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  1. GreenBoi

    Minor Mapping suggestions [!]

    The Xenobiology Atmos controller is impossible to use because it's access isn't rigged w/ Xenobios. Just uh, map in the access or something.
  2. I don't think this is what really matters. What matters most is that it's from one of the Station accounts. Directly from the Station budget for two labor workers that can literally be replaced in a day due to their lack of importance.
  3. That's hard though since I thought of the Directive as mainly for the Captain and HoS as they'd be implanted and thus, known never to (or at least very rarely) break it and save unimportant personnel using a ridiculous amount of resources, it'd also break some Nice Commandheads that exist.
  4. This is where I think a secret Twelfth Directive (Or Zero so it doesn't have to be bumped up each time a new directive is added) as it'd force Captains and HoS to regard it with all decisions. It would actually fit the atmosphere. I think extra stuff like race or Security Records can be added too. I'll admit, I'm mainly saying this because it really bugs me whenever a HoS or Security save a Dreg when in reality, NT would probably say "Don't waste resources on someone we don't need". Just something to spuff up things and remind people who NT would keep and let go in dire situations.
  5. I mean, people forget that NT can pay newspapers not to talk about "lowly" events and deaths. They could pay the deaths to be simple stuff like "Security was sadly knocked out and unable to stop the death of the two Cargo Technicians" plus, with the HoS and Captain being implanted while it happens, they wouldn't tell the crew anything the wiser. Perhaps it could be a classified Directive 12 for the HoS and Captain to only know about.
  6. GreenBoi

    Remaking the Library into an Internet Cafe

    With an acommpanying WetSkrell magazine as well.
  7. They can hear the station's comms normally, before flying to their. Plus, it's all from the encryption keys in their headsets.
  8. This happens so rarely, you know. Most of the time it's most of the members dying an hour in and there's a manhunt for that ONE crafty guy who actually knows how to merc. Other than that, they usually never return to the base. But it's your experience though...I never see it despite being on a lot.
  9. GreenBoi

    We need to do something about antags/security/command.

    Alright so, I pretty much agree with a lot of parts of this thing buuut there's one thing that really rubs me like a cheese grater, that being this one phrase here: I don't have that much problem with the intent behind this, as it'd exist to, you know, make it so everyone has fun and is interacted with! But here's the thing...interesting gimmicks that involve a good amount of the crew is hard and that's not an exaggeration. Doing the task is just really hard. Creating a concept and acting it out in a way that could invest a large amount of the crew can be easy in theory, but in practice....making one that's good is hard and is a path that isn't sauntered onto often for a reason. Most gimmicks of this size are usually Mercenary or Raider gimmicks, actually, they're typically offstation antagonist gimmicks in general. Why? Because Offstationers can't effectively dig into someone like an Inside Agent Traitor can, so they do simple things that involves everyone, but making complex gimmicks that involve everyone. Crew-wide gimmicks are a very Expectation v. Reality thing that people have to go past. Ever wonder why most Malfunction gimmicks seem lackluster even to the person who tried it? Because it's hard to make it more complex than "THING HAPPEN. I DO THING. PEOPLE ARE AFFECTED BY THING."
  11. Screenshot please, I'm blind
  12. Yes, yes, and fucking yes! This is the ling rework we NEED! And the whole parasite stuff could really add to the atmosphere. Imagine being a lone ling and you see someone down the maintenance tunnel, they start to run off and then you use your 7-tile parasite launcher and shoot at them, but the person doesn't have enough time to yell 'least they want to be downed and drag into somewhere and potentially killed so they keep running and by that time, the parasite has settled in and you instantly activate it and BOOM, they can't speak. You then slip back into somewhere inconspicuous and then, 20 or so seconds after, they finally yell and people think they're ridiculous. How can someone grow a parasite out of their skin and shoot it at you? And now, you have them under their whim. At any time, you can find them, activate that parasite, and do whatever you need. As much as I love this, I have some questions. Will new lings have the ability to kinda use a "Detect Parasite" to remember where all their parasites are as it will eventully get confusing and will there be a stun parasite tht instead of taking like 8-22 seconds to settle in, do they just hop out and explode and do a sorta stun AoE? Oh, and one last thing: if we keep armblades (I won't doubt we keep it, but just in case), will they be able to jack open airlocks? They've strangely been missing that ability when it'd really help. Most importantly, will Surgeons be able to remove these parasites? They'd show up on bodyscanners, I'd believe, and they'd probably eventually make the hosts feel unnatural the longer they're inside them so I'm hoping Surgeons will eventually be wierded out that there's a parasite in a person. This could even start a thing where Changelings make people think there's a spreading parasite and cause their victims to be quarantined.
  13. Wait, but who are you? When were you last active? I've never seen you in OOC or dchat and obviously not the forums since this is your first post.
  14. GreenBoi

    [1 dismissal] Disable changeling

    But that's the problem. As people have already been vocal about hating the current ling and wanting a rework, removing it from the most voted roundtype really will be it's killer. As no one votes Ling standalone and consciously often, who the hell would once it's removed from Secret? I've seen what happens when admins remove gamemodes from Secret, it outright murders it for the time it's disabled. I was on Bay a couple months ago when they disabled Changeling, Wizard, and removed Ninja. While it didn't seem like much at first, combined with the given gamemode rates. It was very fucking noticeable; I called that era the "Traitor Marathon" because of how it'd basically only be Mercenary, Raider, and Traitor (sure, we had Cult and Deity, but those were so rare, they were MIRACLES to see) half the time which of themselves can all be linked back to as just Traitor, but with X. If it's removed, it's gonna be gone for a while until there's a rework and it's forced back in...if we're lucky.
  15. GreenBoi

    [1 dismissal] Disable changeling

    I understand the fear of disabling Changeling as people mainly vote for Secret, assuming most, if not all, other gamemodes on the vote menu to be IN Secret. Casting it out of rotation is quite literally a death sentence to the gamemode as rarely do people vote a non-secret gamemode that isn't Extended, Crossfire, or Heist (seriously, when the fuck do people vote anything OTHER than this? Wizard is voted once in a goddamn blue moon). But if it's gonna stay, it has to be reworked like what Sonic says. I think Changeling can actually be very fun if done right which nearly never happens. I always wanted to absorb somebody, steal their thing and gradually slip back into work, acting stranger. (Think like, Amaya Stone being nice and laughing) and doing general stuff that'll strike people off since that character would never act like that. You also get to do insanely cool "I'm an alien who can control 100% of my body and cells" stuff like "Chan Lin shuts his right eye, you hear the sound of blood gushing as a strange silhouette appears at the back of the head, probing around before returning as Lin opens the eye again" (of course, it'd be better with actual mechanics, but that'd only make sense if we had vision cones), but for people to start thinking and doing this, Changeling needs a rework to allow it to do so. Reworks don't mean death, reworks mean freedom. How many times do you see a round where people say "Oh, that was a neat ling round" or "that was decent I guess"? Usually it's "Yet another reason why Ling needs a GIGANTIC OVERHAUL", "remove ling when??", (rarely) "cant we just port polarisling?", and "why tf do people have ling enabled??" If Changeling stays the same, this thread will keep popping up again. And when ideas like these persist, it's usually a horrible sign for something. Imagine if Paralysis Pen knocked people out for 20 minutes and gave them 50 genetic damage and could be used TWICE for whatever reason and people keep saying things like "who the FUCK buffed paral pen? Its basically a free kill now wtf" along with "paral pen more like unbalanced ganking pen" but each time the issue was brought the light, it was shot down with "Reworking it removes the purpose we made the change to it. It offers a lot of chances for antags to rp now, people just need to be less salty"