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  1. I have taken some time to look over this in detail and have come to a few conclusions. The actions taken by Schev and Hunters characters were highly questionable and in a way un-ethical, however its nothing character or lore breaking about it. The characters acted in a way thats realistic and while the actions they took were realistic, its definitely something you can make a IR about, however the only issue I'm seeing is the comments Schev made post round. At this point I think this can be resolved with applying a note towards Schev and ensuring he understands future incidents will result in h
  2. Going to re-visit this after some discussion, we have decided to allow this item to be added.
  3. There is quite a bit wrong with this application. Giving players a multitool at round start is not withen what custom items are ment for, and for this purpose and the fact that its hardly character defining, we have decided to decline this application. Messege me privately if you would like to discuss this
  4. I return to the land of the living, welcome to goth aurora how may I help you?
  5. So after discussion between me and Prate, we have decided to deny this application, the item is more so fit for a loadout item type ordeal then for custom items.
  6. Hi there, so I just would like to start this off with saying that, I love and care about this community. It has been my family and my friends for the past two years and I have been grateful to meat so many of you. People here have blessed me with such good times and memory's that can never be replaced, people that can never be replaced. I have never been perfect and nor is this so I won't turn this into something too long. For the past few months I have been struggling with health issues, some I rather not discuss due to the privacy but others being my mental health, I have taken on more then
  7. There is obligation to protect there privacy to rule breakers, its called respecting that these are real people ooc with real feelings.
  8. Staff don't have to disclose what action was taken to be honest, thats a breach of privicy and only inspires metagrudging/shitting on the player.
  9. After some discussion with the applicant, along with some additional info they have provided the custom item team (myself and prate) have decided to accept this application.
  10. Outstanding effort into this application, I feel this shows the dedication the character has to this hobby and feel it can show off more of his character. Accepted
  11. Looked over it and it appears to be a solid application, accepted.
  12. Going to go ahead and accept this, the mask itself should be a face covering item and will not possess any sort of advantage/protection however.
  13. The application itself is well done, however there is a issue with the sprite itself, its essentialy a movie reference that we feel doesn't fit into the standards we want to keep up. I will leave this open for a bit to allow you to post new sprites so we can review it again.
  14. Matt makes a very valid point to this, and with past precident we have decided to decline this item at the time, thank you for applying.
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