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[Declined] Zyymurgy's Human Lore Deputy App

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Ckey/BYOND Username:

Position Being Applied For:
Deputy Lore Developer, Human (under Pegasus)

Past Experiences/Knowledge:
13 years general roleplay experience, 5-6 years Advanced Literate roleplay experience. 2-ish years on Aurora on and off.
High degree of interest in planetary biology and how a world's natural history informs the peoples' culture. Numerous long-winded personal projects.

Examples of Past Work:
Adhomai Domesticated Flora & Fauna
Ouerea, A Natural History Of
Alterim Balteulis, A Natural History Of

Information from these documents has already been accepted and added onto the wiki and in some cases, into the in-game codebase.

Additional Comments:
My writings are LONG AS FUCK and everyone knows this. However I am very willing to work with an editor to pare down the fluff and get the essential information presented in a concise manner. My very long documents are so that I can very thoroughly explore the ideas, so this information can later be condensed. I also love to be criticized (constructively) so that my ideas can be polished, and I find it to be very fun to share an idea and work together with like-minded people to create a collaborative effort. That is to say, I don't just want it to be my way or the highway, I like to function as part of a team.

Edited by Senpai Jackboot
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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Locking and archiving; with the hiring of Pegasus we kept this up to judge as a human deputy role. We have no deputy slot open at this time per the hiring of another applicant. Feel free to repost your application if a slot opens in the future.

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