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  1. You should be able to do that right now with this PR. Place bag on table, go to Object tab and hit Empty Content. It will do delay timer which is based on how much stuff you have in a bag and it will empty it on the table.
  2. It should include Backpacks, duffel bags, Satchels. but it does dump it on the floor. Unless you put it on the table and use the verb.
  3. Created PR: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7140
  4. PoZe

    Merchant chance

    Some devs said 45% is too much, but 40% is okay. PR created https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7138. Moving to Projects.
  5. What if we just make AI radio icon to be of a headset. So it looks like AI always uses a headset. Then people won't metagame
  6. We could nerf Ion rifle by increasing fire delay substantially.
  7. So you are saying that it should be like this: Officer : "Fuck, this IPC went nuts and killed 3 crew members. We gotta take him down, but nothing works... except for this thing called HEP-MPMS" Cadet: "Okay, let's use this thing to take that son of a bitch down!" Officer brings HEP-MPMS Cadet: " Woah... what the heck is that? Are you saying we are gonna take IPC down with a freaking rocket launcher?" Officer: "Well yeah, there is no other way." Cadet: "What if we miss and hit something important, won't it blow up whole room?" Officer: "Well, we better not miss or we are fucked"
  8. The reason why some of them drop items is also because sometimes you change from human mob to different lesser mob like carbon or living. Neither of these support slots for items humans have, so extra stuff have to drop.
  9. Interesting, I can definitely make it happen. I will start working on it
  10. Agreed with Zundy. Make staff of change temporary change you, after X amount of time it will revert you back.
  11. No, it makes total sense mechanics wise. They quit from functional body that hasn't died yet. If you are in crit as human and you ghost before dying - you also cannot enter back your body. I would propose few other things: 1. Instead of board make it part of Borg's console, console where you can lock them down. 2. Also add a verb "emergency single" that states over intercomm in general chat that cyborg is critically damaged and their coordinates.
  12. We can always implement some of peacekeeper functionality. Leaving them just as shields borgs is kinda meh as it gives single purpose. I am not saying idea is wrong, just think we need to like spin it more, add more stuff.
  13. I want to be clear: I do not intend to re-haul Research. If you want it seen please ping other devs. I am trying to add something that is easy to add while will be worth adding before I leave aurora development team.
  14. The point of project is not to overhaul RND entirely. But to just make sure that all departments would ask RND to make them, something more often. Basically adding more cool things RND can print. The re-hual suggestion for RND is in suggestion thread currently. So I just want to ask you to stick to suggesting new cool things to add to protholate that would benefit certain departmetns.
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