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  1. GreenBoi

    Library and magazines

    PLEASE, ADD THIS This would help so much with anything that'd work more as a pamphlet or advertisement than an actual book. An excuse to ask the librarian a favor as merchant!
  2. GreenBoi

    Better TCFL Access

    See, on paper that works, but in execution, it's pretty awful. If the FL doesn't have an AI to help them, they have to yelp on COMMON for someone to come and help them which will either be Engineering or a Captain. If there's no Captain, the FL will have to drill through each door they don't have access to which is unnecessary destruction of corporate property that'll have to be replaced. While it seems cool and different TCFL have to ask for all that help, it would literally save NT valuable time if they just gave TCFL basic department access. It's also incredibly dumb that NT would refuse to give the Legion more than maintenance access just because they're not employees when the TCFL has to stop whatever threat onstation Security had too much trouble with. Would NT really, at that point still think it's a good idea to keep the Legion so hindered from getting to and dealing with the threat with that? If this happened irl, it'd literally be if Police officers were locked out of everywhere that isn't public access while the Janitor gets to go to the area the threat just left to clean the rubble. It's more detrimental than anything. TCFL doesn't need all access, but they definetly don't need so little to the point where the threat can be staring at them in the other room, across an unbolted glass airlock with no AI to open the door for them.
  3. GreenBoi

    Better TCFL Access

    Right now, TCFL really sucks because it literally only has Civilian access mixed with Maintenance access. This is laughably bad considering the fact that they're a government authority and are meant to help out the station, but have no access anywhere. Fucking janitors are given more access than TCFL, and I find this horrendeous. I think that they should have at least as much access as janitors but not full access to the station like ERT to keep them different. Also, Basic Command access might be nice if it's possible to do without letting them into the SAT or the proper Bridge (with the computers and monitors)
  4. GreenBoi

    Alternate Wizard Garb

    I like this, including the Rage-Cage Hat. Especially the Rage-Cage Hat, it looks like the type of stuff you can do for some real wtf gimmicks and prisoner stuff.
  5. GreenBoi

    Revert The Dangers of Teleportation #5651

    Ok, it's been well over a month and I still find this a problem. Finding a perfect 3x3 place is incredibly difficult and results in a lot of explosions in maintenance. I don't even see the people who usually test with Telescience even attempt to do anything with them now. Sure, you can teleport a bunch of things in a 7x7 radius, but is it really worth it when you won't even be able to teleport things normally unless it's in the Central Ring?
  6. GreenBoi

    Open Drinks Spill When Thrown

    I support this, but I also believe this should have an Intent Check. Like, if it's Help Intent, only some of the reagents spill, Disarm has some more, Harm spills all of it, and Grab should spill the least of it as you have a strong grip on it and probably put effort into your throw for that.
  7. GreenBoi

    Increase the chance for the tau ceti legion to spawn

    I think that 60-40 would be nice. TCFL has Aurora in their general patrol routes unlike the ERT who are usually patrolling by the Upsilon. By this sheer fact alone, TCFL would be slightly faster just by distance but ERT could still make it with their probably-faster bluespace drivess. Not only does it make sense ICly, but it also helps out OOCly. TCFL is less equiped with some decent equipment in some departments and some pretty barebones stuff in the other department. Their best Trump Card is the Jotun, but that's adminbus-only. With how TCFL are, they have to try to reason with the antags because they don't have infinite ammo because of fucking Integrated E-Guns and with their limited access, they have to actually work with Command instead of giving small status updates and demanding for certain things to happen. They're basically just a fairer opponent, and let's not forget the most important thing: YOU CAN CALL FOR ERT MORE THAN ONCE
  8. GreenBoi

    Revert Bucklecuffing taking two resists

    Yeah, I agree with this. So many times, I've nearly been able to escape or do something fancy in Processing but then I'd just be STUCK. A long time ago, there was this merc round and I was stuck in the chair. I managed to unbuckle myself but not uncuff and that meant EVERYTHING. It also doesn't make sense IC, how do you unbuckle before uncuffing yourself? You can't click off the buckle thing without hands and your hands are very much restrained so it just breaks physics.
  9. Yeah I like this and I'm not saying this just because I want to be able to walk into a room and say a non-sequitir sentence and have a warblrysm. I wanna see Skrell have some super alien stuff that if a human went to Jargon and took a tour, they'd go "This is weirder than when I took a trip to Mars" because honestly, the most alien race I can think of right now are just Vaurcae I'd say Dionaea too but like............NEL (Not Enough Lore) so it'd be great to have Skrell added to that list and stand on a more colored ground than the mush they're on right now. Soooo uh....+1 right? Yeah... +1
  10. Oh, sorry then. Must've read the end to another sentence. My points for everything else still stand though.
  11. Hmmmm. A nice post, with some good outlines of the problem but, there's one thing. Everything is specious. As Schev said, traumas aren't really that hard to explain. We have a wikipage for it and once a non-psych main explained it to me when I was brainfarting and not re-reading the lines. I'm not turning this post into a guide because we already have a guide, on the wiki, and it's easily accessible from the Psychiatrist page too. Here's a basic rundown of the stuff you can do without a Psychiatrist: 99.8% of everything, 100% if you're a CMO and possess the skills/knowledge. What do I mean by this? You have the Isolation Room. Not a hard concept to grasp, just get a person and plop them into the room, check after 5 minutes and they should be cured of the Split Personality or whatever. Any simpleton can yeet someone into a room and come back later to make sure they're not insane, it's not something only Psychiatrists can do. You just need the access to the room, which you can either ask the CMO to do, the AI, or a HoP, or a Captain, or an engineer approved by the CE when there's no HoP or Captain. Speaking of access, there's another thing you can do. Chemistry. Chemistry stops a hell of a lot of these things. Just go into Guide to Chemistry, and ctrl+f "supresses" or the name of your symptomp and boom, there you go. The only thing only Psychs can do really is just Hypnosis and Crystal Therapy. Crystal Therapy requires precise knowledge of what all the gadgets and gizmos of the pod does, how to activate certain functions, and how to manipulate said functions. And funfact, that dreaded Narcolepsy everyone hates...can be easily cured through Crystal Therapy. It's all on the wiki, guys: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Psychologist#Mental_Trauma
  12. GreenBoi

    Roleplay E-Mail

    It's ".nt" iirc from the spam IC. I don't know about non-NT emails, so just use "@galacticmail" for that, and say "@spacemail" as some rival company of it.
  13. GreenBoi

    Butter's Squid App

    -1 for even suggesting a Glorsh II: Electric Boogalo I've seen Butter do their thing. They has some ups and downs, they sometimes acts out of his character's mindset, but we're only squidfrogs humans so of course those messups can happen a few times. There's effort put into this app, and there's effort put into the backstory. If Butter was good enough to get a Vaurca whitelist (which I find to be the hardest), I think they'll be good enough to get a Skrell whitelist too. +1
  14. GreenBoi

    Organ transport cooler

    Isn't there a Portable Freezer that carries like, all the organs? Also, you should kick all those nosy people in the balls if they keep doing that.