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  1. You're on your own. I don't know what witch you scorned but this is your boat.
  2. Mimirkra Mi'dynh is the best non-noble Njarir.

    This message approved by the Raakti Shariim.

  3. Just going to mentione regarding item 1: That's already been confirmed as a bug and is being worked on to be fixed so that you have to have borer prefs on to become a host, so this point won't be a factor following that update.
  4. Tell me how much you hate the latest tajaran noble waifu that isn't actually a noble.
  5. Changed to Trauma Physician since that seems to be the current consensus on what to name it. It's easy to name back if people change their minds.
  6. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7947
  7. As a recently returned sec main, I've noticed this too, but I've also noticed that when I tried to step up and actually do the job as security, the rest of security jumped on me about it and refused to cooperate. Specifically in the round that just happened - I wanted to start tagging people for misuse of comms and disobeying orders to stop discussing certain topics on comms, and for heckling a team of heavily armed skrellians that we were trying to peacefully resolve issues with, and the rest of security kept shutting me down anytime I brought it up. There seems to be a common mentality among security to just not do anything unless they're antags.
  8. Honest feedback: The ducktail mullet helmet looks weird.
  9. I'm a few hours late but. Instead of boosting the range massively, can we replace the flashing with just a constant overlay of whats around you? I would find that far more useful. Increased range doesn't resolve the primary issue why I just tear up floor tiles: The 'flash' mechanic is just annoying and takes too long to update for it to actually be more useful than just tearing up the tiles. Apparently the PR does that too. Nevermind.
  10. Be aware of the 'combat crawler meme'. When crawling was first introduced in bay, people abused it to power game to no end - Crawling around and under combatants so they they couldn't be shot without friendly fire while push spamming everyone around them, and abusing the speed at which you could crawl originally. Bay devs ended up electing to severely limit speed while crawling and remove the ability to still carry items and interact with things/people while crawling for balance reasons to counteract this.
  11. I vaguely recall someone mentioning in OOC the other day that tcomms scripting was removed in Aurora
  12. This one I think is much better suited for some fixing to go on as opposed to outright removing.
  13. Other rifles can be placed in the back and suit storage slots, but not belt slots. On that premise alone I agree with making crossbows behave the same.
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