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  1. Yes, that's how it works. But only 1 minute, not 6 minutes. And no, it isn't using ghost spawner menu. It uses the role preference tab which is called ghosttrap in the code. I am debating with devs whether it should be ghostspawner or ghosttrap. But regardless of that, it will work in the same way. Someone is harvesting seeds of nymph, it sends 1 minute ghost request to everyone who has nymph role set to yes. Then whoever was first gets the nymph, otherwise after a minute if there is nobody controlling it, it will die. Essentially same as posibrain
  2. I have implemented what you requested in PR https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/10926 Nymphs will have their own preference just like living plant. I moved code for nymphs to not be part of living plant. I set both to have timeout of 1 minute, instead of 6 seconds. Please let me know if time needs adjustment. I will also see if devs or maintainers will request timeout to be different.
  3. Exactly right. Therefore the server you request already exists. It is part of T-comms servers. However, the issue there is that sabotaging T-comms to disable only suit sensors is complicated if you want to keep comms running in order for it to not be discovered. What I would recommend for antags is possible add some sort of suit sensor jammer, or add suit sensor jamming to the existing jammer objects.
  4. I have implemented this idea in the PR https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/10912 As per maintainers suggestion/request this will be a mode option per scanner with default to chat output. But people who want this to be a window UI can change it inside of "Object" tab using "Switch health scanner output" verb. This way both sides will be happy. Here is the demo. (Out of date a bit, body temperature is no longer entirely green color). The only issue people bring up is that green is hard to read here.
  5. @Skull132 Maybe Geeves can write down notes during lecture(Or other dev too, if Geeves can't).
  6. Can I join as observer/participant? I hope it is not during my lecture times lol.
  7. I don't think DM is best first programming language to learn. Given how DM lacks certain core programming features: aux data structures, advanced OOP. But given how you are going to show how it translates to ss13 coding, it makes sense.
  8. Exactly, 5 minutes is too fast. But the reason it is so low is because in past paradox screamed that 10 minutes is eternity.
  9. Not true. It is possible to import Sol tobacoo and genetically modify it and mix it's DNA with native planet plants DNA to make it survive harsh environments. As such the plant will have unique flavor. But generally I am against encouraging tobacoo usages, especially since our server have teens. But that can also be applied to space drugs and alcohol, blah blah. So I am not even sure if it's bad to have it in this game.
  10. Merchant doors are not special. They are typical airlocks that are customly mapped with changed variables.
  11. So you took my additional side note as my main point and dismissed it just because of it? And I would agree with you, my personal opinion does not mean that Drago should or should not remain on dev team. But it is not appropriate to dismiss the main points of my reply and just toss them out, that just makes me think you are not serious about what I have to say about this. That is true, at the time of Drago's application their performance was not satisfactory for them to get on the team like most other developers did. There was lots of discussions about it, I was participating to
  12. I have edited my message. Sorry, I was under the impression that it how I thought it is.
  13. Hello there. I have read over your post, and this paragraph is just quick summary of my reply. I fail to see your points valid, especially in overall picture, I do not see anything major where you can question the level of competency of Drago. The part about having knowledge or experience of DM is not correct. While it would be partially true if you were talking about Drago when they started coding and to the moment of their trial, if you look at Drago's ability to code in DM you will see a noticeable improvement which was seen to go up. It would be concerning and valid if their ability to cod
  14. PR has been merged, moving to complete projects.
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