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  1. Yeah, this is too superficial for a clothing item. I reccomend adding this as a loadout item instead - or reapplying with more flavour (and a sprite that shows said flavour too, since as it is, it's just a color swap). Denied.
  2. I didn't say it had to happen every round.
  3. I think the biggest reasonable compromise is to add some code that says that the ship will dock at a certain port in the sector at round end. Example: if we are in Elyra, the round end screen will say that it's about to dock at a port in Persepolis. This would allow people to abstract their free time away, it'd allow people to continue using the relay (off-time during refueling, cargo unloading or what have you) and it'd allow people to develop their character through discord DMs, while not killing the idea of a ship. Additionally, this should come with a config option, so it can be disabled for a period of time if needed.
  4. Could you show us a comparison photo of your cyborg next to other cyborg sprites in game? My worry is that this doesn't quite fit the rest of the cyborg artstyles.
  5. This does seem a little superficial to me. I'm not wholly against this, but the reasoning leaves a lot to be desired, especially for what's essentially a recolored labcoat. The sprite's also very unpleasing to the eye because of how dark the black is -- it should be lighter.
  6. Apologies for the long waiting time. Our decision on this is ultimately that the augment is fine, but you should tune down the effects of the flare incident. Specifically the part about the frontal lobe. The rest is fine.
  7. @Coalf Let us debate politics, if I lose I will resign

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      I'd debate you, but on the account of having a wife I am a changed man and no longer pwn in online arguments.

  8. On trial until 2OCT2021. Note that if you lose your Head of Staff whitelist a second time, you won't get a third try. Be careful!
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