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  1. Thank you all for checking it out! Honestly I didn't expect anyone to even remember, much less give a crap. Thanks for your time, seriously! miss you all xoxo
  2. Been a year, huh? rrrrrr did the terrible decision of trusting me with making this post, insisting only that I empathize that the Thing is quite old and not reflective of his writing to-day - for my part, I chiefly want to stress that the thing is not reflective of my drawing to-day. Suprise suprise, we are not happy with the thing we made. There's lots of very valid and convenient excuses, of course; for starters, we stuck with the original script which was intended to be a short story accompanied by other short stories, meaning rrrrrr had a very limited room to work with. And I fir
  3. Right. Over here. http://triton.ironhelmet.com/game/4812073579577344 Again, password is "lesbay"
  4. Alright, I've started a game for eight players bearing the name of NSS Aurora. Password is, naturally, "lesbay".
  5. WE DID IT, FOLKS Game's on! For those who missed the launch/don't want strangers with superior experience butting in, we could launch another room, this time password protected (?). How many of us are there again?
  6. The game room (Master of Orion) is already estabilished; just hop in and, in the spirit of "hurry up and wait", wait for the rest of players to join us in our bond-shattering adventure!
  7. Splendid! There's not much to lose by joining, anyway! If we succeed, it will be amazing and you'll be notified by e-mail - if we don't... well... we don't :c Universe won't even notice.
  8. Hey-o! Stumbled upon this browser strategy game, Neptune's Pride 2. http://triton.ironhelmet.com/#main_menu It's extremely simplistic, and instead of complicated game mechanics leans heavily onto diplomacy and, if you would, roleplay. It's also said it's one of those games people get extremely angry over. Could be fun! (it's played over longer period of times, gameplay consisting of checking in once or twice a day over period of a week or so? I dunno, I'm new to this. Edit: point being, we don't need to all sit down at once. We can play together in spite of our varying time
  9. Hello! I would like to apologize to everybody involved/anxiously waiting for fruits of their labor. An unexpected chance to estabilish myself new dwellings came up, and these last two weeks or so (I've no notion of time anymore) I've found little time to tend to Aurora, being preoccupied with moving my crap from one place to another and then arranging it in such a manner as to make some space where I could bloody sleep. Both tasks being accomplished now, I'm about to resume the slow creative processes right after posting this apologetic note here. Thank you all for your contribution
  10. Holy damn, haven't heard of this game in years. Had no idea it made its way to Steam. That ought to make multiplayer much easier! Anyhow it's definitely worth it; it's incredibly addictive and enjoyable in a manner that makes me think of playing with lego as a child. Also, the community is INCREDIBLE. Seriously. Check it out. They did everything from Gone with Blastwave conversions to Wh40k to District 9. Tons and tons of content. The modding is pretty damn simple, after all; anybody can really manage to create themselves their own couple of heroes and guns. Too much fun. Tw
  11. Eventually. Jedi must be patient.
  12. Funny you should say that, I'm a jew.
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