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  1. @Skull132 Maybe Geeves can write down notes during lecture(Or other dev too, if Geeves can't).
  2. Can I join as observer/participant? I hope it is not during my lecture times lol.
  3. I don't think DM is best first programming language to learn. Given how DM lacks certain core programming features: aux data structures, advanced OOP. But given how you are going to show how it translates to ss13 coding, it makes sense.
  4. Exactly, 5 minutes is too fast. But the reason it is so low is because in past paradox screamed that 10 minutes is eternity.
  5. Not true. It is possible to import Sol tobacoo and genetically modify it and mix it's DNA with native planet plants DNA to make it survive harsh environments. As such the plant will have unique flavor. But generally I am against encouraging tobacoo usages, especially since our server have teens. But that can also be applied to space drugs and alcohol, blah blah. So I am not even sure if it's bad to have it in this game.
  6. Merchant doors are not special. They are typical airlocks that are customly mapped with changed variables.
  7. So you took my additional side note as my main point and dismissed it just because of it? And I would agree with you, my personal opinion does not mean that Drago should or should not remain on dev team. But it is not appropriate to dismiss the main points of my reply and just toss them out, that just makes me think you are not serious about what I have to say about this. That is true, at the time of Drago's application their performance was not satisfactory for them to get on the team like most other developers did. There was lots of discussions about it, I was participating too. Me and majority of developers agreed to give Drago a chance with the requirement that they will work on improving their skills and learning more. Another thing was also Drago's trial, it was meant to show how much Drago can grow if they are asked in in DM skills and general. At the end of trial there was a discussion and whole team accepted Drago. It was not a single person: Skull or me or MoonDance or Karolis or anyone else. Could it have been a wrong decision at the time? That depends on perspective, I would say ask the same people who voted on it and see if their opinion has changed. My opinion is that we did the right decision as we have a valuable developer on on our team. But that is again my personal opinion. I am confused what "few vitriolic ad hominem rebuttals" is referring to? Please explain to me. The explanation of why she was accepted is a given in paragraph above. As to "Why can't we just demote her, since she can improve as contributor too" can be applied to any person. We can let other developers go to improve, we can let Skull drop as host to let Skull improve of how they host server. But I do not see a need to drop Drago for them to improve their skill, as in my personal opinion their coding skills meet development team requirements. The last quote I replied to here makes me ask if this is in any way related to development team hesitant/opposed to accepting you as developer? As I was trying to not assume as much as possible, the pattern of complaint made me raise this question. Edit: I am apologizing for grammar and duplicated words, I am physically and mentally exhausted from the day as I wrote this. But I wanted to write it now, because most of my thoughts might go away and get lost since I will be very busy at work this week.
  8. I have edited my message. Sorry, I was under the impression that it how I thought it is.
  9. Hello there. I have read over your post, and this paragraph is just quick summary of my reply. I fail to see your points valid, especially in overall picture, I do not see anything major where you can question the level of competency of Drago. The part about having knowledge or experience of DM is not correct. While it would be partially true if you were talking about Drago when they started coding and to the moment of their trial, if you look at Drago's ability to code in DM you will see a noticeable improvement which was seen to go up. It would be concerning and valid if their ability to code has remained the same since they joined the team, but that is just not true. There is nothing wrong with creating PR that is "half-baked", as long as it is not a meme PR. There are tons of examples of WIP, PR drafts, and even PRs that are marked for review but they need improvement or finishing. The key point here is that when PR is seen by developers/contributors or even players are incomplete or lacks improvement a feedback to it is required. It is important to look at how the author of PR listens to the feedback, but they can still disagree. Disagreeing with someone is not the issue, it is about how you do it. People have different opinions, and on implementation especially. Maintainers usually are the people whose word is final, but even they have disagreement between each other from time to time. In Drago's specific case I have looked over any recent PRs that were either not finished or received request/suggestion to change something. Their response is appropriate, it was either civilized discussion or they just decided to stop the project. It is okay for a person to stop a project if they do not agree with suggestions or requests, as long as the request/suggestion was fair and they do not do it out of taking it personally or leave it with salty remark or point it out. Personally I have closed PR once where I disagreed with suggestion of another developer and I left a closing comment saying that I personally think that my PR/idea is being stolen by this developer. I got over that issue, I never attacked that developer and they talked to me. Eventually we came to agreement of them implementing it, which is the right way to resolve this issue. I have not observed anything as close as this in Drago's case recently. That is interesting suggestion about benefit of learning more about DM. I would say there are still lots of developers who will benefit of learning more about DM, even skull has gaps and is being corrected. Now I say that, I do not mean that their DM knowledge is not enough, but Software Development is a field where you need to accept constant growth. Once you stop learning that's when you will stop having creative ideas. I do not agree that Drago has to take time to learn more about our community, since I think they know it very well. Especially being an active and experienced moderator, active developer, former lore developer and wiki maintainer. Drago has taken so many roles in their aurora career, and I do not meant it like since they have role everywhere they are automatically wise. But I mean that they have tapped in each area of our community with entirely different perspectives of different teams, that their experience and knowledge of the community is definitely greater than any staff on developer's team except for Alberyk. I know that lots of Drago's PRs were closed because they were not able to actively maintain them up to date with master. Lots of their PRs had merge conflicts later on which are pain in the ass to solve and sometimes is not worth the time. I carefully looked at Garlic PR. Arrow only issue with it was the sprite. Your suggestion was reasonable, but again it is author's privilege to disagree with anyone as long as they explain why. Drago did explain what is their opinion, and nobody has replied to their explanation since. You are referring to vermin PR? That PR has different issues. Drago's review point out that your usage of global name lists(as opposed to local) is against our standards, unless it is absolutely required and used by different systems of code that cannot pass the list around easily. That was a valid point, their suggestion was for you to use existing configuration file of adjectives is also a good point. You replied with a partially good point. I say partially because it make sense that you want to have animal/class specific list of adjectives that cannot be easily put together into single file. Putting them into individual file would be another alternative, but it would not make sense if it scales up. In this case you would want to use local lists. I do not see how having PR open for it is wrong. It is stale and can be closed, true. But that is not an issue I think at all, and does not work in your argument. I honestly do not see issue here, there was lots of different opinions on whether that PR should be in or not. It was absolutely said by maintainers that we will test merge it and potentially merge it to just try out something new. We can always revert anything. Drago making that PR was not against dev team descriptor, nor by a whole or even a majority of community since opinions were again split almost 50% Additional: Just because Lohikar thinks about something in a certain way does not mean it is right or true
  10. PoZe

    Remove Gank

    PR has been merged, moving to complete projects.
  11. Hello, I have looked at your PRs you have linked. In Particular here is pieces of code which can be improved and make it look so much more readable by having procs that handle different sizes: Basic principle of Object Oriented Programming would be to create different classes and sub classes with sizes. Have a generic parent proc that handles size and override it for each subclass. This would make code more readable and easier to change than this. Coding point is not as important as working in team and collaborating. In particular when I asked other developers their opinion about you and if they had similar observations or interactions as me. Most of developers said that it is sort of like hit or miss. One times they have good and great interaction with you, while in others it is so bad that they do not want to proceed. Basically this inconsistency or combustibility is the main concern. Moondancer for example agree that they themselves have similar trait sometimes, but they are working on it and control it. I wish other developers would voice their opinion in this thread, because I do not want to quote someone or anything.
  12. My honest list of cons: 1. Kaed are not active developer. They develop when some dev/contributor proposed or submitted PR with stuff and Kaed disagrees on it 2. Kaed code is not good, I think they have still room for improving coding skills and 1 point slows the process. 3. I might be biased, but that's how I see Kaed in general and my personal interactions and observations
  13. PoZe

    Remove Gank

    The PR is not removing anything.it only adds 4 more useful stealth pens
  14. PoZe

    Remove Gank

    UPDATE: No longer we replace paralysis pen. Kaed will rebalance it in their PR. My PR now adds these 4 special pens suggested by OP. They will come in a kit equal to parapen cost
  15. PoZe

    Remove Gank

    I picked poison off the suggestions of players in chat. I am fine with tweaking any pens
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