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"Seth Ramos" - Feedback & Notes Thread

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Hi. I play the character Seth Ramos, engineer extraordinaire who recently completed his Chief of Engineering trial and has become a full-fledged Command member.

Seth is meant to be played as a friendly, open and engaging person. While somewhat arrogant in nature, particularly with boasting of his feats and accomplishments, his extroverted personality is meant to overshadow his feelings of self-acclaim. Ultimately, the end-game goal of the character is to forward himself within Nanotrasen to a comfortable and accomodating state after years of self-sheltering within his work. He went about this with attempts at networking and contact building, but as of now is much more relaxed yet not intended to be less impartial to the idea because of his achieved promotion. Years of immersion into his work has made him an ironically leisurely, yet highly analytical person. It has been made a point that, while situations may arise, so long as they do not fall within his immediate jursidiction or interests, he is complacent to avoid or procrastinate.


It is the ultimate intent of this thread for players to provide feedback (preferentially general observations, as one bad round will not be able to be taken into account properly) and input which can be drawn from to improve, refine and provide consistency to the character. Additionally, it will provide insight into what should be considered publicly-accessible meta knowledge; this is something I find should be particularly helpful for users who utilize multiple characters and would like a pre-existant relationship or background knowledge that does not border guesswork as Seth Ramos is presently a consistently played and actively engaged character. While public knowledge, it does not mean it should be necessarily known by any party for any reason. This information is divulged on several standards of:

- Public dissimination

- Accessible recordkeeping

- Public presence

- Physically discernible

,,, and are as follows, partitioned in secrecy through spoilers:


Easily accessible information, able to be known before interactions:

  • Operates as a Chief of Engineering on the Aurora.
  • Discernibly of Solarian origin.
  • Lives on station.
  • Has a prosthetic right arm of Bishop origin.
  • Graduated from Hongsun Park Engineering Institute.
  • Is roughly in his mid thirties, but could be mistaken for late twenties.
  • Operated within the Odin Industrial Block as a general maintenance technician.
  • Holds a decade+-long career with Nanotrasen.
  • Speaks Sol Common.
  • Once operated as a maintenance technician for a cargo freighter.
  • Sings, mediocre.
  • Comedian.
  • Loves cakes.
  • Friendly.
  • Anti-Contraband.
  • Accomodating.
  • Relaxed policy.
  • Self-proclaimed "Greatest Engineer in Tau Ceti".
  • Staffed during the untimely death of Muhawir Nawfal.
  • Modestly sober.
  • Stress-smoker.

    Information able to be earned through some initiative of research, direct witnessing, rumor or unrestricted recordkeeping.

    • Transferred to the Aurora 1/16/2461,
    • Born 21/03/2426.
    • O Positive blood type.
    • Fond of orange juice.
    • Fluent in TCSL (Tau-Ceti Sign Language).
    • Recently reacquainted in Sol Common.
    • Immigrant to Tau Ceti from Earth, Sol, as a dependent from a young age.
    • Attended Hongsun Park Engineering Institute 07/01/2443 to 31/12/2449 varying full and part-time.
    • Recurring alcoholic.
    • Non-confrontational.
    • Fond of vaurcae.
    • Fond of synthetics.
    • Fond of unathi.
    • Fond of tajara.
    • Fond of spacers.
    • Skeptic, yet respectful of The Trinary Perfection.
    • Skeptic of Dominia.
    • Skeptic of Skrell.
    • Dislikes Vox.
    • Widowed.
    • SSD during the death of Muhawir Nawfal.
    • Vouched for Muhawir Nawfal in the Miranda Trasen Scholarship Program.
    • Prone to rewarding work ethic and initiative.
    • Perscribed painkillers for mild limb pain.
    • High stress/anxiety tolerance, similar mental break response.
    • Seeking a hobby.
    • Fond of romantic old-Earth songs.
    • Considering a 'DNC'.




    Unlikely to be known without introduction by Seth Ramos, restricted records, antagonist information, or direct association during these events:

    • Worked as Assisting Building Supervisor 07/01/2445 - 31/12/2446 at Hongsun Park Engineering Institute.
    • Practiced sheltering within work due to widowing.
    • Loyal to Nanotrasen.
    • Middle name 'Marriot'.
    • Perscribed 7mg Tramadol for lingering prosthetic ache in right arm.
    • Undiscerning of the supernatural.
    • High respect for friendships and cooperation.
    • Light narcissism.
    • Confrontational.
    • Despises incessant disrespect.
    • Vigilance Wing Shipping Senior Engineer, shuttle callsign "VWS-03".
    • Widowed at 22.
    • Troubled by the cloning of Muhawir Nawfal.
    • Often drinking.


This is liable to updates periodically, yet not frequently. There is only so much information I intend to stuff into this character for the sake of remaining 2.5D. I presently have their background, their personality, and their intent plotted. The rest is likely going to be restricted to on-station interactions. Relations between individual characters have not advanced to a point beyond strong friendships to have many, if any, highlights. This list may be further refined in the future.

I do not frequent the forums, so if you leave a comment, hit me up directly. I practice an open-office policy. Thanks for hanging out!


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As your friendly (and constantly banned) neighborhood Alexi and NEXUS, I always look for you on the engineering roster. The only Chief Engineer Alexi won't blatantly ignore, and the only person on the station that's made breakfast and broke into the AI core to give the resident AI eggs and coffee. Hell, NEXUS likes you to the point he always uses you as a basis for his avatar. 

Stay golden pony boy. 

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