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  1. Preferably a full sized spider.
  2. Idk why anyone would think the skirts are "miniskirts." Anyways, they look great, bla bla bla something about saturation. Great sprites, as usual, Amory.
  3. What if we got... And hear me out here. A spider.
  4. As "cute" as this is, Lamar is more thematic to Research. That rabbit is kind of. Nonsensical.
  6. Didn't you literally pull a type three because you wanted to test the unathi breacher and fight sec? Come on, pot, don't you dare call a kettle black.
  7. There are no rules on the forums against this, so I'll take the liberty to do this on behalf of two people one person. BYOND Key: Bath Salts Addict Total Ban Length: No clue. Banning staff member's Key: Garnascus Reason of Ban: Probably something along the lines of starting(?) a gank. Reason for Appeal: There is apparent confusion within the results of the round this happened in; disabling an ion is an understandable concern, but perhaps some patience could have been utilized when telling someone to fire at a merc, regardless of what might be done at the time. I'd like to perhaps lobby for something more along the lines of a warning here, as the person who ahelped the situation in the first place. I don't know if this kind of thing works, and the other person I was going to include in this is already unbanned. I will make no attempt to really defend what they did, because if I thought it was right I wouldn't have ahelped, but I feel this punishment is a bit to severe for something like this. They expressed deep concern over someone else getting banned for their own actions (though, self control is definitely a thing that exists) and I found what they did to simply be misguided rather than in poor taste. And with this I appeal to the servermin's almighty mercy to bring back a decidedly good player.
  8. Well, folks. This is pretty much it. I'll be gone from the 12th of November to sometime mid-January. Love you all, you're so much fun, but I've got to go to bootcamp! Wish me luck! Texas in the winter, here I come!

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    2. Itanimulli


      Well that just means I can put off your borg sprite even longer.

    3. GreenBoi


      Again? Ok, but can you bring back k'ois

    4. Carver


      Be well.

  9. Ahah. Ahaha. No. Perhaps shooting for developer (sprites and such) would be a better idea, but moderator? Surely this is jest. You fly off the handle at the smallest of things, you become agitated over even smaller things, and in general lack the kind of attitude required to be a mod in the first place. When people disagree with you, you become incredibly spiteful. That's not a good fit for a mod team, imo.
  10. Most rules exist because someone did something that needed to be regulated. Case and point, ganking.
  11. Hijacking this to remind you that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer's table.

  12. Ganking rules are exactly why.
  13. That really, really sounds like an issue that'd be dealt with via ahelp.
  14. Aight forget the syndie borg combat borg would require less bugfixes and as it's been worded so far seems easier to implement.
  15. What if they had the ability to choose after goading someone into reseting them? You know, like, they can either pick the traitorborg or the combat borg. This is moreso because combat borgs offer more on the mobility/hit and run side, while syndies get more utility and sabotage potential as a whole, with the whole thermals gig and all that. Both have their respective strengths and weaknesses.
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