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  1. I've explained the reasoning in modchat, but I'll do it again. There's only one general officer. That means only one person that will bother teaching cadets at most. How is he supposed to split his own time between two cadets and then whatever shit goes on? In addition, removing available manpower fits the slated goals nicely. Slots meant for new players do not matter if you can't train or assist them. The fact of the matter is that if we keep two cadet slots their training will be worse. I also doubt that this is "unfair" in any way. There isn't much competition for the cadet slot to begin with, and even if there is, where's the problem? Skip a round and play another later.
  2. If anything we have too many back-to-back rounds. I think the current extended chance is good enough™ until Other Developments© happen. As Seeli generously showed, it's really not as uncommon as you think. In fact, secret extended is actually quite common. Voting for dismissal.
  3. This was completely expected and is pretty normal when most people don't play antagonists. Give it a few weeks.
  4. We can see why by using an analogy: the antag player pool is a social circle that doesn't expand. Over time your antag players will dwindle because on HRP almost nobody wants to play antag at first. This is one of the few cases where making people do it will actually be an overall benefit by increasing said pool. Also, it's not exactly nefarious - if you want antags, you're expecting to be entertained by antags in exchange for sometimes entertaining people as an antag. Seems fair to me.
  5. I am not fine with the idea of keeping dead code. If the events are being removed then virology as a whole should be removed - because it has quite literally no use at all other than the events. Anyone who wants to rework virology will have to bring the entire thing down and rework it from the ground up in any case, since the code is pretty bad.
  6. Not opposed, personally, because virology is so ancient that it should really be killed.
  7. You cannot use "less detail" as an unequivocally bad thing. It doesn't mean a sprite is worse. I think they're better in this case because they have less detail and fit the new floors more.
  8. This application has my support. A good person OOCly and a good contributor that I have been helping since their first PR. I think you are capable enough for a trial.
  9. This is great and I love it. My eyes will hurt less at night. On another note, we really need our own look. Most of our very visible station scenario (walls, airlocks, floors, scrubbers, vents) is noticeably old and all of it looks outdated. We really need to start getting our own identity and I think this is a great start. These new sprites look good.
  10. I like all of these, personally.
  11. Okay. We have agreed that Paradox was in the right in this situation. Your fellow mercenaries even told you not to murder the research director. You then intentionally murdered them. This would be fine had you given them any sort of roleplay OR if they had given you any reason to murder them, but that's not what happened. You killed them in a firefight for no actual reason. They did not pose a danger as they were very obviously unarmed and you had many other choices according to your gimmick - as an example, it was possible to injure and then capture. Or just capture, as you had all the tools to do that. Paradox's reasoning stands solid. I urge you to appeal whenever you feel like you want to start playing again, but I would give it a month to be sure.
  12. Sorry for the wait, I unexpectedly got sick and had to take a week or so to recover. The results will be available soon.
  13. @Aboshedaband I will handle this.
  14. Sorry for the delay, I've been sick with the flu. Accepted.
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