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[Accepted] Shutko's Detective Jobban Appeal

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BYOND Key: shutko

Total Ban Length: 1 week (as i was told)

Banning staff member's Key: No idea

Reason of Ban: I had to do some real life stuff, and decided to AFK in a cryo pod. I thought it wouldnt take much time, but obviously it did, and when i got back i saw that i was kicked from the server. I didnt pay it much thought, and then i found out that im banned from detective. Im fairly sure that's the reason.

Reason for Appeal: I dont think that AFKing is grounds for a week long jobban. I realise that i should have ghosted or logged off, and i wont do something like this again.

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Hello. I am the banning staff member. I want to start by saying that the length of the ban was chosen to ensure that you would see it when you came back, coupled with the fact that you already had been sent a notification once, and received two notes on the matter, as this is only one of several times that you’ve been found AFK for an extended period of time. If you need to leave or go do something, stow your gear and head to cryo, or at the very least, ahelp and let a staff member know.

Business aside, I am okay with lifting this ban early as long as you are willing to make an effort to keep yourself from AFKing in the future. Again, at the very least, an emergency “g2g emergency” ahelp is all that’s needed, and a staff member can take care of things for you.

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