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  1. @Flamingo and I will handle this complaint. Give us a few days to look over the evidence.
  2. This is a fuckton of work, for reference. This is probably going to need a lot of personal willpower or a commission because it also requires the conversion of armor to datums and the rebalancing of armor in general as our values are different from Bay's, in addition to most likely also porting modular armor & adding/editing the sprites for it.
  3. How? This feature can be disabled by the player, the post-game antag list couldn't. The post-game antag list was a definite "X was played by Y", whereas this feature simply says you're playing a role, which is only ever absolute in the cases of single slot roles.
  4. Most people won't. The "majority" you're seeing here is a very tiny subsection of people who browse the forums and particularly dislike this idea.
  5. This would be pretty hard to do and far beyond the bounds of this suggestion due to how prefs work.
  6. It'd be a preference toggle that's on by default, though. You can just toggle it off.
  7. Makes sense. My advice is to also show the flaws that come with this mindset, but I won't pretend to know your character. A verdict will be given on Thursday.
  8. @niennab and @Aboshedab, the feature on Bay has a preference that disables showing the role altogether. If it were to be ported, it would come with that.
  9. I'll be taking this application. Your responses bring a question to mind: why does your existing character want to advance to a head of staff position? In your mind, why is their promotion justified?
  10. I won't be taking this application as I pushed you to make it, so instead I'll comment my support. You're a very, very capable roleplayer and a person I thoroughly enjoy playing with. I think you've got what it takes to be a head lf staff and the mindset to make it fun for others. +1
  11. You have enough good feedback to let me overlook the warnings you've received. Keep in mind that if they escalate further, your whitelist will be removed. On trial from 29DEC2020 to 5JAN2021.
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