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  1. The reason people feel so weird about the new sprites is because they don't fully mesh with the others and feel out of place by comparison, and I almost wanted them to be reverted just for that, but I think I know why I do like them. They give the feeling of a more drab, purely corporate setting- which I think we've lacked. NT's been soft, people are often happy and cheery icly- you don't feel the behind-the-scenes impression that most of the known galaxy is basically ran and operated by corporations. Fire alarms should be red though- that's kind of the point, to pop out and because red means danger/fire. The APCs have a weird white outline that's kind of oval-ish? Should be just a rectangle, but that's kinda nitpicky tbh. Holopads could be more blue in the middle- they look like they should be more like scrubbers rn (?), sort of?
  2. Not really for this because Extended is the main-voted gamemode other than Secret- Secret is meant to be where you get more antags and action. People will always subconsciously meta for antags because they know the chances of antag round outweighs Extended- so unless you make Secret have a 10% chance of Extended (the highest percentage chance for a gamemode in secret, as of right now only held by Autotraitor aka SS13 Classic) Extended right now is a 2% chance, that's good because it won't happen often- very little back-to-back chance, but it's still there.
  3. I like everything in this, except the wall-sprites, really. On the top is a normal steel wall and the bottom is a reinforced wall, these walls feel....weird; they feel like they're old and scratched instead of just normal- pristine walls. I think the reasoning behind this is because of the small, little black dots in the sprites and the little "wedges" on their borders- this all makes them feel a bit jagged, kinda fuzzy, and worn-out. Also think the dark floortiles could be a small, tiny-bit lighter.
  4. Since cult research words was fully removed, we've seemed to revert back to the legacy runesprites, which several people have shown a disdain for. I, personally, prefer the newer 'chicken-scratch' runes that didn't look like the ones you can shit out with a crayon. Something else I've noticed is that the current runes are called 'graffiti,' you can see what type of rune it actually is by examining it, and it's in the color of the species' blood. This is nice and could probably be mixed in with the other scratchy sprites.
  5. I was initially going to support this, but I've remembered that telebatons can very easily be used as weapons- allowing Shitsec to use them better than stunbatons. If you harmbaton, you don't do any pain to them, but instead pure brute- with telebatons, you do BOTH, which is BAD as it only gives shitsec an extra weapon in their arsenal of utter tomfoolery....so, no.
  6. As it stands, the Icarus is an OOC laughing-stock. It's utterly useless and the most it ever does is get hacked and send malfunctioning drones to the Aurora, so why not have them also send perfectly-functioning drones too? The drones could be set out by Admins, with an announcement transmitted to alert the station crew- or even automatically deployed during Code Red (to best balance this to prevent drones spawning and despawning b/c of code red spam, it could only be one wave of drones that do not return unless an admin calls them back). If it's Delta, the drones could change to attack targets without head-access or titles on their IDs.
  7. Already the case, and the thing doesn't really....add anything right now. No one likes being sick, because it's always a meme. No one uses viruses as antags because they're caught quickly- no one does it normally because it's not fun and because it's very boring.
  8. We cannot keep around virology code, because it literally won't be used. It's not like event gear or normal legacycode- people already rarely use it, so just keeping it around despite it not even being onstation is a useless endeavor. It's either all-in or all-out for this, really- and I don't expect anyone to suddenly make and rework virology into something GOOD.
  9. As the title says, and here's why: No one cares about virology to do anything meaningful with it, not antags nor crew. Actually outbreaks themselves are rare and often wise cured quickly, and it's also...very boring and underused. When was the last time you saw anyone use virology in a meaningful way? What rp does it add besides "ack ack im sick from beervirus" Last time we had this discussion, it led to the merging and virologist and chemistry into the Biochemist alt-title. That changed absolutely nothing, and it really won't do anything unless virology is somehow made to be better. Propping down the flag and idea for its removal.
  10. For reasons similar to that said in this thread (inflexible carapaces), Vaurcae should only be able to be choked by IPCs (I'd say just baselines and industrials, but that might be too much work), Unathi, or other Vaurcae. Their 'neck' isn't anymore vulnerable than other parts of their body as they have an exoskeleton. Force gloves could maybe allow anyone to choke them, though in general- there's not any situation where choking would be the best option instead of any normal method of murder. EDIT: Nooses should also not choke them- given that it would not tighten or strangle their necks.
  11. Ok so, machines used to not need a multitool for you to construct- but now they do because of an old PR that changed them a bit so you can change the direction they're made. I think this step should be removed because it was a needless addition for just about no reason. It's just a small thing.
  12. I wish we had this back when Wxkri was alive- this is the exact type of stuff I imagined with drugging people and leaving fake notes that make them think what happened was a hallucination.
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