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[Accepted] MrGodZilla Unban Request

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BYOND Key: MrGodZilla

Total Ban Length: 10800 minutes (7 days/1 week)

Banning staff member's Key: queenofyugoslavia

Reason of Ban: Delaminating the supermatter and disconnecting.

Reason for Appeal: This may have been a mistake on my part, but I don't remember a single thing involving myself purposefully delaminating the engine and then suddenly disconnecting at any point in time during this round. I remember the round in particular, I joined because of a lack of engineering and was planning on simply booting the engine and heading off, since I was tired and not willing to partake in extra hours of engineering. I set the engine up according to standard, or at least how the guide, and how I remember it goes. Pumps on, two phoron in the cold, one phoron in the hot, twenty five shots, yada-yada. Something I noted in this round was that the AI was acting incredibly strange, almost malicious, so I made a note of that. I finally set up the engine, upgrade the main SMES, when suddenly, I hear the sounds of a door opening, lights exploding, and high-pressurized banging. I don't know if the setup I used supposedly also opens the engine doors, blows the lights out, and causes a huge phoron fire, considering I remember it being industry standard, but it happened. I barely have time, but I suit up to check it out, and voila, it's a phoron fire, white hot, blazing, and all the lights are blown out. I hit the panic siphon because the pressure is sitting at about a dozen megapascals, and I sit around, watching the air alarm while nobody, not even the AI, seems to be as panicked of the alarms over engineering comms. One last thing I witness is the engine doors opening up for a few seconds once more, releasing the rest of the gaseous phoron into the engine room, and then locking again. It was pretty obvious at this rate that something was opening the doors, now, I don't know if it was a malf round in the end, but the badgering and hostility of the AI combined with the phenomenon of the engine doors randomly opening and the lights exploding seems to point towards this being the work of a malfunctioning synthetic, not myself. I eventually left the round due to being overwhelmingly tired IRL, and not really willing to put with the round if it did reveal to be malf. More engineers eventually joined, and from I know they tried fixing it, but I don't know what happened since I had already logged off. So yeah, a week ban for something that was not done purposefully, and was most likely the actions of an antagonist feels somewhat disagreeable.

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