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  1. MattAtlas


    We've taken a look at the logs and we noticed that you shot laser rifle beams a lot. You shot two apparitions and a cultist with laser rifle beams. In fact you do not seem to ever have fired an energy pistol shot at a human, only at a diona nymph. What's up with that?
  2. I didn't say that? When did I actually say that? I'm replying to someone saying that the AI is useless, with which I'm telling you it's not
  3. Heres the problem: theres a difference between saying "You're using the poll results to nerf the AI", which is fine, and saying "You're using the poll results to nerf the AI and make it so unfun that it can only be removed", which is not This nerf was the last possible recourse, I'm not even sure what half of the people here want if not the removal of bolting Also, AIs can still be a huge pain in the ass simply by reporting locations, except it's security that has to do the work now, not sure how that makes it toothless or "just a meme"
  4. This sentence is mostly baseless conjecture that's pretty demeaning to the people who've made said PRs and the people who agreed with said nerfs. Not the best way to get your points across, but I do understand what you're trying to say. Its just not the case. There's definitely a problem with the AI and this server isn't really the only example of it being problematic, because it is everywhere where a modicum of RP is expected from antags. The only way to fix this is to directly nerf its ability to inhibit them. There's not much else you can do without asking a person for a complete rework, which is unfeasible.
  5. Here is the problem: 1) People say it's a player issue. 2) It's not a player issue, because the role forces you into validhunting because of laws. This is what the role is MADE to do, hunt antags by bolting them in. There is no way around this. 3) Now that we know the AI itself is the problem, we can either remove it or change it. 4) The removal poll was a no, nobody wants to rework it, so this is the only solution left.
  6. MattAtlas


    Prate and I will take this complaint from Garnascus as he is now too busy to continue with it. Give us a few days to sort through everything.
  7. Its not really even that powerful, no objections to it, feels like it was just forgotten tbh
  8. this is completely wrong because i just got a server warning for going nuclear on resi in the complaint which in hindsight i regret, so, might wanna remove that conjecture
  9. I decided you were being toxic in OOC because you lied to me in DMs and I had the proof necessary to think this. This is usually what staff do. They decide if you broke the rules or not. If a player tells me "I didn't actually gank anyone" when they did in fact gank someone and they have 7 notes for this, I'm going to assume they ganked someone. This is the same thing. You can stop repeating this part now. It has no point beyond just being fluff with no meaning. e. Have you missed the part where Garnascus said this was a problem? Where's this part in the original post, again? I am dead tired of you changing what this complaint is on a dime. Decide on something and stick to it before your credibility evaporates even further.
  10. Then this complaint is a lot of nothing. I'm glad you understand that this is the only thing that could be seen as a problem so far - that I didn't tell you things were handled because I thought you'd assume they were after not getting followups.
  11. When somebody makes a complaint on you, do you go to a staff member that is completely unrelated to ask what it is about? The answer is quite clearly "no". Of course nobody else knew about those incidents, because I handled the logs for most of the time they were a thing. The reason you didn't get responses is because I was under the assumption that not getting a response would be the same thing as being in the clear. This is quite simple to understand when you look at how I handle tickets in game, where I ask people why they did X, then close the ticket later if they've done nothing wrong. Abo brought the security incidents thing to me on 24 February. Around this time I asked you about it. I got sick for an entire month (adminchat logs will support this) and later asked you about another incident I had on the backburner which was the Gonzales eye incident. During that, someone brought up you saying what got you ultimately banned up to Abo as I recall, who forwarded it to me and I investigated it. The grudge thing is blatantly false. I can disprove this with screenshots, and I assume you know this, considering you're using past tense.
  12. I have zero interest in arguing with you. My perception of you is never changing. What I did is, in my opinion, correct. For the record, this entire reply contains a very malformed perception of how administrating works.
  13. This is correct. What do you expect me to do? Ask you if you broke the rules, you'd say "no" and then go on your merry way? You don't get to decide if you broke the rules or not. Let me paint a picture of who exactly you are first of all. Not looking good so far. You're very well known for being an asshole in OOC and being passive aggressive. In addition, I also had people send me screenshots of you telling them in Discord that "they're the reason you stopped playing Gonzales". From my point of view, my perception of you was already poisoned due to these notes. Let's take a look at what made me ban you. It's not exactly new that there's controversy regarding you and Vrow. You explained it. Your justification for this comment was that "I hate extended" or something, and you learnt it was extended like this: This holds no water. Considering your prior behaviour I have no reason to even remotely believe you. Now let's talk about the complaint. The fact that I have to spend a morning writing on this to indulge someone who is this pretentious is frankly infuriating. You wanted to decide the timeframe in which I handled complaints. You went to one person in the whitelist team and asked them if there was an investigation, to which they replied "I don't know of any", and you are now using this excuse to go off on a moral grandstanding tirade about how we're not transparent. But, let me humor you for a few minutes. Why? You haven't even given a reason for this. I'm not going to go hunt for you in the server to find you. You're on a very different timezone from me. I live in Europe and you live in Canada or wherever the fuck. You also wouldn't get any more info than what I told you in Discord, so I'm confused as to why you'd even put this in here, other than trying to tell us what to do because Hestia does it better or whatever is going on in your head. I also asked you for your opinion on everything that I was handling. If Juani confused you about an investigation, you could have gone to me or someone else. Here's a hint: you didn't. I told you to drop it because you were complaining that I was investigating you too much. Which is a completely fucking stupid thing to say of you. I don't even understand how you can come in here and say this shit, dude. The reason I investigating you is because a few people went to Abo regarding some issues with Gonzales, who went to me, and I investigated them after a month because I procrastinated. There's no secret police here. You're just paranoid. To add to this, I didn't punish you for any incidents, because they were not rulebreaks. You could defend yourself when I told you about it. Unfortunately your defense was a lie, so I banned you. It works like that in admin PMs too. I'm not sure if you talked to a CCIA or lorewriter about this, because when I made my admin decision I spoke to nearly every admin for an opinion. I made a google doc on this explaining everything and sent it to the aforementioned people to ask for their opinion. I had concrete evidence to say that you were lying to me. Finally, your reputation was not tarnished due to a single player. It was tarnished by yourself, Who knew that being an ass would have repercussions? For the last segment, I don't appreciate how you went off on Juani complaining about me. Juani isn't even staff anymore. He retired. Here's what you actually said: I don't think you have any credibility left and my ban holds out. Do what you said you would do and stick to "the other server", please. One last self-explaining screenshot to end my post:
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