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  1. Technically they are illegal technology and should not be utilized. But I do see crew use them in emergency. It would be interesting to see security officer in stealth suit trying to hunt down ninja.
  2. Revert PR is posted https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6276
  3. PR was merged, moving to finished.
  4. @ParadoxSpace The project is discontinued?
  5. Pr merged, moving to complete projects
  6. PR merged, moving to complete projects
  7. IAA main duty that cannot be replaced by any other job, especially command is to do department checks and make sure everything is under control. Make sure every job including command is done properly. IAA can report wrong actions of command to CC. If you merge IAA into HOP, then to whom will non-command people go to complain about command actions? What if a person has trouble with HOP command decisions and they wan CC to investigate it, who will they go complain to? Captain? Well, captain might be present or not, and they will most likely not relay that to CC and have their own judgement. It is about having a mechanism to report people in charge to their boss. Because otherwise it is similar to the case of Police where police is supposed to protect you, but if police are assaulting you in custody who do you go to complain about them?
  8. I read this carefully and agree with issue Drago raised. It is indeed a problem that lore does not explain lots of things that keeps our minds wonder. I am huge fan of artificial intelligence both in game and in real life. I am trying to pursue major in AI so I am really concerned when I see certain things that people assume synthetics would do here in game. I always wondered how IPCs are integrated into society in lore. When they are done with their shift do the go home? What is their home looks like, is it just a one-two small rooms with charging station? Do IPCs ever just shutdown to recharge? Are there IPCs with detachable power sources where maybe when they come "home" they just grab charged battery and replace it? All these questions fly through my mind. Anyway, back to the application. I would say that also idea of making IPC more customized with X number of points. And where you can choose your power charge level, your power drain rate, your cooling efficiency, brute or burn resistance. Maybe possible EMP resistance to decrease damage? All that sounds amazing to me. Drago is great member of the community, moderator and developer. Having lore deputy who is also a developer makes a person extremely effective. Because Drago would be able to know what kind of things can be mechanically implemented in code(and usually almost anything is possible to implement in code, it is just matter of how much effort it would take and if it is worth it.) when they decide lore changes. +1
  9. PR merged and is moved to complete subforum
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