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Updating shuttles and pods mechanics

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Okay, I always did not like how Merchant shuttle looks, I played around and I think I made it look better. The summary of what I did to it:

  • Removed middle racks
  • Extended shuttle by 3 tiles, added tables on each sides to replace removal of middle racks
  • Added an Energy net turret that with Turret control panel to it. To protect from customers, this is a non-lethal turret.
  • Added blastdoors to each window and a button on the bridge to protect from outside threats like Carps.
  • Added blastdoor to the airlock and button on the bridge to prevent unwanted customers from leaving.
  • Added O2 locker in the airlock just in case.
  • Fixed access to nanomed.

Shuttle preview:



Another update I made is to make an Escape Pods Retrieval Shuttle. The idea is that pods are launched into space, and then they are being picked up by this shuttle into the hanger bay. Because pods cannot make it on their own to CC, and leaving them in asteroid field where there is tons of crashes junk as it currently stands is dumb in my opinion. This ship that picks them up has a medbay that will allow people to heal most of things, including surgery. It has a bar, cryopod, restrooms, bridge.

Summary of the ship's features:

  • Hanger for pods
  • Security Checkpoint.
  • Medbay with sleepers, body scanner, cryotubes, room for surgery, and medical supplies
  • cryopods in case if your character is done playing
  • Bar with small nice dining area and relaxation. Has all stuff that Odin bar has and Vending machines that do not charge money(cause command staff)
  • Restrooms(what if you need to use it)
  • Changing room.
  • Bridge.
  • Captain's Quarters.

Ship's preview:




Escape pods mechanics will also be reworked:

  • Emagging escape pod will make it go to Merc's location
  • Manually launching might leave you in space
  • Overloading pod with more people than designated capacity of people can lead pod to their crashland or not launch at all.
  • Adding few civillian pods to the station
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