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  1. This is accepted, but repeats of this behavior will result in a no-questions-asked synth ban.
  2. This will be implemented by yours truly here: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/10245 more or less. I have chosen to keep ions as a weapon of strategic utility while severely nerfing their point and click capabilities plus the damage inflicted by EMPs. You can view more details there. This also means we can implement a not-yet-disclosed third weapon to the security armory. I have also decided to change how EMPs affect robotic organs in general. The remaining items on my todo list are thus mechs and hardsuits.
  3. This is denied for the time being. With the concerns we have being along the same lines as Nienna's, we don't find the feedback here satisfactory. I advise playing for a month or two more, with characters matching the standards you want to set for command.
  4. Accepted. Go kill some solarians or whatever you Gadpathurian zoomers do.
  5. It's simple: playing a surgeon in a wheelchair is too much of a handicap that would not get you into this career, especially on the Aurora where surgeons are often expected to also handle ICU/GTR work in addition to surgery if the personnel is lacking. Non sequitur and an irrelevant example.
  6. Omicega's a roleplayer I've had a bunch of interactions with over the years. Mainly in CM with their character there, sometimes their synthetic, and now on Aurora their security officer*. I've always known them to be a good player that can live up to high standards and I haven't found that trust broken yet. I've got full confidence that they can roleplay a good skrell. Some might yell at me for doing a typical "+1 good friend", but I felt it was needed here considering that some might consider them a bit too new to the server. Which I don't think is the case, anyway.
  7. This post makes me question if you've ever actually played medical because it's so absolutely wrong in so many aspects it's actually an enigma how you can gleam any of this. A) Inaprovaline actually slows down brain decay. B) The most medicine you ever need is inap and dex+. Add saline if they need blood. C) The health analyzer tells you everything you need (blood pressure and brain activity) except for pinpoint fracture/problem analysis, which is just how it was before. D) "A lot of medicinals being nerfed" doesn't matter even if it did happen because a significant portion of chemicals was changed in brainmed.
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