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  1. Well... I also walk barefoot on gravel. I would say that walking on hot/cold metal sucks, and running barefoot on a hard surface still isn't fun. On Cataclysm:DDA, "tough feet" is a starting Perk you can take. However, this game doesn't have perks or traits. So you're going to have to standardize it, and that has implications for roleplay.
  2. -1. Amory seems to enjoy nothing more than screaming at people. In fact, when I am noticing Amory in general_chat, it is usually because he is in the middle of a screaming argument. About 10-ish months ago I decided to take a break from ss13 entirely because I was tired of the screaming arguments and bad attitudes I saw displayed constantly. Amory and Zelm's participation in the screaming fights surrounding the implementation of Departmental Security is what drove me away from Aurora specifically. The way they would just NOT stop, even when told directly to. The way the arguments would continue for literal hours. And now it's coming back because Departmental Sec is being worked on again, and the screaming fights in that thread are threatening to spill into general_chat again. Recently Amory and I had a fight because he was baiting someone in general_chat, and I tried to make a joke to defuse the situation. He came into my DMs to yell at me very harshly for interfering with his baiting this person. He told me, paraphrased, "I know when the admins give out strikes. I was trying to get him to say something that would get them struck. I was not in danger of being struck because I know when admins give strikes." This is unacceptable behavior from a normal user; if a moderator did this, I would be very very very concerned. In addition, Amory is allergic to criticism. What I mean by this is, he just doesn't believe it. He refuses to believe it. And he gets mad if you insist on it. Every time I have tried to criticize his development work, he had said things like "It doesn't look like a problem to me" and "This is fine" no matter how clearly or concisely I try to explain. Basically telling me, and others, that we are wrong for thinking there is something that could be changed for the better in his work. He has said he literally cannot have fun with ss13 unless his sprites are put into the game. This is concerning to me because it shows he is working on Aurora for himself, not for the community, and in fact, he disregards the community's opinions. When someone suggests how he could improve his work, he ignores them - or yells at them. Recently criticism of his work was brought up in general_chat and he did these behaviors to more than just myself, so I know it's not just a "me" problem. Amory does not have the temperament to moderate Aurora, or any server.
  3. Compare to the colors that are already present on station. I prefer the vivid and vibrant coloration that the station already has.
  4. My major criticism of your latest work regarding the Command resprite is that you want to go for very desaturated colors, and this also is an example. I would prefer to see the colorful items on the station remain colorful in most cases.
  5. Meowy is someone who clearly genuinely cares about Tajara. I think this is evident to everyone who plays with him. I would fully and completely trust his judgement about this species and where to take it. I have a Taj whitelist but I have not played one for a long time because I do not really connect with the species' current themeing. I was wondering what the stance going forward would be about Taj who really do not want to be involved in the conflict? I have a desire to play a simple Taj, from a farming community, but I don't have the desire to keep up with a three-faction civil war where every side is the bad guy, and which sides find what the most morally objectionable, etc. I find their politics confusing, and a little bit hard to decipher. How do you feel about Taj who want to be involved with the species, homeworld and lore, but not with the whole war and politics theme that pervades the species? I've seen "apolitical" Tajaran criticized, and I don't want to just play a kitty - but I really cannot wrap my head around what's going on with their lore right now.
  6. I said this in discord but I'll say it here. Either make them walkable or place them out of my fuckin' way or else I'm going to break them or move them ICly every round until it's fixed. I don't want some new objects placed directly in my walking path. Do not remove standing room in the medbay lobby. Period. It's already congested enough every time antag shit happens. Gum is a great RP enhancement but if it's in my way, I'm going to hate it.
  7. So I'm not sure why we're removing color-coding to uniforms but I would really appreciate a version that is in Cargo and Mining's colors, and maybe one that is not quite so... lifelessly unsaturated brown and greenish? The station is colorful on purpose. I really do not like this trend of trying to make everything desaturated and brown or tan.
  8. I agree with pretty much everything said here, and Resi brings up some really good points about negative reinforcement vs positive. I don't want to make another huge post about it, but I will say that the server culture of screaming at each other in dsay and OOC, and ahelping or making player complaints when you're angry, is something I do not enjoy. But right now I see that being the only form of real feedback available to players, aside from self-created "feedback" threads. And not everybody has made, or wants to make one of those. So many people find the forums irrelevant, and new players usually don't even discover them for a while. The reason I think it's so important to have an anonymous way of giving feedback or criticism is because this server encourages cliqueing, and everybody knows it. And if you speak unfavorably to or about someone in one of these cliques, the whole clique finds out. This can cause unintended ripples. When you just want to say "hey dude, I think next time it would be better if you xyz as that antag" it can feel like approaching the entire clique at once - because you know that one person will report back. I am at the point where I actively avoid getting involved in antagonist stuff on-station. It makes people angry like 80% of the time, and I know I don't like it when I'm randomly killed or taken hostage with little preamble, and little consequent RP. There are good antag rounds, I have played in them! But the majority of the time when shit starts going wrong I do my best to avoid it as strongly as possible, even if that means shutting myself into a locked room with 2 or 3 other people who also are trying to just not get mixed the fuck up with that shit. And this is realistic! But it also makes antag rounds kind of boring. Sheltering in place during a workplace shooting incident is only fun to RP the first few times, after that it can get kind of old. And needless to say I do not play as an antagonist. The reasons mentioned above by others hit it right dead center. I am afraid of being screamed at. I am afraid of doing it wrong, with no guidance, and no mentor to set a good model for me to follow. And I do not feel that I could make a round interesting for the rest of the players, because I don't know the mechanics very well and I know that for most if I tried to go in RP heavy I'd be criticized as a boring peace-antag, or robusted instantly - and then screamed at. There is so much criticism and teasing and screaming in OOC, DSAY, and the discord. It makes it really hard to enjoy playing sometimes.
  9. Holy shit that's a good idea for mini-events. Why isn't that done regularly anyways?
  10. Khaing seems like a legit dude. I couldn't tell that he was a 'new' character because he seemed to be properly in place in the setting; functioned as expected as if there was already some experience at it. No complaints, in fact: +1
  11. If we're giving our simple personal opinions on Schev as a person, then I have to regrettably state my opinion is the opposite of Satins's. I would feel very uncomfortable with Schev on the team. I do not feel Schev is an approachable, friendly, or even tolerant person. I find them often abrasive, and very hard to speak with. In fact I have had to have Schev blocked for literal months because he would try to bait me in public. I avoid Schev as much as possible. If Schev were on the IPC lore team, I would actively seek someone else to approach about my concerns and issues, because I am not comfortable talking to Schev in most situations.
  12. This is exactly what I said I don't want. I'm not going to ahelp just because I'm mad. I'm not going to make a player complaint just because I feel like the antag fucked up. I want a system where I can casually +1 or -1 someone's performance on station without making it a big personal thing. I don't want to immediately jump to the "tell the teacher" option when I feel someone didn't do well; I just want to be able to give anonymous feedback and have it taken into account, both positive and negative. And the current system, which is "ahelp" or "scream in OOC" or "find them on Discord", is not a satisfactory one to me personally.
  13. So then what is supposed to be done about it? I don't want to get people banned. I want to be able to provide feedback to good players and incentivize good play, as a player, instead of screaming in DSAY to literally 0 effect when I'm unhappy. There's currently a system for providing feedback, good or bad, that consists of "scream in OOC at the player when the round ends" or "find them on discord and corner them in PMs". That's a bad system.
  14. He's right and he should say it. Antagonists are on the station for one purpose: to make the episode of the show entertaining. SS13 is a dramatic, collaborative creative writing game facilitated by an engine that allows you to have an avatar that takes damage and can attack. It's not the other way around for me; it's not a game where you're trying to win by clicking on the other player to damage them, where you can emote occasionally for fun if you feel like it. SS13, in an HRP server, is about experiencing the story that other people are trying to tell, and adding your own input to help tell that story. It's not something competitive; for me, you should be working TOGETHER with the antag at all times OOCly, even if you are ICly enemies. Episodes of sci-fi TV shows that are full of suspense and tension are pretty much universally agreed to be cool. A lot of the antag modes on station are set up perfectly for this type of thing. You have your monster of the day. You have your pool of unwilling victims. You put the two together and you hope that magic happens. Unfortunately so often the magic just isn't there because your antagonist player wants to win, not to play their role as this episode's villain. Imagine if Michael Myers just like, bombed that chick's house instead of chasing her around for two hours and then dying. It's easy to complain about this but it's hard to say what should be done about it, though. I jokingly suggested something like a karma system and was hit with a hard "no" when this came up in discord. So how is it supposed to be moderated? I legitimately would like to see a rating or ranking system for antags, where if you get enough -1 you get locked out of that role for a couple days, and if you get enough +1 you might unlock some more OP gear to use in your storytelling. Antags that tell a good story should be rewarded, and antags that fail to prioritize the entire server's enjoyment of the round should be guided toward a more constructive style of play. I think it might help with some of the anger and frustration that gets seen in OOC and DSAY as well to have a system where you can actually provide feedback on the antag's performance and have it matter. I don't want to get anybody in trouble, so when there's a bad antagonist, I try to just get over it; I'm not typically going to ahelp because I'm buttmad. However I also don't want to be salty in DSAY or OOC after the round because that also doesn't help anybody! But when you don't know who the antag is, you feel like they fucked you over, and you don't want to ahelp or make a player complaint -- what are you supposed to do in order to give feedback on the round?! How can you tell someone who you feel didn't do a good job, something like that calmly and anonymously without it turning into a shitfest? There is no system for giving feedback or even incentivizing "good" play. I really wish there was though.
  15. "Man, fuck Moghes" is always an interesting character arc and I am usually interested to see where people go with it - especially female Unathi. Picking 'infertile female' puts you just like a hair above guwan pretty much, and not many people choose to play out the resulting shame and ostracism that would come with. +1 since I'm confident you can handle these themes and I wanna see where you go with it. Lizard gang, we run this station.
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