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Ban Appeal - MrMoose

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BYOND Key: Bob Cool

Total Ban Length:

Banning staff member's Key: mattatlas

Reason of Ban: "started killing himself with a minihoe as a shaft miner because they couldn't find the mining place."

Reason for Appeal: So back in 2018-01-08 (date of ban) I was quite new to Space Station 13. I barely had a understanding of RP, to be honest. I didn't even read the rules before doing anything on the server. I was looking for a server to learn from, not being intelligent and reading the station name (HRP) I hopped on and asked the admins where mining was (because I was new to all the maps at the time). I can't remember if I got a response or not but I do remember killing myself, then I got banned. I fully understand the rules now and just look back, I was stupid. I hope Mr. Mattatlas can forgive me and I can get un-banned.

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