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  1. I have seen literally one merc round in which the AMR was used to any effective degree, and that was last round. If anything, it's ultra HRP that mercs would bring such a useful tool onto the station. Like, come on, NT is known to have mechs. It's no dumber than half of the weapons science puts out, neither is it any less of a thing to deal with than something likes, say, the back-mounted gattling. People want antags to have a chance against security, but try to take away the big guns? Nah, go gimp some other antag. -1.
  2. I want actual rotation maps, something that changes up how things work. Some positions and things, but different map flow and secrets and stuff. I suppose the idea of a this map is okay, but not one that is in rotation. Event maps, yes, but. I'd want a different station for an actual station map.
  3. Siding with what? I rarely see situations where this happens at all. Like. What setup must one make to cause this to happen? What junction of actions bring people to this apex? That's a reach if I've ever seen one. Also, the fact that group antags can steamroll sec doesn't really leave the rest of the crew in a position that's any better. Think about this. I don't know what this mentality you're going on about is product of. What, you think research will research faster than the antags can get ready? No. f anything, research will just become the merc's gun factory. Coordinated antags can already steamroll sec if they bother to do it correctly.
  4. About damn time you did this. +1, all your characters feel in-place, even with out-of-place gimmicks.
  5. what happens during rad storms More specifically what happens to new players during rad storms who have no idea how to do anything except move
  6. Don't see a point to this. Thralls are somewhat important to a vamp late game, and the embrace is a "bittersweet gift" that causes issues as much as it doesn't. Why doesn't a player get an option to opt out of getting succ'd grabbed by a ling? Or changed by the staff of change?
  7. I was all onboard with this, initially, but uypin rereading this and realizing it's just an outright isolation of officers from one another, especially since a lot of rp is done between officers (GASP! SEC RPS TOO!?) even when there aren't antags, I don't see the reason for this to happen. Skull seems sheerly focused on breaking up the cohesion between sex simply because it is apparently too much for security to deal with??? There have been many rounds in wich a half-decent antagonist has actually used their brain for once and not just sat around spamming manhacks or openly CALLING OUT the intentions they have in terms of "I want money or so and so dies." I'm really dissappointed in the general idea that people oppose this change simply because it removes something; this change is opposed because it feels out of place and unneeded. Maybe if the station wasn't so linear and (basically) ALL ON ONE FLOOR antags wouldn't have so much a hard time. I for one seldom find issue playing antag, and a lot of people avoid it sheerly because they don't know what they're doing.
  8. I really want to see this, but as a sort of voted/event type of deal, rather than something that might show up in secret.
  9. Please. Kyres has done more for synth lore than I can ever comprehend. So much lore, sprites, all of it. Except for allow us to play as purpose. Unforgivable. Which means he must be put down for his traitorous acts. I shall initiate stage 1 by +1-ing this application.
  10. Ironic considering they're supposed to favor low/no-light conditions, and we even have them with special gear that specifically keeps them from experiencing too much light (blinders).
  11. also climbing things faster too thanks they are big bugs let them do big bug things
  12. On further thought, I realize that there are a ton of languages with discernable accents IRL, and this would really not be feasible to do considering the thousands of dialects that might show up if humanity expands to multiple planets.
  13. This actually sounds somewhat neat. But like, are we going full on stereotype with the accents? Tradeband would be something latin (not latino, some sort of mix between Italian, French, Olde English, and Spain Spanish). I think freespeak would be....I don't know, how do growls translate into other languages?
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