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  1. So just don't give security access? The whole station being punished because of an ooc reason for o n e department makes me upset, even when I'm usually playing security. It's a good h a l f of the map that has been quarantined for antags. It sucks. I miss the characters that used to consistently be inside of it. Or, even better, give security access to their own maintenance doors and nothing else. Like, how robotics had it before. Problem solved?
  2. I like this. I already like the vision cone, but this has something I feel was missing. In interbay style servers methinks there is like a little notification for players who are running behind them, like a sound ripple. Also, how would this work for borgs? Do they have to have a vision cone? Etc etc. I will also add that these kind of systems tend to work better w/ a less simplistic combat system, but, that's for another time completely.
  3. Show me a ninja who wouldn't be punished for a blatant gank.
  4. Someone who does that would have the same consequences thrown at them than if they were to do literally the same thing with full invis today: They would get banned. Very fast. So, basically, bad take. Besides, trying to throw in other things with an implementation is not how an implementation of a new mechanic should go. If this gets added, I just want to see how thinga play out. You forget: the ninja can't see behinf * themselves* yoo
  5. I wouldn't mind + shaped eyes for G2s tbh. I might go mess around in piskel to see what's what.
  6. I will do sprites for people. Maybe. I dont have any to post. I dint want your money I want your Soul or something If there is something you are making a custom submission for hit me up.
  7. I gotta ask what's with the G2's head in the last image. All the rest seem pretty spot-on.
  8. This. There is no reason to frick the slots. Give the brain part of cyborgificaion to medical. Or just like. Have it so that medical is the one with access to the cyborgification room. BAM, no more brain surgeon roboticists.
  9. The idea of attempting to secure metal bracelets around biolocigal steak knives amuses me. Im all for stopping cuffing from being a thing on blade-armed lings.
  10. I dont see a reason to do any of this; to split the role, or remove the alt titles. Is there any real reason to do either of these?
  11. The way I see it, all species should have their own 'flavor' of augment. I will admit that human-only augments seemed like a good 'draw' for them as a species, but...it's not like it's lacking in people playing them.
  12. IMO this means we can open the way for different kinds of materials holding up better. Like, a steel plate isn't going to lose effectiveness because a 9mm pinged off of it, but something like a deagle will definitely compromise it; or, a laser would slag it if it hit enough times.
  13. Other people have covered this, but, the communication between sec players is rp. It's not like sec comms is filled with "get valid" all day. Likeminded people in a likeminded channel, much like what happens in the private channels of any other department when things have not utterly hit the fan.
  14. What if we just...buff antags? Or give them better tools? Removing comms is not a good idea for reasons I should not have to get into. You guys are sacrificing rp for what you call balance, in a server where....rp is prioritized over such. Come on, man. We have been nerfing things to improve rp, but now were nerfing rp for literally no reason. Why even have security? This is just a designated member of a department with shooty bang bang privliges. Aka "gank this guy to get a gun."
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