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  1. Hmm.. I'd you wish to retract yeah. I am not against the application and would love to see you do a project for a trial.
  2. Are you currently developer on CM. If you are, do you plan to remain dev on CM if you become dev on Aurora?
  3. That's not your fault for introducing security risk via HTML. HTML hacking is a common issue and it should have been spotted by devs during PR review, it happens. Your PRs are good, and you are relatively new to contributing on Aurora. I would agree with Karolis, you should take on some project that is medium-big size and have it as part of your dev trial.
  4. Hard to implement, because each item has to have sprite for each color and defined it. Basically there is no way to make it *random*
  5. We can make Distress beacon bring random team like CM has? So like there is a chance of Syndicate coming or pirates.
  6. The project is discontinued, moving the thread.
  7. Since Pr is opened for it, moving to Projects subforum.
  8. I agree. Pipes are hollow inside, even tho they are heavy - drones can roll them. In worst case I want them at least to be like pushed forward.
  9. HOP is not loyalty Implanted like IAA does. So he would not always represent company's best interest unless we loyalty Implanted HOP too. At that point we only have CMO, RD and CE not implanted which is half of head of staff.
  10. True. Here are all my PRs related to Diona. One of them is a bugfix to my fuckery, so do not count that. Plus one more PR right now open that will fix problem of Diona being too slow and keeping it balanced.
  11. Iirc @Arrow768 Was against hacking access to any RIGS?
  12. Technically they are illegal technology and should not be utilized. But I do see crew use them in emergency. It would be interesting to see security officer in stealth suit trying to hunt down ninja.
  13. Revert PR is posted https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6276
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