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  1. Please, please. I've wanted this so fucking badly. It's so annoying to finally get an artifact, but it's so goddamn hazardous that you can't keep it stored at all, so you just wasted 20-30 minutes of time.
  2. Badda bing, badda boom. This baaaaasically got remedied with this amazing PR https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7632
  3. Every time I see this, I fucking spasm. Just like food from the Chef, there's too many variables for this to just be "apart of the contract" and NT would not care enough to include it in there because that'd be too many benefits for a single employee, let alone several million. Just let me paaaaayyy
  4. It's not too much depth, it just has to be reasonably thought. Obviously uninhabitable places should not have gigantic populations because "Well, we need to put all the poeple somewhere." Factors like these are the basics of semi-believable worldbuilding. There's no need to get to the nitty gritty, but you can infer a hellhole like Venus would have less people than Mars. You can see a noticeable difference in design and thought for population of each faction of humans because Eridani has the lowest despite being an entire star system yet Mars alone has 4.5 billion. You can't just splat numbers around without thinking "would this actually be achievable or am I pushing it?" I see no reason not to trim the populations. No IC event needs to happen to explain it. Just trim.
  5. Honestly, this is something I thought about since I first read these pages. There seems to be this belief that being space-age means there's going to be a super gigantic population, but you have to remember we've only been able to get ourselves up to seven billion people on Earth within the last couple centuries. By this simple fact alone, humanity outnumbers every other species by a long shot. I find populations to be stupidly high and not thought about, people will often just think "Ok, I need a decently high number because space and future!" and shit out some random population high in the billions without considering what that means. It does lower the feeling of anything happening because of how many damn humans there are. "Half a million dead!" Who cares when there's two billion in your city somehow It feels oversaturated, half-assed and there's just way too many humans.
  6. An age-old suggestion: The Robotics lab should spawn with two cyborg analyzers. 'Nuff said, we all know why.
  7. I am also confused where the notion that Brainmed makes it harder to kill people. It's made it a lot easier. I've seen some 'strong' mobs (mainly creatures) roll RNG well and instantly give AB with the first hit. Lasers also now cause minor organ damage with each shot, which can really fuck you up given how easy it is for sec and certain antags to access some form of them. Dying is not only easier, but it also causes more suffering, and the threshold for succumb isn't exactly all that low in comparison. If anything, I'd say that cloning is fine where it is and the only thing it needs is to have most traumas cut off (the only actually interesting ones are imaginary friend, split personality, and really just the old traumas).
  8. Pretty good all around, the only thing I'd be hesitant of is that you didn't mention anything about Skrellian Humor or how much they cherish their children. However, considering you talked to actual Skrell whitelistees and have shown actual interest in the race besides Warbling, I don't see why you wouldn't be qualified. I don't give +1's to anyone anymore, but GLORY TO THE FEDERATION
  9. Yes, but a lore-developer position for something so utterly specific would be pointless. If we need anything added to the Syndicate, human loredevs could take the mantle as most of the Syndicate is based around humanspace. There also would not be much lore for a Syndiedev to write. You can only talk so much about the Syndicate when it's meant to be an other-faction you could occasionally care about as an antagonist. Having faction-specific developers stunts creativity, and would be bl- wasteful. Human lore could encapsulate all of the Syndicate.
  10. This reminds me of my dumb cult idea dartboard post from a while back. Might have some useful stuff that could merge with this, otherwise I like it and my only suggestions would be everything I put in that other post anyways.
  11. I used to agree with the idea that we should remove cloning, but honestly, it's changed for me. I've looked at it from how rounds usually go and what is most likely to actually happen, and I feel that cloning is relatively fine where it is. Here's why. Despite what numerous people say, a lot of people just go MIF for cloning. Most of the times you attempt to clone, it will be an MIF. Past that, it is incredibly easy to make sure someone can't be cloned: antags can snip off power to the room, screw open the clonepod so it's in maintenance mode and isn't working, ghetto-surgery cut off a victim's head and then throw that into disposals- or just hide the body well? If you want to be a real asshole, you could surgically de-brain a person and hide that away somewhere while the body is uncloneable. Now, to the age-old "cloning removes tension" I completely disagree with this statement. Just because someone can be cloned doesn't mean it won't still mean a lot if they die. When a person dies, the murderer very easily gains access to everything the victim had on them. Past that, cloning a person will take 12-20 minutes until they are mechanically able to get out and do stuff; this period is an interval the antag 100% knows where the person will be as well as a time when the person is MIA. The person being MIA for this amount of time is important if they're a head of staff because it allows the antag to use and abuse this time, or maybe finish the job and kill the clone. Besides this, cloning on Red and such usually doesn't happen save for heads of staff (though sometimes not at all) because the threat might just be too prominent for medbay to waste time caring for a clone. Also, little-known tip: if you don't have a psych, but you have a competent science division, just ask them to upgrade the clonepod w/ the best parts. Clones that drop out of it won't even come with traumas though I also remember Matt saying something about clones not spawning with traumas during the testmerge, but I don't know if this still happens because of the lack of clones I get
  12. Oh. Ok then. Thank you doxx, very cool. It not making the bubbling sound is probably why it's so confusing.
  13. We have like six different types of tea, but apparently base tea isn't in the vendors. Duke Purple Tea isn't even that, so if you're trying to mix any tea by yourself, you need people with softdrink dispenser access, which is very unorthodox. Just add tea to normal vendors bls.
  14. UwU

    1. KingOfThePing


      That's a hard negative from me, Boss

  15. Oh right, an incredibly minor issue- the voidsuits section of Engineering has the windoors called "Engineering Hardsuits"
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