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  1. M'sai don't really crumble without their exosuit/chems/legbrace though. They're not really comparable.
  2. With a little more positive feedback I'm open to accepting this. I will deliver a verdict in three days.
  3. Okay, so, here's what I've found. Destroying the station while a transfer shuttle is coming is not necessarily terrible. Considering the prior events I think it's alright to say that it was a pretty 'meh' choice, bordering on okay. However the nuke was extremely rushed. From what I can see it came with almost no warning and the RP after it boiled down to a standard countdown and 'oh god'. I can't really see the case for urgency here, and I'm really not a fan of nukes being rushed like that unless you literally can't do anything else. Considering the events going on at this time I will trust the call of the admins that gave you the nuke. In short: please don't try to rush nukes unless you have to. In this case, it's not egregious, but it was definitely lacking a bit of warning and effect, if that makes sense. A note will be placed on Sonic about this scenario. I will be locking this in 24 hours.
  4. I held off for a bit for feedback and it seems to have paid off. Accepted.
  5. MattAtlas

    Remove Cargonia

    This pretty much sums up my opinion on it. I think QM is a position where we'd lose more out on by removing it than doing something about the dept culture itself. By locking gun orders to command auth and perhaps a restructuring of the cargo department in general (rename and redefining) we can force a culture shift pretty easily. (You can currently break crates open with guns and emitters.)
  6. I personally do not like the antenna at all. It takes away the main factor of why people use the hudglasses: because they're sleek and look cooler than the hud. Also yes, on-mob screenshots.
  7. @sonicgotnuked, what situation were you in when you made the decision to call the nuke? Was it possible to involve the crew at that time, and if not, why?
  8. Tweaked again. You now have 4 Physicians with nurse/EP as alt titles and 2 surgeons.
  9. I'm taking this complaint. Expect a response today or tomorrow.
  10. Nurses now have two slots, for a full complement of 2-2-2.
  11. The Problem - Currently we suffer from a problem where you can end up with whack shit like three surgeons and two nurses. In addition, you can't really add more significant alt titles without the list being bloated. How do we solve it? - Medical Doctors are renamed to Physician. It's just a better name. - Change the physician slots to 4 instead of 5. - Add two separate surgeon slots. - Thus, we end up with two different slots with clearly defined responsibilities. PR here: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7986
  12. Renegade spawning currently just picks from a list of random guns that can be put in a backpack. The guns spawning in hand is a bug, which I will fix today.
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