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  1. I was going to say no, but this could work. So long as there is a text that tells the ghost they don't remember everything or exactly what killed them so we can prevent memes like nymphs screaming "HALP I WAS KILLED BY CULT IN MAINT!!" I would be willing to experiment with these and see what concepts it allows to be brought into fruition and that small section of wikilore that everyone's forgotten about to maybe see the light of day on the server in anything past the incredibly rare medical record or smalltalk.
  2. Calm down, Unathi only have 20% brute resistance. That's decent, but I don't think it's enough to make them completely incapable of taking in bicaridine. I understand the intentions behind this, but I don't think we need it. You can still easily damage them or just switch to lasers.
  3. I say no to this. The only species that can outlast them in stamina are Vaurcae Workers, by 4 seconds- but they regen their stamina back slower and can only safely do it really through k'ois. All other species are either fast w/ medium stamina or lightning quick w/ short stamina. I think a buff like this would actually just make them last too fast. Reminder that they can run for 24 seconds (which means Workers are 28 seconds), a 1.5 buff would mean 32 seconds of prolonged running; that is scary in combination with Hyperzine or stimms.
  4. Bumping this because it shouldn't be forgotten and I really do believe there's a population bloot.
  5. For the why cloning was removed from Aurora icly thing, I personally just headcanon that it's a lot easier and less dangerous to clone and tend to clones on a dedicated hospital/cloning center than in a random-ass medbay.
  6. I'd echo what Prate said and also say narcolepsy shouldn't be in there...though if someone unironically picks it and gets mad they get drowsy and sleep every ten minutes, that's on them. (I think it'd be better if Narcolepsy just had you constantly drowsy & increase sleep/KO time)
  7. I experienced this recently. Drank a full 20u of Sedantian Firestorm (80 strength bugdrink) and then 15u Coldgate (20 strength bugdrink- plan was a ghetto 100) and I literally didn't feel anything. I got a single "You feel buzzed." message and nothing after. I think there was a nerf to how much alcohol affects you, but it should not be impossible to become drunk with a literal 80-strength drink mixed with a 20-strength for essentially 100-strength alcohol.
  8. Hi. I'm probably not going to involve myself in this past this one post, but I played Wxkri and I'm here to clear up some misconceptions: -I did not speak over Hivenet as I died. Infact, I spoke to Yahir and asked them not to kill me because I had no stamina to disarm and Wxkri doesn't have much combat knowledge past planning beforehand and general analysis. (For future cases relating to bug murder) Hivenet is monitored and logged. Do people gloss over this and usually forget it? It's a lot easier to search for clues on the Aurora's Hivenet logs though than say Biesel, because Biesel has millions of vaurcae -The last words I said on radio was on the Medical frequency, I said "Rezzearch..." to at least notify people where I was. This is how Cheshire got to the scene, they saw my bloodstained lunchbox and the incredibly lengthy blood trail that went to an airlock they couldn't access -I had my sensors enabled while I was getting murdered. I set it to Tracking Beacon. If anything most likely happened, Bear might've turned them off and OOCly forgot since the round was almost a month ago now though I have a relatively good memory for stuff like this I don't want to sound biased, but objectively speaking- if you consider maintenance and the PDA messages, the signs point to Yahir being the culprit icly. Ok, that's my piece. If you weren't fully sure before, this has the rest of the stuff.
  9. I forgot I had to explain why No, because we don't need big rat people, they wouldn't fit and it'd be pretty meme to add them. Also, I don't think we're likely going to get any new species at all for a long while.
  10. No one's asking for an Offworlder exception to the background requirements, they're just saying "these guys have existed as long as space travel, why can't they be Captain" I don't see any reason to differ from my first statement- also, I'm going to smash against Paradox's statement with "Tajara are actually fast, this is a combat advantage for Security." Offworlders aren't fast at all, and can only go normal speed with supplements and artificial aid- while a Tajara could run to avoid what would physically hurt or brutalize them easily, an Offworlder fucking can't and is still weak enough to fall apart easily in actual combat. They would only realistically be investigative-roles (not even Warden since if the prisoner can easily beat the warden physically, they could walk into the armory and steal weapons).
  11. Burns and organ damage fuck you up a lot worse than they should. I've been shocked by an electropack-rigged crate and then somehow get organ failure about ten minutes later...but this might just be something iffy- this did happen a few weeks ago. Toxins, I think, would be my most consistent issue. It easily leads to organ damage and the threshold seems a bit too low. Not related to firearms, but definitely related to lethality.
  12. Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Venus Describe this proposal in a single sentence (12 word maximum): Venus is the powerhouse of Sol How will this be reflected on-station? I'll be honest, it probably won't be able to be reflected onto the station all that well besides a few Solarians not being used to phoron-based power Does this faction/etc do anything not achieved by what already exists? It establishes that NT's phoron in Sol is used less for power and more for special phoron-locked things, and also shows more that Sol had a stable source before phoron. Why should this be given to lore developers rather than remain player created lore? Too big and important to stay a headcanon. This gives a steady boost to Idris within Sol. Do you understand that if this is submitted, you are signing it away to the lore team, and that it's possible that it will change over time in ways that you may not forsee? Yeah sure, kinda expected and necessary. or else we'd still have ATLAS Long Description: All in this doc The basis of this is that Venus' atmosphere and planetary conditions are great for energy-harvesting, if you know what you're doing. I was considering either this, as a functioning powerhouse-planet or talking about old and abandoned oil-rigs on Titan.
  13. Enjoyable event series, but here's my critique: And to Resi and the people related to the spoiler'd text, those are probably some harsh words, but they're legitimate and I wasn't kidding when I said I felt like one of the only people at times. This is coming from someone who participated or observed in the events since Day 1, AND before it was cool.
  14. Custom Event Info already displays automatically when joining or relogging iirc
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