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  1. Should be fixed now. New commit: - Slimes should work properly now, I tested them and it seemed to work - Changelog should be clearer on side effects now
  2. The font is basically unchanged on the advanced scanner, which is odd. Which part do you mean, exactly? Intended if the brain damage is lower than 20. Organs regen damage by themselves as long as said damage is under 0.1*max_damage, which for the brain is 0.1*200.
  3. New commit: - fixed pepperspray giving people heart attacks - fixed ondansetron and other chem recipes not working - head should be harder to hit - toxloss threshold for the liver to start gaining damage is now 100 instead of 60
  4. Fixes in latest commit: - body scanner displays blood pressure instead of volume - buckets and mixing bowls no longer shatter upon being thrown - added saline instead of potassium hydrophoride (0.4u sugar 1u water 1u salt) - operating computer now displays blood pressure/oxygenation/brain activity - RMT works properly (not that it's ever used) - surgery message fixes - runtime fixes
  5. 1. As far as I can tell this is intended. I did not change it. Will address blood volume. 2. Looking into ways to change it. 6. Pretty sure I didn't do this either.
  6. I'll address these when I'm home, but you should use a scalpel to fix necrotic organs.
  7. The medhud is based on pulse, not damage. I'm sorry but I can't address the colorblind issues other than saying that the sprite's "beating" speed changes too when pulse rises.
  8. I would prefer people only discuss cloning removals after brainmed is fully merged. Since speculating about if it's needed or not right now is a bit useless with brainmed being 1 or 2 days off from being merged.
  9. This should be fixed now in theory - all issues presented. The pain messages are normal, that's just how pain messages work. As for the pulse being wrong, it was using some legacy code instead of the new pulse code. Halloss recovering slowly should be better now in theory (?).
  10. Not being added, currently.
  11. Voting for dismissal. Reasons already stated. Doesn't fix the issue, really.
  12. Its a fucking blast. Kataphracts may not always be as effective as other ERTs but holy shit are they fun. Mostly everyone respects the honor code and acts fine as I've seen.
  13. Testmerge today. Should be more than 1 round this time. Overall changes in the PR body: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7502 Guide: https://pastebin.com/eDcS1TBu
  14. I will unban you on the condition that you understand that any further rulebreaks will be met with the same punishment. Wiping core should be something you always do as the AI, yes. In the same way that a normal human would go to cryo.
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