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  1. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Sol and Tau Ceti Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): Movie-going evolves to become more of a social event, rivalling sports. How will this be reflected on-station? It can't really be reflected onstation, but it gives a unique little bit of extra culture so future humans don't feel so similar to present us. Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists? It removes the short-sightedness of some written things. Similar to how those in the past thought mechanical horses and auto-driven carriages
  2. He keeps refusing basic ASMR. I gave him a choice on joining back unathi discord or giving me ASMR and he chose NONE.
  3. Though personally I'd be fine with being able to combo a bite into a headbutt- I know why it's an issue, especially since you literally can do 50 damage in like 1 second if you have a bite macro. However, if biting just drops the grab- I think that would be fine since the person would probably know to now run to not get bit again and keep distance. The bites have a 7-second cooldown right now, so you can only do the 25 once and then have to rely on your claws to do another 25 (which technically isn't really hard, nor is getting 25 damage WITHOUT the bite which a lot of people forge
  4. That's because every vaurca species mechanically, except Warforms, are frail. They will never be tanky unless they had some way of clotting and not having to constantly worry and care about something literally no other species cares about. If you get downed or stunned at all, you have to pray your enemy doesn't remove your breath mask so when you get up, it isn't a downwards-spiral of a fight as you suffocate and start blacking out while trying to run or fight.
  5. Throatslits easily causes suffocation and can rapidly kill someone from the low BO. Bugbite only does a flat 25 and causes bleeding, but you can do that 25 and bleeding far faster with normal claws, before you get to the killgrab. Force gloves should be taken out of the equation for the most part since they don't come up, and this is assuming people are unarmored and w/o real weapons.
  6. So, not too long ago- there was this PR that made it so Vaurca Warriors would now need a strangling grab to bite, and also increased the cooldown from 5 seconds to 7 seconds. When I first saw it, I disliked it because I thought it'd be an overnerf/make the bite useless. I was re-assured and believed the change wouldn't be that drastic, but after a few months of observing and personal experience, I've come to the conclusion that the PR did cripple Warriors too much. Specifically on the part of a person's reason to be threatened by a Za in the first place. If a person was dumb enough
  7. Ambrosia is still locked behind the contraband section of the seed vendors because NT doesn't want their employees getting high easily, but I think smokeable joints should be in the ciggie vendor. Make them their own brand, like "Dirty Doobies" or something. Have them have both nicotine and ambrosia so I can icly get addicted to both.
  8. Self-made lights are almost always weaker than natural lighting, unless it's a strong powergamer's light beacon. This means they won't heal as fast (or at all since there's a lightvalue that does no healing and is essentially limbo: no healing, no damage from darkness) which lets you hurt them. In most rooms, just having night lighting on screws their healing.
  9. They did, and it was reverted because IPCs couldn't do anything useful because cults need to make runes to work- they didn't even get special abilities like constructs. Honestly imo, IPC cultists should be able to "warp" into a Narsian construct once converted. They will shed their man-made frame and turn into a Juggernaut/Wraith/Artificer when they choose to.
  10. I don't agree on this with the golem aspect because you need a Xenobiologist for that or someone who knows it- this is already pretty hard to achieve, especially if you don't have a person with science access. I see golems as a non-issue, they take time to get to and if you don't have a xenobiologist- that could be half an hour wasted on trying to get adamantine slimes for the chance that ghosts maybe want to play golems. Currently no set opinion on dionae.
  11. The cultsword doesn't gib the arm, however I do think something like this would be nice. You shouldn't be attacking with an item that disorientates and makes you feel sick anyways.
  12. Bolting isn't that useful in a typical round- you can already contain things with fire shutters, and if you need to slow a person down- just close and cut off the power to an airlock, they can't open the door unless they have a crowbar and switch to using it- which works as a slow, but not as an impenetrable barrier. The main problem that's always arised from bolting is that there's no counterplay to it if you don't have tools. The only antagonists that can exit a bolted room without tools are both capable of actual teleportation that a crewmember is not normally able to do, so the
  13. This will simply oversaturate schlorgos- they are exotic animals imported from Hro'zamal, not a typical animal found on human-live planets.
  14. I've been screaming at Cybs for ages in dchat to make a bug app, and judging by the time they've taken to do this- I don't really have doubt they can actually play a vaurca as a vaurca so I'll really only ask questions to stimulate thought and not general lore-knowledge checks. 1. Hephaestus has an orbital station with a neutron forge attached by Klaxan contractors, does Vii worry the hive could have the tech leaked/the corporation is using them or do they not care too much about standard human relations 2. Does Vii think about the Aut'akh in any different way, from how Mi'kue
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