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  1. I don't care how you plan to do it, I don't see a reason for you to do it besides personal taste and interpretation. I don't even play contractors, but this seems to be stepping on way too many toes for something so utterly mundane.
  2. This does not have anything to do with limiting numbers, as you propose.
  3. In this particular case I'd say that the lore here is perfectly fine.
  4. Probably, but if someone says it doesn't make sense in lore, but it's...the lore itself...it's an easy argument.
  5. Crevus is the product of tajaran lore and solely tajaran lore. And there are zero mechanics for it.
  6. It makes so much sense that it was literally implemented into the game by the loreteam. You're just trying to push your own point.
  7. Your entire argument is "because."
  8. This sounds utterly rediculous. Companies subcontract work out all the time. Does it somehow destroy your gameplay to see and NI officer? What about people who play Zheng in medical? Why limit them? This seems exclusively against security as a whole, and even the examples you've given are sec roles. What about the heph players in sci, or the idris service workers? Limitations like this are rather shallow.
  9. > split head open > Get head blown off > No more ling
  10. It's almost as if an abundance of antagonists is the entire point.
  11. Reflective zones? Check. Brighter strips? Check. Looks good to me.
  12. Lmfao, no. It's internal. It's not a contracted group of mercenaries, it's essentially a militarized corporate task force meant to enforce NT's policies. TCFL is the "merc team," and even at that, they're not necessarily "elite" as much as savvy and well-versed.
  13. >Remove effective nonlethal countermeasure Alrighty. Let's see how this goes. I can already feel the IRs about an officer needing to beat the sh-t out of someone because they wouldn't go down, or resort to "less than lethal" rubber bullets.
  14. ILY Kyres. I really do. That being said. This is too much. This provides far too much room. The floodgates will open. What are admins supposed to say when this passes. It's an amazing request, it really is, but don't you think it's....too amazing? Imagine the amount of rp this could potentially provide. Far too much. Perhaps, even, way too much. The potential for this to inspire others to make similar items, because of the wonderful experiences they have had between you and your characters...I have to +1 this. It's really cool, and I can't wait to see what you do with it. Here's a cheekily worded post to make everyone read it to think I have gripes with it. I can't let it go with anything else. Unfortunately, Kyres, as much as you'd crave it...I can't-... ...-1 this.
  15. I don't support this unless we go full ridiculous difficult with mechanics. If eating can kill you, everything should be equally dangerous. It's also incredibly inconvenient to think you'd have a chance to die in the middle of an escape. We're on a space station, can starve in less than an hour after devouring entire pizzas, among other things. You want people to not lolcheese food? Nerf hunger. There is no give without take.
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