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Alice's Books

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BYOND Key:IAmCrystalClear
Character name:Alice Gough
Item name: Book

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Alice brings a book to work every day, having a quiet job and not much to do on the typical, she eventually found herself reading the entire collection of library books (yes, including the adult section) and now has begun bringing in her own material. Currently, I run over to the library ASAP and pray nobody notices me printing out a book, naming it, and writing it.

Item function(s): Identical to the library books currently in the game.
Item description: Identical to the library books currently in the game.
Item appearance: Identical to the library books currently in the game.

How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?

Alice has gotten into a small argument with a detective over insulting literature. Books are her escape mechanism from the outside world, and, as anyone with a hobby, she could spend hours discussing her favourites.

Additional comments: There's a second option for a description, unique to her own material, in that it could be "A book brought from home." or similar.

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Yeah, no way, sorry. This application is, firstly, very lazy in presentation. You didn't even tell us what books for starters, so this doesn't seem even remotely important. Secondly, this fits better as a loadout suggestion instead of a custom item. I suggest doing that instead.

Application denied.

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