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[Accepted] Chad's Unban Appeal

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BYOND Key: DJ_Chad

Total Ban Length: Permanent 
Banning staff member's Key: Aimlessanalyst
Reason of Ban: Punching Themselves in the head while rushing down a hallway from security
Reason for Appeal: When my brother used to live with me (and used the same WiFi access) he played on the server and got himself banned permanently. Which of course banned me also he no longer lives in the same household and i promise nothing like this will occur again. I know the my brother did it may be a  common excuse but i ensure you this is the truth I hope the ban can be lifted if not i fully understand

Thank you for taking your time to review this

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I am Melodic and will be handling your unban request as the staff whom issued it is retired. before proceeding I would appreciate some clarification on some things I have noticed in regards to the multiple accounts attached to yours. Based on your answers we will be able to continue. 

It seems that you have used multiple Byond Accounts to attempt to access the server over the last while. Dj_Chad is the one I know you wish to use going forward however what was the purpose of attempting to use other keys to access the server? was it an attempt to bypass the ban? and if so a explanation of what you planed to do if you were able to bypass would assist in the final decision on removing or keeping your ban. 

Final inquiry, I believe that you have been temp banned a few times for using multiple keys to bypass the respawn timer. If you are permitted back on the server do you understand and agree to not use multiple keys to try and bypass the system? --- I recommend Ahelping to get the timer reset, that way if we deem it reasonable we can respawn you.

Thank you, Melodic 

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The only purpose for using other c keys to bypass the ban was that i miss playing on the server and speaking to friends before my brother fucked it up for me and if i was able to bypass the ban i would of just played like normal following the rules and everything.

And yes i agree not to use multiple keys to try bypassing the system

Lastly the temp bans for trying to bypass the timer were done by my brother i may or may not have done that myself but as i can recall i did not

I can assure you that i'm only using one ckey now (DJ_Chad) i had other account but i no longer use them, i apologize for any inconvenience or trouble my brother caused but like i said in the appeal i'm sure it won't occur again 

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Thank you for the response. 

I will be lifting your Ban as of now. 

Note that for the first little while you will be on a thin ice sort of deal so I suggest you read : https://aurorastation.org/rules.html before playing a round to ensure you do not break the ice. They may have changed since you played last. 

Have a good day and welcome back!

if you have any issues accessing the server reply to this or message my discord at : MelodicVoid#4463

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