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  1. I supported before and still do support vision cones. Anything we can do to add to the paranoia of ss13 is good in my books. I also like to think of the RP you can get out of people sneaking onto you, be it to incapacitate you or just to talk to you. If used creatively, the cones can be very nice. Regarding antagonists, I wouldn't worry about them for the time being. There will need to be a period where people have to get used to it first before we can think about nerfing them. Currently people don't know how to play around the vision cones on both the defending and attacking sides, so our perception of what to change would be skewed. However, I'm not averse to reverting some security nerfs. Specifically I wouldn't mind them having maintenance access back, now that there's ways to play around them. In fact, you'd be able to surprise officers a LOT MORE than right now if they have maint access from the start.
  2. I can wholeheartedly throw my weight behind you being the next loredev, so, I'll completely endorse this app. Although being a bartender with you in game is like playing competitive esports instead of a chill experience, you're a very chill man and I have no doubts you're going to be good for the task. I know you'll be able to work with everyone in the lore team and I also know you'll do wonderfully. I'd however feel bad if I left off without asking you some questions. So, I'm going to leave one boring, but perhaps insightful one. What exactly do you think makes a good character? For instance, you mention how you like New Hai Phong, but what makes it good or unique for characters in your opinion? At the same time, do you think there are certain places that specifically lack this "spice" element? A few last things. I really really agree with your outlook on Elyra/Dominia. Dominia itself is home to a pretty bad stereotype that has been cultured by players and I hope to see you unearth it and toss it in the garbage. They desperately need more liberal options and in general a liberalization of possible character concepts.
  3. If you don't understand what you did wrong, this is not the board you're looking for. Ban appeals are for when you recognize what you did wrong.
  4. These complaints are not factored into the decision unless there is very solid proof.
  5. So, sorry about the delay. I had trouble finding the motivation to do this, or anything at all really, in the past few weeks. We have come to the conclusion that the note is reasonable. Based on what you saw, it is reasonable to arrest somebody for questioning or a low charge, but definitely not murder or attempted murder, unless you are SURE about it. We dont really see that kind of surefire evidence here. The tone however is questionable and she will be talked to about this. Closing in 24 hours.
  6. What do you mean? Not only have no maintainers approved it, it's not even awaiting merge, and it doesn't even have 2 approvals.
  7. The fact that me, a contributor, a 17 year old with too much time on their hands has to go through this kind of feedback post to make a simple medical change is exactly why real world parallels need to go as soon as humanely possible. Like I genuinely just have no clue what I'm reading here. It's 2462 with magic space engines for Christ's sake. I should be able to make changes without wading through paragraphs of technobabble about how "It's more realistic this way so it HAS to stay!"
  8. I'd rather see the name changes go in than not, because I'm dead tired of real world parallels in medical and the headache that they've brought me, both when I was porting brainmed and now. If we're worried about a basis this can be fixed relatively easily by adding lore descriptions to chemicals and making them show up when you examine a bottle. That'd be my preferred approach simply because it's more about adding than changing, but I'd be fine either. As for "alienating new players", this is an excuse that's often brought up instead of "I don't like this" because it means nothing, to be honest. New players aren't actual monkeys and most of them will get used to the changes in a day or two after a few ahelps or asking in OOC. Complete exaggeration. Most chemists either use VSC or the wiki, both of which would be updated before merging the PR anyway, at which point you can just ctrl+f what you need. This, also, means nothing, because not only is it untrue, it also doesn't matter. PRs can be made by whoever for whatever reason.
  9. It took a while to read through all the evidence compiled, I will admit, but we've reached a judgement, and it is that we can't really justify taking any action on AmShaegaar here, for a few reasons. 1. We usually do not act on what happens in DMs between players unless it is EXTREMELY egregious. What I have seen, though, does not meet that criteria. I have also not seen anything that could be construed as harassment or bypassing blocking on Discord. 2. What has actually happened on the server is either far too old to justify taking action on, or is simply not against the rules. An example of this is the round IDs we have been given. We found really no wrongdoing there, nor can we actually see any evidence of them intentionally trying to bypass a block to harass a player. All in all, what we can tell you here is to block the player in question and report harassment if it happens, immediately. This thread will be locked in 24 hours.
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