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A Discussion on Bluespace and Xenoarchaeology

Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

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Hello, Xenoarchaeology Research Director Steven Davidson here. As you all know, Nanotrasen has hired you fine ladies and gentlemen for your intellectual skills and ability to research, experiment, publish, and or just debate your theories. Now, our field has a very specific purpose: Figure out what the hell is going on with these artifacts and how or if they relate to bluespace.

The research into this has been scattered, and with our field being so young we haven't had a formal method of cataloguing and citing each other's work (you people are really paranoid about someone stealing your publishable data, aren't you?) and I think it's time we changed that.

For any lab assistants or unusually out-of-the-loop scientists, here's where we stand:

In 2413, Dr. Samantha Tigard discovered bluespace. It was all very exciting, and now we can travel the stars.

Well, years after this colonists and miners started discovering strange things. How many of you remember the New Refuge mining outpost incident of 2478? Some poor miner brought in "a bloody strange relic" and it ended up firing an EMP pulse that knocked out all the power and anyone with mechanical limbs.

Anyway! Other discoveries include the lovable slime - believe it or not, our supply of slimes not bred in our labs comes from how many we can scoop up from artifact sites. Anyone wanna be assigned to "Xenobiological Asset Retrieval Duty"? Lol!

The artifacts themselves are where we really shine - we know so far that the big important ones have a variety of abilities and... Powers, but all of them require different methods of "activation". Those are the questions that are the most dangerous to answer: "What does this do, and how do I turn it on?" I don't need to remind everyone about the mandatory life insurance and genetic back-up policies for this field...

Anyway, this all leads into why you're reading this thread. I want run a census of sorts - we have two leading, broadly accepted theories in the scientific community. The first one is that these artifacts, slimes, fossils: all of them are related to the bluespace dimension. This theory says that a possibly advanced alien race from the bluespace dimension has made treks into our own dimension, and the artifacts we are finding are remnants of these outposts or gateway locations of theirs. How they got here is still unknown.

The second theory splits bluespace and the artifacts into two different groups - bluespace is a completely separate phenomenon, and that these relics are actually evidence of an alien race that we've yet to encounter.

There are of course, several different theories, but since they're not as mainstream as the 'Big Two' I'll let you bring up if you have a different vision of these matters.

Now, because we're scientists, I need you to post 'why' you are a believer in the theory you're proposing. What evidence did you discover? Have you dated artifacts? The whole shebang! I'll catalogue everything you put here and see about making an actual database for us to cite and what-not.


-Director Davidson


Report Post - Quick Response

Xenoarchaeology and xenobiology get little lore love; since I've become the dev for bluespace, I thought I'd include the community in the creation of its lore by having these vague 'prelude' theories tossed up for us to debate over, IC. If you respond, please have it be IC'ly from a scientist - or someone you think would feasibly have access to a Nanotrasen forum for its scientists.

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Greetings, Director Davidson.

I am Xenoarchaeologist Camille Rodgers from the NSS Aurora Research Station. For the longest time, I was a proponent of the theory my artefact findings where vastly different than Bluespace items of interest, and for good reason. Not only do many of the technological levels of many of the finds vary greatly, while their age is around the same, but their very nature and proximity indicate that they do not come from the same place and peoples. You wild find artefacts of war side by side with artefacts of peacel again with the same age. I thought this to be sufficient proof against correlation between artefacts and Bluespace.

However, a farily recent addition to the Research staff aboard the NSS Aurora, a Dionae by the name of Two-Birds-Beaks-Together, has been conducting xenobiological research, particularly on bluespace slimes. While their research on bluespace slimes itself is very interesting; exploring the nature of their asexual reproduction, their behavioural patterns, they did however mention to me rather offhandedly that the variance and the setting and the same age of all the various artefacts in close proximity did not reject the theory of them being connected to Bluespace, but rather supported the theory; how else could they have all accumulated upon these asteroids, so many artefacts of different shade and colour? They must have passed through the bluespace dimension, which also explains many of their other peculiar properties.

As a result, it is my current theory that the mundane artefacts are /not/ the byproduct of an extra-dimensional race, however I find it highly likely that they have passed through the Bluespace dimension. Due to their close proximity to anomalies, which I do believe are byproducts of an extra-dimensional race due to their physics-defying properties, they were likely brought around the same time as the anomalies. It is possible that this extra-dimensional race were collectors? Perhaps utilizing the unlawful properties of bluespace in combination with the already time-defying laws of realspace to collect artefacts from various races?

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Greetings, fellow scientists. My name is doctor Davis Wintzel.

While I have been detached from Aurora for a while and thus its research, my most notible discovery may shed some light on the mistery. It was a sword like object that most closely resembled the antic japanese sword called 'Katana'. It was not of any known style. Upon dating of the object, its age was, interestingly enough, put somewhere around 17 billion years of age. Yes, the object predated the universe. We were baffled, so we immediatelly started repeated attempts to date it. It was put lower at around 15 - 12 billion. It not possible that inteligent life existed that early in the formation of galaxy. But there it is, a sword covered in rock that is older than the universe. The asteroid is a giant anomaly. The thing either spent eans stuck bluespace (where the time flows differently), is capable of time travel or was effected by an Einsteinian time dillation field, because, frankly, it is not possible that it is older than the universe.

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This has sat for awhile, and I've only just found it now. I'm Dr. Laurence Fisher, Professor of Xenoarchaeology and Anomalous Materials at Luna University, as well as a part-time Research Director with NanoTrasen.

In response to Dr. Wintzel,

As we know, Bluespace exists independently of our own universe, they are two separate cosmic entities, tied together by weakened dimensional 'fabrics', which we are able to open wider and manipulate to aid in travel and storage. Now, if these two states of existence are inherently separate, there is no reason to believe that our universe and the Bluespace universe began existing at the same time; it is possible, I would say, that Bluespace has existed far longer.

Not only that, the existence of Bluespace itself proves that other dimensions exist and operate independently of our own, logically this could mean that artefacts we come across during excavations are from other dimensions, rather than just our own.

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