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NanoTrasen Employee Record: Ziva Mo'Taki

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NAME: Ziva Mo'Taki

DATE OF BIRTH: Apr 7, 2432

AGE: 25

SPECIES: Tajaran

SEX: Female

CITIZENSHIP: Republic of Adhomai; Republic of Biesel

CLEARANCE LEVEL: Staff (Engineering)

EMPLOYED AS: Maintenance Technician, Level 1



HEIGHT: 165 cm (5'5")

WEIGHT: 56.25 kg (124 lb)

FUR COLOR: Sandy-blonde

EYES: Brown


  • Hereditary, non contagious heart disease. High stress situations can expedite damage from the disease. Report to medbay in the event of the following symptoms: Shortness of breath. Sudden tiredness (Not attributed to Space Sleep Disorder). Sudden weakness in the limbs.




  • Mechanical Repair: 9 years
  • Electrical: 1 year
  • Engineering: 1 year



  • 2448 - Apprenticeship: Hull/engine repair and maintenance
  • 2450 - Employment at Kal'Tiiv Space Port & Ocean Harbor: Shuttle hull/engine repair and maintenance.



  • Jan 2456 - Contract signed, Engineering Apprentice.
  • Jan 2456 - Assigned to NSS Exodus: Engineering
  • Jun 2456 - Transferred to NSS Antlia: Engineering
  • Jan 2457 - Promotion to Maintenance Technician, Level 1
  • Feb 2457 - Transferred to NSS Aurora: Engineering



  • EVA
  • Construction
  • Electrical (Basic training, as required for basic wiring repairs and APC control. Also has knowledge of forcing airlocks open and closed for emergency use)
  • Atmosphereics (Basic training, as required for air alarm, vent, and scrubber control. Not cleared for Atmosphereic Technician work)
  • Engines (Singularity and combustion)
  • Complex devices (Basic knowledge of usage of engineering equipment)
  • IT (Experienced in computer work.)



  • Mar 2456 - i103© (Minor assault) - Issued a threat to cause minor bodily harm to crew members that stated an intent to open a firelock to a breached location. Warned and given brig time.
  • Nov 2456 - i115© (Threat of serious injury) - Issued a threat to 'Launch [victim] out an airlock' to another crew member that broke tape, opened a breached area, and hindered repair operations. Additionally, resisted arrest by refusing to comply with security. Intent was to finish repairs prior to complying with arrest; No resisting arrest charge made. Given brig time and fined 250 credits.



  • Commonly issues verbal threats to crew, in an attempt to deter them from hindering repair operations. No records exist of physical assault or battery, indicating these are typically empty threats.






  • Jan 2456 - Pre-employment examination. Healthy* (See notes regarding hereditary heart disease)
  • Jan 2457 - Annual examination. Mostly healthy (Signs of stress and heart damage)
  • Mar 2457 - Temporary pacemaker installed to regulate heart rate
  • Mar 2457 - Scheduled surgery, repairing heart damage caused by hereditary heart disease. Pace maker removed.
  • Mar 2457 - Impromptu examination, performed by Dr. Garry Milders. Healthy* (Heart damage appears repaired. No signs of complications. See notes regarding hereditary heart disease)
  • May 2457 - Admitted to ER following loss of conciousness due to concussion. Given 3 day medical leave for rest and recovery.



  • Diagnosed with an uncommon hereditary heart disease only found in Tajarran families. There is a risk of heart failure, especially in times of high stress. Symptoms include, but are not limited to: Shortness of breath, sudden tiredness, sudden weakness of limbs.



  • Jan 2456 - Pre-employment examination. Stable
  • Jan 2457 - Annual examination. Increased stress - Recommended transfer to the NSS Aurora, to work with a family member in an effort to reduce Ziva's stress.



  • Easily stressed and angered by crew members that hinder repair operations or violate safety protocols. Examples include opening emergency firelocks/shutters, failing to vacate a depressurized area, and theft/misuse of emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers.

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  • 4 months later...

NOTE: This post is OOC information. This information is not publically available IC, but some characters may have learned it from Ziva.

She was born raised in Kal'Tiiv, near the city's harbor, and right next door to her cousins. Her parents both worked at the harbor - Her Zhan-Khazaan mother as a fisher and merchant, her Hharaar father taking care of repairs for a price. She worked with her parents, learning both fields of work as she grew up, and found she had a liking for building, tinkering, and fixing things. As a result, she was quick to accept the official job offer to work with her father when she turned 16, and spent the next several years working on repairing various transport vessels that had come in for dock.

While working at the dock, she met another Hharaar named Maram Kad'r, who worked aboard a fisihing vessel. When he was not at sea during fishing season, the two grew closer and eventually started dating. The relationship lasted for 2 years, before Maram returned from a fishing trip with a pregnant female whom he claimed to be his new mate. Ziva was devastated with what happened, and took leave from work for a few months, helping her family at home during this time. When she returned to work, Maram was no longer there, and she slowly got back into her old routine with the job.

At the age of 19, in 2451, she was admitted to the nearby hospital after experiencing a sudden heart attack. She recovered, but was diagnosed with a rare genetic heart disease passed down from her mother's side of the family, one which does not currently have a known cure - Only treatment. She was cleared to resume working two weeks later.

In January of 2456, at age 23, she decided to apply for a job with a company whom her cousin Karima was working for and had recommended: NanoTrasen. She was accepted, and signed the contract to work as an engineering apprentice for one year in Tau Ceti. She left Adhomai on one of the transports bound for Tau Ceti. Her first assignment was to be trained and work aboard the NSS Exodus as an engineering apprentice, where she learned basic electrical systems, EVA, and engine work as well as the proper procedures for handling station hull repairs.

A few months after she first arrived, she had started getting a reputation for getting frustrated with crew members who were making Engineering's jobs more difficult during meteor showers (Which were fairly common for the station at the time). Having decided she had dealt with enough, in March of 2456, she issued a threat on radio against a crewmember that wanted to force open a breach area. She was detained by security following the repair work, and had her first corporate charge levied against her.

She was later transferred to the NSS Antlia, in an attempt to see if a new environment would reduce these problems. For the most part, the crew seemed less prone to cause issues for Engineering, though the relative lack of constant meteor showers on this station may have aided in that regard. However, there was an incident when the station got caught by a rogue meteor that did heavy damage to the research section. One scientist was constantly forcing open breached areas, spreading the depressurization further into the station, and Ziva yelled at him when she spotted him. She told him she was going to throw him into an airlock, and shoot him off into space if he didn't stop it - Security heard, and both were detained for the situation.

Barely a month after this incident, a routine annual medical examination revealed high stress levels were expediting damage caused by her heart disease, and she was quickly transferred to the NSS Aurora, where her cousin worked, in the aim of reducing stress by putting her in the presence of family. However, it was slightly too late, as the damage was already done. A couple of months after the transfer, her heart began to fail and she had a pacemaker installed to regulate her heartbeat. She was also temporarily banned from engineering work as a result, both due to the risk of EM radiation damaging the pacemaker, and the constant stress she was receiving from the job. She worked with her cousin Karima in the robotics lab as an assistant during this time, as money was raised for an expensive operation needed to repair the damage. This operation was performed a week later, and after another week of medical leave for rest and recovery, she returned to the NSS Aurora with her previous job in the engineering department.

Currently, Ziva is still working aboard the NSS Aurora as a maintenance technician in the engineering department, specializing in repair work and getting emergency personnel into areas they otherwise would not be able to access themselves. She has also begun working on keeping herself more calm during emergency situations, and not letting herself become overly stressed by other's actions.

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