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  1. If I remember correctly, cutting the camera wire still makes an alarm, it's just that it doesn't make much of a noise to people around you. You're better off breaking cameras if you have something to hide in once they check or if you can go inviisble right after.
  2. Actually, putting your antag code in the PDA doesn't actually leave the code there. If it does, you made a typo. Also, I recommend just stealing an ENCRYPTION KEY from a security headset. That way, you can pop it into your normal headset and not seem suspicious. If you have two Encryption Keys already in there, remove the 'Standard Encryption Key', it mechanically does nothing as Common (145.9) and Entertainment (146.1) are public, non-encrypted frequencies.
  3. That's the point. You still need to wait for materials, so having access to decent levels doesn't mean anything bad or powergamey. But it DOES mean Robotics can at least make starter mechs if they need to, or have something miscellaneous like a Portable Integrated Circuit Printer made.
  4. Research is annoying. It's a tedious, uninteresting process that's more of a chore than anything else. All you're doing is sticking shit inside a machine and clicking a button over a hundred times. RnD should start with levels like this: This is ripped straight off the google doc from the Guide to RnD page on the wiki. Some of the levels might have been changed to be more powerful, I have no idea how old that google doc is. Counter-Counter-Arguments "Having to spend time researching at the start of the round is important and prevents powergaming!" Any good researcher can reach optimal levels within 15 minutes, I can do it in 20 by going off a mental list. This doesn't really do much and by the time a researcher is done, there's little downtime from the first mining shipment, which usually contains a bit of phoron and some gold, even uranium sometimes, that's more than enough for printing anything actually dangerous. "It gives Science something to actually do" Researching the current way is and always will be a chore. It's not fun, and it takes incredibly long if you don't know that super cool meta list everyone uses. Also, Science has other goodies to experiment with, including, but probably not limited to: KA Testing (They can use their xenoarch access or get the RD to give them the superior telecomms voidsuits) Prototype Gun Builds Testing (Like KAs but they can use these when traitors and reliably too) Circuits (you can make a lot of utility and useful stuff with this if you do enough trial and error)
  5. Yes. I don't even know why we got rid of it, it's good for checking to see if someone moved from one place to another, or if they take big trips, etc.
  6. This won't work unfortunately. Too many small, pedantic rules for a SINGLE module to follow. It'd make secborg dumb and not fun, and be a headache to monitor for staff.
  7. Ew, get out of our status block, Pooner.

  8. Just make it so if a Wizard uses a healing spell, it automatically gets rid of shrapnel. This might sound OP, but in order to get rid of Shrapnel normally, you need to expose yourself to Medbay and hope Security doesn't come to fucking arrest you right after, which ends your round basically. EDIT: Vampires can actually survive Shrapnel so long as they continuously Blood Heal the damage off. It works, but it doesn't remove it permanently. Changelings....I don't know, maybe just say they shift their skin to eject all content, vomiting out current reagents, shrapnel, and cavities?
  9. BYOND Key: diggiez Total Ban Length: Permanent Banning staff member's Key: thedoctoct Reason of Ban: As Chaplain, repeatedly intervened in security incidents involving vampires because they 'believed' they had to cleanse them' or 'were suspicious of how they were acting' due to extremely minor previous encounters, even while they were being detained by security forces and cyborgs, on two different occasions, within hours of each other. This is clear validhunting behavior and you are encouraged to play other roles in order to familiarize yourself with what escalation is and isn'tappropriate before you appeal this ban. Reason for Appeal: Ever since I got the ban, I found it to be pretty unfair considering I saw the Vampire try to flash me with her eyes and then saw her mess with the memories of the gardener, but I was too lazy to make a staff complaint about it last year, so I won't bring it to here. Though, my main reasoning for believing I should be unbanned from this role is because I didn't and don't want to play Chaplain to chase down cultists or vampires. During most rounds, a priest won't even be able to do anything to the occult because no one will believe them. Even if I don't play chaplain for the next week, I want this ban out of the way so I can play it whenever I feel like playing it.
  10. Secborgs have been here since the start of the server, and they've been complained and yelled at through the years. If it's been six years and just 'punishing bad players' and enforcing stricter things doesn't cut it, what will?
  11. This happens literally every time. Filing an IR would just be a headache since soooo many people do it because it's a dumb player policy people have been doing.
  12. I don't get why Security got so many fluff alt-outfits. It's like the spriter who made them was some sec lover or something....also yeah, please do this. The only good part of the corporate outfit is the corporate sec cap, which looks cool and doesn't ruin the look of blue and black instead of just BLACK, BLACK.
  13. What if it's a PRA consul and you're a human?
  14. BYOND Key: diggiez Character Names: Josuke Houstani, Ron Roids, Ka'Akaix'Wxkri C'thur Species you are applying to play: None, because robots aren't a species IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character: Exempt Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Of course, why wouldn't I? Why do you wish to play this specific race: (One paragraph minimum) For the longest time, I found IPCs to be too boring to play or consider for a whitelist, but recently I've been brainstorming about ideas and circumstances that would mesh well if played as an IPC. Things like reactions to illogical events, processing of information, and drawn conclusions. I want to play IPC to be an android that can seem a bit human, but will fall back to its typical programming and code. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: (One Paragraph minimum) IPCs are artificial, they are not born, they are manufactured like products, or as passion projects. They will consistently fall back to known logic and their programming whenever presented with things that may break or flex it, but they are smart and learn with their surroundings, like a form of digital evolution. Being 'Owned' isn't the same as being lawed, and many owned positronics plan or are trying to pay off their cost to become free. People also react differently to IPCs based on how they look. A more robotic-acting IPC with a bland, artificial face would be more annoying to organics, and get more insults thrown at them while a Shell who sounds and mimicks human behavior would be tolerated more. Character Name: HEPH-MOVER 345 Please provide a short backstory for this character (Aproxomately two paragraphs) What do you like about this character? 345 is in an ironic state where every role they've ever been in has always been the role they were going to be anyways. Even if they were never stolen from in the factory, they would've been a cargo-carrier and work with crates anyways. 345 also gives me that feeling of an old bot, kept working through unprofessional and haphazard means. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I usually don't give actual ratings, but because IPCs are about logical, objective statements and conclusions, I will give one. 5/10, I'm not good, I'm not that shit, but I feel I've been able to act in the shoes of my character and species; I don't care too much about OOC to mix it with IC and change interactions with a specific other person. One thing I feel I've avoided is abusing species mechanics, or hunting with it; I rarely interact with antags when they're a known threat, and I have my characters consistently busy to avoid observing the antag ICly out of boredom. Notes: I feel like this app is going to come out generic even with the set idea I had in mind
  15. Wait, why is Android being removed from the alt-title section?
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