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The name SAM


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Hi there, I play a synthetic named SAM. It stands for Sick Ass Machinery, and it was programmed by Serenity Neferet. I've noticed that other people have been using this name and I have been recognised for things other people are doing with the name. I use the name for all my synthetics, my Ai, borg and IPC. I was wondering if there was any way to keep people from taking the name, and if not, I'm hoping people who read this don't use it. It's kinda weird haing someone remember you for doing something when you did nothing of the sort.

Thanks everyone, love Nanotoxin/Nick

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While it sucks that you're being blamed for things that you aren't doing, I have a few things to say about your problem...

1. Doesn't this seem like an IC issue? Shouldn't you complain to the characters who are mistaking your character for another synthetic IC?

2. When you have a name like Sam, a name which millions of other people have, one should by no means have any expectations that anyone would shy away from using it just because you used it too.

I remember being mistaken for another Android called ANDY on my character Andy. They apparently did some sexual harassment-like RP or something and some people were avoiding me for it. I thought it was pretty funny.

If it makes it any better, Andy never mistakes a synthetic for another. c:

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