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Field Commander H.S., here.

Some times, the syndicate hires the wrong people. And that's when you have to cut them out. Take the mold off the bread. Take the caboose off the train. Take the icing off the cake....but the icing is banana flavored, so that's why you hated it. Regardless, it's best to get rid of those leg-broken horses before they try to run again.

How to know when someone's become a loose end:
1-They Start Falling Out Of Line
Typically, a syndicate agent who's lost their way will begin to do things for personal gain, without a purpose. That doesn't mean you can't go raiding vaults, armories, and vehicle depots. It means Agent McUrist has a grudge and that's literally the only reason why he's here. We can't be wasting money on that. Money is expensive.
2-Indian Giving
Now we come to the best part: Traitor traitors! Ones who'd rather give up the whole mission than to face consequences! You know, the cocky guy who you just know will spill the beans and oh god why did he even get entrusted with secrets in the first place? Someone in our secret syndicate shouldn't spill secrets. That's like rule number one of fight club. We can't afford to spill secrets. Secrets are expensive.
3-Regular Incompetence
Look, we get it! Not every plan goes right! Actually tough luck. You get caught, fix it, or you're a loose end. Don't be a waste of valuable telecrystals. Telecrystals are expensive.

These are just a few examples of...who to take down, and when. You know them when you see them. Sleepers aren't loose ends, however; no one can really trace a sleeper agent, unless they managed to break down every mental barrier they had. Sleepers are more like abused, frayed ends. We can't afford to sever those, yet. Aglets are expensive.

Be sure to report the name and reason you cut the loose end off, ASAP. The Syndicate awaits.

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