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Dr. Abuii's Xenoarchaeological Documentation

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[The entire page is written in Nral'Malic, but appears to have been auto-translated into Tau Ceti Basic]


From Relics to Anomalies

Site has been running since Dec 21 2460



 Greetings, I am Dr. Abuii from the NSS Aurora. Upon my time here, I've stumbled upon a great deal of anomalies, relics and all those wonders. I've decided that I will begin this series by which I document each anomaly or note-worthy relic I find in the field and upload it onto here the Extranet. Some objects that will be listed here will have been excavated and discovered by me, others will not. Either way, I will still document them and give credit to the discovery where credit is due. This will be paged for each object with theories, ideas, and proposed explanations to each thing.


Wheel of Presence


General Overview: The Wheel of Presence (WoP) is quite the interesting anomaly. It's a simple stone wheel-like structure with little bits and bops on it that simulate some environmental sensor. It's effect only happens in an atmosphere with air present in it, by that case and through numerous tests.

Object Class: Anomaly, Device

Date of Discovery: Circa. Dec 21, 2460

Discoverer: Dr. Ringer (Xenoarchaeologist)

Measurements: The WoP appears to be 3ft tall with a circumference of approximately 18.849555918 inches, or 19 inches rounded. Though this is a rough calculation given the abnormal quality of the shape of the Wheel.

Activation Index: Physical Touch (Mechanism A), Heavy Energy via Emitter fire (Mechanism B)

Effects: The WoP functions by two distinct mechanisms, both mechanisms may only be activated in an air-rich environment. Mechanism A is when the WoP seemingly charges up for a small moment (approx: 2.13 seconds) and then sends a psychic wave to the person who activated said mechanism. The psychic wave sent by M-A is a pleasant feeling, it gives courage to the person, makes them joyful and even weakens the most extreme sadness given enough time (applied to a crying primate, test was proven successful).


 Mechanism B of the WoP requires a heavy amount of energy, at least the amount given off through emitter fire. When M-B triggers, the persons near it will experience a psychic wave of negative emotions. The psychic wave takes a lower amount of time than M-A to charge (approx: 2.04 seconds), this is most likely due to the heavy amount of energy the device was given. It should be of note that M-B's psychic waves affect multiple persons rather than one person unlike M-A.


Proposed Explanation & Theories: My proposed explanation for this specific anomaly is that it somehow, through advanced means, converts conventional energy into Psychic Energy. I also believe this psychic energy to be emitted through the airwaves in a very specific manner that only works in air-rich environments given the sensors on the actual artifact. Currently, Kinetic and Thermal energy are the only forms of energy the artifact is able to take in and transfer to psychic energy. Given the rudimentary shape and figure of the WoP and how it's infrastructure is composed purely of alien alloys. The psychic waves may be EM waves set to a specific frequency met to pierce our brainwaves and give messages that encourage and discourage things. Conversion of energy to "lighter" energy wouldn't be scientifically impossible and given the vague, but specificities of this device outlined by the Anomaly Analyzer, I very much believe that the creator of this device knew exactly how to do this.

 The WoP was most likely made as a form of Defense mechanism for some potential Alien Vault or secure storage. Emitters or devices similar to them may have been turned on occassionally to activate Mechanism B and incite paranoia and panic into intruders. Though, this would probably be seen as some "icing on the cake" or "cherry on top" ordeal by which it'd be just an additional security measure to be sure. If we could look into reverse-engineering this and finding a way to amplify the waves, it could be used to encourage production, or potentially end a large percentage of intrusion acts.

Below is a photograph of the Wheel of Presence:






General Overview: The Anomaly Core (AC) is a strange, seemingly bluespace-using device. I've heard stories and notes from other doctors about finding these, and I was surprised I'd ever see one found. So it seems this device has been made a multitude of times and found in a multitude of places, ranging from far out in the frontier. By exploratory visits of the NSV Clark and Asimov, or even yes, in the Romanovich Cloud where the NSS Aurora lies.

Object Class: Relic, Device

Date of Discovery: The original date ACs were discovered is unknown, it just started propping up in the recent months, and I've been unable to trace the first, original findings. Relevant to the context of finding it at the Aurora: Circa. Dec 21 2460

Discoverer: Dr. Ringer (Xenoarchaeologist)

Measurements: The AC is roughly 4 inches in height and has a circumference of 12.566370612 inches, or 13 inches rounded.

Activation Index: Being within 10ft of another device-class anomaly and/or relic.

Mechanism: Amplification of other anomalous devices' effects

Theories & Proposed Usage: The AC, as aforementioned, dabbles in the dimension of Bluespace in the way it's mechanisms work. According to previous theories, this is supposedly a core meant to power other anomalies as when layed with other anomalies, it seems to slowly increase the potency of the other anomaly's effect, incredibly slowly, but still an increase. Initially, I thought it meant that anomalies could "run out of charge" as do other devices, but the AC acts more as an Amplification Device rather than an actual power source. This would explain why there are multiple instances of these, they were most likely made by SOME civilization either predecessors to us or an extradimensional civilization and are shipped through bluespace (or realspace) to amplify the effects of anomalies. The methods by which an AC accomplishes this is unknown, but obviously uses a pocket of Bluespace. Part of me believes that ACs are paradoxical and use the past energy amplified by anomalies to power them in the future for some strange pseudo-infinite amount of energy, but I find it ridiculous that such a compact device would be able to easily weave through the space-time continuum as if it were a singularity to give such small amounts of energy that increase by 0.0000001% at a time.

With this, I say that the AC completely baffles me for the time being and will do so until we can confirm how the energy is gained from the pocket.

Here is a photograph of the Anomaly Core in all of it's baffling splendor:


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