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  1. This application is denied. We've found the feedback given and observed by us to be too negative to give you a trial as it is. The issues here mainly stem from your command play being seen as too aggressive and thus from your character. I suggest leaving your zone of comfort and experimenting with different characters and personalities.
  2. This application is denied. After convening with the other whitelist managers, we've found your past history to be too extensive to consider giving you another shot at the whitelist. We don't expect this to change in the near future either.
  3. I don't really think your character Szsk would ever reasonably be promoted to a head of security. This is the same unathi that openly said multiple times to human officers that they hate humans and the same unathi who loses his cool so often that a joke about Moghes being nuked made him so mad that he tried assaulting an officer.
  4. I'll handle this application. Make sure to get feedback, etc etc.
  5. They will get a synthetic golem simple mob of sorts. Or at least, I'm pretty sure they will, unless the code there relies on some weird magical Polaris contraption that I can't port in that PR, which is not the case last time I checked.
  6. my favourite IC drama is that one time i let a vaurca fight a kataphract on station as the captain during a canon event, the vaurca ate shit, then proceeded to get injected with dex+ and die instantly, after which Security tried to arrest me for breaking a nebulous "Biesel Law", which upon questioning them about where the fuck it is on the wiki they said they would report me to the FIB instead

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    2. Roostercat


      I was the bug. Feelsbad.

    3. MattAtlas


      you were a chad for taking the opportunity, don't feel bad @Roostercat

    4. SinfulBehaviors


      Wasn't that during Unathi Christmas?

  7. I asked someone for the logs later down and I realized that the second point I made was wrong and I rushed it out without properly looking at what I was actually saying that day. I'll openly admit that I fucked up there. I'll edit my original post.
  8. I disagree. My intentions were clearly not to make fun of him, as you can even see later down the line that Hepatica backs down on what she was saying because of what I said. Because this way I cannot be accused of digging up an obscure reddit account. Not sure what you're trying to say here.
  9. This post originally noted how I wasn't making fun of Luke, but upon further review of my own posts I can't really conclude otherwise. I apologise and expect punishment for it. However, I will still keep the part of the post here that comments on how I wasn't the one that was involved in finding or posting the information at first. Here is where he was "outed", and I will censor his reddit username, because I did not even look at his reddit user page, I just took what Paradox said at face value. I will, however, note that Luke regularly posts on the SS13 subreddit with an username that i
  10. I don't want to sound rude but the flashing images from your avatar sometimes make me feel like I'm going to have a seizure.

    1. Carver


      Open your ublock origin filters and add something along the line of 

      ! 2021-04-05 https://forums.aurorastation.org


  11. Cryo, and leaving the round in general, is an OOC mechanic. It's not supposed to function as an in-universe method of getting off of work. Similarly, I can't support the addition of anything that works like that because it would generate an absurd amount of plot holes in rounds, more than even cryo (e.g "why do we have to use the emergency shuttle when we can just use the departure shuttles" or "why do I have to care about what the revs are doing i can just leave lol"). Voting for dismissal.
  12. I can't really say I have seen you play and the feedback thus far is insufficient. Have you been advertising your app at all?
  13. Tossing this into the archive as it is resolved.
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