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  1. Lmfao, no. It's internal. It's not a contracted group of mercenaries, it's essentially a militarized corporate task force meant to enforce NT's policies. TCFL is the "merc team," and even at that, they're not necessarily "elite" as much as savvy and well-versed.
  2. >Remove effective nonlethal countermeasure Alrighty. Let's see how this goes. I can already feel the IRs about an officer needing to beat the sh-t out of someone because they wouldn't go down, or resort to "less than lethal" rubber bullets.
  3. ILY Kyres. I really do. That being said. This is too much. This provides far too much room. The floodgates will open. What are admins supposed to say when this passes. It's an amazing request, it really is, but don't you think it's....too amazing? Imagine the amount of rp this could potentially provide. Far too much. Perhaps, even, way too much. The potential for this to inspire others to make similar items, because of the wonderful experiences they have had between you and your characters...I have to +1 this. It's really cool, and I can't wait to see what you do with it. Here's a cheekily worded post to make everyone read it to think I have gripes with it. I can't let it go with anything else. Unfortunately, Kyres, as much as you'd crave it...I can't-... ...-1 this.
  4. I don't support this unless we go full ridiculous difficult with mechanics. If eating can kill you, everything should be equally dangerous. It's also incredibly inconvenient to think you'd have a chance to die in the middle of an escape. We're on a space station, can starve in less than an hour after devouring entire pizzas, among other things. You want people to not lolcheese food? Nerf hunger. There is no give without take.
  5. Can we have a chubby toggle in general. For. Reasons.
  6. I think a person's personal touch is what makes a round great. No round has been good by rehashing what others do, because the end goal is usually meta'd before it can be completed. I would like to see the vast amount of freedom this could potentially bring. A test-merge, perhaps.
  7. Huh, we just had a super good ling round not too long ago that ended with 3 horror forms and then a station nuke. It was super fun and got lots of kudos. Regardless, I was once banned for a multi-hypno when vamp, so I'd not like to see literally the same exploit be used as a "mechanic" in the slightest. @Alberyk Input would be nice on this, specifically the queuing exploit.
  8. Unathi go much farther in those two seconds than a human would in about seven.
  9. I really don't give two craps about the whole "Well they have an advantage because of IC bias" because that's kind of whack IMO. Alcohol tolerance, too. I really don't see that as anything other than a roleplay athstetic. When does it....ever....come in handy? Like ever? I will say I'd be more onboard with pain tolerance than....buffing resistances to certain damages. As it stands, I'd much rather wait, altogether, for actual lore-based biomods, because they're just cooler overall. I really don't understand the whole athstetic of healing so fast. That's what medical is for.
  10. The hardsuit is hardly used in a 'fully prepped' state as is. Most people just like the QOL it brings; you stick jets in it, maybe an electrowarfare suite, and you're all fine. The stealth suit is, as far as I am concerned, there because most heist rounds end with everyone but one/two heisters dead. I'm against strange and (subjectively) needless changes, chiefly because that just leaves more room for security to meme people. And I thought you people were trying your hardest to keep that from happening, no?
  11. Well, I suppose now we know what we could use the debugger for.
  12. My only grips is that the feet are now brown. It's like there is no plating on them.
  13. The heavier the frame, the longer it takes to recalibrate/recover from the stun? Perhaps something along the lines of how borgs cut out when flashed? Overloaded systems and the like.
  14. High contrast is a must. It's space. You don't blend in in space; that's a really bad idea.
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