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  1. No, just no. This violates all logic, just wear normal glasses.
  2. -1 for not using the correct plural Tajara Jupiter is good. I remember seeing them in the past, and they were good, and now I see them again, they're even better now. +1
  3. No wonder it looks familiar.
  4. I want this now. Also, as Satin said, nothing mentioned here is difficult, period, and it's not like the wiki wouldn't be updated to accommodate it. Sure, it's long in text, but it's not hard to do in actuality. And it's not like we need chefs pumping out 10 burgers within 5 minutes anyways.
  5. I don't like this. Becoming a Thrall or Vampire is something you metaphorically signed in the metaphorical contract by joining Secret. If you don't like the current antag, becoming an antag means you can try to at least make the round better for others. I don't see what's so bad about it, and it's not like Resist options do much. The Antagonist will either murder you or just shard you to become a construct, it's all a placebo to me.
  6. Yeah, but name one other game besides what I listed that has as much players as ss13. It's "BYOND" because it seemingly is what's keeping BYOND in life support and not going full dead.
  7. I would really like this to become a thing. Everything right now seems to be more facilitated towards "habitation with research in the background" than "research with slight habitation for breaks" and I really think people overreact when it comes to buying drinks. How the fuck would NT ever be able to know exactly how much food you want for when you work for them, the exact price they'd all come to, and do that for every damn employee when they could just be greedy and force you to pay for them.
  8. Yes, yes, yes, please, oh give it to us. Will Ian and Chauncey also be included in this package? Critters already speak Non-Language (it's literally where you speak, but it isn't TCB and it can be understood by all other NL speakers) if you add a player to them so it allows critter-to-critter interaction
  9. Same boat as cobalt. Sure, you can argue that within 400 years, viral strains will get super resistant, but mind you we already have a potential solution to this IRL right (kurzgesagt made a video about this, called the Bacteriophage). And with how we've been in contact with multiple aliens for more than a decade, it's safe to assume people have already made vaccines and cures for the early viruses you could get from touching a Skrell or Unathi who came from their native planets. But, there's no reason for a virus to suddenly start on a space station. People keep saying "Crew is so crowded" but then you look at the map and realize you could fit 100 people and still not need to start filling the hallways. The station is too big to argue it being too "crowded" and as I mentioned before, any bacteria gotten from other species at First Contact was probably dealt with as soon as they were met. From an OOC perspective, it also makes even less sense. Virology literally cannot be used unless you're an antagonist or there's a virus. Sure, you can make a beneficial telepathy virus that also generates Hyperzine, but it's pretty pointless and usually gets shut down by Command.
  10. +1, I don't see anything wrong with this. It rewards players to think a lot about their actions and possible ricochets, also allows cool outplays. Starting to question why I didn't +1 this sooner.
  11. Eeeeeeeeh. It's fairly easy to move around as the AI already, and it's not like we're a mega zlevel usage map like Bay so I don't think this is really...needed.
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