referring to any code. If it turns out to be incorrect I am just dumb I guess.
  4. I am afraid we are going to have to deny this application. Please contact me or another member of the trialmods team if you have additional questions. Locking and Archiving.
  5. Flamingo

    Cultural Trends

    I’d like to echo what @wowzewow already said. As anyone who’s ever spoken to me about lore can tell you, I much prefer “slice of life” lore over pretty much everything else. I believe @kyres1 and I talked about this at length at least once before, and while some might consider it more clutter, I think the benefits of this type of lore far outweigh the cost of more articles, provided they aren’t one super-massive wiki thread, and instead are tastefully broken up into categories. Part of the reason I really enjoyed the Martian story arch is that Martians all really “felt” Martian. It was like they came from a shared background (Mars), rather than the norm, which is 10 culturally different people who claim to be Martian. Unfortunately this is not the case for most of the locations in our lore, and people get by with agreeing upon headcanon to make their characters feel connected (if they even try at all). So basically all all I can say is yes please, 1000 times yes. Personally, I’ve mostly kept to Luna for my character, only recently branching out to make a Scarab. However, SeniorScore put in some nice cultural information that I was pushing for for a long time before he departed the lore team. I’d definitely like to see more music, sports (if lore likes they could even put out articles on this — personally I use space hockey with a couple others, but really any sport will do), cuisine, travel destinations, etc.
  6. @Shadow7889 and I will be handling this complaint. Does anyone perhaps have the round ID at hand? Nevermind, I've found it.
  7. Great. This ban has been lifted. Welcome back. Locking and Archiving.
  8. Hello, apologies for the delay. I am willing to lift this ban provided you (or your brother, I suppose) read the rules when you stop by again. Here is a link for your convenience. Is this acceptable for you?
  9. Trial began as of the April 8th, 2019, and will last until May 8th, 2019.
  10. Hello. @DRagO will be contacting you to setup an interview in the coming days.
  11. I will be handling your interview in the coming days.
  12. Application moving to trial. It will run from April 1st, 2019, to May 1st, 2019.
  13. I will be contacting you to set up an interview shortly.
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