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  1. PoZe

    Bring back part of the old airlock behaviour

    This is not a problem anymore
  2. PoZe

    Live Animal Traps/Cages

    PR posted, finishing it. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/5744
  3. PoZe

    adds firing pins to the RD locker

    PR was merged, moving to complete projects
  4. PoZe

    Revert The Dangers of Teleportation #5651

    Code wise explosion occurs before the object is actually moved to a new location - I have tested by teleporting several objects myself and all of them survived.
  5. PoZe

    Revert The Dangers of Teleportation #5651

    First - telescience was never designed to be experimented on station levels, especially trying to teleport into another department. Telescience is a new tech that is really hard to use, all existing teleport devices are top-notch new devices. So obviously you shouldn't use people to test telescience or you shouldn't test it by teleporting into AI core. You can easily use GPS to safely test it, if you need to know what is there you need to use some form or camera. We can implement cameras into integrated circuitry if it doesn't exit.
  6. PoZe

    Ais cant be traitors + New Gamemode

    PR was merged in, moving to complete Projects
  7. Since the this has a PR, moving to Projects.
  8. Hard counter for changelog is given - if you put them in crusher while they are dead, under elevator or blow them up, throwing them into SM, using crematorium. On Exodus burning them in incenerator also worked. Edit: I support it
  9. PoZe

    Live Animal Traps/Cages

    Posting progress update - I have made core and base of traps. I have added and tested small and medium traps, small has sprite, medium doesn't(bear trap is a placeholder). large trap will be also added, it has slightly different mechanics. Here is a screen of tests
  10. Okay, moving to discontinued projects
  11. PoZe

    Even More Spell Tweaks

    PR merged in, moving to complete projects
  12. PoZe

    Thirst Mechanics

    PR merged in, moving to complete projects
  13. Project was discontinued, moving
  14. @Scheveningen The PR was closed, is this project discontinued?
  15. PoZe

    Feedback on Security Aviators

    PR merged in, moving to complete Projects