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Hello! I'm Penny Islington!

I'm a 30 years old young Sol originated Librarian who is also aspiring photographer and journalist. I am running a weekly magazine section called "People of Aurora". I have been working as a reporter for 13 years now, I am happily single and away from my ex-husband Darcy. We had two children - spoiled as anything, we're very happy and we're quite well off. Our lives have been easy and with time this has made me wonder about other peoples' lives and what goes on within them.

I'm not interested in a sensationalist story. I want to hear personal lives and stories. Happy ones, heart-wrenching ones, and anything that would capture the essence of the individual. I love Nanotrasen and I am happy to work here, I believe the galaxy's most influential corporations must have a lot of stories to tell, I want to hear them.

**** OOC Notes *****

Penny will often be a Librarian on the station. If you want to get featured here just approach her and she'll list you the guidelines. It is also possible to do it via skype or PM but I prefer doing it IC'ly as Penny can take pictures. Sorta works out better that way.

If Penny is killed, or if her items are damaged stolen before round end, the news article won't be published. Protect Penny.

You can comment on these news articles, but you must do it IC'ly as a character who has just found the article.

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Today I met a man in his mid twenties. His name is Jason Sanders. When I asked him about his life and how he came to NT, I was again taken aback due to the magnificence of the people who work for Nanotrasen. Additionally I was reminded of the importance of recognizing that some backgrounds can be humble.

This cargo technician, Jason Sanders, takes some time to talk to me after a few orders on the cargo computers and a squabble with his boss.

The brunette man somewhat fidgets as he stands there in front of me, "I didn't really have any parents. Had a... rough time as a kid.".

"Um... fell in with a gang. Bad stuff happened." he nervously stated, his eyes were on the floor, I could sense some guilt within them. "I left an' baically started over with NanoTrasen."

"Anway, uh... so... I had a rough time starting out at NanoTrasen."

"Bad relationships, I ended up picking up alcoholism thanks to the bad relationships...Kinda ended up hatin' myself."

"I... stopped drinking. That's cool.", he says with a somewhat repressed tinge in his voice, but you can tell that he's made a lot of progress. I don't know about you, but I think he should be very proud of that.

"I met this woman, um, Brenna? An' we were gonna get married. She was pregnant, y'know?"

"An' um... she died. So... that kinda sucks... but, I'm a father. So that's great."

Jason Sanders now lives a single father with his only son. He is now looking for a new job since this interview, but I have faith in him. I think Sanders has so much potential as a human being and a person and if he could leave a gang, beat alcoholism, work, and raise a child you're really something.

Let's applaud Mr. Sanders, shall we? Thank you for having this interview!

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Today I met with Garry Milders, a Pharmacist wearing the Chief Medical Officer's coat (with permission!) which did rather suit him. I'd imagine it would be very comfortable. When asked about his life, he said the following;

"I was born in Mendel city, Biesel. Lived there all my life, and still do. I do enjoy it. It's a rather luxurous appartment in one of the skyscrapers on central. Has a nice view of the city, and the layout is quite alright as well.", he said, nodding with a satisfied expression.

What a lucky guy!

"I am a doctor, specialized in neuro-surgery. Though here on Aurora, I do tend to have to do things outside my frame.", he continues.

He elaborates more on this, "I am also a skilled chemist, and training to be a forensic technician as well", said the ambitious medical staff. The work is alright, I get paid well, meet nice people, and, I also get to save people as well.". Sounds like a rather fulfilling job doesn't it?

He sat there, seemingly beginning to reminiscence the past, "I was quite fascinated in biology from childhood, and seeing as my mother is a coroner, it also slightly influenced my choice in this, I am somewhat of an idealist. I decided to become a doctor, merely out of the wish to help", he says. "And NanoTrasen did offer a good opportunity to work, so I took it, and so far I am not disappointed. So basically, for now, I am drifting along with the current.", he continues.

For someone who has found much job satisfaction, I had to pry a little bit deeper into his personal life, because I can't help myself really. "Oh! Yeah. My parents are still alive, and should be so for quite a while now, and I also have a boyfriend, with whom I live together. Fun fact, he also works here on Aurora, but probably decided to stay home today", said the Pharmacist with a slight glimmer in his eye. I could tell it was love at first sight huh?

"Indeed... And he himself is just so adorable.. Shoulder-length hair. Large, brown eyes, almost like a puppy's"

"Honestly, I don't know what I want more from my life. I have a successful career. My home... Well, would be nice to actually buy a house instead of an apartment someday, but that is a short-term goal".

Penny gives this NT employee a thumbs up to his general life satisfaction and hopes the best for his career in future, as well as his love life. Peace out!

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I was just contemplating a lot of things in my life in the library today. This woman, Tracy Aitor comes along - she didn't have any mop or bucket available in my library, probably because the entire station was impeccably clean.

"Well, I'm Tracy. A janitor here at one of the many er- wonderful nanotransen facilities.", she says. I wanted to get to know more about this woman, who just seemed to have an unique aura about her.

She leans back into the sofa she is sitting on, crossing her legs with her fingertips pressed against each other. Her galoshes are shiny and somewhat donned in style, "I sort of work to get by. I suppose you could you say my dream is to not have to work. So on a station like this, I have the benefit of ordering assistants around without much of a hassle on my end." This janitor has her arms crossed with a smirk on her face, the land she does own - she rules, and she knows it.

"Personally, I'm pretty open I'd say. I'm not too picky about who I'm with or for how long and with how many different people you can see in a high-traffic station like this- the opportunities are endless.", she says, contemplating the different kinds of things we can get up to on the vast station we are currently boarded on. She makes an evil laugh that cackles through the room.

"I'd like to own my own living space! None of that renting stuff.. Somewhere nice and large too. Maybe get a manager's position where I can yell at people all day while I kick my feet up. Like a research director! yeah. That sounds nice.", she speculates in sheer new-found interest.

"Oh- uh, looks like we need to evacuate!", she says after a announcement boomed through the ship. She grins wickedly and makes finger pistols as she lifts herself off her chair to leave.

Rock and roll Tracy, rock and roll.

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Recently, I had the honor of meeting CMO Na'Khar Sa'Kuate, an ambitious CMO from Aurora Station. What's it with me and CMOs? Somehow I believe NT CMOs are the best in the universe. All corners of life they come from. Check this out.

"So, Mr. Sa'Kuate, when and how did you find Nanotrasen?"

"Well, Na'Kharrr found Nanotrrrasen when he visited Biesel, forrr business."

"This was about.. seven yearrs ago."

"Well, he grrraduated with a masterrrs degrrree in surrrgical prractices and medical prrocedurres at the medical institute of Bayan."

"He also worrked at a clinic, forrr two yearrrs in Nalyarrr."

"So.. he had somewhat of beginnings, but he learrrned most at nanotrrasen."

"Yes! Nanotrasen has wonderful faciliates for both service to their employees as well as further training, you did well!"

"Tell me, about where you come from and what you do besides from being a doctor?"

"Well, Na'Kharrr comes frrom the city of Nalyarrr."

"Yes, your personal life Mr. Sa'Kuate."

He blushes slightly. Oh, what's this?

"Well, Na'Kharrr lives in Nalyarrr currently with his beautifull wife, Vetiv."

"Nalyarrr is a small village in the trradiing hub of ahdomai, to those who don't know."

"His only family rrreally is his brrotherr D'Jarr, who also worrks herre, and his wife."

"And.. forr hobbies he likes to mess arrround with electrrical engineerrring."

What a daredevil? Play? Electric? Hoh, we've got a badass over here... okay, look there was this one time as a kid I used to try rewiring things in my parent's mansion. I can kind of relate here.

"Sounds like a beautiful place, and uh, don't get shocked there!"

"He's been rrebuilding a scrrapped ship with his brrotherrr forr about two yearrs now, although he moved away"

"Do you have aspirations for the future Mr. Sa'Kuate? Or are you happy now?"

Sa'Kuate raises his head, he seems to be thinking of something, but then he smiles.

"He's honestly happy now, his only goals forr the futurrre arrre small ones."

"Like.. becoming a pilot."

"A pilot! I love it!"

"Wait so, why he does his job?"

"Well.. long storry shorrt, he likes saving lives. And has always been fasciniated by physical anatomy."

"He actually rrruns a clinic forrr victims of the warr ron ahdomai."

"But.. he may have to go do medical duties now, so he's gotta rrrun."

At that moment, the busy CMO was headed for the door. What a busy man!

"Thank you for everything."

Our interview ended here. Go save some lives Mr. Sa'Kuate!

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Blog entry: Memories of Aurora Station. 20th April 2457:






Ah, wonderful stuff! The great thing about being a journalist is being that photographer and getting away with amateur photos. Nonetheless, I think these are really lucky snaps.

See that IPC? He's Rusty (Note: Not actually rusty), he photobombed most of my pictures. But hey! I don't mind, he's a handsome silicon is he not? I believe he got damaged at some point, this is where newly acquainted Lachina Green stepped in to try and fix his wiring. It went well - apart from where Rusty's wire went flinging onto the floor because his hand was malfunctioning.

I met Mr. Seto and his friends lounging in the bar, the most relaxed people I've met on station.

How lovely! A drunken crewmember lays on the ground of the bar - EMT and the bartender have their work cut out for them.

Vittorio a medical doctor is seen roaming through medbay. Doctor Lachina Green is shown talking to a patient who had caffeine overdose - like myself... can't lay off the coffee highs I admit.




Well, that's it for today.

#nanotrasen #medbay #civilian #engineering

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