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Character/Player Complaints

For complaints about other players and/or their characters. You are to use this even if the account or character in question belongs to a staff member.

Any thread that does not follow the format will be archived after 48 hours. No exceptions.

Character/Player Complaint Rules
  • The General Forum Rules Rules and Server rules apply.
  • Stay on topic, this means that the posts should be constructive and focus on the complaint itself only. Any off-topic post made will be removed and met with a reminder to remain on topic.
  • Only post if involved or you have something to contribute. If you are not a moderator or administrator and/or were not involved in the incident(s) referred to, you may not post or reply to a complaint regarding said incident(s).
  • Do not use ad hominem. This means do not attack a person's character (character in this case meaning the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual). You are expected to argue the presented ideas, not the person. If someone were to attack you, don’t take matters into your own hands, report it to us.
  • No flame wars. No trolling. Self-explanatory.
  • After 24 hours of opening a complaint, if there’s no response, you are free to bump it.
  • IC issues that are not in violation of OOC rules should be taken to the Incident Report section of the forums, to be sorted out by the Duty Officers.
  • If the infractions described in the complaint have already been dealt with by a staff member in-game, a player complaint will not change the outcome of this. If you feel that the outcome was unjust, you are encouraged to post in the Staff Complaints section of the forums.
  • DO NOT MAKE A COMPLAINT WHILE A ROUND IS STILL GOING. This constitutes as IC in OOC, wait for the round to end. This only applies if the request is related to an ongoing round.
  • All rulings are final when they are declared. If you wish to contest a verdict, you are encouraged to post in the Staff Complaints section of the forums.
  • Use the Character/Player Complaint format shown here
  • Keep your posts short and concise. Ideally below the two paragraph count. The more you adhere to this the easier a time we will have handling your complaint.


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