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Right, so, I wrote a story back on Apollo, based on Inis' old, retconned backstory, unfortunately, I wrote it in window, and it has since been lost when Apollo reset. I have recently felt the urge to rewrite it, possibly with new characters, so if anyone wants in, just PM me, or post below.

As a note, this is NOT a canon story, and takes place a significant time in the future, cryo-suspension is a thing for current characters, if you want it.


-Captain: Robert Dalton

-Medic: Davis "Poindexter" Brinner

-Ordnance expert:

-Marksman: Lana Antonova Seto

-Close Combat Specialist:


-Engineer: Desmond Knapp

-High Inquisitor:


-ERT/DS Commander:

Any character can fill any of these slots; however, this is set in an alternate, now removed timeline, so feel free to get creative; it is set 30-40 years ahead of current time, but given that it is an alternate timeline, your characters can be taken out of cryosleep from current time, or just be from the future.

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Lana Anton-Raschnikova

Close combat/marksman/ordnance expert (any of these). She's a spitting image of her mother Elena, only more implusive and agressive. Unresolved abandonment issues from her childhood, because of her mother. She's thriteen at server date, but leaving her in cryo for a while to fit her into the 30ish space marine group might be an option.

I really need to work on my character's names, since I'm trying to fit the traditional russian naming conventions. I need to invent the entire family tree for the that. So, this is kind placeholder name.

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((All races allowed))

Looks good to me, Bokaza, could you PM me some basic personality info? So I can get things along the right track from the start.

So everyone knows, nothing will be publicly posted until it has been looked over the the owners of the involved characters, so they can check if I got the characters right.

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