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  1. Hey, I'm the guy who straight up demanded this get posted! I've loved this concept since I saw it being used ICly by O'Neil and I've been wanting to see it spread. I want to play a character who follows this religion, so I'm very happy to see the info coming up. Da biggest plus one.
  2. Having mice able to do more things roleplay wise is always a bonus. I see no reason why this shouldn't be added.
  3. +1. While I've only had a small amount of roleplay with Reeves, what little experience I have had was exceptional. Very high quality /me actions from this player the entire time. I would be quite happy to see this player as HOS.
  4. My thoughts on this are, I like the concept but I think the execution thereof could use some fine-tuning. The way I would prefer to see an idea like this is: security HQ and the brig remain untouched. Security stays its own department. HOS has full authority over all officers. They still have a radio channel to communicate on. BUT: Officers are dispatched at roundstart to different departments, by HOS or by job-slot. They start out in the HQ as usual, get geared up, and then deploy to their departments. They will have radios that have both sec and their departmental channel enabled. They'll have a little cubicle to work from but be highly encouraged to patrol the department on foot. There will be two all-purpose officers who patrol the rest of the station and maintenance. HOS retains full authority but department heads have secondary authority, for example if the CMO orders something the officer can run it by the HOS if it sounds questionable, and if the HOS orders something and the CMO tries to belay it, the HOS's order carries priority. I've worked IRL security before and that's a little closer to how things run from my experience. You clock in at the HQ, you go out to your posting, you stay in touch with the bosses on your radio, if someone important to the posting tells you to do something you ask the boss over the radio what they think, etc.
  5. My only real true point of contention here is that I've been strongly, frequently told that things from the modern timeline aren't welcome in the fictional futureverse timeline. If there's still a gender based wage gap among mankind in 400 years, I'll be one pissed off noncorporeal long-dead entity. Rather than have it be on the nose and gender based among everyone, why not try and be more nuanced about which cultures would realistically restrict pay to which members? Unathi would certainly uphold a gender based wage gap, but I get the feeling that humans wouldn't, and probably Tajara would base it more on the whole "stoopid Zhans" thing, etc. So it feels a little bit out of the blue to apply it to all species across the board. Is it intended to be, in lore, a new NT policy for all species? Who put it in place and why? Is it being retconned in to have always been like that? Is this a Tau Ceti thing where the whole of the space is like this? Or is it more of an unspoken thing among NT employees that people are only really going to discover when they start discussing their wages among one another, which never happens, because money is functionally meaningless? Are we gonna get better ways of managing money and having a persistent economy? Because there's no true incentive for departments to sell things and build up their accounts even in the Civ wing. Supply starts with a large account and it's kind of a hassle to get people to pay for their orders, and if mining does their job you have an astronomical amount like 45 minutes into a round. And the chef starts with essentially everything they need to feed the whole crew, buying more ingredients is a pittance and a hassle, and the EFTPOS is a son of a bitch to mess with if you don't have someone to properly set it up for you. So like, I feel anything to do with the money and economics side of the code needs more love first before we start doing stuff like this. However, with a critical eye to how it would be possible to play with this, and with regard to the job selection part of it... I could see it. A Skrell and Human focused research station could realistically favor certain types of person for certain jobs and get away with it. They could easily aggressively negotiate on salaries to pressure certain types to accept low wages during the hiring process. But the previous arguments still stand that gender perception among these cultures needs to be more clearly defined -- are Humans and Skrell sexist as fuck, and if so, why is everyone so polite, etc. Xenophobia seems like a much stronger motivation than sexism in a futuristic setting, to this dumbass. I've been hassled for my species as a feminine Unathi player more than my perceived gender. Most of the sexism I encounter is benign "milady" type stuff when I do see any kind of real reaction to being a grill. The liberal atmosphere of the station may not reflect the policies of the company, which could be an interesting point of contention. A policy like this could be an excuse for traitorous action and revolutionary thinking among characters who fundamentally disagree with that kind of thing... and characters who openly support it, too. So like... an official policy based on gender perception doesn't make a lot of sense, but an unspoken hiring practice where certain types of person are just offerred less money and encouraged to take lower amounts, and not considered for certain types of job as much, just in general? Makes perfect sense for a self-serving, kind of evil corporation.
  6. Ckey/BYOND Username: zyymurgy Position Being Applied For: Deputy Lore Developer, Human (under Pegasus) Past Experiences/Knowledge: 13 years general roleplay experience, 5-6 years Advanced Literate roleplay experience. 2-ish years on Aurora on and off. High degree of interest in planetary biology and how a world's natural history informs the peoples' culture. Numerous long-winded personal projects. Examples of Past Work: Adhomai Domesticated Flora & Fauna Ouerea, A Natural History Of Alterim Balteulis, A Natural History Of Information from these documents has already been accepted and added onto the wiki and in some cases, into the in-game codebase. Additional Comments: My writings are LONG AS FUCK and everyone knows this. However I am very willing to work with an editor to pare down the fluff and get the essential information presented in a concise manner. My very long documents are so that I can very thoroughly explore the ideas, so this information can later be condensed. I also love to be criticized (constructively) so that my ideas can be polished, and I find it to be very fun to share an idea and work together with like-minded people to create a collaborative effort. That is to say, I don't just want it to be my way or the highway, I like to function as part of a team.
  7. +1 Critter RP is really good, and I'd like to see more small mobs scuttling around underfoot and being either cute or pesty. The fact that all critters on the station and asteroid are essentially mindless is kinda sad. Plus if these minor mobs try to start shit you can basically crush their skulls onehanded so little window of shittery there IMO. (Only slightly related but when are Lizards getting the stuff that Mice have such as being able to put on shoulder and head? Lizard pets should be more popular.)
  8. Cool concept, I like it. It's got good roots and I'm interested to see where it goes. If I had one request it would be to see a stronger Transhumanist flavor; there's some tasty notes here but it would be interesting to take it further. Augs? Gene-splicing? Straight up surgical cybernetic mutilation a la Cyberpunk? Also: elf ears when? I always love to see new work come from the team and this has a lot of promise! Adding more species and variety to play with is very much not bloat and I look forward to seeing this develop. I might actually play humans when this hits. I strongly favor characters that come with a challenge so playing a 7ft twig who needs a piece of adaptive equipment to live is very interesting indeed.
  9. You are within your rights to not accept an apology and doubt its veracity. All I can do is say that I blocked you because I didn't want to say anything further to you to make you feel bad, as I can't seem to help myself from responding when I see you posting inflammatory or goading comments in general chat. I mean my apology and I'm doing my best to leave you the hell alone. If you want to hang on to the fact that I said something I regret, fine, but please do not outright say I'm lying about being sincere. I 100% do feel bad about saying that to you. I still am sorry, and I will continue to be sorry, even after you stop being mad, because it was a shitty thing for me to say to anyone. I don't feel bad because people said "WTF LMAO". I feel bad because it's a horrible thing to say, and I felt bad the instant I said it. Trust me; if it was something I wanted to double down on, I would have, whether people "WTF"ed me or not. Instead it was something I wanted to take back, and I have tried to. This isn't a failure of administration to deal with, in my opinion here. It's an interpersonal difficulty issue. Shame slapped me right in the mouth for saying that kind of thing. Why do you want to pretend that didn't happen? I'm going to see myself out of this issue as there is little else left to discuss with regard to my apologizing to Burger. I'd like for it to be known in the future if this issue is discussed again, however, that I have apologized and I am pretty fuckin' sincere about it.
  10. The new pen sprites have white/grey space that blends into tables and looks really confusing. And the new paper bin is a little bit... over-full I'd say? Otherwise it's some real good work champ.
  11. In the interest of clearing the air, you guys are talking *about* me without talking *to* me which is something I resent. Here we see me immediately apologizing for the words which were said. I tried to make it clear publicly, both by editing out what I said and by apologizing, that I did not mean to get weirdly personal, and that I regret what I had said, and in fact regretted saying it immediately after hitting enter. I even tried to apologize via DM to Burger. This is what was said between Shame and I on the subject. I am not proud of what I said. I regret it, and I regretted it instantly. It is not something I would typically say. I would like to publicly apologize since the issue is still being discussed as though I hadn't already done so. Burger, I am sorry for saying that to you. I lashed out in a moment of anger and said something you didn't deserve to hear. It was way, way out of line and I'm going to make sure that I watch my tongue from now on. It's not something I plan to say again, to you or to anybody. Do not blame Skull for "not handling" this issue. I tried to apologize to you immediately. I understand that you don't want to accept it, but it is not Skull's fault here.
  12. I see my lad has linked the doc we've worked on, so this is something to observe with regard to the 'blue heir' question. (It may also be worth mentioning that the extended document is going to be worked on further for a Lore Canonization App as well.)
  13. I've been working with Lent on the concept for this Clan and have been greatly enjoying what he's brought to the table. He's got some good ideas and is on board with most of the things which make Unathi different from other species. I've already got plans to play as one of this character's servants. The thing about Blue Heirs is that within this Clan it's prophesied that the True Blood of Kings is expressed by blue scales, since Kresshi Kres'ha'nor's First Concubine was a blue lady and passed this down to the Bloodlines of her three sons. (Bloodlines are a bit of a big deal for this clan.) I also think it's perfectly reasonable to, when you have many heirs, use the "extra" ones as political tools. So sending one of your sons to Tau Ceti to make a name for himself among the aliens seems reasonable enough to me... since it's not "exile" even though the character may perceive it that way. So needless to say this has my heavy plus one.
  14. If it does make a noise, please for the love of god balance it correctly. So many of the noises in ss13 are FUCKING THUNDEROUS AND DEAFENING for no reason.
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