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Bokaza - Player complaint

Guest Bokaza

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BYOND Key: Bokaza

Player Byond Key: Bokaza

Reason for complaint: Attempting to meta/metaing and metagrudging in two consecutive rounds

Approximate Date/Time: 31.1.2015 around 6 pm to 10 pm, Mutiny and Secret (I think)

Bokaza has displayed, during the two rounds mentioned above, meta-friendly behavior. During the Mutiny round, they have asked a pharmacist to tell them how to mix Spaceacillin using the chemistry lab on the research station. They played a QM (with no IC valid knowledge of chemistry) that could not mix it and did not recive proper instructions on how to do it. However, when their character died from an infection, they preceeded to rant on the dead chat on how it was unfair and that the pharmacist in question broke the hippocritic oath, generally displaying an agressive tone during the argument.

During the Secret round, where they played a Captain (Elena Raschnikova), when asked by Jamison Stamos (mirkoloio) and Melody Davis (Sleepy Wolf) for an audience inside their office, they asked for an officer Victor Kaipov (TechnoKat) to come and guard them inside their office, without asking the HoS first. This is because OOCly they assumed that character Jamison Stamos was there to attempt an assassination or take her hostage. The meeting was short and when they were leaving, Jamison attempted to take her hostage using a short but clear message of point a hidden sword behind her back. However, among the screams and shouts of the station in a meteor shower, among with the shaking station, they did not see it and reacted fast by calling Kaipov to aid. The issue was resolved by Skull OOCly. The fact remains, that Bokaza has metagrudged against mirkoloio and has reacted inside the game using OOC knowledge.

Explanation: Those of you with right mind might ask myself why I'm writing a complaint about myself. It's pretty simple actually. First off, this is not an attempt to ridicule the complaint system, the staff or the server. What I'm trying to do here, is attempt to fix an issue that has plagued this server since I first played on it. The issue is favoritism everyone seems to be talking around, but no one actualy points a finger. The things like people getting away with things they usually wouldn't, just because people around the server like them.

It has been brought to my attention that certain people among the staff respect me. This, coupled with the fact that during my four month time staying on this server as a daily regular, no complaint was ever brought up against me, despite all of the mistakes and generally agressive attitude I had, makes me think I had been reciving the special treatment everyone likes to moan about, including myself. If there is anything I actually hate, it is hypocrisy. I would rather leave the server than be a fucking hypocrit.

It is common knowledge that if you want to solve a comunity wide problem, you have to start with yourself. I cannot count on myself not to ruin any more rounds with my metagrudging or general meta. I also can't stay away from command roles as enjoy them too much (frankly, they have been getting annoying lately, but only slightly). Because of this, I offer to have my head whitelist be removed. Yes, of course I don't /wish/ it removed, but I am in no way exempt from following the rules and guidelines of the server and do not expect special treatment as I have recived enough of it in my life.

I really do hope that none of my actions valid a reason for removal, but if they do, I want it removed. Everyone else, you're free to take whatever complaints you have against me here, because they will just keep piling up like they did with other head players and will result in its removal sooner or later.

Mirkoloio, I'm sorry I ruined yet another of your antag rounds and Baka, sorry for arguing with you over the Ahelp. You didn't need to be exposed to the sewege that sometimes comes out of my mouth. Peace.

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While this came to a surprise, I am taken aback at how you replied to the events, and applaud you simply for coming out and pointing out a rather nasty flaw in the cogworks.

Bokaza, I knew you were upset. You, like myself, like everyone here, mostly plays to have a good time, and it can be hard because unfortunately as much as we would like to have, we don't have control over the events of the game, and sometimes the system works against us. I'm sorry you had to die due to the nasty infection system. And I accept your apology. I don't mean that in a moderator tone, but more of a heart to heart matter.

Believe me, I have gotten pissed at this game at the level you were pissed at earlier. I have seen this game make people froth-at-the-mouth angry. But, what happened today is now in the past. Let's put it behind us and hope for better rounds and more fun in the future.

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Explanation and apology noted. We don't really have a set way of resolving self-aimed complaints, to be honest. If you find yourself in need of feedback, you should probably pursue it using other channels, as we have a few subforums that would be a better avenue for this.

Furthermore, I can guarantee you that you're not receiving any sort of special treatment. You simply haven't messed up enough for any real action to be taken.

I'll be marking this as resolved, since, as stated previously, there are better ways of requesting feedback.

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