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  1. That is neat, but the title scared the absolute beans out of me.
  2. Itanimulli

    Allow weapons to be fired up or down ladders.

    Does this mean we can drill upwards?
  3. Hmm today I will


    Wait three more god damn months for shallow denial.

  4. Itanimulli

    The [small-ish] Robotics Rework

    This is ss13. Mobility is nearly everything. If durability on paper were the key to success, G2s would be horribly overpowered.
  5. Itanimulli

    The [small-ish] Robotics Rework

    Again, however, 9/10, the hardsuited individual wins.
  6. +1. Good luck motherfucker.
  7. Itanimulli

    A "True" Secret Mode, with a twist.

    Rebumping because I really want this to happen.
  8. Itanimulli

    Departmental Security

    I really really really really want this to happen. But. I'm usire of HOW it would happen, and how it would happen in a way that isn't annoying. Hopefully we also get some neat EVA gear for mining sec. And with sec having way lower traitor chances now... I'm gonna stick Aegis in science. +1
  9. Itanimulli

    kyres1 spriter application

    Update update update update-
  10. It's really, really nice to see.this attitude being pushed. I have always found security's purpose to be the securing of crew...not the securing of valids.
  11. Itanimulli

    Stage 1 Lingfixes

    A synth changeling would work completely differently anyhow and be a huge damn headache. I like what you have here so far.
  12. Itanimulli

    The [small-ish] Robotics Rework

    I'm unsure if you've seen how most mech fights pan out, but that Gygax is going to get absolutely destroyed. Esspecially if an ion is on the feild, wich at this point feels like standard weaponry despite there only being one on the feild at any given time. Just the act of moving while the gygax speed boost is active literally brings the mech closer to death. I have seen mechs beat to death by maglights.
  13. Ahm...I still would like...this.
  14. Itanimulli

    Three Ninjas Gamemode

    Just a question, any way to give the 'lesser' ninjas the old ninja rig sprites? I quite liked those. If not all of them, at least the one that had the lower-cost cloak.